Subject: Bait Boy part 7 Rugby coach’s bait boy in Brighton part 7. The following is a true account of going on a week long holiday to Brighton with my hot hunky, hairy rugby coach, some of his horny gay and bi-sexual mates and the sex we had when I was 16. Please read `Servicing the coach’ and `Rugby coach pimps me out’ first which are prequels. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Search John McQuillium on prolific authors to read my other true postings in the Gay Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives. Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. When I was 16, almost 17 years old I went on a nine day trip to Brighton with my rugby coach, some team mates from the senior squad and some of my coach’s mates. At the time my short blond hair was spiked up into a duck-tail. My deeply tanned face had flawless skin, was boy next door cute and look far more innocent that I actually was. I was just shy of turning 17 years old but I’d been sexually active since losing my virginity to two 16 year old French boys on a nudist holiday. Playing rugby and cricket, daily swims in my family’s heated outdoor pool and BMX-ing and skateboarding had given me a well toned body for a boy my age. Also I had started hitting the gym to add to my body’s definition. I was blessed with a firm pert bubble butt arse and big thick 9.5 inch uncut cock, both of which were as deeply tanned as the rest of me as I’m from a nudist family. This was the second day of my nine day holiday in Brighton and it had started with my my buff, beefy bear rugby coach fucking me and seeding my arse with two other room mates cumming in my mouth. Then I had fucked a camp, effeminate 16 year old schoolboy before passing him onto my rugby coach and two room mates who tag fucked him twice. Then I pulled a slim tasty teen boy who I flip flopped fucked with. Still horny I returned to the public toilet and pulled a sexy 25 year old guy who fucked me in a cubicle. Next was the nude beach where I met two 19 year old boyfriends who took me back to their place and tag fucked me. Then leaving them to fuck, with the intention of me returning, I bumped into their gay landlord who also fucked me. By the time their landlord had finished with me the two twinks were in a post-orgasm slumber so I returned to the public toilet and pulled a cute blond twink called Nicholas. I took him back to the backpacker’s hostel I was staying in and bumped into the camp schoolboy who also joined us. The three of us us fucked so in total I had been fucked nine times and I had fucked three times. Surely that should have been enough gay sex for anyone in one day but not me. Part 7 When I returned to the backpacker’s Max, the manager still wasn’t on duty so I hoped some of my mates would be in to service my slutty schoolboy arse. However as I went through the common room on the way to my dorm room I saw 15 year old straight boy Jamie. He was a right cute looking lad and until the day before he had been a virgin. Technically he was still a virgin but I had given him his first ever blow job the night before. He was horny and had locked himself in a toilet cubicle for a wank and I overheard him and offered him a blow job. He had been so horny, coupled with his virgin status, he was prepared to let another boy suck him off. When our eyes met his stunningly cute pale face, dusted with light brown freckles flushed slightly pink with embarrassment from the memory of our encounter the day before. He was totally straight but had been horny enough to take his first ever blow job even if it had been from another boy rather than a girl. He had dreamy light brown eyes which had a worried look to them as if wondering if I would tell his classmates that I had sucked him off the day before. He had a small cute nose and lush pale pink lips. His face was so schoolboy cute, virginal looking and definitely stood out in a crowd.. With our gazes locked I stabbed my left cheek with my tongue in the universal cock sucking action and nodded towards the communal male toilets on the ground floor. Jamie’s pink flush of embarrassment turned redder and he furtively looked about in case any of his mates had seen. Jamie went to a boys school but the was on a joint trip with his school’s sister girls school. Leaving the common room I lingered by the ground floor male communal toilet to see if Jamie would take up my subtle come on. He was a straight boy but he was also a teen boy. All teenage boys are horny 24/7 and some can overcome mental barriers and take a blow job off another boy or even fuck them. They would think of girls, they wouldn’t suck your cock and they sure wouldn’t let you fuck them. Kissing was out of the question as was other “gay” stuff. Luckily straight schoolboy Jamie’s teenage hormones got the better of him. Bashfully and with his cute sexy boyish face flushed by embarrassment Jamie headed towards me and I ducked into the toilet. Shortly Jamie came into the toilet to find me fully clothed in a sleeveless muscle top, shorts, ankle socks and trainers stood in one of the toilet cubicles with the door open. Sheepishly he joined me and in two minds. Sure he had been so horny enough to let a gay side of bi-sexual boy blow him the day before but was he that desperate for a second time? Luckily for me, and maybe for him, he was. The downside for me was it was the last time I would suck him off as he started fucking one of the girls from the other school on the trip. She was as cute and sexy as Jamie was so I held her no grudges. But for now Jamie was a horny 15 year old straight schoolboy who was so horny he’d let another boy blow him him. Jamie was wearing a white tee shirt, surfer shorts, ankles socks and trainers. He was 15 years old and 5 feet 6 inch tall with a slim, shapeless but sexy teen boy body. He had a stunningly cute face which was pale and dusted with light brown freckles. He had dreamy light brown eyes, a cute nose and pale pink lips. The only reason Jamie was a virgin, although not for long, was because he went to a boys only school. He had pale slender arms with his forearms lightly dusted with light brown hairs and freckles. His pale lower legs were subtly escort kocaeli shaped and lightly dusted with light brown hairs. It was a shame I never got to see Jamie naked and kiss, lick and caress every inch of his teen boy body but at least I got to see the important bits which were his stunningly cute face and sexy cock. He had average sized balls for a mid-teenage boy encased in a pale tight sack lightly dusted with light brown pubes. He had an averagely thick, for a boy his age, 5 inch uncut cock. He had milky white skin but his cock and balls had a pale pink tinge with his knob having a slightly darker pale pink tinge. He was uncut but his foreskin had peeled back to expose his helmet shaped knob which glistened with clear pre-cum. After admiring Jamie’s sexy teen boy cock I set about sucking it off. The only sex Jamie had had before that day was wanking himself off several times daily. Then I had given him his first ever blow job and now I was giving him his second. Jamie was straight so he’d closed his dreamy brown eyes to block out the fact it was a boy rather than a girl sucking him off. Although he was being blown by a boy it still felt way better than wanking himself off. My tightly clamped lush red lips wanked up and down the hot hard throbbing shaft of Jamie’s 5 inch cock. My hot wet mouth strongly sucked it and my talented tongue tickled it. My right hand fondled his cum laden teen boy balls as my left caressed his slim legs or grope his smooth skinny arse. As I deep throat sucked his hot hard cock I admired his stunningly cute schoolboy face. For about seven minutes I deep throat sucked Jamie’s cock before the warning signs he was about to cum happened. His really cute face started scrunching up and his slim body tensing and his cock throbbed harder. Then his body started to shudder and his cock pulsed as he started cumming in my strongly sucking mouth. He couldn’t help but whimper with sexual ecstasy and release as he drained the contents of his balls into another boy’s hot wet mouth. As his orgasm hit I pulled my mouth up and just sucked his ejaculating knob and lashed it with my tongue. Jamie had delicious salty sweet schoolboy spunk. He powerfully blasted out seven large ropes of tasty cum into my sucking mouth with his spunk firing off my taste buds. When Jamie’s orgasm ended I resumed deep throating him, hoping that I could make him cum twice in a row like I had done the day before. His cock remained steely hard and he made no attempt to pull it out of my cum laden mouth. His schoolboy spunk acted as extra lube but it gradually drained down my throat. His lightly pubed groin stank erotic of teen boy crotch sweat. My eyes admired the cuteness of Jamie’s face as my hands savoured caressing his slim schoolboy body. There was the kinky thrill I was sucking off a sexy virgin 15 year old schoolboy in a toilet cubicle of a backpacker’s hostel. As I’d already made Jamie cum once and he’d had his obligatory morning wank too, it took me longer to make him cum a second time. However like every teenage boy Jamie was randy and constantly horny, so much so he could cum twice in a row. The warning signs Jamie was about to cum again started. Because of that I stopped deep throating his tasty teen boy cock and just worked the top inch or so. Jamie body started shuddering and his cock pulsed as he started powerfully blasting a second load of cum into my mouth. His deliciously salty sweet schoolboy spunk fired off my taste buds. There was the kinky thrill I had made such a cute sexy schoolboy spunk in my mouth. I am such a jizz junkie that I even eat my own every time I wank. This time Jamie squirted six large ropes of tasty cum into my mouth. Whether he was totally spent or if he worried he might be missed Jamie pulled his cock out of my mouth when he’d shot the last of his load. Then without a word of thanks, but with some post orgasm guilt Jamie pulled up and did up his shorts and left, leaving me alone swilling, savouring and then swallowing his slaty sweet schoolboy spunk. Unfortunately that was the last time I sucked him off. The following day he pulled a girl from the other school on the trip. She was a virgin too and they gave each other a hand job and she licked his cum off her hand. The day after that they gave each other a blow job and she swallowed his cum and Jamie said he loved the taste of cunt juice. The day after that and they lost their cherries to each other. Jamie had to use a condom but she let him finish off and cum in her mouth. She was the same age as him and a real cutie and it would have been hot to watch them fucking but that was I sight I never got to see. Sucking Jamie off had me hyper horny and my cock was achingly hard but I didn’t wank as I wanted to remain horny for my mates. When I got back to my dorm room it was empty so I stripped naked, laid on the mattresses on the floor and read a book. My first room mate back was Will who was an open minded straight guy. He was 21 years old and a real stunner. He didn’t fancy guys but he didn’t mind fucking a fag or taking a blow job off one as a pussy substitute. He started stripping and I eagerly watched. Will had short dark brown hair which was spiked up. He had thick dark brown eyebrows above dreamy blue eyes. He had a stunningly sexy face and he could have been a twink nude model if the internet had been around back then. He had shaved that day so he had a bit of brown facial stubble which added to the sexiness of his pale flawless skin. Will had a sexy nose and lush pale pink lips which unfortunately I never got to kiss or feel wrapped around my cock. Will would fuck a fag or take a blow job off one as long as they was no gay stuff involved. He wouldn’t kiss, he certainly wouldn’t suck cock and his arse was definitely going to remain virgin. Will peeled off his tee shirt and exposed his milky white, subtly sculpted body. It was a swimmer’s build with broad shoulders, defined deltoids, slightly bulging biceps and toned forearms lightly dusted with brown hairs. There was subtle sculpting to his milky white, hairless chest studded with pale pink pointy nipples. There was a subtle washboard to his pale stomach which had a thin treasure trail of brown hairs. Will then peeled off his ankle socks and stepped out izmit yabancı escort of his shorts so that he was naked except for his dark blue briefs which hugged his sexy shapely arse perfectly. His pale legs were sexily shaped through playing sports and covered with dark brown hairs. As Will stripped down to his underwear we chatted. Back in London Will had a sexy nymphomaniac girlfriend but still she wasn’t enough, hence him using my mouth and arse to get off in occasionally. Will was a pure sex machine and constantly horny so there was no way he could go nine days without fucking girls behind his girlfriend’s back. There was no problem with that as they were in an open relationship so no doubt she was shagging guys back home. Will had pulled a 30 year old bridesmaid on a hen do. “She was a real stunner, big tits, tasty cunt and a gusher when she orgasms. A right goer too, I fucked and bred her four times.” Will proudly informed me. “Mmm so you have a tasty cock?” I asked. “You dirty fucker. Knock yourself out.” Will said as he puled the front of his blue briefs down and hooked them under his balls. As I said Will was a pure sex machine and despite having fucked a woman four times he was still horny enough to let a boy suck him off even though Will was straight. Will had a dense bush of dark brown pubes. He had average sized balls in a tight pale sack dusted with dark brown pubes. His pubes stank erotically of musky twink crotch sweat and female cunt juice. His pink tinged cock was limp but was already growing. A couple of sucks of my hot wet mouth quickly had it at its full throbbing hardness. It was averagely thick, nicely veined, circumcised and 6.5 inches in length. It was perfect for cock sucking, pussy pleasing and arse fucking. As I sucked Will’s now hard cock I could taste the cunt juice of the woman he had fucked four times. Then the saltiness of his pre-cum soon added to the delicious flavour of his tasty twink cock. Then I set about deep throat sucking Will’s hot hard, throbbing 6.5 inch cock. Will had closed his eyes so he was no doubt thinking either of his slutty girlfriend back home or the bridesmaid he had fucked four times that day, rather than face the reality that he was being sucked off by a teenage boy three years his junior. The fact Will had no interest in me didn’t bother me as sucking him off, being fucked by him or even just seeing him naked was reward enough. In fact I felt so indebted to him that he would let me suck him off or take a fuck off him as he was so stunningly sexy. He had the pale skin and cute face of a European twink porn star but the toned body of an American jock of swimmer’s build. As I greedily gobbled Will’s hot hard cock I admired the sexiness of his pale gorgeous face and sports toned upper body. My deeply tanned left hand was caressing Will’s smooth milky white stomach as my right hand fondled his average sized balls encased in their tight, lightly pubes sack. My nose drank in the erotic aroma of his twink crotch sweat and cunt juice of the bridesmaid he had fucked. My taste buds buzzed at the lingering taste of her cunt and the fresh salty sweet flavour of Will’s leaking pre-cum. The was the kinky thrill I was sucking off my second straight guy of the day. It would have been great to be fucked by Will so I could go one fuck ahead of Spencer but he was physically shagged, tipsy and practically falling asleep already so I contented myself with sucking him off. For about ten minutes I greedily and expertly sucked Will’s hot hard, throbbing 6.5 inch circumcised cock before I made him cum. His stunningly sexy face, with its jawline facial stubble started scrunching up as the pressure in his balls reached critical mass. Will’s hot hard cock started throbbing harder and then it began to powerfully pulse as it began blasting out jet after jet of deliciously salty sweet spunk into my greedily sucking mouth. Will groaned with sexual ecstasy and release as he spunked up in my mouth. Pulling my mouth up I sucked on Will’s swollen ejaculating knob as my talented tongue tickled it. My right hand continued fondling Will’s draining balls as my left hand caressed his abs which were rippling because of his orgasm. The rest of Will’s sexy sports toned body shuddered at the intensity of his orgasm. Will pumped eight large ropes of tasty twink cum into my sucking mouth and I could have happily continued but he pushed my mouth off his cock as it went hyper-sensitive once he had cum. Will pulled up the front of his blue briefs, rolled over onto his right side and started going to sleep. With a mouth full of his cum I got off Will’s bed and went to the two fuck mattresses on the floor and laid down on one of them as I swilled and savoured the delicious flavour of Will’s spunk before swallowing it. The next of my mates to come back was 32 year old straight side of bi-sexual Jake and 30 year old straight but open minded Derek. Like Will they had been shagging members of the hen party as the three of them had gone on pussy patrol together. Both white Jake and brown Derek were buff and very sexy but they were shagged and slated so had no need of my slutty schoolboy sexual services. Both of them were so fit they could easily have been fitness magazine models and I watched them strip down to their underwear. Jake just about came out on top as he had a hairy muscular chest and a sexier face but Derek won in the cock department with a thick 12 inch brown cock, although it was limp at the moment but still an impressive obvious log in his boxers. Luckily my slutty schoolboy sexual services were soon required when my next roommate returned who was gay Graham. Graham had a high hairline with short, light blond hair and matching eyebrows. He had an oval face with pale flawless skin, a classical nose, dreamy bluish grey eyes and thin reddish pink lips and pearly white teeth. It was in the transition from twink cute to young man sexy. Graham was gay and versatile, who liked to fuck younger lads but bottoming for men. Graham was the fly-half of the adult’s team, whereas I was the fly-half and captain of the junior team. Graham was five years older than I was, as he was 22 years old to my just under 17 years old. Graham had a sexy, lean fit body which was izmit eve gelen escort slightly buffer than that of a swimmer’s build. Graham’s pale, classically proportioned face alone was enough to make you want to sleep with him. On top of that he had subtly defined deltoids, lightly bulging biceps and toned pale forearms lightly dusted with light blond hairs. Graham had a milky white chest, which was naturally hairless and subtly chiselled. It was studded with two small pink pointy nipples with small halos. Graham’s stomach was as milky white as the rest of him with not an ounce of fat on it and it had subtle washboard definition. It also had no treasure trail and his bush of naturally short light blond pubes made it look like he had no pubes at all unless you were up close. From those pubes jutted out Graham’s wonky but sexy 6.5 inch cock. There was a kink to the middle of Graham’s cock which made it look like a squiggle. His cock was slightly thicker than average and nicely veined. It had a slight pink tinge compared to the rest of his milky white body. Unusually for a British guy Graham was circumcised but at least the scar was small and neat below the crown of his pink tinged knob. Graham had average sized balls in a tight pale, pink tinged sack dusted with light blond pubes. To finish off Graham had milky white, subtly sculpted legs dusted with light blond hairs. As my eyes feasted themselves on Graham stripping naked we filled each other in on our day. Whereas Will, Jake and Derek had gone on pussy patrol together, gay Graham and Johnny and my bi-sexual rugby coach had gone cruising for cock. They had lucked out at the gay bars they had frequented but had gone to a gay sauna where they had pulled. Graham had bitch boy bottomed for two older men so he was horny and in top mode. Graham was versatile who liked to fuck younger lads but bottom for men. Therefore he was happy to find a naked slutty 16 year old schoolboy in his dorm room. “Fancy a fuck?” Graham asked as he stripped naked. “Is the Pope catholic?” I joked as I pulled my sports toned, deeply tanned legs dusted with golden hairs into my chest and out to the sides offering up my cum laden arse to Graham to ravish. “Going to beat you Spencer.” I silently thought to myself as I prepared to take my tenth fuck of the day and surpass Spencer’s nine. Gorgeous Graham got into the push up position above me and steered his hot hard cock into my cum laden arse. First there was the delightful sting in my sex swollen sphincter when the exposed ridge of Graham’s swollen circumcised knob popped past it. That was maintained as the slightly thicker than average shaft of Graham’s 6.5 inch veiny cock shaft sank in ball deep. His swollen knob punched open the walls of my pleasantly sore arse and made the nine loads of cum already up there bubble. My arse savoured the heat and throbbing pulse of Graham’s cock buried ball deep in it. Graham then started fucking me fast and hard. We both began to loudly moan with sexual pleasure, regardless of our dorm room mates already there. It goes to show how physically drained and sexually slatted my other three room mates were as they were fast asleep with the dorm room lit up and the sounds of a 22 year old guy fucking an almost 17 year old twink. Apart from that kinky thrill I admired the stunning sexiness of Graham’s milky white face. It was starting to flush slightly pink from the vigour of the fuck he was giving me. It was topped with short light blond hair with a high hairline. He had dreamy bluish grey eyes, an angular classical nose and pink lips. My deeply tanned hands savoured caressing and groping Graham’s hairless, milky white, subtly sculpted chest. My pert upturned buttocks took a great spanking off Graham’s rapidly thrusting groin. The walls of my cum laden, tight teen boy arse ached with hard fucked pleasure as it took its tenth fuck of the day. My sex swollen sphincter burned with pleasurable friction as the slightly thicker than average, nicely veined shaft of Graham’s cock shaft rapidly sawed back and forth against it. Graham was hyper-horny as he had been fucked by two fit furry men at the gay sauna, one 35 years old and the other 40 years old but still fit and sexy. Now he was venting his horniness on my tight teen boy arse. Graham fucked me for just under twenty minutes before he was ready to breed my batty boy cunt. He continued to fuck me fast and hard as his orgasm hit. Graham began to loudly moan as he began spunking up in my already cum laden arse which was taking its tenth load of the day. My well trained arse muscles continued to milk Graham’s rapidly thrusting, orgasming cock. My highly receptive arse felt each and everyone of the eight large ropes of cum Graham fired into it. Although I was just shy of turning 17 years old I was such a cock whore and I was more than happy to be breed by so sexy Graham. When Graham’s intense and copious orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap and I continued to milk his throbbing cock with my well trained arse muscles. Graham’s hot hard cock continued to throb and pulse in my slutty schoolboy arse even though his balls had run dry. Sexuality slatted Graham got off me and went to his bed to sleep. As for me I rolled into the recovery position and savoured my hard fucked high with my tight teen boy arse full of cum. In a daze I was awoken a while later when I felt my 28 year rugby coach forcing his really thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my arse cum laden arse and started fucking it. This was my eleventh fuck of the day and I took it very willingly. John was so fucking hot and he was fucking me hotly. Check out the porn star John Magnum and you will get an idea of how buff, fit and furry my rugby coach was and he was currently buggering me bareback with his really thick 9 inch circumcised cock. John fucked me long and hard before breeding my arse. John then pulled his cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt before rolling over and falling into a deep sleep. As for me I savoured the hard fucked burn in my slutty, sloppy schoolboy arse and fell into my own contented sleep. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquillium under prolific authors

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