Subject: Backdoor Slider – Chapter 50 This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance by name or description to anyone dead or alive is totally coincidental. This is a love story between two 16-year old boys. If this offends you, if you are not of legal age or if this content is not legal in your area, please do not read this. If you have comments, please email me at ail. This is a rewrite. I have edited and added some chapters from the original posting. I hope you enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Backdoor Slider Chapter 50 “It’s 3am!” I whisper with a groan only a teenage boy can make after being woken up. “We’ve got to get up soon.” “Dude, I’m just so… fuckin’… horny…” Luke whispers into my ear between kisses and nuzzles as he grinds his hard dick against me. It’s early Monday morning before school. We had possibly our most sex-filled weekend, celebrating Cade being kicked off the football team over and over. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. Actually, I couldn’t get enough of sucking drizzled cum off of Luke’s dick. It’s my new favorite thing. I didn’t even do my homework for the first time in my life. We just spent the entire weekend hitched up together, either dick in mouth or dick up ass. It was even better than it sounds. “Go back to sleep,” I moan, unconvincingly. I realize that I had fallen asleep earlier that night right in the middle of a post-coital kiss and embrace. One of my hands is on the small of his back and the other is cupping the back of his neck. That, combined with the giggling that he’s causing by kissing and breathing into my ear doesn’t make my protest too believable. “I tried to sleep,” he pleads, “but you’re here… in my arms… and you’re soooo cute… and you smell so good…” “I smell like sex.” I still have some dried spunk on my belly from when I came earlier during our last fucking session. “Like I said, you smell soooo good…” he hugs me tightly and reaches down to check how hard I am. “Ahhhh, yeaaaaaahhhh!” he whispers as he wraps his hand around my shaft. I roll over to face him, continuing to giggle. Luckily, my hands are still in the perfect position to continue our earlier kiss, so I flop over and sleepily stick my tongue into his waiting mouth. In seconds, I’m completely energized as we moan and giggle ourselves into a frenzy. We grind our dicks together as our tongues collide, prompting Luke to pull back for a second. “Awwww,” I say, disappointedly as I run my fingers through his tangled and sweaty hair. “So, what’s your pleasure?” he asks, nuzzling my nose with his. I know what I want. My ass is still gooey from fucking earlier, so I don’t have to worry about anything. “Hmmm…,” I yawn. “I was really gettin’ into that kiss… so why don’t you just keep kissin’ me just like that… oh, and also… you can fuck me while you do it if you want.” “That’s what I was hopin’ you would say.” A little moonlight gives the room a faint glow. I can’t see his face clearly, but I can hear his smile as clear as ever. “You’re just so good at it ‘n all,” I whisper, putting my arms around his shoulders as he climbs on top of me. Even though he’s fucked me several times this weekend, including six hours ago, I let out a small gasp as I feel him press his dick up inside of me. “Who loves ya, baby?” he whispers as he slides his dick all the way inside. “Kiss me, you dork,” I giggle, and the early morning love-making commences. Who needs sleep when this is an option? I love to watch his face when he’s fucking me, but there’s something to be said for making love in the dark… well almost dark. I love to feel close to Luke, and there’s no way we can be closer than we are right now. I hug him extra close with a tingle of pleasure shooting all through my body, and he grinds to a halt with his dick as far up my ass as it’s even been. “G, I’ve decided.” He momentarily breaks the lip lock and whispers in my ear with horny, panting, hot breath. “We’re staying home from school today. I’m going to fuck you all day long, and that’s the end of it. It just feels sooo… right…” “Sounds good to me,” I echo as we start kissing again. We both know we’re going to school today. If Denise ever found out we had a sex holiday from school after the Luke-failing-English fiasco, she could make our lives miserable. Still, it’s nice to fantasize about it and pretend like the feeling we’re having is going to last all day. Those thoughts of fucking me all day must have set Luke into a frenzy because I can tell he’s passed the point of no return. I love the feeling of his body as he’s about to shoot. “Ahhhh… dammmn… G….” He lifts his head and really starts slamming my ass. I hold onto him as tightly as I can and kiss his neck as I feel the warmth spread through my insides. The feeling I’m having right now makes it almost worth it to have an all-day fuck fest and risk getting caught. He eventually collapses on top of me, breathless. I still maintain my firm hold on him, continuing to kiss his neck. “Lemme finish you off.” “Kay,” I sigh as I loosen my grasp on him and his head disappears under the covers. I feel him slither his way down my body. “Dude,” he chuckles. “I think you already came.” “Maybe I did,” I whisper, realizing I’m short of breath, too. I feel Luke’s tongue lapping all over my abs and up my chest, confirming that I must’ve squirted. I smile and close my eyes, enjoying the feel of his tongue. Eventually, Luke’s head pops back up from under the covers and he wraps us up like a gay burrito in his comforter and gives me a grateful kiss. “I got an idea,” he whispers, suddenly breaking away. “If you wanna fuck me again, go ahead,” I say, as if in a trance. “No, no… well, yes… but it’s almost four now. Let’s go get in the shower and get clean. Then we can just make out until we run out of hot water.” The thought of this gives me a shiver of pleasure and anticipation, which shows my agreement without a word. “C’mon!” he says, climbing out of bed and grabbing my hands. We yawn and climb in the shower and start washing a weekend’s worth of sexual residue off of our bodies. “How’s the foot?” “Fine. It doesn’t hurt when you’re with me.” Maybe he’s really telling the truth. He still uses his crutches at school, but it seems like he’s back to 100% when we’re together, especially in a sexual way. “Someday, I’ll develop a defense to your advances and be able to sleep through the night,” I smile as I lather up Luke’s crusty, sweaty hair with shampoo. “Yeah right, you fuckin’ LOVED IT!” Luke says, gyrating his hips as I continue to wash his hair. “And how do you know that?” I ask, inching closer to him and wrapping my arms over his shoulders. I know this conversation is heading towards a kiss, so I’m getting ready. “If you just wanted to sleep, you could’ve just sucked me bursa escort off real fast and I’d have left you alone.” “Damn, I wish I woulda thought of that,” I say, licking my lips. “Nah… You wanted some LOVIN’! Some of my special, late night, super hot and slow, super deep G- Lovin’!” I can’t stand it anymore, and I lean into what I know is going to be a really long kiss. We stand under the steamy water, slowly turning around and around to let the neglected areas of our bodies share in the warmth of the steamy water. All the while, our hands roam from backs to butts to stroking hair and back through the cycle. Our tongues and lips seem to become one being. He’s such an amazing kisser. I guess I am, too. After what turned out to be almost an hour, I let out my I’m-about-to-cum moan, and Luke breaks the kiss, seemingly all too soon. “Breakfast time!” he manages to say before he gets my dick in his mouth. I hold my breath and try to watch his face as he chows down. The orgasm rocks me from my toes to my scalp, but I manage to stay locked on Luke’s face as he moans and gulps down my load. Suddenly, he takes my dick out of his mouth just long enough to slur, “I’m gonna fuckin’ nut…,” and he continues slurping my softening dick. I blaze that sight into my memory, as I could see some cum on his tongue when he said it. I look down slightly to see his throbbing purple dick down between his legs, ready to erupt. I manage to drop to my knees and get my mouth around his erupting cock just in time. I gulp it down with a surprising hunger as Luke crumples on the floor of the tub. I eventually release his dick from my mouth, laughing incredulously. “What?” Luke asks, wondering what could be so funny in an incredibly steamy moment. “After all of the sex we’ve had this weekend, last night, and just now in bed… I can’t BELIEVE how much you came and how hard you came! It’s like… impossible!” I shake my head, which is being propped up by tiles on the bathroom wall above the tub. I realize my neck is like a well-cooked noodle. “Well… duh… I mean… just look at you!” He strokes the side of my head. “You’re so sexy… you have such a hot bod… I just can’t think about anything else… and I love you SO much… and you love me… and you know exactly how to make me feel SO perfect… and it’s like PTTT! PTTT! PTTT!” He makes the sound that a squirting dick would make if it made a sound, and we both bust up laughing, sopping wet on the floor of the tub. “I think I get it… ummm… how long have we been out of hot water?” I realize the water that’s pouring down on us is tepid, at best. “I dunno. I guess we were generating our own heat. Let’s finish getting clean… then we can go warm each other up and cuddle under the covers for a while.” “Deal!” We clean up under the cooling water with lightning speed and almost trip over each other, trying to run to my clean, dry bed, across the room from his wet, sex-drenched one. We switch beds every night because we have a tendency to dirty up the sheets and mattresses consistently. I’m getting to be a laundry expert. We giggle and kiss as we get under the clean covers, hugging each other tightly to try to stop shivering. Eventually, we get warm, and more kissing replaces the giggles. Finally, Luke looks up at the clock. “We have forty-seven minutes before we have to get up and get ready,” he sighs. “I’ll take it,” I say, kissing his shoulder, which is right in front of my lips. “G, I don’t think I say this often enough, but I really, REALLY love you.” “You say it all the time!” I snicker and kiss him several more times around his shoulder. “I know, but it’s not enough,” he says in a very serious tone that totally melts me. “Well, then, I really, REALLY love you, too.” We hug each other and share a final, sweet and exhausted kiss. Within seconds, Luke drifts off to sleep, enjoying a well-earned forty-seven minutes of sex-fueled dreamland. There’s no way I’m going to sleep, though. The way he said he loved me is echoing through my head, causing chills to run up and down my body, over and over. I just lie in his arms, enjoying the feeling of his touch as his chest rises and falls with the slow rhythm of sleep. The sun has started to peer up over the horizon, causing a slightly brighter glow than the moon did earlier. I look over every inch of his face and skin that isn’t under the covers… each highlight in his glossy hair, each perfect eyebrow hair, the little ridge above his chin, and the cute little mole behind his ear. He’s come such a long way with the sleeping part of our relationship. I’m wrapped around him like a vine, touching every possible part of my body to his. His body is just so perfect and touchable. I can’t help myself. It’s probably somewhat suffocating, but he deals with it well. Hell, he may even like it. He’s clearly asleep with the corners of his mouth slightly upturned. Damn right, he likes it. The forty-seven minutes pass in a flash before the alarm snaps me out of my trance. Luke sleepily opens his eyes, instantly remembering our passionate night and morning with a satisfied smile. “Did I mention that I love you?” he asks with a chuckle. He gives me another loving kiss, as if he hasn’t seen me in a long time. We eventually make it out of bed, groggily getting ready for school. Occasionally, we exchange knowing and longing glances, as we both know we can’t get the images of last night out of our minds. It’s going to be a long day of school. * * * Nothing could’ve been further from the truth. The day flew by. I madly tried to catch up on my homework during each class. Luckily, I had nothing due in first period, so I could secretly work on my homework for second period while I had the chance. The same routine happened period after period until I finally got caught up. I don’t know how Luke does it… Sometimes, I wish I could just NOT turn things in like he does. I’ve never been comfortable with that. It’s now the break after fourth period, and I see Luke for the first time since we got to school. He’s standing near my locker with his arm around some guy. As I quickly approach the couple intrigued at what’s going on, I recognize the other guy as Jonathan Vargas. He’s basically just an acquaintance because we’ve gone to the same church and went through Confirmation together. That’s a period of time I’d sure like to forget. We’ve never been friends because he’s never been any of my classes or in the sports I play. He’s a nice kid, average looking, and pretty unremarkable as high school boys go. As I get closer, I see that Jonathan seems very uncomfortable and Luke only has his arm around him to keep him from slithering away. “So, you’re cheating on me with Jonathan Vargas… after all we’ve been through together!” I shake my head in disappointment as I walk up to meet them. “Not so fast, G. You’re the one bursa escort bayan who’s caught! I saw YOUR secret boyfriend, Jonathan, just slip a love note into YOUR locker. And after all WE’VE been through…” “Jonathan! You promised to keep our thing on the DL!” I say, making Jonathan squirm even more. I know exactly what’s coming. “Look, I didn’t mean… I’m sorry… I-” Jonathan stutters as I open my locker and start to unfold the paper. “Die fag and suck Satan’s dick in hell!” I read it out loud and let out an inappropriate chuckle as I hand the note to Luke. “Is that the same handwriting as your note?” “Yep,” he says. Luke doesn’t seem to think it’s funny, though. “Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan… I’m so disappointed in you,” I condescend to him because I know who is really behind this. Luckily, he quickly spills his guts in a blubbery, tearful mess. “I just want to be a good Christian!” he sobs. “I don’t know how I got to this point… I got to hang with Cade and those guys at church, then they let me hang with them at school… and things got so much better… but I’m, like… their errand boy. They make me do things like this all the time!” “Hey, hey,” I grab him by the shoulders. “Look, Cade ISN’T a good Christian. He’s not a good ANYTHING! None of those guys are… but I’m sure you know that by now. You’ve got to stop hangin’ with ’em.” “I know, but I can’t! I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t hang with them at lunch. I’d be such a loser! Girls notice who you hang with, and I’m like… THIS CLOSE to getting a girlfriend!” “How ’bout this?” I interrupt, hoping to stop him from blubbering. “Why don’t you hang with us at lunch? We’re not all Christiany and stuff, but I promise, we’re all good people. There are some good Christians, too, right Luke?” “Sure there are!” Luke agrees happily. I love where this is going. It will just kill Cade if we bring Jonathan over to our side. “And, there’s LOTS of girls that hang with us. They just love G and me.” “Big time,” I roll my eyes. “Just hang with us, tell us who you like, and we’ll put in a good word for you. Then, BAM! Jonathan has a girlfriend!” Luke seems so confident. It won’t quite be as easy as that. The girls that hang with us all have stupid crushes on us and compare guys to us that they’re dating or crushing on. They never measure up. “Why would you do that for me?” Jonathan asks suspiciously. “Cuz you’re a good person and you need to get away from bad people.” I pat him on the shoulder and send him on his way. “Just come find us at lunch. We usually hang between the quad and the B building.” “Okaaaay,” he says as he walks away. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting this turn of events. “You’re the nicest guy ever, G. Love you,” he quickly pecks me on the cheek and bolts away on his crutches, as the bell rings for the next period to begin. That’s our first PDA at school, and as I look around, I see no one was bothered by it. Maybe things are looking up! * * * I didn’t see Luke much at sixth period gym, which isn’t unusual. That’s where people are most uncomfortable being around the two of us at the same time. It’s like they think we’re constantly on the brink of sex at any second. Like suddenly, in the middle of a bench press, I’m going to pull down Luke’s shorts and start sucking him off. Actually, that might be a good idea for our next secret movie. Luke concentrates on upper body since he can’t really do any legs or cardio, and those are the areas I concentrate on now that I’m focused on my kicking game. Still, we like to go straight home when I don’t have practice and enjoy the sweat we’ve worked up at gym. I’m sure today wouldn’t be any different, but I don’t want to relive what I went through by not thinking about school over the weekend. I hate the feeling of being so behind on my homework. I’ve got to get us back on track. I hope I have the will power. I notice Luke trying to sneak up on me now that the bell to end school has just blared. I spin around to catch him in the act. “So are you a sleepyhead, G?” Luke asks with his sexy smile. I sometimes get transfixed by him when he talks. His teeth are so white and perfect, and those lips! I just have to remember that I can kiss him all I want once we get home. However, I have to focus on the task at hand… fucking homework. “Nah, just horny,” I say. I could jump his bones right now. “I gotta get you home, NOW!” he whispers. “Oh yeah?” “I don’t know what you’ve done to me lately, but I can’t get enough of you! You’re like crack… no pun intended.” “Look, I’m horny too, but we’ve gotta be more responsible and get our homework done first. Can you imagine what our parents would do if one of us failed a class again?” I say, not wanting to emphasize it would be him. “Can you imagine the amount of fucking it would take for YOU to fail a class?” he laughs. “Actually, let’s give that a shot.” “Okay, new rule. No fucking until we BOTH finish our homework,” I say as we head out of the gym towards the car. “That doesn’t mean we can’t fool around a little to… relieve some pressure. We just can’t get carried away and lose hours and hours like we’ve been doing.” “G, I need to-” Just then, we stop in our tracks as we hear someone scream “Faggot!” off in the distance behind the gym. Luke nods at me, and I run off in the direction the noise came from while Luke follows on his crutches. I head around to the back of the gym and find Cade’s goons mercilessly beating Jonathan Vargas. I freeze in disbelief, which immediately turns to dread. This is my fault. If I hadn’t made Jonathan hang with us at lunch, this never would’ve happened. Now, his limp body is on the ground. He’s bleeding from the mouth and nose, and he’s clearly unconscious. Kellerman, one of the goons kicks Jonathan in the ribs again as he sees me for the first time. “Jonathan, your faggot boyfriend is here,” he gives me an evil grin. “STOP!” I scream, not knowing what to do. Just then, Luke arrives around the corner of the gym, and Cade arrives around the opposite corner, conveniently missing the beating even he’s clearly the one who ordered it. “Look who we have here,” Cade seems pleased with what’s going on. “How could you do this?” I snarl. “What the fuck is WRONG with you?!?” “It’s time to send a message to this school. You faggots are NOT taking over. Your shit makes normal people fucking SICK. It ends today.” He rubs his fist with his other hand as if to warm it up. Oh please. “You wanna GO?!?” I’m about as enraged as I was when snaggle-tooth charged the mound at Luke. I glance at Luke as if to say, “Don’t stop me!” He gives me a “Go get him!” look, and so I know he understands exactly what I’m thinking. I turn my attention back to Cade, who charges me. I learn quickly that his fighting skills are about as proficient as his quarterback skills. I easily escort bursa dodge his first attack and counter with a solid punch to his jaw, then to his nose. He recoils in surprise, but quickly makes another frenzied attempt to hit me. I dodge again, but this time, I really try to break his nose with my punch. Unfortunately, I should’ve anticipated that he would fight dirty, as he lets his elbow fly and hits me directly in the mouth. The blow knocks a couple of my teeth out. However, my adrenaline is pumping so hard, that doesn’t faze me. I simply spit them out of my mouth and give Cade an evil, bloody smile. “Ahh, so you made me bleed, huh? Now you’re gonna get AIDS!” I lurk towards him like Frankenstein, and a look of sheer horror comes over his face. He scrambles to his feet and runs off like a coward. “Cade! Dude! He doesn’t have AIDS!” Mike, one of his other goons, calls out to him, but Cade is long gone. We stand around looking at each other for a second, wondering who’s going to do what next. Before I can do anything, Mike surprises Luke by kicking his crutch and pushing him over. Immediately, the three of them turn to me and attempt to ambush me. I’m able to dodge them at first, but their size and perseverance eventually proves too much. They beat me just like they did to Jonathan, punching and kicking while screaming “faggot” and “cocksucker”. All I can do is to try to shield my face and hope help comes soon, which it does. Luke and the campus cops pull them off of me, but I’m in such pain that everything is starting to murky and dark, and everyone sounds like they’re taking in a tunnel. The next few minutes and hours are fuzzy, as I keep hearing people yell at me to try to stay awake. That’s easier said than done. I don’t remember getting there, but the next thing I know, I wake up in a hospital room with Mom, Dad, Luke and Denise all staring at me. I remember what happened and what I must look like, so I groan and turn away from Luke. “I don’t want you to see me like this,” I slur, and then wince as the movement ignites a fire of pain in my shoulder. “Too late! I’ve already seen how ugly you are, so I’m breaking up with you.” He runs around the other side of the bed so I can see him scowling and cringing at my appearance as he points at my face. “Eww, gross!” This causes Dad to leave the room in disgust, but at least he was here. I guess that’s a start. “Don’t make me laugh, dick!” I try to turn away from him again. “Leave him alone!” Denise slaps Luke on the back of Luke’s head and pats me on the knee. “I’m so sorry, Garrett,” Mom says as she wipes a tear from her cheek. “You’ve gone through so much.” “So, what’s the damage?” I ask, not really wanting to hear the answer. “It’s not that bad,” Luke quickly says, making sure he’s the one that gets to tell me. “You have a dislocated shoulder, but I located it already. It’s right there!” He points at and touches my shoulder lightly. “Stop!” I try to suppress my laughter. “Luke!” Denise squawks again. “Sorry… anyway, they already popped it back in. It’s gonna be a little sore, but it’s fine. Other than that, you have no broken bones, miraculously. You’ve got strong bones, dude!” he smiles. Maybe that’s a vague reference to my dick. “Other than that, you have a concussion and some cuts and bruises. You get to go home tonight!” “Uhh… what about my teeth?” I remember for the first time that I have teeth missing as my tongue works its way around the gap. “You have an appointment tomorrow for implants,” Luke continues. “They thought it’s best to get you in while you’re on the strong stuff, then you can do all your healing at once. I’m going with you, by the way. I have to make sure they give you the dental kind of implants, not the breast kind.” “So thoughtful,” I whisper, as a wave of exhaustion sweeps over me, and I close my eyes. I awake to hear an argument on the other side of the room, with Luke as angry as I’ve heard him in a long time. “NO ONE can take care of him as good as I can,” he seethes. “Plus, I owe him so much! He was so great taking care of me after my surgery.” “Luke!” I call out to him, as no one had noticed I was lucid again. “Yeah, G?” They all rush over to me. “Just let me go home with my mom. She’ll take good care of me, and I’ll heal up before you know it. I just don’t want you to have to look at me like this.” “G, now you listen to me.” He kneels down next to the hospital bed so he’s speaking directly in my ear in a very serious tone. He pauses as a tear rolls down his cheek. He wipes it away and starts again with a steady voice. “You know there’s nothing anyone can do to make you feel better than I can… and I’m not talking about sex stuff. I love you so much, and now I want to show you and take care of you. You’ll heal up so much faster if you’re happy, and I promise, I can make you happy.” “But you-” “If you don’t want me to look at you, then I’ll just have to make you lean up against my chest, and I can kiss your shoulders and the back of your neck while we watch TV. Doesn’t that sound nice?” He gives me the most loving smile. “Yessss!” I start sobbing. I sound just like a little kid who skinned his knee and then was asked if he wanted some ice cream as appeasement. I cringe with embarrassment and try to control myself. “He’s coming home with me,” Luke says emphatically. “All right, but I’m staying with him at your apartment while you’re at school,” Mom surprisingly agrees. I guess she really does know what I need. “Hey, how’s Jonathan?” I suddenly remember. “He’s gonna be all right,” Luke looks around the room nervously. “What?” “He’s in a medically induced coma right now. He’s got some broken bones ‘n stuff. They just don’t want his body to work too hard while it heals.” “Those motherfuckers!” Rage comes over me again, thinking of Cade and those stupid assholes. “This is all gonna work out fine. You’re gonna be all right. Jonathan is gonna be all right. Those assholes are all gonna get expelled. School will be safe again, and we’ll live happily ever after.” He kisses me on the forehead and continues to look at me lovingly, even though I must look totally grotesque. “I wish that were the truth,” I sigh as I drift back to sleep. * * * I have published my first work on Amazon. It is called “Dinger!” and it is the first book in a serial novel, based on “Backdoor Slider”. My pen name for Amazon is Finley Cooper. If you could support me by purchasing a copy of the ebook for $3.99, it will allow me to post more work here in the future. Please send me an email if you have any questions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you’d like pictures (G-rated, of course!) of what I think Garrett and Luke look like, send me an email. I will be posting one chapter of this story every week, and I will be alternating with a new story in the Gay-Incest section called “Mason in the Center”. Check it out if a love story between brothers is your thing. Also, check out my story, “We Have the Summer” in the Gay-Incest section, which was just completed!

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