Bad Santa!

Big Dicks

“Who is coming to this party then, that I know I mean,” asked Jayne as she fixed her makeup.”The usual suspects. None of the ones you like and most of the ones you don’t. Including your favourite of course,” replied John knowing full well what Jayne’s response would be.”Oh no, not Ben. He’s such a pain. He’s so boorish and he insists on ‘flirting’ with me. I’ve told him exactly what I think of him but he still keeps coming on to me. Can’t you stop him?” Jayne was pulling her best sexy, pouting, begging face but to no avail.”You know full well I can’t unless he actually DOES something instead of just talk. Even then it’ll be difficult. In case you’ve forgotten, he’s my boss so just keep giving him the brush off. I don’t like it much myself you know.””I wouldn’t mind so much if he was good looking,” laughed Jayne aware of John’s insecurity regarding Ben’s desire for his wife.”Don’t you start! Besides, are you sure Mary wore quite so much makeup, or wore such a skimpy outfit, or stockings for that matter.””Well of course not but it’s an adults only fancy dress Christmas party so I was hardly going to go like Mary from the school nativity play now was I. And it wouldn’t bahis şirketleri look so silly if you’d got the Joseph costume you was supposed to get.””I told you, it wasn’t my fault, that one needed repairing after a mishap at a party the night before. They only had these Santa costumes left.””Well, it’ll have to do. It looks rubbish though.””Any chance of a pre-party blowjob for Santa? He’s feeling really horny.” John knew the chances were practically zero but still worth a shot he thought.Jayne turned to face him with one hand on her hip and a finger wagging in his face, “If you think Mary giving Santa a bj is anywhere near acceptable then you’re fantasies are far worse than I ever imagined.” Turning back to examine herself in the mirror, Jayne only had small tits but they were firm and provided enough cleavage in the right outfit and with the right bra. It’s safe to say that Mary probably wouldn’t have shown as much boob off as Jayne was but she was more than satisfied with the look. She shot him a sidewise glance, “Maybe later, if you’re a very very good Santa. Come on, we’ll be late.”***As it turned out, Jayne was enjoying the party far more than bahis firmaları she expected to. John had been quite attentive and had not gone off to talk to people too much leaving her to her own devices. Most of the men seemed to appreciate her outfit and some of the women didn’t. She gathered that much. Perhaps a slutty Mary was a step too far after all! The buffet had been good and the drink was flowing and though she should know better, she’d overdone it slightly with the Prosecco. For whatever reason, bubbles made her a little lightheaded.John had wandered off to talk to somebody or other (she didn’t pay too much attention) and now she was in search of a bathroom. Apparently, there was an ensuite off one of the bedrooms that didn’t have the queue that the main bathroom did. It was a large house and it was certainly in the quieter part of the house well away from the party. As she came out of the ensuite, the bedroom door opened and in came someone, closing the door behind them. There was only the soft light from the bedside lamp to see by but enough to recognise Santa by.”You do look ridiculous in that outfit, but you’ve been a good Santa and I keep kaçak bahis siteleri my promises,” stated Jayne. With that, she walked over to Santa and knelt in front of him. “Keep the noise down and if you hear anyone approaching then make yourself decent and do it quickly.”There wasn’t much light so she fumbled a bit with Santa’s belt and trousers before managing to pull them halfway down his thighs. She rubbed his rapidly hardening cock through his pants, “Has Santa been good? Does he deserve his treat?” purred Jayne.Santa paused, strangely torn so it seemed to Jayne, before nodding yes.”Let’s get this over and done with, I can’t see you lasting long, you don’t usually,” teased Jayne as she pulled his now erect member out from the confines of his pants. As she wanked it a few times to get it fully erect she remarked, “Given what little self-control you have, I’d better not overdo this or it’ll be a handjob and not a blowjob.”Santa was now standing very proud and she slipped her lips round the tip of his cock and began bobbing her head back and forth. There were several confounding factors; the gloom, the eroticism of the situation, the prosecco but it did occur to Jayne as she bobbed back and forth that Santa was longer, thicker, harder and had more stamina than she expected. She was even more surprised when Santa placed his right hand on the back of her head to firmly guide her in her sucking.

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