Bad Girl Turned Good Ch. 01


Ellie moaned with pleasure as the man’s cock was thrust deeply into her willing and wet pussy. Ellie loved the feel of a massive cock in her cunt. She adored the way it filled her up; when the cock ejaculated, the feeling of warm cum inside of her. Ellie never did foreplay with a guy; it was too much effort. Having a finger, or a tongue, inside or licking her cunt didn’t appeal. Having a cock in her tight ass was even better than having it in her cunt. Most girls didn’t like the idea of anal sex, but Ellie craved it. She wanted to get straight to it. Ellie was that type of girl. She didn’t waste time.

Ever since Ellie turned 18, she’d almost had a fuck a week. Now, at the age of 21, by day, she was a student at university, studying fashion and modelling. But by night, she was a cock slut. Every single party she went too, she always got with a guy. She didn’t need to worry about getting anyone special; with her stunningly good looks, and near-perfect body, every guy wanted to fuck her; and sometimes, she even let them. When you went to a party, you always expected to see Ellie getting fucked hard. Nothing was too dirty for her. She’d had cocks in nearly every single orifice. She’d been gang-banged twice in her life and she couldn’t get enough of it. Ellie just loved feeling dirty, and yet so whole at the same time. Having five cocks in her at once got her a reputation as a slut; but she didn’t care. She knew it would get her invited to even more parties.

It was a Friday night. The students had just finished their first year of university, and to celebrate, they threw the loudest, raunchiest, expensive party yet. All of the students were invited, barre the ones they knew would never turn up. Downstairs, the ‘lads’ had a keg stand and had large quantities of drugs brewing around. Looking around the room, you would see girls sticking their tongues down guy’s throats, who they just met. But upstairs, was the real party. Behind a half-closed door, Ellie was riding Jim’s cock hard. Groaning and moaning, Ellie increased strides, getting faster and faster. Sweat was dripping off her naked body, and she felt her climax coming. The hard cock rammed into her pussy with great strength and ease; she was quite loose, after all. Ellie’s moans started to get louder and louder, and she felt Jim’s pre-cum leaking into her wet pussy.

“Oh, Jim, faster, harder!” Ellie screamed, as she nearly approached climax. Then, the door suddenly opened.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry!” exclaimed the girl who appeared in the doorway. Ellie jumped off the guy, covering her naked body.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, you bitch?!?” Ellie screamed at the strange girl.

“Sorry” the girl giggled. “Not looking too bad though” she continued with a cheeky wink.

“Get güvenilir bahis out of here, you fucking dyke!” Ellie yelled at the girl. The girl turned to leave, leaving the door opened for the naked and embarrassed Jim to leave through too. Ellie collapsed on the bed, and sighed with frustration. She couldn’t believe that little bitch interrupted an amazing shag like Jim. And then with that ‘looking good’ comment afterwards! Was she a dyke? Ellie hated the idea of lesbian sex. That feeling of being close with another woman was literally disgusting to her. The only pussy she liked was her own. She did love the feel of fingering her hole. Sometimes, she fingered her cunt and her ass at the same time. She only did this on the rare occasions where she wasn’t getting some cock in her cunt.

Ellie had had some bad experiences with lesbians. When she was young, her best friend came out to her, professing her love for her, and trying to force herself upon her. Naturally, this scarred Ellie for life, and she’d always been disgusted by any form of lesbian sex. She could recognise attractiveness in a woman, like any other female could do, but she’d never want to kiss a girl, or taste her. This girl who interrupted, she was definitely a hot girl. Not as attractive as Ellie was, but definitely a certified cock-tease. Her breasts seemed big. Certainly not as big as Ellie’s, but Ellie never liked her breasts as big as they were. She always wanted B’s or C’s. She felt her breasts were too heavy when she caressed them in her regular masturbatory sessions in the shower and bath. On second thought, Ellie would have killed for the girl’s breasts. She would have loved to have them as her own, and stroke them, and tweak the nipples. Whilst most people classed this type of thinking as very gay, Ellie just simply viewed it to be normal for a model. She just simply wanted a perfect figure, not a perfect woman.

Ellie lay back on the cushions and sighed. She hated not reaching climax; this usually happened when the man finished before her. She was still pretty sweaty, and she was still naked. She looked down at her body. She loved how it looked. Her breasts and her stomach were still dripping with sweat, and the way it reflected off the light just looked so sexy to her. God had blessed her with such a perfect body, she wasn’t surprised that every man wanted it. Ellie moved her fingers down to her nipples. She ran her fingers through it, and pinched them. This excited a small moan within her. Then, with her other hand, she started to rub her labia. The sensation never stopped feeling amazing. Ellie moans got louder and louder, and soon, she was practically screaming. She was already close to climax from the hard pumping of Jim’s cock, so she felt her ejaculating coming soon. Her türkçe bahis fingers stopped rubbing, and started to penetrate her pussy. First one finger, then three, and then all four. Ellie screamed with pleasure.

“Oh, mhmm, OH, OHHHHHH!” Ellie felt her climax coming very soon. She looked down again at her perfect body, and then it happened. She came. Her wet pussy squirted liquid all over her fingers, with surprise to Ellie. She’d never had an orgasm of that magnitude. She then took her fingers out of her dripping and cunt and brought them up to her head for closer inspection. The viscous liquid was sticking to her fingers. Slowly, she moved the fingers towards her mouth. She opened her mouth, and placed the fingers inside her mouth. Ellie nearly came again, she tasted that good. It was like five Christmas dinner’s all at once.

“Enjoying yourself?” said a voice.

Ellie jumped, for the second time. It was that girl again! She was too shocked to say anything, she could only cover her up her sweaty, naked, perfect body.

“You know, a study said that 46% of girls who tasted their own cum, tend to be sexually attracted to the other sex.” said the girl, with a cheeky wink. “I’m Lucy, I’m a psychology student, hope you don’t mind the intrusion.”

Ellie was still too shocked to say anything, as her near-equal sat down on the bed next to her. Her dress was nearly non-existent. Lucy was wearing a very short plaited skirt, barely covering her pants. Her shirt was unbuttoned down halfway, revealing her sexy Anne-Summers lingerie. There was no denying, this girl knew how to dress sexy.

“You don’t have a lot to say any more, do you?” said a surprised Lucy. “I felt quite hurt earlier.”

“Sorry for calling you a dyke.” said Ellie finally. “I’m just not that keen on the idea of lesbians.”

“Why?” replied Lucy.

“Well, it’s just not right? I hate the idea of being close with another woman. It makes me feel sick.”

“So, if I touched you on the arm, that would make you feel sick?” said Lucy, as she reached out to poke Ellie’s arm.

“Well, no, I guess not.”

“Uh-huh, and if I stroked your arm?”

“Well, that doesn’t feel too bad.”

“And what about if I did this?” and with that line, Lucy reached over and placed a delicate kiss on Ellie’s lips.

Ellie was truly shocked. At first, her immediate reaction was to think about how wrong it was. It made her feel sick. But, she could not deny, Lucy was an amazing kisser. Maybe it wouldn’t be terrible to kiss another girl. Ellie relaxed the tension inside of her, and started to slowly kiss back. Lucy’s lips felt so soft, not like a man’s. Lucy began to pry open Ellie’s lips with her tongue, when Ellie jumped up.

“What the hell did you do that for?!?” güvenilir bahis siteleri Ellie cried, wiping her lips with a manner of disgust.

“Sorry, I thought you were getting into that!” Lucy replied, with a strange sense of smugness.

“Fuck this, I’m not a dyke, like you!” Ellie said, as she headed for the door. Unfortunately, Ellie forgot to notice that the door was locked. She tugged at the doorknob, but it wouldn’t open.

“Give me the key, you dyke!”

“Now, that’s just rude Ellie!” the seductive Lucy said. “How about you come join me on this bed, and we’ll talk about that key?”

“You’re fucking insane!” Ellie cried. “I’m not a dyke. I’m not!”

“Are you sure about that?” Lucy got up, and headed towards Ellie slowly.

“Of course I’m fucking sure! I don’t want to fucking kiss girls!”

Lucy moved a bit closer towards Ellie.

“Well, I beg to differ. As I remember you were really getting into that kiss, a minute ago.”

“Like fuck I was! Listen, you dyke, the only thing that is getting on these lips, is either another man, or a thick cock.” Ellie said defiantly.

“Oh, Ellie, you are funny. I don’t think you have a choice though.” Lucy was nearly face to face with Ellie now.

“You’re a sadistic little dyke, Lucy.”

“Stop calling me a dyke, you spoiled little bitch. I’ll tell you what; if you can get the key from me, I’ll let you go.” Ellie looked surprised. It seemed too easy. Then Ellie realised the catch.

Lucy had placed the key in her mouth.

“If you can get it out of my mouth, I’ll let you go.” said Lucy.

“Fine, I’ll play along with your game.”

With that, Ellie lunged onto Lucy. Lucy was stubborn and refused to open her mouth, despite Ellie attempting to force her way in there. Lucy’s hands rose to Ellie’s side, still naked from before. Ellie’s body responded to the touch, and she became less tense. For a moment, Ellie actually thought she was enjoying it. That same softness she felt on her lips before was appearing again. Ellie closed her eyes, and tilted her sideways. She was actually enjoying this. She felt herself melt under Lucy’s touch. Ellie, surprising herself, took her hand, and placed it on Lucy’s cheek delicately. Her skin was so soft and smooth, it felt like heaven. Slowly, but surely, Lucy opened her mouth, and felt Ellie’s tongue invade her mouth. Ellie was too lost to remember about the key, and her tongue danced with Lucy’s. She was in bliss; it was the best kiss she ever had. Just as she was about to lose herself in the bliss, Lucy moved her hand to her naked breast. This provoked a reaction in Ellie, and she quickly moved the key out of her mouth, and pulled away.

“See, your little game didn’t work!” Ellie said, with a sense of hollow victory. Ellie was headed towards the door when she heard Lucy say,

“You’ll be back for more, Ellie. I’ll be here when you do.” Ellie paused briefly before exiting the door. Lucy was wrong, she wouldn’t be back for more. She was sure of it.

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