Bachelor Party Gone Wrong Pt. 03

Big Dicks

After a boozy brunch with bottomless mimosas, Ricardo organized an afternoon pub crawl. I was pretty buzzed by the time the afternoon ended at Desire, one of Vegas’s most popular strip clubs. When we arrived to the club on that Sunday afternoon, we discovered that Ricardo had organized for us a private back room with some of the club’s most beautiful women. He specifically requested five escorts so that we’d each have a “one-to-one” ratio.

“Amazing!” the guys said in unison. “This will be sick!”

Even though each of them had gotten plenty of action the night before, they were all excited by the prospect of high-end strippers. The hostess showed us to a private room that had several couches and chairs, as well as purple black lights focused on the stage and dancers. It was dimly lit but still bright enough to see all the action.

At the start of the private show, the hostess asked what fantasy we wanted to experience. Ricardo explained that I was getting married in a week and hadn’t gotten much action this weekend in Vegas. He therefore asked for the variety show so that we could see “a little bit of everything the dancers had to offer.”

“We can arrange that,” the hostess said. “There’s just one rule here: anything goes except for fucking. For the safety of everyone involved, we ask that you not fuck the experts.”

The guys groaned but assented to the one rule. There was still plenty we could do besides full-on sex, and Ricardo joked that we could also ask for an “exception” for the groom.

Five of the most beautiful women I had ever seen emerged from behind the curtain wearing long, flowing dresses. There was a foxy Latina woman in a sheer, red gown; a voluptuous Black woman in a pearly white dress studded with diamonds; and a fierce Asian woman with blond highlights and a purple satin dress. They all had incredible racks, hourglass figures, and asses that were to die for. Two other white strippers joined the crew: a tall, big-breasted blonde woman and a foxy redhead who looked like Emma Stone. Altogether, they were the sexiest women I’ve ever seen; better than the party guests last night and all with larger breasts than my fiancé Charlotte.

The dancers took the initiative by going up to us one-on-one. Very formally, they asked us to dance. I felt awkward in my casual clothes dancing with the foxy redhead in her gold-laced cocktail gown. But as I started to slow-dance with her, she leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Hey stud,” she said, “I hear you’re getting married soon. That’s too bad, since you’re soooo handsome.”

The girls kept up the small talk as they danced with each of us. Emily, the name of my dancer, then took a step forward by pushing me against a sofa seat. “Take a seat, stud,” she said. “And let me show you what’s beneath my dress.”

Emily climbed on top of me as I waited yearningly to see beneath her dress. Her hair, eyes, nose, and face all seemed perfect, and I guessed that the rest of her body was too. She mounted me like a professional before starting to give me a lap dance. Her gold dress started loosening up a bit and casually fell off her shoulder. Emily then reached down and started kissing me passionately—putting her lips on mine. She even playfully bit my tongue as her body writhed on top of me.

A quick glance around the room revealed that all of my groomsmen were now getting lap dances too. Ricardo had been mounted by the sexy Latina, Drew had the foxy Asian writhing on top of him; and Logan was feeling the Black stripper’s breasts while she bounced on his crotch. My stepbrother Jared had the voluptuous blonde woman riding on top of him. She looked to be a few years older than him, but the 19-year-old college student was firmly grabbing her double-F breasts as she grinded on his crotch.

My stripper then did something that surprised me and took off my shirt. “You gotta strip for me before I strip for you,” she teased.

I looked around and noticed that the other guys were starting to take clothing off their dancers. The blonde babe’s dress was halfway to the floor, and the others had their dresses slipping off to reveal at least one of their boobs. My stripper was still fully clothed as she unbuttoned my pants. As she loosened the button of my jeans, I had forgotten that I was still wearing the leopard-print thong. But Emily loved this and shrieked in glee for the other strippers to see. One by one they looked over, as the groom’s pants were lowered to the floor and my leopard-print thong was revealed to the room.

Emily then told me that I needed to go on stage for my “bachelor party special.” As I sat down in a chair on stage, all five sexy women would come and give me attention. It was every guy’s dream, to have five gorgeous babes grinding on top of them. And my excitement was already revealed in that my leopard-print thong was now straining at the seams.

The underwear that previously constricted my penis to tiny proportions was now flaunting it for the room to see. All five istanbul travesti inches of my cock were filling the thong’s pouch to the brim and pushing it away from my body. Everyone in the room could clearly make out the size and shape of my cock.

“Someone’s excited!” Emily yelled, as I assumed my position on stage. The other girls cheered as the groom took his seat with five sexy chicks around them. The other guys were a little pissed that their dancers had left them, but it was a small sacrifice for a bachelor party weekend that had so far gotten them a ton of sex.

With my hard-on straining my leopard print thong, I sat on stage before my groomsmen who were all still fully clothed. However, I didn’t feel embarrassed because these sexy women were now giving me their full and undivided attention. Instead, I was just turned-on as I had never been before.

The girls each stripped out of their dresses to reveal the skimpiest thongs that barely covered their smooth-shaven pussies. Not one of them wore a bra so now five massive pairs of breasts bobbed up and down before me. The Latina’s were the biggest but the Black and blonde vixens’ were not far behind. Emily and the sexy Asian chick had slightly smaller racks but were still absurd compared to most women. It was obvious why all five of these babes were exotic dancers.

The girls took turns dancing on me and letting me feel their boobs. The Latina shoved her massive breasts right on my face and rolled them around as I stuck out my tongue. The Asian girl sat on me reverse-cowgirl style, with her ass rubbing my dick as I fondled her tits from behind. The guys were jealous as I got a lap dance from every girl there, which allowed me to make out with them and fondle their breasts at will. This more than made up for my lack of sex last night.

Finally, when it was Emily’s turn to mount my lap once again, she decided to take things a step further. As she rubbed her tight ass on my crotch, she reached down and pulled off my undies. As I lifted up my butt to thrust at her, the leopard-print thong dropped to the floor. I was now fully naked in front of my groomsmen as Emily shoved her tits in my face.

As my tongue lapped at the nipples on Emily’s perky tits, her hand reached back and grabbed my five-inch manhood. It was harder than it had ever been and Emily’s tight grip sent shockwaves through my body. With only a few strokes of her slender hand, my cock exploded and shot a load of semen all over Emily’s butt. She laughed as she climbed off of me, which allowed the rest of the strippers and groomsmen to get a clear view of my cock. There it was, in its straining glory, covered in a sea of cum.

“Guess the groom got too excited!” one of the strippers said. “They usually at least wait for a blowjob!”

“He’s the fastest shooter I’ve seen,” another concurred. “Sometimes the groom lasts so long that he gets to fuck all five of us!”

I was devastated that I hadn’t made it through a single handjob but got so excited from the lap dances that I came right away. I looked down at my groomsmen, who were all fully clothed, and realized that all of them were smiling or laughing. They had clearly expected a stronger performance from the bachelor-in-chief.

“Okay, girls,” Emily said. “Let’s give this sexy stud a break and get back to the groomsmen. Time to give these boys a piece of the action!”

Clad only in thongs with their huge tits bouncing in front of them, the girls all went back to the different groomsmen. Except Emily stayed with me and asked if I was ready for more. But having just cum, my cock was shrinking back to its 2-3 inch flaccid state. “I might need a few minutes,” I said. Emily therefore decided to wait as we watched my groomsmen getting a piece of the action.


The dancers had no idea what they were getting into as they once again mounted my groomsmen. Although they had started giving them lap dances before, none of the groomsmen had been fully erect. But now they intended to start where I had left off and get these dancers to go all the way.

I watched from the stage, completely naked, as my fully-clothed groomsmen started getting it on with the dancers. Ricardo was fondling the tits of the sexy Black dancer, Nicole, who was clearly curious when she felt what was inside his khaki pants. Nicole giggled when she reached between Ricardo’s legs and felt the start of his big, Latin dick. She now rode him a little bit harder as he fondled her massive tits.

The blonde dancer, Stacy, was similarly all over Logan. She stripped off his shirt and started sucking on his ears and nipples as he fondled her ass and tits. Logan even slipped a finger beneath the dancer’s thong and started tingling her clit and pussy, which made the stripper moan. Going a step further, he inserted one finger into her pussy and another into her ass, double-digiting her in two sensitive regions. The blonde dancer screamed istanbul travestileri and exploded inside her thong: cumming from Logan’s two fingers alone. She hadn’t felt his dick yet, but Logan had already sent her over the edge, something that I failed to do with a single stripper.

Drew, meanwhile, was busy making out with the sexy Latina. Flavia was her name and her huge tits smothered Drew’s face. With her free hand, she started stroking Drew’s cock through his shorts, feeling it grow in size and thickness.

Jared was also busy with the foxy Asian chick, Diana. As she made out with him, Jared alternated between slapping her ass and fondling her tits. She then squealed with delight as she reached towards his shorts and felt the crow-bar waiting for her. “It’s huge!” she screamed, causing the other strippers to look at her. But they couldn’t see much because Jared’s cock was still concealed by his shorts and the sexy stripper grinding on top of him.

Piece by piece, the girls started taking off my groomsmen’s’ clothes, leaving them all in their undies. Unlike me, who looked kind of stupid in my leopard-print thong, my groomsmen were the spitting image of underwear models. Ricardo’s white Calvin Klein briefs glistened against his brown, tan skin and showed off an obscene-looking bulge. Drew’s thick dick also made a hefty bulge in his red Abercrombie briefs.

Logan too had upgraded his underwear choice to gray boxer briefs. They had an absurd bulge in them jutting to the sky. And young Jared wore a pair of black boxer briefs that were lifted away from his crotch by his massive, burgeoning cock.

The dancers were clearly aroused by the showing of man meat before them and found as many ways as they could to rub their sexy bodies all over these dudes’ cocks. From their asses to their pussies, their legs to their hands, every part of these dancers’ bodies hovered hypnotically over my groomsmen’s cocks.

The guys were in bliss as they enjoyed these lap dances, and started getting a bit more aggressive. In one swoop, Ricardo ripped off Nicole’s thong until she was butt-ass naked. Drew was so eager that he snapped Flavia’s g-string in half. Logan had already brought Stacy to orgasm and had long discarded her thong that was wet with pussy juice. Jared too had a completely naked Diana grinding herself on his cock.

So enraptured with Jared’s big dick, Diana dropped to her knees and started licking it through Jared’s boxer briefs. Emily and I both watched in awe as the boxer-clad bulge alone was bigger than Diana’s whole face. Neither of us had ever seen such a cock in person.

Up until this point, I had seen all of my groomsmen soft but hadn’t seen any of their erections. I had no idea if they were growers or showers, but now I realized that some of them were growers AND showers. All of the guys looked like they were about to burst through their underwear with these massive boners.


Drew ended up being the first one naked. Flavia just couldn’t take it any more as she rubbed his thick, weighty dick through his tight, red briefs. From the hefty bulge contained therein, it was evident that Drew’s dick had grown much bigger than his 4-inch softie. Using only her mouth, Flavia pulled Drew’s underwear off his body until his big, weighty cock smacked itself into her nose and mouth. She admired it as it hovered near her mouth-7 ridiculously thick inches of man meat. Drew’s dick had a big ‘ole head on it and weighty, low-hanging balls too. On his small but toned 5’7″ frame, it looked practically absurd.

Not to be outdone, Nicole also unsheathed Ricardo’s shaft from his white Calvin Klein briefs. In one fell swoop, she pulled the underwear down to Ricardo’s ankles and revealed his huge Latin cock. It had now grown from its 5-inch soft state to a massive 8 inches. As Ricardo’s dick stood up to greet Nicole, it was unencumbered by pubic hair. My best man had recently shaved, which made his massive cock look even bigger. It might not have been quite as thick as Drew’s, but still looked weighty and imposing as it hovered just inches away from Nicole’s mouth.

Stacy also stripped off Logan’s undies at the same time, unleashing his dick from the confines of its gray boxer briefs. This experienced, sexy, blonde stripper actually screamed when she saw his dick. Logan had already made her explode by putting his fingers in her pussy and ass but now she got even more excited. Unbelievably, his shaft was even longer than Ricardo’s.

“It’s huge!” Stacy screamed, causing all the other girls to look. I too looked at my friend from grad school’s erect penis for the first time. It had now grown from an already big 6-inch softie, larger than my best effort, to a mind-blowing 9 inches.

“Holy fucking shit!” Nicole screamed. She had just unleashed Ricardo’s 8-incher but Logan’s was even bigger.

“Nice dude!” Ricardo said. Even he seemed impressed by Logan’s towering travesti istanbul cock. Emily, the foxy redhead I was with on stage, was also drawn to it. Just as my penis was getting back to full erection, she left me and dove towards Logan. Now both she and Stacy were taking turns sucking on Logan’s insane 9-inch dick.

Meanwhile, Diana was still working on my last groomsmen who remained partially clothed: my cocky, horse-hung little step brother, Jared. His shaft looked simply enormous as it strained out of his boxer briefs, but this was not enough to fully prepare Diana. This foxy Asian stripper squealed with glee when Jared’s rock-hard tent pole as finally released from the confines.

“OH MY GOOOOOOODD!” Diana screamed, as Jared’s meat slapped her in the face. “This is the biggest cock I have ever seen!!”

I looked over as this experienced stripper fawned over my step brother’s cock. He was seven or eight years younger than all of his but had just outmatched us in the dick department. Especially me. His dick looked longer than a crowbar and almost as thick as his elbow. I didn’t have a ruler but guessed it to be crossing the 10-inch mark. In contrast, my little 5 incher was now fully erect but half the size of my cocky little step brother.

Based on Diana’s screaming, everyone turned their eyes to Jared’s dick, and not a single one of us wasn’t impressed. The strippers all drooled over his cock, declaring it to be the most massive piece of meat they’d ever seen. Considering that they all worked in the sex industry, this was quite the compliment.


The professional strippers now swarmed over my groomsmen’s cocks, kissing and licking them with abandon. Flavia slurped on Drew’s thick 7 incher; Nicole swallowed all of Ricardo’s 8 inches; and Stacy struggled to take Logan’s insane 9 incher.

Although Emily had originally dove for Logan’s cock, she was even more enthralled by Jared. Now Emily and Diana both licked all over Jared’s absurd 10 incher and massive balls. There was plenty of man meat for both of them to share and my shorter, younger step brother just sat back cockily in his chair as these two hot strippers worshipped his meat.

All of the strippers wee in a state of euphoria as they sucked off my groomsmen. I too was pretty excited and my 5-inch penis was straining to the max. But I’d once again been left on the sidelines as my groomsmen absorbed all the attention.

As the girls became hornier and hornier, they did something that caught me by surprise-they started begging my groomsmen to fuck them. I was shocked because this was the one rule that we weren’t supposed to break. But all five of these sexy babes were literally begging to be fucked as they worshipped my bachelor party’s collective 30+ inches of cock.

“PLEAAAAASE!” Nicole yelled, as she begged for Ricardo’s dick. I couldn’t believe that this sexy, experienced, big-breasted stripper was now begging for my best man’s meat.

Not to be outdone, the sexy Latina Flavia was also enamored with Drew’s thick 7 incher. “Please fuck me!” she screamed. “Your cock is SO THICK! I NEED IT INSIDE OF ME!”

Meanwhile, Logan had already lifted up Stacy and aimed his 9-inch shaft at the entrance to her pussy. With his large cockhead rubbing Stacy’s clit, Logan made her cum for a second or third time and start screaming his name.

“LOGAANNNNNNNN!” she yelled. This bombshell blond stripper was Logan’s total bitch and he hadn’t even pushed inside her yet.

I also looked over at Emily and Diana, who were fighting over Jared’s cock. “There’s enough for both of you!” he tried to say. But the girls weren’t having it. Emily, the sexy red-head, and Diana, the hot Asian chick, both wanted a shot at getting impaled on Jared’s colossal tower.

Surprising both of them, Jared stood up and walked over towards me on the stage. I’d just been sitting there, slowly stroking my cock, as I watched all the action. But now my 19-year-old step brother walked right up to me, his huge anaconda leading the way.

“Hey bro,” he said. “You want a piece of the action?”

I nodded as I looked at his thick, 10-inch dick for the first time close up.

“Why don’t you fuck one of these chicks while I take the other?” Jared said.

My thin penis jumped at the thought and strained in the girls’ direction. “Sounds great!” I said.

Jared grabbed another chair on stage and sat down right next to me. His colossal man meat looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Emily dove right on top of it. The redhead slut was so eager to be impaled on it that she didn’t even give Diana a chance.

This left me sitting down with the sexy Asian stripper dancing on top of me. But unlike Jared, my little penis didn’t quite jut out far enough for her to “ride it.” In order to properly fuck her, I’d need to take her doggy or missionary style. So I stood up and told her to get onto the floor. Surprisingly, she agreed and assumed the doggy-style position. Even though my cocky stepbrother was just a few feet away, I was on Cloud 9 as one of the hottest girls I’d ever seen prepared to take my cock. I even remembered to put on a condom that Ricardo had given me for just this occasion.

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