bad luck


bad luckBad Luck ?Talking about bad luck usually means, a very bad day. Well my day started out just fine. I woke up at 7 am., right on time for work. I showered shaved and put on some of my sexiest lingerie. I just love the silky smooth feeling of womens lingerie against my body. Of course I had to cover it up with my work clothes. I am a used car salesman at an auto dealership. I am also a lingerie loving closet crossdresser. Anyways, back to work, as luck would have it I was stuck in traffic for an extra hour and was late to work. I received the customary reprimand from my boss then. went for my coffee. I got my cup and put the lid on, evidently not all the way. My first sip and I was wearing most of the coffee. Fortunately no one saw. I headed to one of our unisex restrooms. I had my shirt and pants off, trying to clean the stain, and in walks one of the secretary’s. I turned, looked at her, turned back to my drying and then remembered I was in lingerie.I quickly turned to see her drop her jaw and then make a low gasping noise. I grabbed my clothes, my face beet red, and I headed to a stall. I felt the complete fool and embarrassed as hell. I was just throwing my wet clothes back on and wondering whether I should take the rest of the day off sick. The secretary whose name I forgot, spoke through the stall door, said to me “do not worry, if i were a man I could imagine the embarrassment if someone were to find out that I dressed in women’s clothes, especially lingerie.” She said “she wouldn’t say anything ,she wears lingerie too ha ha”. Then said we should meet up for lunch today. I unwillingly agreed. I was safe, or so I thought. Everytyhing was fine,although i will admit i still had the jitters, for an hour or so. I took a woman and her güvenilir bahis daughter for a test drive and the little girl told her mommy “look mommy he has a bra strap mark on his shirt like you”. Turning red again, I said nothing, forgetting that it could be easily seen with my damp shirt and my coat was to wet to wear.. Fortunately nothing else was said until they were leaving, then saying goodbye, the woman said the black bra looks good on me. I about died. I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed. I was glad lunch time was here. I usually go to a hamburger joint of some sort, but Cheryl, I remembered her name, was by my car. Saying I can`t get off that easily,and said hop in and drive. She took me to a small bistro around the corner. It was a quiet, tablecloth with candle sort of place.We ordered food and had a few drinks while waiting for our food. I as getting a good buzz, with only a sip of coffee for breakfast. Cheryl stood up and took me by my hand and led me into the ladies room. I was confused, buzzed, and interested. She told me to strip down to my “undies”, while she locked the door. I did as I was told and the next thing I knew she was putting eyeliner, mascara, jewelry and a new sexy schoolgirl outfit on me. I know I should have tried and stopped her but I secretly always wanted to be dressed as a woman by a woman. So far it felt great. Then I was told to go look at myself in the mirror. It was an “OMG, I look fantastic” moment. I could barely take my eyes away from the mirror. As I admired the sexy woman in the mirror, Cheryl gathered my men’s clothes. As she was exiting the restroom she told me to meet her outside and theres shoes in the bag. I was stuck, totally dressed as a woman, looking really sexy; she is making me go out in türkçe bahis public. What a day. So far the only good thing was that I did feel pretty and feminine. I took a peek out the door and it looked clear, so I walked out with my head held high, strutting on 4” heels trying to look like a woman when out of nowhere, Steve my coworker, grabs me by my arm and walks me to my car. I was totally busted. Steve said to get in the car and wait but I couldn’t, my keys were in my other clothes. Steve said no problem; he will be right back and he took off around the corner, leaving me stranded, embaressed, but feeling kinda girly, and alone on the street. I was being ogled at by all kinds of men and women; It was rather thrilling. I even bent over to give a couple of guys a peek at my panties. They both whistled. Cheryl just walked up and saw my little display and told me I was naughty and I need to be disciplined. She took out the keys, unlocked and opened the passanger door for me and said she will drive.Once again I knew I was late getting back to work from lunch but I couldn’t be seen like this. Cheryl again told me not to worry, that she could imagine the embarassment I would feel if someone from work saw me dressed as a woman. She said she will sneak in the back way and that I could change in the restroom. I had my suspicion that all was not worry free, but I had the real feeling of being a sexy female slut, I was scared, but very sexually aroused. She drove around back parked and Steve was there, to open my door. He took my arm again and slowly walked me past the open area office`s, were everyone stared. I was hoping no one recognized me. Steve took me to the employee`s lounge and said I should sit down. Said he was making sure the coast was clear. güvenilir bahis siteleri I did as I was told. As steve walked out through in through the other door came Cheryl, who locked the door. She looked at me and said ,”Your going to make a fine bitch, and now you need practice. Show me what you can do honey”. I started to get up when she shook her head no, unlocked the door and in walked our sales manager Dave.She said “Heres your practice”. I was confused until she said “told you your not getting off that easy, start with Dave. He walked over to were I was sitting leaned over me and kissed my ear, saying “c`mon baby you know you want it and dont forget who signs the checks.” I was being blackmailed! well I needed this job. I uncrossed my legs pullining his two legs between mine. Unzipping his pants and reaching into his unzippered compartment I reached for his cock, I fet his balls and held and squeezed his cock. He was undoing his belt and trouser button when I first felt his cock growing in my hand. He had his pants down and I got a full view of his growng cock. Dave grabbed his cock and started to milk it then stopped and said” your the woman now work it or everyone finds out about you.” I was a little shaky but i have done it to myself , cant be any different ,so i milked it. It grew to be twice the size of mine, a full 9″ two hands and more. he told me to start sucking, i wasnt sure but I put my lips over the tip and sucked a little , I liked it, I liked it a lot. I took as much as I could in my mouth. as I sucked I tasted his precum and started to suck harder. He grabbed my head and started to pump my mouth with his cock I put my hands around him on his ass and went with his rhythm. moments later he pulled my head back and started pumping his hot cream over my face.he almost finished and i took it back in my mouth and sucked him dry. I was never late again and that was first of many long lunchs. There are twenty two salesmen. I guess my luck has changed.

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