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Subject: Bad Husband 5 BAD HUSBAND 5 By Jesse Christian Hey guys! So it turns out my Uncle Chris has been way too busy lately to write a new chapter of his sexual adventures so I’ve decided to step in and give you one from my perspective. I’m his nephew Pete. My dad is Uncle Chris’ brother. I’m 15 years old, scruffy brown hair, smooth hairless body, pretty skinny – hoping to tone up a bit at the gym but figured I’ll get around to that when I’m older. I guess you’d call me a twink. Don’t want to sound arrogant but I’m pretty cute, at least that’s what the guys I’ve sucked off at high school tell me. Yea that’s right. I’ve been sucking off older high school kids in the toilets during lunch break for over a year now. It started off with me playing with a friend one summer and I realised how much I loved the taste of dick! It turns me on pleasing another guy so much and feeling his meat throb in my mouth. Anally, I’m still a virgin. I was able to get myself a dildo and I practise with it every chance I get and I can’t wait to be fucked. But I wanted my first time to be with a real man who knew what he was doing – not some kid in high school. And I knew exactly who I wanted to fuck me for the first time – my Uncle Chris. I always felt funny when I went around to his place and saw him, especially when he smiled at me or tousled my hair. Even when I was a little kid. Aunt Debbie’s really nice too and I get along really well with my cousin Jesse who’s around my age. But my uncle makes my hole twitch. Quite simply – he’s a god. He’s tall with a toned muscular body, short rusty hair and I’ve checked him out in his bathing suit to know his body has just the right amount of hair over it and he must be packing some serious heat because he always feels his bathing suit so well. I wanted him to take my virginity and make me his bitch. I’d lost count of the amount of times I’d fucked myself with my dildo, imagining it was my uncle on top of me. I didn’t know how it was going to happen until Chris and Debbie invited me to join them for a weekend beach trip. They were going down the coast and they knew how well Jesse and I get along – we’re almost like brothers so it made sense. I knew this was my opportunity. I practised all week with my dildo, opening my hole up, getting it ready to be used and abused. I wanted to be the best fuck my uncle had ever had. Finally the big day arrived – it was really warm and sunny which was perfect. No need to wear too much! I wore a tight pair of Speedos under my short shorts (hanging that little bit low to show a bit of my crack) and an old T shirt filled with holes, showing off as much of my boy flesh as possible. I looked like a total fag but I knew it worked. Straight guys at school seemed to like that I made it obvious that I was designed to please them. And they didn’t know how much it pleased me to know I could make them want me. When my aunt and uncle picked me up, I greeted them a big grin, giving them each a hug. I made sure to let my body linger up against Uncle Chris for as long as possible, feeling his tight hard body. It might have been my imagination but I was sure I saw him checking out my butt when I leaned over to pick up my bag. The drive down was fun – my uncle always let us get away with murder. We could play whatever music we wanted, stop for In N Out Burger and make a whole bunch of noise. I could tell Aunt Debbie was getting a little sick of us boys but she stayed silent. The beach spot they’d chosen was pretty amazing. It was surrounded by a national park with a forest that reached all the way down to the beach. We hiked down through the woods from the car park, building up a nice sweat on the way. We hit the sand, stretching out our towels and putting up an umbrella. Jesse wanted to jump straight in the water but Debbie wouldn’t let us cos we’d just eaten. ankara escort bayan She wanted to make sure we waited at least 30 minutes so we wouldn’t cramp up. She’s a bit of a killjoy like that. So we all stretched out on the sand, soaking up the rays. I pulled off my T-shirt and even hiked down my shorts just a little so I’d get a low tan line. I tried to be subtle as I ogled my uncle as he pulled off his T-shirt, revealing that lean hairy torso. I wanted to run straight up and start chewing on his nipples – I didn’t care who saw – but I knew I had to play it cool. I lay down on my stomach, trying to hide my teen boner. Debbie pulled out a book and started reading while Jesse lay back with his headphones on, listening to Spotify. I glanced over at my uncle and caught him adjusting himself in his swimmers. He caught me staring and winked. I blushed and looked away. My hole was twitching – my uncle just got me so worked up. We lay there for a while, everyone in their own bubble relaxing until Uncle Chris broke the silence, “I gotta answer the call of nature,” he announced. Debbie mumbled an acknowledgement as he stood up and walked off into the woods. “I gotta go too,” I said as I jumped off, slinging my towel over my shoulder and following my uncle. Debbie barely noticed and Jesse didn’t hear a thing with his headphones on. I followed my uncle at a distance as he wandered through the trees until he was out of sight of the beach. He settled against a tree and I saw his stream of golden piss hitting the tree. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, I quickly raced up and stood up next to him, hoisting out my own little boy dick as if I was innocently going to take a piss too. I glanced down and finally saw what I’d been wanting to see for so long – Uncle Chris’ glorious cock. It was even bigger, thicker and juicier than I could have imagined, and this was still soft! I watched his steady stream of piss soak up the tree, my jaw hanging. I looked up at my uncle who was grinning at me, surprised. “Never seen a grown man’s penis before, hey Pete?” Little did he know! I blushed again, tongue-tied. Before I could stop myself I reached forward and held his warm meat in my hands. “Whoa Pete! What are you doing??” “Sorry, Uncle. It’s just.. it’s so much bigger than mine.” And it was! It was also so much heavier. I never wanted to let it go. I looked up at my uncle who still had that curious grin on his face. He wasn’t moving. Or making me let go of his meat. I felt him pulse in my hands, getting that little bit thicker, that little bit bigger – he was getting hard! I smirked as I looked him in the eye. “I hope mine gets as big as yours, Uncle. Aunt Debbie’s a lucky woman.” It was a gamble mentioning my aunt but he still hadn’t moved. The stream of piss dried up and stopped as his cock hardened even more in my hands. A few drops dribbled out and onto my hand. “You should be careful, Pete. You’ll get me…” he trailed off as I ran my finger along the tip of his cock. I got a little more courageous. “Better make sure you’re cleaned up, Uncle.” I quickly leaned forward and before he could stop me, I licked the drops of piss off my uncle’s cock. He groaned in a mixture of surprise and relief as his little slutty nephew took his cock. “Oooooohhhh Pete!” he moaned. “You shouldn’t be doing this…” But I dropped to my knees and pulled my uncle in close, taking his cock right to the back of my throat. I wasn’t going to miss out on this. All my dreams were coming true! Better! His cock tasted so damn good and it was now so rock hard, tickling my tonsils. I was so glad I had sucked off all those high school boys in the toilets back home so my blowjob game was A+! I breathed in through my nose as I pushed down deeper on it until my nose was nestled right down in his pubes. “No Pete. This is wrong. You’re my brother’s etimesgut escort son. My wife…” he protested feebly. But his actions told a different story as my uncle tousled my hair as he enjoyed my throat wrapped around his meat. He grabbed onto me for balance, his thighs quivering. He was loving this! I ignored his protests as I bobbed up and down on his cock, circling the base with my hand gently gripping it and stroking it as I applied as much suction as I good. I let it pop out of my mouth as I licked down the underside of his shaft taking his hairy nuts into my mouth. They tasted so good, salty with sweat from the hot day. I looked up at him as he started down at me. His slick cock sliding in and out of my lips. We both knew what we were doing was dangerous. His wife and son were so close.. just down the trail. But I needed this to happen and we both knew it felt too good to stop. I slowly pulled myself up, kissing a trail up his hairy torso, suckling on those nipples like I had fantasied about. I finally stopped and stared into his eyes, our faces only inches apart. He leaned forward and pulled me into a hot sloppy kiss. His tongue drove my lips apart as he passed me, wrapping his arms around me. My shorts and speedos dropped to my ankles as our two naked bodies rubbed against each other. Our chemistry was off the charts – it might have been wrong but we were made to be together. My smooth hairless teen body against his sexy hairy man bod. We moaned into each others mouths as our tongues battled in each others mouths, pulling each other so close we were almost devouring each other. I finally broke our sweaty embrace and quickly laid down my towel. I dropped down to my hands and knees, pointing my cute hairless butt in the air at my uncle. I looked over my shoulder. “Fuck me, Uncle Chris!” He stared at my hungrily and then did something I did not expect. He dived down between my legs, spread my cheeks and shoved his tongue right up my hole. “OHHH!!! FUUUCK!” I almost shouted. “Shhh..” he whispered as he silenced me, terrified his wife and son would hear him rimming his nephew in the woods. I couldn’t believe my macho straight uncle was eating my ass and how fucking good he was at it. Not that I had anything to compare it to. I had never been rimmed before but I was an instant convert. I was putty in his hands now – anything my sexy uncle wanted to do to me I would do without question. He spat on my hole then dived back in. His tongue swirling around my ring and pushing into it, tongue-fucking me as I struggled not to scream in pleasure. He groaned into my hole, making me vibrate. He gripped my smooth butt cheeks as I arched my back, pressing back into his face. His little bit of stubble felt so good in my crack. He flipped me over onto my back and kicked my legs apart. He leaned over me and wrapped me up in his arms as he started kissing me passionately. I held him tightly, my legs tangled around him. I imagined this must be how he fucked his wife and now he was going to fuck me! I could feel that rock hard cock rubbing in my smooth crack. Everytime it pushed against my hole I moaned deeply into his mouth. We stopped kissing for a moment to stare into each others eyes – we knew this was it. This was the moment. His pole was lined up right against my wet, slick hole. I put my hands on the small of his back and pulled him in. We both groaned into each others open mouths as his cock slowly invaded me, sinking deep into my boy hole taking my cherry. “Oh yeeeesss!” I moaned as he opened me up. His cock felt so much bigger and better than any dildo I’d tried. It was flesh and it belonged to my sexy Uncle. I could see by the look in his eyes how good he felt. We knew it was wrong. We knew it was taboo. But we had to do it anyway. We had to honour this. He slowly ground kızılay escort his hips against mine as we french kissed each other deeply, our eyes semi open so we could see ecstasy in each others faces. For a moment I thought about Debbie. She’d always been so nice to me and looked after me and here I was being fucking by her husband. I felt bad for just a moment but then I looked at how deeply sexy my uncle was. How hard his cock was and how much he clearly loved fucking me and I knew it was her own fault. She should have kept her husband satisfied. He wasn’t a bad husband. He was just a sexy god who needed to be worshipped and I was happy to do it. Maybe I was just a home wrecking little slut but fuck it felt good! He plunged into me, going harder and faster, his hips slapping against mine. The harder he went, the better it felt as the urgency of our fucking increased. We kissed passionately to silence each others moans as we clinged to each other, the sweat making our bodies so slick that it was hard to tell where uncle ended and nephew began. “You’re going to make me cum, Pete. Is that what you want? You want my seed?” he whispered in my ear as he swirled his tongue around the rim. “Yes please, Uncle!! I want it! I need your milk!!” I thought about my cousin Jesse lying on the beach, blissfully unaware that his dad was fucking me, about to fill me with the family DNA. I tightened my ring around my uncle’s cock, determined to milk his load out of his plunging shaft. “Oh Jesus,” he groaned feeling the new tightness. “Here it comes!!! Awwwww fuuuuuuucck!!” I groaned with pleasure as his cock started blasting its load inside me, spraying my insides with my family’s seed. I could feel him flooding my guts with spoof, his hips plunging again and again inside me to unload every drop. His face screwed up as his body shook with the pleasure of his orgasm. My forgotten teen cock, pressed against our torsos, unloading its load, pitiful in comparison to the geyser that had just gone off inside my butt. Uncle Chris looked down at me as he regained his breath and then leaned forward and kissed me again. This time it was tender, almost romantic. We had shared something so beautiful (even though it would have hurt so many people if they found out about it). We lay together for a while, heart rates returning to normal, perfectly content in each others arms. His cock softened and gently slipped out of my ass. I clenched my ring, wanting to feel my uncle’s seed in me for as long as possible. He looked at me sheepishly, “I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this is just going to be our little secret, right?” I grinned. “Of course, Uncle. Thank you!” I meant it. It was my first fuck and it was probably going to be the greatest fuck I ever had. We quickly towelled ourselves down, wiping away the sweat, saliva and seed. We put on our bathing suits and walked back casually to the beach. Jesse had nodded off and Debra still had her nose stuck in her book. “You took awhile,” she said as Jesse woke up. “Yeah – decided to take a bit of a hike. It’s beautiful out there,” answered my uncle innocently. “Who wants a swim?” He raced off into the surf with Jesse and I hot on his heels. The salt water felt glorious, washing away the sin of what we’d just experienced. I could feel some of the cum dripping out of my hole sadly but I knew it didn’t matter. I would always have a piece of my uncle inside me. The rest of the weekend was a blast, even though it was totally innocent. My uncle and I would occasionally exchange a look and a wink, a secret bond between us that nobody knew about. Not his wife. Not his son. When he dropped me home, I gave each of them a big hug but Uncle Chris let it linger again. His cock pulsed slightly between us at the memory of our fuck as his hand brushed against my ass. I hope we get to fuck again. My uncle is the best!!! THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR AWESOME FEEDBACK AND SEXY EMAILS! MUCH APPRECIATED! GOT A BUNCH OF TALES PLANNED ABOUT CHRIS, THE BAD HUSBAND. WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS AND SUGGESTIONS 😉 AND DON’T FORGET TO DONATE TO NIFTY!

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