Backyard Pool Ch. 13


All characters are 18 years or older



Amy and her mother washed the dishes and straightened the kitchen. Finished, they stood together, leaning against the island counter which separated the kitchen and living area, watching Ron vacuum around the dining table, his image reflected in the wall-mirror behind him. While not fully erect, his penis was obviously more than slightly tumescent, bouncing up and down and swaying from side to side with his movements.

Anne slipped her arm around her daughter’s waist and pulled her close, side to side. “Well…I guess you’ve convinced me, hon,” she said. “It is fun and liberating to be naked around the house, just doing your regular chores.” Her hand absently stroked up and down her daughter’s smooth, flat belly as she spoke.

Amy slipped her arm around her mother’s back as well, and pulled her even closer. “I know, mom,” she said, “It’s really fun, isn’t it? Just look at Ronnie. It appears that he’s even enjoying doing the vacuuming.” Her hand slid up her mother’s abdomen and cupped her breast.

Anne’s body tensed for a moment, then relaxed. “Oh, yeah…I did notice that!” she chuckled, wriggling her ass. “And I never had so much fun cooking breakfast before.”

“Yeah, but those were the worst eggs I’ve ever had in my life!” Amy laughed, nudging her mother’s hip with her own.

“It was your fault for distracting me!” Anne bumped her daughter back.

A shiver run through Anne’s body as Amy’s hand gently fondled her breast. She felt her nipple harden as her daughter rolled it between her fingertips.

“That was fun, though, watching you diddle yourself while you were trying to fry the eggs,” Amy said.

Anne gasped and her arm tightened around Amy’s waist. “Was that story you told me true? Did you and your brother…actually…uhhhh?”

“Of course, mom. I told you we were both virgins a few days ago, but now we weren’t.”

“I know, but I just thought that it was you and Ryan…and Ron and Nicole…”

“No mom, it happened just like I told you. Yesterday was the first time Ryan was even here. Ronnie had already taken care of me and Nicole when she was here a couple of days earlier. Being twins, Ryan and Nicole are very close and she knew that he had never been with a girl before. She had had such a good time with Ronnie and me the other day, she decided to bring Ryan with he, yesterday, to give him a special ‘first time’ experience, as well. When you showed up in the middle of it, though, it kind of put a damper on things. All Ryan got was a blowjob and his first taste of pussy.”

“Oh, that poor boy, I really screwed things up for him,” Anne said, sounding regretful.

Amy smiled. “Come to think of it, though, getting your first blowjob from two girls at the same time, one of them being your own sister, was probably pretty special, even if he was still a virgin at the end of it!”

The two girls laughed, bumping their hips against each other. Anne’s hand slipped around her from Amy’s stomach and lightly gripped her buttock. “My god, sweetheart,” she said, “You have the cutest little ass!”

Amy giggled and released Anne’s tittie. She slid her hand back around and grasped her mother’s butt-cheek. “Yours ain’t bad, either, mom,” she said, gently massaging the firm flesh of her mother’s shapely buttock.

“Oh! That reminds me, mom,” Amy said. “I didn’t know you were going to be home again today, so when they left yesterday, I told Nicole that she should bring Ryan back over today so we could finish his ‘initiation’. I can call her and cancel it, though, if you want me to…”

“Oh, no, hon, don’t do that,” Anne said. “I feel bad enough that I caused Ryan to miss out on it, yesterday.” She narrowed her eyes and smiled conspiratorially. “In fact, if it’s alright with you guys, I’d love to be there to watch it!”

Amy’s fingers dug into her mother’s fleshy butt-cheek. “Oh, wow…mom, that’d be great!”


When Ryan and Nicole arrived a few hours later, Amy ushered them out to the patio where Anne and Ron were putting the finishing touches on the snack table.

Anne caught the questioning look the twins cast toward Amy when they saw that her mother was there once again.

“First off,” Anne said before anyone else could say anything, “I want to apologize to you guys for yesterday. I talked things over with my kids and I now know what was going on. I guess I sort of messed things up for you… first by spying on you from the shadows and then by sitting up there on the deck and acting like I was the adult pool monitor, watching for any wayward activity amongst the unruly kids in the pool.

“Let me assure you, I didn’t mean it that way yesterday, and I certainly don’t today. I want you to know that you are welcome here now and anytime in the future as long as everyone remains agreeable to everyone else. I know that you’re all adults and I want you to feel bahis şirketleri free to do anything here that you please, any time you please, with just a few caveats: (1) No coercion–everyone is free to participate or not at their own free will (2) The girls will maintain their birth control and (3) Everyone will be careful of any outside relationships in order to assure the group here remains disease-free.

“Now, I know I may have presented an unfortunate first impression yesterday, and if you’re still uncomfortable with me, I’ll leave…but I hope you’ll give me a second chance.

“Just to demonstrate my sincerity, I’m going to do something now that is really very difficult for me, since I am as new to this as you all are.”

Anne unfastened the belt of the terry-cloth robe she was wearing and slipped it off, revealing her petite, slender, bikini-clad figure. She reached behind her back and pulled the string on her bikini top. It dropped away, revealing her full, round, B-cup breasts.

Hooking her thumbs in either side of her bikini bottom, she slipped it off her flaring hips and down her thighs. She tossed her head so her long blond hair swirled about her head and settled around her shoulders, partially obscuring one breast, while leaving her aroused nipple to peek through the golden strands.

Smiling bravely, she struck a pose, one hip thrust out and her hand raised, twirling her bikini bottom on the tip of her finger. A thrill of naughty excitement shot through her as she stood there completely naked in front of this group of still-clothed teenagers.

They all stood there, staring in disbelief at this lovely, more mature, version of Amy with her fuller, but still perfectly shaped breasts, long, slender waist, flaring hips, and smooth, shapely legs.

“Nice boobs, Mom!” Amy said approvingly. The others murmured their agreement.

Amy looked at the others, knowing how uncomfortable it must be for her mother to stand there, naked, while the rest just looked at her.

“C’mon guys…” she urged, shucking off her own robe and untying her bikini top. As she was doing so, Ron grasped the waistband of his swim trunks and pulled them down, his already semi-erect penis springing free.

Nicole and Ryan looked at each other for a moment, then began undressing.

When everyone was naked, they all stood there in a circle looking at one another. “Are we all comfortable, now?” Anne asked. “I know I feel much better, now that I’m not the only one who’s naked!”

Everyone laughed.

Anne invited everyone to partake in the snacks and as they did so, the group relaxed and engaged in small-talk, as if they were at any other pool party.

As they talked, Amy, standing next to Ron, looked down and saw that his penis was partially tumescent, standing away from his groin in a downward arc, looking plump and heavy. His balls dangled loosely below in the warm afternoon air. Amy lightly rested her hand on the curve of her brother’s buttock and, after a few moments, slid it downward between his thighs. She gently grasped his loosely dangling scrotum. Hearing a soft groan, she smiled as she tenderly fondled her brother’s testicles within their soft, pliable sac, and watched as his penis rose to full erection. Satisfied that her brother was fully engaged, Amy withdrew her hand from between his thighs, but left it resting on his ass, idly stroking his butt-crack with her fingers and occasionally delving deeper to caress his anus with the tip of her finger.

Ryan wasn’t saying much as the others talked, being much too busy examining these three beautiful, naked women standing before him, his eyes going from one, to the next, to the next, comparing and contrasting.

He looked at his sister, tall, slender, and statuesque. She had the largest breasts of the three women, but not so large that they couldn’t stand up, high on her chest, without sagging. Her aureoles were the size of quarters, her nipples perkily erect. Her face was model-quality beautiful, and her long, wavy hair was a lovely shade of chestnut brown, the same as his own. The matching muff of fur at the juncture of her thighs was neatly trimmed, allowing glimpses of the treasure that lay below whenever she moved.

His gaze shifted to Amy, a blond, beautiful, girl-next-door, cheerleader type. Petite and slender, her breasts were small, hardly more than a handful each, but shaped to perfection. Her aureoles were smaller than Nicole’s, just slightly bigger around than her nipples, which were taut and erect, begging to be licked and sucked. There was just a small tuft of golden curls on her pubic mound and the dark crevice of her vagina was visible below, between her slender thighs.

Ryan looked at Anne, noting her considerable similarity to her daughter. They shared a petite and slender body style, although Anne’s long, slender waist flared to slightly wider hips and fleshier buttocks than Amy’s lean, teenaged figure. While not as high or perky as either of the two young girls, Anne’s breasts were beautifully shaped and had not yet made any serious bahis firmaları concessions to gravity. They were nicely rounded on the bottom and inward sloped on the topside, causing her nipples to point slightly upward from their half-dollar size areoles. And ‘point’ they did, betraying her arousal by the way they stood up, tautly erect. Her hair was long and wavy, like her daughter’s, though a shade darker than the girl. The hair at her crotch matched the honey-blond color of her flowing mane and was much bushier than either of the two girls.

Anne noted Ryan’s absence from the conversation and watched him as he checked out the girls. She felt a thrill as she saw his penis rise up in a long, slender arc, exposing the underside of its curved shaft, its now fully engorged head nearly at the level of his navel, leaving his scrotum clearly visible, dangling loosely being his thighs.

She saw the boy’s eyes shift to herself and she felt another thrill as she saw him closely examine her. She allowed him to check her out for a few moments, then she said, “See anything you like, Ryan? It certainly looks like you did!” She gestured toward his erect penis and smiled.

Ryan gasped and tried to cover himself up with his hands.

“Oh, don’t do that, honey,” Anne said, stepping forward and grasping the boy’s wrists, pushing his hands away from his crotch. “We want to see it, don’t we, girls?”

“Yeah!” both girls cried in unison.

“Don’t be afraid to show it off,” Anne said. “You should be proud of it, young man! I for one am thrilled to see it like that. Being a faithfully married lady ever since I graduated from high school, the only adult penis I had ever seen, before yesterday, was my husband’s. Seeing you two boys is a real treat for me!”

Anne turned her head toward Ron and pointedly stared at her son’s erect penis. She took Ryan’s hand and pulled him forward to stand beside Ron. The three women arrayed themselves before the boys, closely examining their erections. Ron’s sun-bronzed organ was long and thick, stiff and straight, angled slightly upward from his loins. Ryan’s untanned organ curved gracefully upward, its engorged purple head contrasting with its paler shaft, with darker veins visibly bulging beneath its taut-stretched skin.

“Hmmmm…” Anne murmured appraisingly. “Ronnie’s cock looks so strong and massive, doesn’t it? Looking at it stirs up something deep inside me. Ryan’s, however, has a different esthetic appeal. It’s more slender, and longer looking. And the way it curves upward like that makes it look more…excited. More…erect! It stirs me, too, but in a different, less primal…more intellectual, way.”

“I see what you mean, mom,” Amy said, her fingers idly caressing the crevice between her thighs. “But looking at them standing up like that…they both make my pussy wet!”

“Yeah, me, too,” Nicole agreed.

Anne smiled. “What do you think, boys?”

“Fuck!” Ron growled, wrapping his fist around his upthrust hard-on. He stroked it several times, then let out a gasp of relief and relaxed. “You know, it’s hard-wired into the human brain by evolution to arouse sexual excitement when looking at erect penises, for men as well as women. It helps to propagate the species,” he said.

Anne smiled. “Thank you, professor. So does that mean you like looking at Ryan’s erection?”

“Sure,” Ron replied confidently, “seeing another guy with a hard-on helps fire up my own hard-on. I’m not ashamed of that…it’s evolution!”

Anne smiled and looked at Ryan. “How about you, Ryan?” she asked.

Ryan shuffled his feet, casting sidelong, momentary glances at Ron’s massive erection.

“Oh, just go ahead and look at it, Ry!” Nicole cried in exasperation. “It won’t make you gay!”

Everyone looked at Nicole, surprised by her outburst.

Nicole chuckled. “Yesterday, in the pool, while Amy was showing Ryan how to lick my pussy, Ronnie stuck his dick between my thighs and Ryan accidentally licked the head of his cock. He went home thinking he might be gay! I think he’s still worried about it even though I definitively proved to him that he wasn’t, last night.”

“How did you do that?” Amy asked.

“I broke his cherry,” Nicole smiled.

Amy gasped. “You did? You fucked him?”

“Yes, indeed I did!” Nicole proudly confirmed. “And he certainly seemed to like my pussy very much!”

Ron turned toward Ryan and clapped him on the back. “Congratulations, man!” he said. He looked down at the other boy’s erect penis. “You know…I’m very confident of my own sexuality and it doesn’t bother me that you licked my cock,” he said. “In fact…”

Ron dropped to one knee in front of Ryan. He wrapped his hand around Ryan’s cock and gently slid it up and down along its curved shaft. Then he bent it forward and slipped its engorged head between his lips.

The girls all gasped and crowded around closer to watch.

Ryan just stared down at Ron, aghast.

Ron slowly bobbed his head up and down, sliding several inches of Ryan’s penis in and out of his mouth several times. kaçak bahis siteleri Then he let it slip from his lips and slowly swirled his tongue around and around its smooth, purple glans.

The girls cheered and clapped as Ron stood up and backed between Amy and Nicole, slipping an arm around each of their waists and pulling them close. Ryan stood there, looking dazed.

“I just did that to show you that I could do it without it making me want to fuck these beautiful girls any less than I did before…in fact,” Ron looked back and forth between Amy and Nicole, “I’m so horny now…I want to fuck them even more!”

Everyone laughed. Both girls wrapped a hand around Ron’s rigid penis. He groaned exaggeratedly and thrust his hips forward and upward as the two girls stroked his upthrust erection.

Ron looked up at Ryan again. “I just want you to know, if what I did just now didn’t scare you off, and you decide to stick around and have fun with us, today…if we do all the things I hope we’re going to do, we may inadvertently touch one another, and that’s all right with me. I hope it’s all right you, and everyone else.”

The girls all clapped and cheered again. Ryan nodded uncertainly.

“Whew…that was pretty intense!” Anne said. “I think we all need to jump in the pool and cool off!”


In the pool, playing keep-away with the beach-ball and having chicken fights. They all agreed that chicken fights were a lot more fun when everyone was naked. The boys could see the girls’ titties bouncing and jiggling as they pushed and pulled one another and the girls enjoyed having their naked pussies bouncing and rubbing against the back of the boys’ necks as they jousted, without any swimsuit material in between.

When they stopped to rest, Anne laid out on the air-mattress and floated around, sunning herself, while Amy and Nicole climbed onto the corner seat, close together. Ron and Ryan slowly paddled around in front of them.

Nicole, looking out across the pool at Anne on her raft, asked, “How old is your mom, Amy?

“Uhhh, let’s see…uhhh…I guess she’s thirty-eight,” Amy answered. “She had Ronnie when she was nineteen.”

“Wow…she’s still really HOT!” Nicole said.

“Yeah, she sure is!” Ryan agreed as he paddled by, over-hearing what they said.

“Well, yeah…I guess so…” Amy said. “I never really thought about it before. She’s always just been my mom. But the last twenty-four hours have been a revelation for me!”

“I’ll bet,” Nicole said.

“It was a bit iffy there last night after you guys went home, but then, long after bedtime, mom caught Ron and me, together in his bedroom, fooling around. She came over to the bed and climbed up there on the bed with us. She was wearing a sheer nightgown, while Ron and I were naked, of course. We had been doing sixty-nine, so Ron had a huge hard-on. We sat there on the bed in a circle, for a long time…discussing things. Mom’s eyes almost never left Ronnie’s cock. I could see her getting antsier and antsier as we talked. I convinced her to take off her nightgown so she could be comfortable like us.

“I told her the story about how Ronnie and I got into doing this and we could see that she was getting hotter and hotter. So were Ronnie and I! We started doing a ’69’ again, right there in front her while she just watched us. She was sticking her finger in her pussy and pretty soon she was really going to town on herself. When Ronnie finally blew his wad all over my face and tits, mom popped her cork, too. Then she went screaming from the room.

“This morning things seemed to be totally different. Mom seemed to have decided that what we were doing was just fine by her. We convinced her that we should all be able to run around the house naked whenever we wanted to, and we cooked and ate breakfast in the nude. I told her about how Ronnie had fucked both of us for the first time, while mom was frying the eggs and she jacked herself off again. She was really sorry when I told her you had brought Ryan over, yesterday, so we could fuck him for the first time, like we did Ronnie, but then that idea went out the window when she showed up.

“She got real excited when I told her you were coming over today so we try it again. She really wanted to see that. I guess she’s really into watching.”

“Well, I guess she can’t see us do him for the first time, since I already did that!” Nicole said, giggling. “But we could always do him a second time…just for her,” she suggested.

Amy laughed. “Yeah, we could sure do that!”

“All your mom does is watch?”

“Yeah, so far anyway.”

Nicole rubbed her pussy under the water. “All this talk is getting me all worked up. I think I need some action!”

“Yeah, me, too,” Amy agreed.

The girls slipped off the corner seat and swam toward the other end of the pool. On the way, Amy caught Ryan’s hand and pulled him with her to the broad concrete steps in the shallow end. She sat him down on the top step and leaned him back so that his cock was raised above the water and the rippling surface lapped at his tight, water-cooled scrotum. His penis was semi-tumescent, slightly raised, in a downward curving arc above his balls.

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