Subject: Baldwin Redux 10 Baldwin Redux 10: The Final Chapter May 2022 The finale of this series is dedicated to the memory of Robert Prion (1952-2022), former co-worker, friend and producer/director/writer/editor/cinematographer of countless independent erotic films. Rest in Peace, boy from New Jersey. You will never be forgotten. As always, the following is a work of erotic fiction depicting graphic sexual situations between consenting individuals. It is meant to be enjoyed by a mature audience. Any similarity between these characters and an actual living (or dead) person, while certainly titillating, is entirely coincidental. And now, for one last time …. From the start it was inevitable that the Baldwin enterprise would come to an end, although family patriarch Miles didn’t expect it to be in a screeching halt. A tip about the impending raid came from a regular guest at the “parties,” an informant within the organization on the morning of the next gathering. The family and live-in handyman Jedediah spent hours reaching out to their list of known “clients” canceling the evening’s festivities and placing future events on hold. By the time the Feds arrived at the estate late that very evening they found less than twenty adult men engaged in a sporting event playing on the wide screen while enjoying cocktails and pizza. None of the high school and college aged teens, including the Baldwin boys, was present. They were in Trey’s dorm fucking up a storm. Although the raid had been foiled Miles thought it best not to tempt fate and, lucrative as they were, aborted any future festivities. Without income from the merriment to offset the costs of the estate he reluctantly placed it on the market. Selling was swift. He accepted an offer of 2.5 mil. The manse must be vacated by the end of the month. Until Miles modified his life’s plan he and the boys would be lodging in a three bedroom furnished house he’d rented on a month-to-month basis. Brother Brian, his son Royce and Jed were, unfortunately, left to fend for themselves. The weekend prior to the final, fateful day the Baldwin mansion was opened to the public for a mass “moving sale.” Several pieces were placed in storage, a few made it to the new place but, in general, everything had to go. Neighbors and others driven by the advertisement placed in the local newspaper called. Miles, his sons, Jed and Brian bartered with the continual flow of curiosity seekers over pre-determined prices. By the end of day they had done quite well. Whatever was left behind would be picked up by the donations people during the coming week. The following days were quite busy. Between packing up and moving personal items to the new temporary digs and assisting buyers collecting their purchases the household was filled with activity. At early afternoon eighteen-year-old Ryan Baldwin broke away from the bustle and meandered down to the pool house. The place was hauntingly empty. His blue eyes roved around the place. A tinge of melancholy enveloped him as he thought about all that had taken place there. It was the scene of many an assignation. He vividly recalled the many times he’d been worked over by the Hispanic landscaping crew in this very place. Luis, Esteban and most especially the chubby, greasy looking Jose had taken care of that curious medical wonder up inside his ass on numerous occasions. It was a wonder the lawn ever got mowed and hedges trimmed. He flashed to the time when an all-black biker’s gang repeatedly fucked him here while the party was going on up in the main house. The swank cottage was also the location where he’d first been satisfied by his own father. And there were the numerous times with handyman, jailbird Lombardo. And others. Many, many others. All these remembrances had the resultant effect upon Ryan. The old familiar buzz was gnawing away in his asshole. No matter how much dick he took, how many times he got fucked, the relief was only for a short while. Except for a while back when he got brutally nailed by those two beastly guards in the prison. Then, and only then, had his bud been numbed, the desired effect lasting for nearly a record week! He had attempted to return to the prison for a reunion with the hugely hung officers. But Warden Brock was having none of it. After fucking Ryan in his office, dousing his boy-cunt with cum and then pissing down his throat (which spawned a new kink for the boy) Brock offered him a position at the prison. Servicing the maximum security prisoners. They were a rowdy group, most of them lifers, consumed with pent-up sexual aggression. Brock figured some of the hottest pussy they’d ever had would calm them down considerably. With Brock insuring his safety Ryan began a bi-weekly visit out to the prison getting all the bad boy cock his wicked clit could handle. An additional pay-off was an unsupervised, once-a-month “conjugal” visit with the incarcerated Lombardo. Ryan slipped a hand down the back of his athletic shorts, ran his fingers through the deep valley between his bountiful buttocks and toyed with his active hole. He couldn’t possibly reach the target area on his own. Beforehand he might have found a banana, cucumber or, if he was really lucky, a big fat zucchini in the now-absent fridge with which to massage the damnable spot. With his muscular legs planted widely apart he hunkered down a bit, a move which thrust his ass out behind him and made it easy to shove two fingers up his hole. With his back to the doorway he was unaware of unexpected company. “You must be Ryan,” came the deep voice. Gasping, Ryan jerked his head to look over his shoulder and observed the good-looking Puerto Rican leaning against the door frame with a cocky grin on his ethnic face. Already caught in the act, Ryan made no move to remove his hand from inside his shorts. “I’m Ryan,” he admitted in his masculine tone, which made the other guy’s balls tingle. “Wh-who are you?” The stranger pushed himself off the frame and casually sauntered over to the boy. “Javy. Me an’ Bardo was besties in lock-up,” he revealed. “Bardo tole me all about you. When I got myself sprung Bardo said I should look you up.” It was only partly true. Certainly Lombardo had talked about Ryan, about all the Baldwin’s, in detailing how he’d come to be in prison. Javier had countered with his own tale of dominating his baby mama’s newlywed brother Joey and the set-up which had landed him behind bars. Bardo dropped enough information during the course of his bragging which allowed Javier to eventually locate the Baldwin home. He’d never suggested that Javier seek out Ryan. In his mind, the boy was his personal possession. Absently fingering his itchy asshole Ryan took stock of the newcomer. Javier had a classically angular face with high cheek bones, offset by a full-lipped sensual mouth and strong jaw line. His smooth mocha skin was marred only by a long facial scar which ran down the surface of one cheek, piquing Ryan’s interest. The tuft of a soul patch directly under his thick, jutting lower lip and a small, short beard just under his chin replaced the pencil chin strap he sported prior to incarceration. His scalp was carefully shaved clean. A small silver hoop hung from each ear lobe and his long, thin brown fingers were adorned with matching rings. Several heavy chains, one sporting a crucifix, hung from his neck, the sides of which sported ink. His eyes were chocolate-brown, sparkling with mischief and framed by long, dark curling lashes. Roving those eyes over Ryan the blunt tip of Javier’s tongue rolled out and sexily wet his thick ‘Rican lips. Lombardo’s ravings about the boy hadn’t been exaggeration. He was the all-American, blond-haired, blue-eyed, muscular athlete you just couldn’t help wanting to turn dirty. Other than the fairer features, he was the counterpart of Javier’s former charge, Joey. That one was a hungry cock sucker with an even needier asshole. According to Bardo, this kid Ryan had a ravenous boy-pussy. Once out of lock-up Javier had to find out for himself. Although by court order he was forbidden to see Joey or any of his family there was nothing saying he couldn’t look up Lombardo’s teen whore. Javier’s heavily tendoned hand went down to the front of his jeans and squeezed his mound for Ryan’s benefit. Ryan’s eyes flared. Nodding his head to the doorway he asked, “What’s going on up in the big house?” “Moving,” Ryan managed. Javier smiled slyly. “Then it’s a good thing I came today. Anybody gonna bother us down here?” Ryan slowly shook his head from side to side, his eyes on Javier’s fingers as they worked the clasp and zipper on the front of his jeans. “Good,” the cunning ex-con replied. “Bardo tole me I should come here an’ take care of your pussy for him. Would you like that, Ryan?” As he spoke he dropped the front of his jeans and briefs under his goods. Ryan’s eyes opened wide, he whimpered and the buzz in his asshole whirred. Sprouting from a wealth of dark, tangled pubes was a huge, dark and uncut piece of man meat. Not even erect it was thick and chunky, possibly seven to eight inches, with thick blue veins haphazardly winding along its surface. Folds of glorious foreskin concealed the entire head but the piss eye still managed to wink out at Ryan. A hefty, hairy mocha-colored sac of cum filled nuts sprung out from below. Knavishly grinning, Javier spoke low and seductively. “You want it, white boy? Lombardo, he tole me you like ’em big and bad. Whyn’t you see how big you can make it?” On unsteady feet Ryan stepped up to the crafty Puerto Rican. His mouth was dry and his heart was pounding as he reached out to take hold of the stunning tube of meat. Wrapping his fist around he weighed it in the palm of his hand, aroused by the incredible warmth emanating from it. Almost instantly it began to fill out. Ryan’s fingers explored from the powerful base to the smooth tissue covering the crown, watching with wondrous eyes as it grew. He worked two fingers into the folds of skin, peeling it back to expose the magnificent head. The cock kept growing like some forbidden inflatable toy until it reached its full ten solid inches. There it pulsed, thickly heavy, in Ryan’s sweaty hand. Javier stripped off his shirt and casually tossed it aside. Still handling the weighty shaft Ryan’s other hand moved over the sloped pectorals crowning the darker skinned chest, rubbed his wide brown, pebbly nubs and admired his corded biceps. Javy’s body was still lean and cut as prior to lock-up, but he’d heaped on more muscle from workouts in the prison yard. Ink decorated both arms, his neck and chest, down one side and across his ultra-tight abdomen. Tribal bands mixed with impressive art and cheaper jailhouse tatts. In total Javier was the image of a bad boy. Just what Ryan liked. And always needed. Taking hold of the jock under his muscular hamstrings Javier hoisted Ryan onto the tiled counter separating kitchen from the rest of the area. Ryan deftly slipped off his shorts while Javy hastily stripped down and lifted himself onto the sparkling surface. Resting back on elbows and, lustily watching the tattooed Puerto Rican’s advance, Ryan lifted his husky limbs and offered up his jock hole. Javier sucked in his fat lower lip and shook his head in wonder as he appraised Ryan’s goods. The strapping teen’s deep split was practically bald. Javier brought his fingers to the pulsing pucker and found it to be as smooth as it appeared. The index bearing a “K”, completing the word “FUCK” as tattooed across his digits, slipped through the grasping lips. Javier found it to be warm, moist and satiny inside. His dick throbbed and emitted a drool of pre-cum. “You want Javy to fuck you?” he asked, although he already knew the answer. Ryan’s hungry, puffy boy labia fluttered around the Latino’s exploratory finger in response. “Javy gonna fuck you harder than Bardo ever did.” Javier had taken his share of jail house ass during incarceration but there was nothing like having that coveted fresh, pure stuff he could get on the outside. Javy’s unconscionable dick didn’t much care if it was pussy or ass, just as long as the fucking met his expectations. From all Bardo’s ravings this good-looking, all-American blond sports jock possessed the goods. Fisting foreskin back from the wet crown Javier pressed himself against Ryan’s twitching ass lips and sunk in. Ryan moaned long and low as, inch by inch, the fat cock impaled him. Javier steadily pushed deep, filling the handsome teen’s guts, until he bottomed out in the wet, warm hole. They both sighed huskily when Javy achieved complete penetration. The hefty piece had broken through Ryan’s inner sphincter, made contact with his freakish boy-clit, raked over and now lay heavily upon it, one thick corded vein pulsing directly on the sensitive button. Javier’s eyes rolled heavenward and he chewed his bottom lip. This kid’s hole was the eighth wonder of the fucking world! It was like nothing he had experienced before. Like most ass it held a tight grip on his dick but it was so warm, wet and soft like a bitch’s pussy. The heated glove surrounded and hugged his manhood from all directions, its ridged texture wreaking havoc on his sensitive member. Javier felt like he’d dipped into a well-oiled, skin-tight cavern. Nicely snug it acted as an entity unto itself, maddeningly massaging him in its humid sheath. A curious bud deep up there and just under his main vein throbbed like a rapidly beating heart. Just resting inside this young man was enough to make a horny man cum. Javy pulled back and then started moving himself in and out of Ryan’s smooth and supple buttocks. The full length of his big uncut dick slipped through the boy’s plush, velveteen fuck glove with each increasing stroke. Javier was taking his time, thoroughly enjoying the magnificent sensations the hunky teen’s hole was bringing to his prize member. Down deep it felt as though Ryan’s insides were sucking on his cock head. When he nearly withdrew some miraculous suction was reaching out to pull him back in. Slick, warm anal tissue enveloped him, clamping down on his working manhood when deep-rooted, seemingly wanting to hold him there. There was that inner vibration again, humming against the underbelly of his buried piece. Javy wasn’t sure exactly who was fucking who. He thoroughly understood Lombardo’s obsession. Breaking the trance Javier positioned himself on all fours over Ryan’s muscular form. With heavily tattooed arms in push up position to either side he proceeded to slot fuck the alluring asshole hard and deep. His tight butt cheeks rose and fell, clenched and unclenched, as he pounded the hole. Ryan kept his boy-cunt tight as possible, fully aware of the pleasure it brought them both. His entire body shuddered every time the strong dick tore over his damnable clit button. Javier had a crazed look in his dark eyes. He railed into the boy as if he’d lost his mind. His dangling crucifix skittered across Ryan’s chest, striking against his erect tit buds and making the boy whimper. Ryan’s head tossed from side to side. He grasped Javier’s inked biceps; his fingers dug into the muscular flesh. Javier growled. Sweat trickled from his brow and down the groove of his back. His big balls slapped heavily against Ryan’s upturned ass, closer and closer to spilling their jizz into his hot hole. He felt the boy tense. Instinctively fucking only against that curious knob up inside he observed Ryan buck and rail as he approached release. The kid reacted as if Javier’s beef stick had morphed into an electric prod up his ass when he came. He huskily shouted out as cum spit from his hard dick, forcefully slapping against Javier’s abdomen. His fists beat against the Puerto Rican’s chest. His normal calm blue eyes went wild. His entire body rose and fell and his spasming bussy had Javy’s dick in such a vise-like grip the ex-con was almost fearful he’d yank it clear off and devour it. The pounding of the lump inside against Javier’s trapped dick matched the erratic beat of the man’s pulse. Clenching his teeth he threw back his head as powerful jets of copious cum erupted from his cock and drenched Ryan’s asshole. Javier hosed down the teen dream’s burning button with a heavy load of man cream. With dots of light flashing before his eyes he felt as though his entire essence was being drained through his pisshole. He’d never cum like this before! Javier fell over on his back beside Ryan. They both lay there panting for a short while. Their equally strong chests rose and fell. Eventually Jav turned his face to look at the boy; Ryan, also. Unbridled lust still burned in their eyes. Swallowing hard Javier managed huskily, “Javy ain’t done with you yet, Papi.” In the bowels of the mansion handyman ex-con Jedediah made final inspection. He could easily have lived many years on the price Miles got for the jalopies once stored in the garage. All those bottles which had filled the racks in the wine cellar, most of rare vintage, also brought a sweet price. What wasn’t purchased from the work and storage areas, private guest room and gymnasium had moments ago been loaded onto one of the two donation trucks parked in the back lot. A quick sweep, a run of the vacuum, and the ground floor would be in tip-top shape for the new owner. Scrunching down on his heels Jed reminisced about this place. It had been his home when he first arrived on the Baldwin estate. He’d scoffed more than one bottle of fine wine, sampling it in his quarters. That was before the lady of the house took a powder and he graduated to the upper floors. The past few months his former room had been inhabited by Miles’ nephew, Royce. Jed had a good time here. He was sorry to see it all end. Although initially isolated from the rest of the household by location he was rarely alone. The padding of feet coming down the carpeted stairway, across the hall and into his room always brought a smile to Jed’s face. And a stirring in his briefs. Ryan was his insatiable bed mate just as he had been for the previous handyman, Lombardo. High school quarterback by day, cock hound by night, the boy was a true wonder. He spent more nights in the guest room under, atop and alongside Jed than in his own bed upstairs. There was something almost desperate in the way he needed to be fucked. Jed could never quite figure it out. Not that he cared. The kid had the hottest ass ole hillbilly Jed ever had the pleasure of fucking. Then along came the new kid, Royce. That one was a real hand full. Jed had his number from the moment the ruffian walked through the front door. Not even a full half hour later he was plugging him right down here in his room. Royce was a surly eighteen-year-old fuck with a whole hell of a lot of attitude. Taming him was a welcome challenge for Jed. So far he hadn’t fully succeeded. Wild things often stayed unbroken. If he was totally honest with himself Jed kind of liked it that way. Fucking the boy was always a thrill. The clearing of a throat brought Jed out of his reverie. Directing his attention to the threshold he observed Royce leaning against the molding with that ever-present cocky look on his angular features. The kid was tall and trim with dark hair shorn close to his scalp, a smooth unblemished face with prominent cheekbones, long curling lashes around his expressive brown eyes and thin, deeply pink glossy lips. He had multiple piercings: eyebrow, nose and tongue and gaping gauges in his ear lobes. “What the fuck you doing?” he snarled. Just the deep resonance of his voice was enough to make Jedediah’s cock stir. “I’m all done here,” he smiled sexily up at the boy. “Wasn’t you s’posed to be tending to the kitchen and dining area?” Royce rolled his eyes and spat. “Everything’s gone. It ain’t my fuckin’ house anyways. Why should I give a shit?” Jed shrugged. “We’s all chippin’ in, is all.” Changing gears, “You goin’ with your daddy or you still plannin’ to run off on your own?” Last time they’d fucked Royce expressed distaste at Brian’s plan for a long, destination-less road trip with his recently discovered son. “What the fuck else am I gonna do?” the boy replied testily. “I have no cash.” “Well,” Jed looked up at him sheepishly. “You could come with me, ya know.” It was an idea he’d been kicking around for some time. Royce scoffed. “Back to your people in the hills of Kin-tucky? What the fuck is there for me?” Jed gave him a sly smile. “I got me three brothers, a pappy and a gran-pappy.” “Fuckin’ hillbillies,” Royce snorted. Then, interestedly, “Are they anything like you?” “Just. Like. Me.” Royce smiled cockily and nodded at him, “How ’bout showin’ me what I’d be gettin’ myself into.” Motioning with his hand Jed grinned widely. “Well, git on over here, boy.” Royce casually crossed the expanse of the former gymnasium, stripping himself bare along the way. Jed licked his chops as he took stock of the kid’s lithe form being revealed. He was naturally depilated, his body devoid of hair except for a very light dusting on his legs, making him appear younger than he already was and filling Jed’s particular fetish. His lustrous teen dick, though, was all man, rising up to near eight inches from a bald groin. Oh, the good times his kin and the hill people could have with this rowdy young’n! Royce planted his bare foot on the center of Jed’s solid chest and shoved him off balance. Jed went down on his back. Raising his upper body on elbows with legs sprawled out before him he succumbed to the boy. Royce ripped and yanked Jed’s clothing off as if their lives depended upon it. Buttons popped from the flannel shirt, yellowed wife beater ripped to shreds, faded raggedy jeans were tossed over his shoulder and briefs followed. Hot wet sex sprang into view and was quickly devoured by Royce. Over the past few months Royce had become quite familiar with the backwoods hillbilly ex-con. Growing up in a low-rent trailer park he was well acquainted with the type. In fact, the Kentuckian was an upgrade from most of the trash he’d dallied with there. Jedediah was a ruggedly good-looking dude. His thick medium-to-long dirty blond hair, parted dead center, matched the ever-present days growth of sexy stubble on his attractive face. He was missing one molar and a front tooth was badly chipped, but somehow these imperfections added to his allure. His stripped body was altogether manly: arms strong and well-muscled, chest solid and compact with beefy mounded man-tits coated by swirls of dark hair. His cock was a nine inch beauty rising majestically from a mass of manly crotch hair, capped with a nicely shaped knob. And the set of fat balls between his legs were heavy with Royce’s favorite cocktail. Royce scooped up the hairy sac while he voraciously sucked Jed’s meat and roughly fondled. The wrinkly cumbag filled the palm of his hand and, boy, was it heavy! As if juicing a lemon he roughly squeezed each orb separately, then together. Jed’s nuts tightened with carnal excitement. He reveled in having a young’n man-handle him. Fanning his thick, strong fingers over the kid’s skull he directed him downward. “Suck them fuckin’ nuts,” he commanded. Royce went after the sac like it was a succulent appetizer. While fisting the big, wet cock with one hand he got right up into the wedge of Jed’s thighs and hungrily licked all over the musty pouch. Taking one nut into his mouth he savagely suckled as if attempting to extract it from the bag. Then he added its mate. With most of Jed’s package in his maw he feasted on it in the wet heat of his mouth until he had the man squirming and groaning. When he felt the wetness of Jed’s pre-cum on his stroking fist he spat out the nads, voraciously lapped up the goo and went down on the beef. Royce took the entire length into his throat and massaged it with a tight grip. istanbul travesti Royce had much practice at managing a big cock. Those pigs at the trailer park might have reeked of beer and cigarettes and had guts so big they rested on the top of his head but more than a few were hung like stallions. With his nose burrowed in Jed’s fragrant bush he sucked deeply for as long as he could before he just had to come up. With his mouth hanging open and leaking he looked across at Jed, whose eyes were glazed with lust. Grasping the thick, throbbing shaft he slovenly licked around the head and targeted the bundle of nerves gathered on the underside. The studly hillbilly groaned again and his head rolled back on his broad shoulders. Royce spread his jaws and took the cock down his throat again. This time he didn’t pause, instead quickly coming up, then down again. He savagely smashed his face into Jed’s hairy pelvis time and again, making his mouth a wanton fuck hole. With both calloused hands Jed grabbed him by the head again and guided him up and down the pole. He began thrusting his hips up against the boy, meeting him halfway as he impaled himself on the big, randy dick. Occasionally Royce hesitated and allowed Jed to take control. Jed showed no mercy as he rammed his man meat down Royce’s throat. And Royce wanted none. After furiously bobbing up and down for a short while longer Royce figured Jed was more than ready. Releasing the cock from his mouth and tightly pumping it with his hand he ordered, “Fuck me, you ignorant hick!” With a savage growl Jed was up in matter of seconds, carelessly throwing Royce over onto his back, ripping his legs apart and shoving them nearly parallel to his sides. With the boy splayed wide open he climbed onto the saddle and, without a how-do-ya-do, rammed himself deep into his guts. Royce howled and slammed his fists against Jed’s chest. Jed responded by thrusting once more, sending every bit of his nine fat inches into the grasping hole. “Fucker!” Royce howled and spat at him. Backhanding the teen across one side of his face Jed commenced pounding his ass. It was exactly the way they both liked it: down and dirty, rough and raunchy. Jed ferociously drove his cock in and out of the boy’s hot hole, making him grunt with each strike. Royce smacked his palms to Jed’s pecs and harshly squeezed the hairy mounds. His fingers cruelly worked the meaty nubs, the savage squashing and yanking bringing a low growl from the ex-con. He thrust into the cunt even more violently, burying his beef to the balls with each gut-wrenching shove. Royce just goaded him on, shouting all sort of insults and obscenities. It was little wonder their lusty mating was overheard in the upper levels of the big house. Jed’s powerful hips swiftly shot forward, aggressively banging into the depraved teen. He fucked with lusty enthusiasm, determined to break this unruly colt. Royce took all he had to give. His hot asshole clutched at the battering ram, compelling it to break through those slick, moist membranes with brute force. His own dick was steely hard, pulsing each time Jed struck deep and oozed a steady flow of pre-cum. Jed’s entire form was coated with a glistening sheen of perspiration resulting from his exertion. It trickled down his back and through the crack of his ass as it rose and fell in a blinding whir. Such was the sight which befell Brian Baldwin as he followed the sounds of commotion and walked into the expansive area. By now quite familiar with his errant son’s vulgar mouth he knew full well who was lying under the brutish barbarian. As the boy’s father he supposed he should be outraged. Truth of the matter was that he had never known his own son. Hadn’t seen him since he was a baby. Until he got the call that the kid’s mama had died. For once in his life he’d done the dutiful thing, picked the boy up and taken responsibility for him. But all these months later they remained virtual strangers. Royce was now eighteen; it was too late to make up for lost time. Jedediah was fucking Royce hard, really hard. The kid was cursing and calling him all sorts of names, some of which Brian had never heard before. By now Brian knew it was a ploy to entice the man onward. The seed of his loins was a deviant ruffian. Cripes, when they first arrived at the estate they hadn’t been in the house ten minutes and he was fucking with this hillbilly. Even Brian’s brother, Royce’s uncle Miles, fucked him. Right under Brian’s clueless nose. He was giving his ass to all comers at the house parties. The young man was totally unmanageable. Brian was suddenly startled to realize that all this time he’d been standing there silently observing he’d been groping the growing lump at his crotch. Backing away he managed to get caught up in his own feet and went down with an audible grunt. It was enough to alert Jed to another presence in the room. Throwing back his longish hair he looked over his shoulder and saw Brian attempting to right himself. With a sly smile he said, for Royce’s benefit, “Looks like we got us some comp’ny, boy.” With his “aw shucks” eyebrows raised Brian rose to his feet and nervously brushed himself off. Jed slowed his fucking to a more neutral pace. Grinning salaciously he said, “Whyn’t you come on over and get you some of this?” Brian blanched. “What? He’s my—-no, I couldn’t.” Jed’s nodded to the protrusion puffing out the front of Brian’s pants. “That hard-on there is tellin’ another story.” By now Royce had come up on his elbows, craned his neck to look around Jedediah and saw the intruder. “Oh, hell, no! That ignorant fuck isn’t putting his dick into me!” Brian’s fists automatically clenched and his face crimsoned. “Fuckin’ asshole probably has a peanut there anyways,” Royce went on. It was all a bluff. He’d secretly eyed his father’s cock at a few of the parties. If nothing else, he’d inherited at least that much from the man. “Look at the dumbass standing there like a deer in fuckin’ headlights. Prob’ly the only time he ever got a piece was when he spit me out.” Jedediah chuckled. Brian fumed. He’d had just about enough of this ingrate’s mouth. Clenching his jaw he whipped his shirt off over his head, yanked down his pants while kicking off his shoes and shed himself of boxer briefs. Thoroughly disrobed Brian struck a studly image worthy of the Baldwin name. Not fair haired like the others, his was of a tousled chestnut shade but the eyes were as blue as his brother’s. A lifetime of hard physical labor showed in his solid body. Broad shouldered, his biceps were thick as tree trunks, lumberjack forearms strong and chest proud with a dusting of dark hair coating beefy pecs. A swirl of body hair traveled down from his sternum, over the slight outward swell of his hard belly and fanned out around his deeply indented navel. Legs were hairy and thick with bunched calves and chunky toes. And the cock was arguably the best of the Baldwin bunch, a real manly beauty thicker than the rest with a nicely sized, flared head. Jed smiled excitedly when he detected the fury in the other man. It appeared wild boy Royce had mouthed off once too often. Jed extricated himself from the kid’s swampy hole and rolled off, giving Royce an unobstructed view of his fuming father. For a moment the brat was silent, his eyes taking in all that was Brian Baldwin. He recognized the anger and it excited him even more. “Stay away from me, motherfucker! Fuckin’ piece of shit, lookin’ to fuck your own son!” It was all a gambit, calculated to edge Brian on. He made a show of struggling to escape but Jed had knelt behind him, big dick rising up over one shoulder as he grasped both of Royce’s limbs and held them wide open for Brian’s benefit. Brian dropped down, spat onto his heavy cock and smeared it around. For a moment he appeared to have second thoughts. But Royce took care of that. “Fuck you! Lame-brained worthless pussy like my mama said you were! Get the fuck offa me, bitch!” Brian growled, actually growled like a bear on attack, grabbed his cock around it thick, hairy base, brought it to Royce’s squirming hole and shoved inside. Royce tensed, then roared and forcefully pounded his fists up against Brian’s hairy chest. Snarling, Brian grabbed his wrists, forced them down alongside his head and held them there. Between father and ex-con restraining him, the flailing kid had nowhere to go. Even if he really wanted to. Which he didn’t. Brian fucked ass like a man possessed. His cock soared through Royce’s bowels, causing the belligerent teen to wail with delight. Dad could fuck, after all! A litany of insults continued to spew from the boy’s vulgar mouth, inciting Brian’s fuck fury. The harder he plowed the brawler’s butt, the more animated Royce became. “Dad-fuck! Sick perv! Shovin’ that filthy dick in your baby boy!” Jed chuckled. He’d fucked this one enough times to know what he was up to. For all his brawn, Brian was a bit dim-witted and being driven by indignation. He didn’t realize he was giving this whore exactly what he wanted. “Mommy, Mommy, Daddy’s fucking my little pussy!” Royce fake cried in a child-like voice. That was enough for Jed, who twisted the kid’s head to one side and stuffed his cock head into his mouth. Royce immediately began hoovering all over it. Jed leaned back his head, closed his eyes and sucked his lips in libidinous ecstasy. The sloppy sounds of Royce’s high speed sucking of the sensitive crown bounced off the walls of the empty room. Royce roughly sucked, chewed and ate the big ripe knob to Jedediah’s absolute pleasure. He chomped down on it and scraped with his teeth. Jed always had a hankering for a boy who got tough with his prick. But just to show who was in charge he landed a big hand on the rascal’s throat and squeezed out a warning. From the moment he first laid eyes on him Royce knew Jed was his type of stud: a hard-bodied, low-rent bruiser who put all that wife beater wearing tattooed trash at the trailer park to shame. Unafraid to rough him up a little, Jed gave back everything that Royce doled out. Sex with him was the ultimate adventure. Jed did things to him unlike anything the others had. Their perverse libido was equally matched. This man Brian, his supposed father, was a fucking idiot far as Royce was concerned. Probably got dropped on his head when he was an infant. Or took too much acid in his youth. He had that perpetual deer-in-headlights look. Dumb as fuck. If it hadn’t been for Jed and the fuck parties Royce would have split the night they arrived. He had no intention of going on a road trip with Brian now that the Baldwin homestead was vacated. At the first stop he’d hook up with some horny trucker and put distance between himself and the Dad he never knew. But this Brian giving him a good hard fucking with a real nice piece of man-meat was something else, indeed. Daddy was pounding his ass with such incredible force that Royce was feeling it clear up to his scalp. Out of the corner of one eye he observed Brian. With his handsome face set in a grimace, teeth gnashing and veins bulging at his temples he looked like a crazed man. Why couldn’t this have been the father that collected him all those months ago and brought him to this place? Royce was so aroused he found himself arching his ass up to meet each of Brian’s sledgehammer-like thrusts. Their lower extremities crashed against each other, the slapping of wet flesh reverberating off the barren walls. Royce yelped gleefully around Jed’s cock, which had slipped into the wet confines of his throat. Cripes, he was really loving this fucking! So close they were nearly chest to chest, Jed hooked an arm around the back of Brian’s neck and spoke into his ear. “You wanna really teach this uppity young’n a lesson?” Panting like a sprinter on a race track Brian lost not a beat as he hard-fucked Royce’s quaking hole. “Fuck, yeah!” he managed breathlessly. Slapping him on the back Jed smiled mischievously, “Give your dick a l’il break afore you bust your nut and follow my lead.” Almost reluctantly Brian pulled out, his big angry cock dripping wet and pulsing wickedly. “What the fuck?” Royce exclaimed once deprived of both cocks. Before he could mouth any more objections Jed took him in hands, threw himself onto his back and pulled Royce atop. With the wild child facing him he reached down, spread Royce’s ass cakes and shoved his meat into the teen. Royce quickly got into the groove, slamming his butt down against Jed as the ex-con thrust up into him. Jed’s hands wrapped around Royce’s trim body as he humped his unruly ass. With his heart still beating madly in his chest Brian watched the pillaging of his son, stunned when he observed Jed beckoning him forward. Not quite understanding he remained there on his knees, a quizzical look on his heavily perspiring face. Damn if’n that one wasn’t dumber’n a box of hair, Jed thought. Makes my dim-witted hillbilly brothers, all three of ’em, look like rocket scientists. “You wanna really fix his wagon, then climb on aboard,” Jed exclaimed. “Fuck no!” Royce chimed in. “Not two dicks in my little ass at the same time! No, Daddy, no!” Jed chuckled. The kid really knew how to bait a man. He wanted these two dicks up his hole as much as Brian wanted to give it to him. Just a few nights ago Jed and Miles teamed up on the young upstart right down here in the guest room. He was a-cursin’ and a-yelllin’ so much they had to shove a pair of undies in his mouth. They both knew he was joshin’; at the previous fuck-party he’d committing the seemingly impossibly feat of simultaneously taking three big dicks up his widely stretched pussy amid a of throng of cheering, masturbating spectators. Swallowing hard, Brian dropped down between Jed’s outstretched legs directly behind his son. His tongue nervously skittered over his lips as he watched Jed’s big cock disappear up Royce’s hole, then glide out. Fisting his big meat he contemplated his next move. Fur cripe’s sake, I gotta draw this one a picture, Jed mused. “When he comes up offa me and you can jus’ see the head of my dick put yers atop mine and shove it right on in.” “Dumbass Daddy don’t even know how to fuck his boy,” Royce goaded. It was enough. Snarling, Brian seized the next opportunity. Pressing their cocks underbelly to underbelly he took them with both hands and felt the ultimate joy of Royce’s ass enveloping both. The boy’s head shot back and he cried out, “OOOOOMYGAAWD! FUUUUCKIN’A!!” Brian went absolutely slack-jawed. He’d never felt such incredible tightness, let alone the pulsing of another man’s rod against his own. The warm, taut bunghole squeezed both sizeable dicks, making him delirious with pleasure. This young man, Royce, wasn’t his son. Not in the true sense of the word. They’d never known each other, not really, and at eighteen, never would. The boy was a slut, a depraved cock whore. Nothing more, nothing less. Snarly thickly, Brian pressed his palms on the small of Royce’s back, fanned out his fingers to grip the flesh and proceeded with the fuck. He pulled back, gliding along the expanse of Jed’s boy-fucker, until only the mushroom shaped head rested in Royce’s wide-stretched orifice and then crudely shoved forward. The boy tossed back his head, yipping like a puppy as the strong, angry cock tore through him. “Yeah, tha’s right, boy!” Jed cheered. “You take your daddy’s cock now, ya hear? Ain’t nobody got a right to fuck your pussy more’n your daddy.” Royce’s eyes rolled heavenward. He chewed on his bottom lip and breathed heavily through his nostrils. Damn if those two big man cocks didn’t feel amazing way up there inside him. It wasn’t as though he hadn’t been double, sometimes triple, fucked before but there was something about these two that was, well, special. They were both hot and hunky men. Jedediah had aroused his lust from the beginning. But he now realized he had spent so much time resenting the stranger who was his father that he hadn’t considered what a great fuck he might be. Brian was certainly showing him now. The strong-bodied man was fucking him so hard that it made his entire body tremble with each powerful thrust. His teen cock pulsed heavily each time his father’s cock plowed him down to the base. Jed was right there below him, holding his quivering body in his brawny arms with his ultra-hard dick at rest in his overly stuffed asshole. The cocky look on his face told Royce he was enjoying this scenario. Brian was fucking like this would be his last piece of ass, ramming his angry cock alongside Jed’s in the grasping chasm. It reminded the hillbilly of the time he and his oldest brother Horace initiated their younger brother Zeke into the family’s fun with a rousing double fuck. That one didn’t walk straight for near about a week or so. But once his asshole calmed down he was rarin’ to go. It got to be a chore keepin’ all the horny mountain men off of him. They was layin’ him out in the fields or in the woods all the damn time. L’il Zeke gave as well as got, though. He could fuck like a rabbit and was equipped with the family cock with which to do it. Over Royce’s shoulder Jed had a clear view of Brian. With teeth gritted, eyes ablaze and his handsome features twisted in a grimace he looked like a man possessed. He was the Great Punisher, mercilessly fucking Royce’s ass instead of throwing him across his knee and paddling his unruly butt. Still, Jed felt he could be prodded even more. Looking into the boy’s flushed face, but his words meant for Brian’s ears, he goaded, “Don’t look as if’n you think your Daddy’s a no-account piece of crap any more. He don’t look much like the idjit moo-ron you been sayin’ he is. Don’t know what you was jawin’ ’bout when you said he couldn’t tell his dick from his asshole. Very disrespectful young’n, that’s what you be. If’n I was your Daddy….boy howdy, if I was your Daddy, I’d teach you a lesson or two.” Brian paused momentarily as Jed’s words sunk in. Easily manipulated his face flared red with anger and the tendons along his neck and temples bulged obscenely as if they were about to burst. With a roar he roughly dug his fingers into Royce’s buttocks and rammed his cock even harder into the boy’s already battered asshole. At the same time Jed began moving his meat pole in tandem with Brian’s. Simultaneously their big dicks impaled the boy’s screaming asshole. Royce threw back his head and bellowed, his voice carrying through the deserted halls of the big house. With blood pounding in his head Brian fucked with all his might. His heavy nuts slapped against Jed’s as he ravaged the wrecked hole. Grunts of exertion escaped from between his tightly clenched teeth. Sweat liberally poured down his slick, powerful body. No longer cursing and disparaging, his son was wailing and thrashing as his guts were yanked out by the twin dicks and then rammed back in. Together they were ripping the rebellious boy’s ass apart. All at once Royce’s battered body went rigid. Squeezing his eyes tightly shut, and with a long strangled cry, his teen dick erupted. Scads of warm cum burst from his dick to wash over Jed’s torso beneath him. The two beasts continued to madly thrust into him, elevating his ejaculation to absolute ecstasy. At the same time his insides went berserk on the cocks, wrenching and squeezing the life out of them. “Oh, fuck!” Jed gasped. His upper body elevated from the floor, then slammed back down as his nuts blew their load up in Royce’s boy hole. Brian’s prick continued to skid along his convulsing rod, making the ex-con’s release even more pleasurable. Jed’s warm, hefty load made the fucking even slicker for out-of-control Brian, whose defiant cock continued to bulldoze the wrecked rectum. A thoroughly commanding presence, he pulverized his son’s sloppy pussy with Herculean thrusts which had Royce’s cock leaking even after he’d cum. Suddenly his grimacing face shot skyward and, with his strong chest heaving and his entire frame trembling, Brian’s gun shot off in his unruly son’s asshole. Explosive gobs of daddy jism burst from his swollen, sensitive dickhead searing the clutching cavity and bathing Jedediah’s dick. He hitched, bucked and groaned as blast after blast pumped out of him, each wave drawing on his strength. By the time he finished flooding Royce’s fuckhole Brian was utterly drained. Pulling out he fell over on his back beside the other two and fought to recapture his breath. Royce immediately extricated himself from Jed and climbed atop him. “Fuck, Brian—I mean Daddy—why didn’t you tell me you could fuck like that?” Jed laid back and chuckled as father and son finally united. The family theater dominated the uppermost floor of the Baldwin mansion. Fully carpeted it sported several rows of comfortable, cushioned seats and a full wall of shelving which once contained a massive collection of media. That was all which now remained. All hardware, the super-wide screen, old-fashioned popcorn maker, full bar and collectible movie posters were gone. Miles Baldwin sat in the front row, dead center, with sons Trey and Lucas to each side. All the work was complete. The house was finally empty. Any belongings they kept were now in their new, smaller scale digs. They stared ahead reflectively as if the movie screen was still there and they were viewing an excessively depressing film. “I’m probably going to miss this place most of all,” Miles broke the silence. “All those times throughout the years we gathered here together as a family enjoying a film and bonding.” Trey, sunk low in his seat with his long legs thrust out before him, snickered, “I’m going to miss the living room on Saturday nights and all the fucking.” Lucas laughed. “Is that all you think about?” “With that big dick on you that’s all you should be thinking about, too,” Trey snorted good-naturedly. “You’ve both got a long life of enjoyment to be had,” their father reminded them. “Look at me. Nearly forty and I’m still sowing my seed.” “Yeah, Dad,” it was Trey. “You’re a real stud. Gave us someone to measure up to.” “Seems to me you’re doing fine on your own,” Miles replied, looking over in the eldest son’s direction. “Wasn’t that your high school Coach I saw sneaking out of the house the other morning?” “Kowalski,” Trey smiled widely. “That big oaf isn’t too good at tiptoeing, apparently.” “Who did who?” Lucas asked, perhaps hopefully. Trey had always been his idol, the one member of the family who seemed to understand him best. “Yes,” Miles sat up, interestedly. “I’d be curious to know that, too.” With a sly, cocky grin Trey sheepishly revealed, “Coach gets as well as he gives, but that night he was doing all the giving.” Miles threw an arm around his son’s shoulder and hugged him closer. “Glad to see you experimenting on new things, son. A real Baldwin all the way.” Trey briefly bristled, thinking of his rival, brother Ryan. That one was just as good looking, just as athletic and an accomplished bottom. Trey was determined to even the playing ground and match Ryan in that department as well. From the corner of his eye Trey caught Lucas groping his crotch and, with a nod of his head, made Miles aware. Smiling proudly Miles slid his hand under Lucas’ and massaged the huge mound. Daddy Miles had taken that big, beautiful cock down his throat and up his ass on more than one occasion. “The thought of your big, macho brother taking dick turns you on, doesn’t it, son?” Lucas gulped and cast a furtive glance at Trey. “I-I guess so.” Miles thought for a moment. “Seems a shame to be sitting here in our final hour reflecting on the good times when we could be making a lasting memory.” Then, his features growing stern and his voice authoritative he ordered Trey, “Get down on your hands and knees, son.” Trey appeared stunned, thought for a moment kadıköy travesti to object, but slid from the seat and got down to the floor like an obedient pup. “Over here!” Miles barked, sliding lower in the seat and spreading his thighs. Trey hand-walked the few inches over to come between those legs and looked up at his Dad. When Miles got his sex on he was nothing like the laid-back, easy-going father the boys had known most of their lives. These past few months had seen him become a much more commanding presence. Failing to break eye contact Trey was clearly aware that his father was working his zip and fishing out his cock. “Suck it!” Miles gruffly commanded. Lucas’ eyes flared interestedly as his big, handsome brother went for it. Trey flattened his tongue against the handsome hard-on and took one long lick from bottom to top. Grasping the base in one eager hand he hungrily smacked his lips and formed them around the exquisite head. Sucking on the delicious knob he worked the sensitive underside cleft and teased the slit. It was the way his Coaches liked it and so, he figured, would his father. His eldest was the one son Miles hadn’t had. For close to two years he’d been fucking Ryan. Oh, what a phenomenal pussy on that boy! He kept telling himself it was his fatherly duty to soothe that abnormality deep in Ryan’s asshole, but the truth was neither he nor any of the men who’d had the pleasure of experiencing the sports jock could get enough of him. Ever since he got a close-up look at the source of Lucas’ body shame Miles had willingly become a wanton bottom for the boy. Miles couldn’t figure when in the gene pool the studious teenager had gotten such a gigantic endowment but Lucas sported fifteen, frighteningly thick inches of boy meat. That boy could reduce the most macho of men to a mewling sissy with that amazing grotesquerie. It was all hard chunky meat, rope-like veins with a gigantic, fruit-like cap. His ball bag was more like a sack of potatoes, the spuds loaded with lusty scum. Only the boldest of men dared tangle with Lukie, although many tried. Lived to remember. And came back for more. Their adoration, and the support of Miles and Trey, helped turn a shy boy into a real stud. His only time with little Devyn was not of his own choosing. The aberrant youth had drugged and restrained him and performed all sorts of deviant atrocities upon him. Following his final depraved acts the teen was now in an institute with other boys like himself. With Trey the score card was complete. Whether by his choice or not Miles had succeeded in having the most fatherly of relationships with his four handsome sons. Trey eagerly sucked on his father’s perfect dome. Baldwin cocks, with the exception of Lucas, were practically clones. Although Trey’s had less of an arc the length and thickness were the same. It was almost like sucking his cock. But this one belonged to his father. The man who made him. The realization of who he was doing was more than enough to arouse Trey, who moaned obscenely as he hooked his lips around the meaty knob and amped up the suction. A surge of man lube washed over his tongue and he hungrily devoured it. Miles lifted his ass when Trey began tugging at the waist of his pants, assisting him in dragging them down. Trey’s hands stroked his Dad’s hard, gym-toned thighs as he serviced his leaking meat head. Miles placed his hands around the back of his son’s head and began pumping his hip hips upward, forcing more dick into the boy’s mouth pussy. Trey’s lips milked the daddy shaft as it poked in and out of his mouth. Only a few months ago he would have turned his nose up at sucking dick but now he was more than eager to oblige. Effortlessly taking his father’s cock to the back of his throat he flashed to a few days back when he had both Coach Kowalski and Schneider’s dicks in his mouth while Assistant Coach Washington fucked his asshole. If he could handle all that cock he could certainly handle his Dad. Miles looked over to Lucas and observed the lustful excitement in his eyes. At some point Lucas had released his monstrous prick and was stroking it as he watched his adored brother feast on daddy’s dick. Miles instinctively reached for the huge cock. He surely couldn’t wrap his hand around it as it was thicker than his wrist. The big thing, beautiful and frightening at the same time, throbbed against his palm. Lucas whimpered as Miles stroked the thick, throbbing shaft. Pre-cum instantly began bubbling out of the huge, deep gash. With his free hand he took Lucas by the back of the neck, brought him closer and covered the teen’s lips with his own. Slipping his tongue between the boy’s lips he worked it together with Lukie’s. The fevered boy sucked on his taster and excitedly writhed about on the seat. Breaking the fatherly kiss Miles held them practically face to face. His hot breath washed over the boy as he announced, “I bet you’d like to have your big brother suck your meat.” Lucas’ eyes widened and his breath caught in his throat. It was all Miles needed. Grabbing Trey by the hair he lifted his head from his crotch, looked him in the eye and commanded, “Suck Lucas’ cock.” Trey fearfully looked over at his baby brother’s formidable rod. Eating double Coach cock was one thing, but tackling Lucas’ king-sized weapon was quite another. Looking back to his father he saw the challenge in his striking blue eyes. Trey was an athlete who thrived on competition. Shifting over to the younger boy he yanked down his jeans such as he had done with his father’s and moved up between his widespread thighs. Trepidaciously taking the towering beast with both hands he angled it so he was looking it right in the oozing eye, unhinged his jaw and took it into his mouth. Struggling at first, he soon was able to control his breathing through his flared nostrils and began to go to work. The fruit-sized cockhead was enough to gag the best of men but Trey sucked, cooing like a baby as Lucas continued to reward him with surges of youthful precum. Trey sucked even more strongly, pressing his tongue against the few inches of brother cock and skittering it over the enormous crown. Lukie’s squirming forced more of the cock into his brother’s gaping maw until it knocked at the back of his throat. Trey knew damned well he could never swallow the entire thing. Or could he? Lucas experienced several levels of euphorhia all at once. Trey had always encouraged and supported him. It was with his big brother’s help that Lucas managed to break free from his self-imposed prison. Trey went out of his way to include Luke in activities, even when the shy boy would rather have remained locked up in his room. Trey was the one who talked him into working out in the family gym and acted as his trainer. The results were obvious. Luke was no longer the gawky, skinny kid from the past. Trey meant everything to Lucas. To have his idol worshipping him in this manner was unexpected and wondrous. His aberration, the one Trey taught him to cherish, was now being savored by his adored mentor. Lucas’ eyes never left the point of contact and when Trey looked up at him, mouth stuffed with gargantuan cock, Lucas experienced exhilaration like never before. Stroking his daddy meat Miles watched the action with lustful eyes. Not content with standing on the sidelines he rose, muscled off his clothing and stepped up behind Trey. Dropping to his knees he deftly bared Trey from the waist down and ran his hands over the boy’s athletically muscular flanks and firm, pear-shaped buttocks. Whereas Ryan has the most bodacious ass in the family, Trey’s backside was just as delectable in its own way. Miles groaned low in his throat as he enjoyed the nice smoothness of the cakes and the hint of blond down his fingers encountered on the inward slopes of the boy’s alluring cleft. While Devyn had proven to be the most difficult of his boys Trey had also displayed some aberrant behavior. It seemed to stem from his one-sided rivalry with Ryan. Miles sometimes wondered if this new Trey, a cock-sucking power bottom, was an extension of his unfounded resentment. Trey had always been a bit of a rebel, the classic rich boy with a fast car, hot babes and smug attitude but his obsession over Ryan sometimes went too far. Attitude seemed to shift after that fateful night when a liquored up Trey tackled Ryan in the gym. Tables were turned when ex-handyman Lombardo came upon the scene and took control, punishing Trey with his big cock and even coercing Ryan into fucking his brother. Much as Miles detested Bardo’s methods he secretly wished he had been able to witness that particular session. Now, with the college boy’s sweet ass vulnerable to him, Miles took possession of his formerly unclaimed territory. He kneaded the firm flesh with his fingers, spread those mouth-watering ass cakes and exposed Trey’s jock hole. Leaning in he sniffed the open crack and wolfishly growled at the scent of teen spirit. Lunging forward he buried his face in the boy’s butt, lapping first at the tempting inner slopes before zeroing in on the target. Trey squirmed excitedly and thrust his ass back against Miles. He’d been eaten out lots of times before. Enjoyed the fuck out of it. Even got Janice Wilkins, a bookworm classmate back in high school, to do it on a dare from his buddies. Kowalski was fuckin’ great at it. But knowing his father was down there munching between his quarterback glutes was mind blowing. Miles slovenly sucked on Trey’s hole and his tongue popped inside of the boy. Shoving himself inside the steamy ass he licked and lapped, swirling it around the inner walls and tasting the inner essence of his son. Trey moaned in primal ecstasy and got even more adventurous on Lucas’ monster cock, fighting through the gag reflex and swallowing as much as he could. Lucas was shifting around in his seat in a frenzy, causing his hog to unintentionally impale his brother even more. Dad was tongue fucking Trey now, punching that licker far as he could into the smoky, jock butt. At the same time he continually introduced a mouthful of saliva into the pulsing hole. Certain he’d gotten the teen sufficiently lubed Miles came up, wiping his mouth with the back of a hand, and kneed himself directly up to the wet ass. Oh, how he wanted to give it to him, this fruit of his loins he had not yet sampled. Trey reflexively wigged his jock butt, causing Miles’ daddy cock to pulse with desire. Miles pressed the leaking head to his son’s hole and ground it into him. Trey groaned around the huge cock midway down his throat as he felt his father’s meat press into him deeper and deeper until his loaded ball bag was flush against his sweaty taint. And then Daddy fucked. Miles shoved his man pole through the slick membranes of Trey’s clutching colon as if the boy was an experienced as his younger brother. Trey had learned enough from his coaches to take whatever his dad had to give. Every time the hard cock slid over his prostate he gave in to the awesome throbbing inside and shoved his ass back against it. The harder Miles fucked him, the hungrier he got for Lucas’ dick. He surprised himself by scarfing down better than half of those huge brotherly inches. Lucas affectionately ran his hands through Trey’s dark blond hair, somewhat amazed that his adored brother was actually sucking his cock. Without pause Miles commented, “We should call Ryan up here and make this a real family affair.” Trey spat out Lucas’ ramrod and looked over his shoulder at his handsome, rutting Dad. “He’s out in the pool house getting fucked by some Puerto Rican dude. I saw them from the window before.” Miles chuckled as he ground his cock around in Trey’s pussy. “That’s my boy!” Then, “Come to think of it, Daddy’s asshole is itching and needs some cock. You up for it, son?” “S-sure,” Trey sputtered. “Damn, I love my sons,” Miles exclaimed. Sliding his rod out of Trey’s hole he went belly down on the floor and gruffly ordered, “Hop on your father and ride, boy!” Trey’s baby blues widened in wonder as he observed his hunky father spread out on the carpet, big beefy ass mounds swelling invitingly upward. Giving up Lucas’ amazing boy cock Trey sidled over to the stud, laid his body atop and dry humped the crevice of his ass. Cripes, naked son flesh against naked dad flesh was almost enough to make him cum. “Fatherly advice, son,” Miles told him, “first you eat it, then you fuck it.” Avid pussy eater that he was Trey lifted himself out, slid down between Miles’ muscular legs, spread his cakes and zeroed in on the winking hole. Skipping any formalities he slithered his hot tongue between those throbbing ass lips and showed his Dad what had kept all his cheerleader girlfriends happy over the years. Trey chewed on Miles’ smooth asshole while he lapped at the inside with wild abandon. Miles’ inner muscles clutched and squeezed his son’s rapidly flicking taster. The kid was that good. Dramatically pounding his fists on the floor through clenched teeth he growled, “That’s it, son. Eat Daddy’s pussy. Fuck yeah! Dig deeper. Fuck that ass with your tongue!” Trey snorted, jammed his face even deeper between his father’s butt cheeks and slovenly tongue fucked the bigger man. It was a total mind fuck to be eating out his handsome, muscular Dad. “Give me your dick!” Miles panted. “I want your fuckin’ dick inside me, son.” Eagerly, Trey backed out and grasped Miles’ hips, shifting him back on his knees so his hot ass was invitingly propped up, one side of his face resting on his crossed forearms on the carpet. Trey got atop like a dog mounting its bitch, scissored his thighs against his father’s sides for support and angled his rigid cock to the awaiting fuck hole. Suffering a moment’s hesitation as he realized what he was about to do, fuck his father, Trey was urged on by Miles’ gravely command, “What are you waiting for? Shove your dick in there and fuck me.” When Trey’s dickhead rubbed against the wet hole Miles’ cunt reached out and snatched it up, yanking every hot hard inch inside him. Trey shuddered, mouth went agape, head fell back and his eyes cast upward to the vaulted ceiling. He truly was in his Dad! Only a short while ago he would have never considered this. He was a cocky high school jock, bedding the girls and tossing them aside. He lived for pussy. Liked to eat it, loved to fuck it. Flash forward and now look at him: sucking cock, eating ass, getting his butthole wrecked and mounting his own father. His dick felt real good in Daddy’s man cunt, smooth as velvet, warm, slick and pulsing madly around his rod. “I’m not one of your bimbo girls,” Miles snarled at him. “I’m a man. So fuck me like one.” Trey took a deep breath, let it out and began thrusting in and out. He moved slowly at first, savoring the sensations as each inch slipped into his father’s love glove and then withdrew. But soon he was taking Miles’ tight ass with hard, almost brutal shoves. The more aggressive he got, the more elated he became. From the grunts and groans he was making it appeared Miles was enjoying it, too. Trey’s nuts slapped loudly against his father’s sweaty perineum as they swung to and fro. He ran his hands along Miles’ strong, hard back and grasped him by those broad shoulders as he continued to fuck in and out of the stud. In addition to the coaches, he’d fucked a lot of older dudes since the Baldwin parties began but this, hands down, was the most exhilarating fuck he’d had. Because it was his Dad. Lucas sat there wide eyed looking down at his father and beloved brother rutting like animals before him. Using both hands he stroked his long fat meat stick in tandem with Trey’s thrusts. Grunting with each lunge Miles looked up enough to direct his attention to Lucas and barked, “Get over here, son, and fuck your brother.” Shocked by his father’s suggestion Lucas froze in a quandary. It was a breathless Trey who settled it for him. “Come on, Lukie. Fuck me with that big, beautiful dick while I’m doing Dad.” Lucas legs were shaky as he rose from the chair to move behind Trey, his gargantuan fifteen inches leading the way. From the way Trey was positioned over Miles his flexing ass was at the optimum position for a standing Luke. Luke stepped between his father’s spread calves and curiously squatted down to gaze at his brother’s smooth, firm cakes. The muscles tightened and the buttocks squeezed together when he shoved his cock into Miles. On the outstroke they parted, giving Lucas a view of the fine down lining his cleft and the winking hole. It was still wet with the licking and fucking it had already taken. Lucas rose, stepped up closer and lined his unit with the flexing target. His dick was slick with copious pre-cum and saliva. Timing Trey’s thrusts Lucas seized a moment and, just as his brother was pulling back and those glorious cheeks were parting, Lucas pressed his fat dickhead into the puckered opening to Trey’s ass. Trey froze, his prick expanded in Miles’ dad puss, and he let out a long, strangled cry. Lucas hesitated, then pressed forward and sunk his fat, ultra-thick shaft up into Trey’s ass. Trey roared again but he was moving his hips and grinding back against the phenomenal invader. Lucas giant cock sunk further and further into Trey’s ass until three quarters, about eleven inches, of meat was stuffed inside. Trey’s eyes rolled around in his head and his tongue lolled out comically. Holding Trey by the sides Lucas commenced with a brotherly fuck. He impaled his brother again and again, stopping every now and then to stir his meat around in Trey’s clasping ass. Every now and then he snuck another inch in and, boy, did Trey know it. Lucas had begun mercifully slow but soon picked up a steadier rhythm. Trey barked and moaned but made no attempt to stop the onslaught. Although it hurt like crazy he knew soon it would start to feel really good. While Lucas royally fucked him Miles was milking his buried dick with the muscles of his inner ass. All he needed was a dick in his mouth and he’d be worked over from all ends. Too bad Ryan was occupied in the pool house. And where the fuck was Uncle Brian when he could really use him? Right now he didn’t care whose dick it was. He was all sexed up and ready for anything. Only when Trey’s innards were stuffed with all fifteen inches of cock did he eventually acclimate to the burden. Soon they had developed a workable rhythm. As Lucas pulled back Trey thrust into Miles and then on his withdrawal Lucas plunged back into him. They were a towering teepee of muscular, sweat-sheened bodies rutting and moaning in delirious pleasure. Barely hearing Royce’s howls as he got dp’d in the bowels of the mansion they fucked with lusty uninhibited exuberance. With his shaft moving fast and hard through his father’s stud pussy while taking Lucas’ big boy tool up his tight teen butt it was Trey receiving double the pleasure. It felt so good burying himself to the balls in Miles’ grasping ass, knowing it was his father but fucking him like a sleazy street whore. At the same time Lucas’ gigantor was ravaging his insides, excavating previously uncharted territories and sending mild-jolting sensations through his heaving body. There were times he didn’t think he could take any more but, at the same time, didn’t want Lucas to let up. Involuntarily groaning each time the huge cock head punched into his gut Trey reveled at the way his own dick spasmed inside Miles’ succulent cunt. Miles was encouraging him with all sorts of language no father should be inflicting upon a son, making the fuck even more euphoric. Heated passion soared through the star quarterback. Sparks flared under his tightly clenched eyelids. His muscular body shuddered and trembled. He ground his teeth, unwilling to succumb to the oncoming frenzy but powerless to halt it. With Lucas’ big cock plugging away at his hole he hammered into his father one final time, threw back his head and with a hoarse cry erupted inside the man. Miles felt each frantic surge from Trey’s cock as his son seeded him with family sperm. Flexing his anal muscles he gave it a real tight squeeze to enhance the pleasure of Trey’s release. “FUCK, YEAH! SHOOT ME THAT LOAD, SON!” he shouted. Trey’s head was bobbling around on his shoulders like a rag dag, his tongue lolling out of his gaping mouth. It was the ultimate ejaculation for him, not only due to the receptacle of his load, his father, but because throughout this mind-blowing cum, his asshole had gone berserk on Lucas’ still-bludgeoning prick. Lucas was actually fucking each hot lick of cum out of him! Once-shy Lucas fucked his older brother like a true stud. Whereas for years all the others had thought of him as an oddity Trey was the one to offer him encouragement and camaraderie. It was mainly through Trey’s efforts he had blossomed into a handsome, more confident teen. Lucas naturally developed a deep affection for Trey. Now was the opportunity to show him another type of brotherly love. Trey’s spasming asshole grasped his thick plunging shaft each time he convulsed, making the pleasure almost unbearable for Lucas. Still he impaled his brother with his giant dick, forcing his way through the incredible tightness and making Trey sob deliriously. Oh, how he enjoyed loving his brother in his own special way! Trey had ceased cumming but his insides continued flexing around Lucas’ pummeling monstrosity. All at once Lucas’ leaner frame began trembling with untamed passion. His mouth went dry and his breathing became labored. With a youthful yelp he shuddered all over and blasted a tidal wave of boiling cum into his brother’s over-stuffed bowels. The hot, heavy sperm kept on coming, so much of it that Trey believed he could feel it coming up through his throat. Lucas was a true powerhouse, not only with the uncanny size of his equipment, but with the amount of jizz his balls was able to produce. And then the truly unexpected occurred. Although he’d just finished unloading, Trey was huffing and puffing and shooting again! Lucas’ big prick pulsing on his prostate had launched another, even more staggering orgasm than the last. Trey let out a long, soulful wail. His cock, his nuts, his entire groin ached from the power of this release right atop the last. All the times he’d fucked he had never been taken to this amazing level before. On the bottom of the pile-up Miles tensed his ass cheeks when he detected the oncoming of this second, unexpected surge. Then Trey was nutting again. Another wave of hot, creamy cum spurted from the head of son’s prick into his squirming guts. The miraculousness of it all was more than enough to set Daddy off. Groaning, his muscular sweat-shined body shaking like mad he thrust his ass back against Trey’s groin and shot liquid fire. Wave after wave of hot, juicy cum launched from his daddy dick and splattered in streams across the floor beneath him. Miles worked Trey’s dick with his pussy’s contractions, making the boy actually fear he’d cum a third time. When all were spent they fell upon each other in a heap, an undulating mass of sweaty limbs. Hands tenderly roamed over slick skin and lips found lips. Miles fell upon his back with each boy at his sides. His arms were under and around their shoulders, holding them close to him. The boys dreamily rested their heads against their father, reveling in the aftermath of stellar family sex. “My sons, my sons,” Miles gushed admiringly. “Daddy, daddy,” Trey countered mischievously. After several minutes of coming down from their aggressive sex session Miles broke the reflective silence. “I think we’re finished here, boys. Why don’t we collect your brother and move on to our new home?” Not even bothering to dress, they collected their strewn clothing and left the home theater for the final time. Miles, last in line, touched the lighting bakırköy travesti control and paused for a moment to look back at the enclosure. Memories flooded his mind. With a crooked smile he doused the recessed lighting and followed his sons. Javier was atop the countertop leaning back on one elbow, hairy legs raised, knees pressed nearly back to his sides while Ryan diligently ate out his asshole. His other hand was embedded in the jock’s silky blond hair, holding his face flush up against his hind quarters. Four of those fingers were tattooed, crudely spelling out the vulgarity FUCK. Fucking the boy had been as phenomenal as Lombardo described it, far better than girl-pussy. His previous toy Joey wasn’t even this good. To be truthful, with Joey it wasn’t about the quality of the fuck, it was about his one-upmanship on the young stud’s entire family. But that was another story. After this quality fuck Ryan, Javier might never go back to bitch snatch again. It was so superior that Jav wanted to go another round. Coercing the blond into eating out his nasty hole was merely the beginning of their second round. The good-looking teen ate as well as he fucked, giving it his all. Bitches never wanted to do that. Try to get a bitch to put her face up to your asshole. Most times, it wasn’t happening. This boy, he was subservient. Seems like he’d do most anything a homie told him. Was already making Javy’s cock drool again seeing such a handsome, wholesome looking white boy lodged in his funky Rican ass crack. Ryan buried his face in the Latino’s crack, sucked hard on the hole and dipped into the tart tunnel. Anything to get the guy to fuck him again. The first time had merely been an appetizer for his secret clit. The damned thing was buzzing like crazy way up inside, teased but not satisfied. One more fuck and Ryan was certain it would be appeased. At least for a little while. He worked his tongue up into the stud’s ass and washed it around, flicking the tip up under that secret place just under the balls that men really liked. Looking across the Rican’s fine body he saw him chewing his thick lips, nostrils flared and eyes glazed. If the asshole quivering around his probing tongue hadn’t been enough to convince him of his effect on Javier, this visual certainly was. The swarthy PR would be ripe for fucking in mere moments. Any man was putty in the hands of young Ryan Baldwin. Ryan’s tongue slipped out of Javy’s pulsing hole, swiped up through his tasty taint and licked underneath his hefty balls. Opening his mouth he took one nad into it and sucked, then gave the same treatment to the other. Grasping the blood engorged cock by its thick stem he held it more upright. His tongue swiped up the underbelly, encircled the throbbing head with his lips and went down on it. The shifty Puerto Rican groaned and his head rolled back on the sparkling tiled counter top. Swirling his tongue around the deep purple cock head Ryan bobbed up and down on it, taking the whole thing down to the wealth of crotch hair. He wanted the fucker so sexed up that he’d fuck like mad up his asshole and batter hell out of that damned boy-clit. Before Ryan had a chance to mount his prey the open doorway was filled with the presence of his father and two brothers. Smiling proudly, Miles slapped his boys on the shoulder and pushed them forward. “Looks like we’re not quite finished here after all,” he announced. Trey got his face right next to his Ryan’s and began licking the length of cock not consumed by his brother. They caught each other’s eye and Trey could swear Ryan smiled with that big cock embedded between his cocksucking lips. Trey’s lips moved all over the shaft while Ryan nursed on the purple head. Ryan charitably came off it and let Trey have a taste while he went back to work on Javier’s nuts. In tandem they swapped back and forth, one feasting on tasty cock while the other heated up those loaded nuts, sometimes digging even lower into the Latino’s now-sweaty ass crack. Javier was in pig heaven watching the two handsome brothers work him over. He nearly nutted prematurely when they met at the tip of his stalk, gazed into each other’s sex-glazed eyes, pressed mouths together and feverishly kissed. Miles came up behind Trey, took him by the hips and easily slid his cock up into the already well-fucked teen. Lucas followed his dad’s lead, giving all his fifteen inches to Ryan. Ryan moaned and groaned in agony and ecstasy. His brother’s ass destroyer was just what he needed. They fucked, they sucked. When Miles abandoned Trey’s hole Lucas went back and forth, fucking one brother and then the other. Miles hoisted himself onto the counter and seated himself on Javier’s straining cock. As he rode with wild abandon Trey and Ryan were lapping at his stuffed hole, Javier’s cock and balls and anything else they could get their tongues on. The action moved from the over-crowded counter to the floor where they squirmed like a nest of slithering snakes in their fuck lust. Javier felt like a super stud, being recipient of all their enthusiastic attention. He didn’t realize he was merely the vessel through which they channeled their Baldwin debauchery. Currently engrossed in fucking Trey in missionary style he was highly aroused at how these good looking, athletic white boys were so wholesome looking and yet so thoroughly licentious. This one was getting throat fucked by his Papi while Javy ravaged his wet hole. Someone was licking his bobbing crack. He didn’t know if it was the kid with glasses or the little stud who’d tasted his hole before. Whichever, that one was probably being fucked by the other. So engrossed were they in their primal male rutting that none were aware of the sedan which had pulled up in front of the mansion. They didn’t see the snooty brunette socialite, her attractive but dominated husband and their brooding teen-aged son step out of the vehicle and appraise their new home. While the couple went inside to inspect the place, the son opted instead to meander around the grounds. Tad Jamison wasn’t at all happy about the family’s relocation. All his friends were back in the big city. This squeaky clean college town wasn’t for him at all. He required excitement. This place was off the country road, nestled back behind a grove of trees and one could barely even see the neighbor’s homes to either side. Brooding, he kicked a loose stone with the toe of his expensive sneakers and meandered down the drive to the back of the house. There, behind a fancy black wrought-iron fence was the pool area. His pussy-whipped dad had told him about it, as if that was supposed to make Tad any more excited about this dreaded move. He’d already done an on-line search and located a bus stop in town that could whisk him back to the city whenever he wanted. He planned to visit a lot. Unenthusiastically he lifted the latch, opened the gate and stepped into the yard. The pool was large, with a diving board and slide. There was a tall, chimneyed fire pit and lots of neatly landscaped space. He eyed the pool house with its large, expansive windows and his interest suddenly piqued. Maybe he could convince his haughty mother to allow the pool house to be his place. His city friends could come over for a weekend and it would be like having their own private chalet. It would be easy convincing his dad, who showed great leniency, but mommy dearest was another story. Sometimes he wished she’d just go away. He wouldn’t mind being alone with his father. Daddy was a good-looking, well-built man. As Tad neared the pool house he saw that the glass paned door was standing ajar. From inside he could hear sounds. Like grunting and groaning. Curiosity getting the better of him he stepped up onto the stoop and peered inside. His mouth went dry, his big brown eyes flew wide and his trim body spotted with gooseflesh when he saw the wild orgy going on inside. Three striking teens, probably around his own age, were wildly fucking with a Hispanic dude and a totally hot older guy. From the blond hair, blue eyes and muscular bodies Tad correctly deduced that he was the father of the trio. But this Dad was getting power fucked by one son while sucking the enormously proportioned dick of another. And the third boy, a real looker, was on his fours getting rammed by the tattooed Rican. Tad unzipped, fished out his burning boy-rection and stroked as he watched them go at it. The one who had been fucking Dad was now posting on his father’s dick while the big man lay back on the floor with the big-dicked one sitting on his face. Tad could hear the sloppy, slovenly sounds as Daddy tongued his boy’s ass hole. The darker skinned Latino was lifting up the other blond beauty and positioning him in front of his bouncing brother. The one being fucked by Dad went right for his brother’s dick, swallowing it down to the root while the PR fucked him from behind. All too soon cum was flying everywhere. Down throats, up assholes and over heaving torsos. With a small cry, unfortunately unheard by the others, Tad shot his wad over the stone step. For a brief moment he considered brazenly intruding and getting himself some of that hot daddy’s dick. Almost from the moment puberty struck he’d fantasized getting fucked by his own Dad. The elder Jamison was handsome enough. And Tad had arranged things so that he’d observed his father’s nude body from time to time. Stripped bare, Daddy was a hunk. Reluctantly tearing himself away from this lucky family, he zipped up and hastened back to the main house. Perhaps living here wouldn’t be so bad after all. EPILOGUE Father and sons spent that summer in their new downsized digs. It proved to be an adjustment for all. On a lark Miles took a flight out to Vegas and spent a week carousing Sin City. During a lucrative run at the Craps table he made the acquaintance of a highly polished gentleman likewise visiting from out of town. They became friendly, dined at the best restaurants, took in shows and enjoyed the many high energy night clubs. When Miles suggested they procure the services of some of the higher end ladies of the evening Burke, his Vegas buddy, confessed to a fetish for handsome young men. Not exactly twink material, Miles nevertheless fulfilled his newfound friend’s desires that very evening. In the aftermath of satisfying sex Burke discussed the curious lack of availability in a city designed for such interests. The germ of an idea began to formulate in Miles’ entrepreneurial mind. By summer’s end, with the oldest boys lodging at their college campus, Miles and Lucas had relocated to Vegas. Miles became man about town, ingratiating himself with the right people and within a few months opened Baldwin West outside of the city proper. He snapped up an isolated Spanish style hacienda in the surrounding mountains at auction, obtained the “proper” licenses and commissioned repairs and upgrades for the place. “Talent” was procured from nearby colleges and universities, fresh young men eager to use their bodies for financial gain. Lucas, now a high school Senior, assisted in the auditioning process. Miles even brought his nomadic brother Brian on board to fill the position Jedediah had held at the house. The venture was a rousing success. Miles became a respected businessman in a town known for extravagance and decadence. He ran a clean—but licentious—-operation. Lucas was always in high demand, as were his brothers when they came out to the desert for a visit. Much discretion was shown for dignitaries, high rollers and touring celebrities or those in residence at the various arenas on the strip. Within a year Miles was, for the first time, wealthy in his own right. He remained unattached. But he never slept alone. Brian had been near the Canadian border when he got the call from his brother. He was alone and feeling dejected. His plans for traveling and bonding with his son, Royce, hadn’t panned out. Royce instead opted to take off with Jedediah. Encouraged by Miles’ offer, Brian sold his old car for cash and bought himself a ticket to Vegas. Impressed with his brother’s purchase he made suggestions for upgrades and was hands-on in implementing them. Animosity remained on the outskirts of their relationship, at least from Miles’ end, but they made a good partnership. They were a handsome pair of brothers. And Brian looked smashing in a tuxedo as he played host to the clientele. Often times the client had a change of mind about their younger “date” and requested Brian’s special services instead. Once a strict pussy man, Brian had since broadened his horizons. Although his father turned out to be a hot fuck Royce was a sleaze who preferred the company of a rogue, and ex-con Jedediah more than aptly filled the bill. He leapt at the opportunity to accompany Jed to his backwoods hometown. It proved to be a ramshackle dump nestled in bumfuck nowhere. Jed’s grizzled “Pappy” and toothless “Grand Pappy” were certainly pleased to make his acquaintance, as were the three n’er-do-well brothers. From the first they were practically chomping at the bit and drooling over him. That very first night he sampled some of their homemade moonshine and got gang fucked by the whole brood. There wasn’t a cock below nine inches amongst the lot of them. By day he assisted in fermenting their ‘shine and cultivating their field of cannabis. Hill people stopped by to make purchase, got a look at the newcomer and soon were fucking him out in meadow, woods or anywhere else their hardon’s desired. Royce verbally abused the hillbillies, even the bumpkin Sheriff who dropped by more frequently now that he resided there, which just made them want to pound him all the more. He had no room of his own in the shack. If he wasn’t bedding down with Jedediah then he was with Ezekial, Clem or Horace, the brothers. Often times with more than one of them. Sometimes with all. They were like savage animals, biting, smacking and abusing him in their uncivilized lust, which only made Royce goad them on. Fucking had never been so fabulous! Lucas remained with his father until after graduation. He continued his academics at a prestigious college in Texas. No longer socially awkward he easily made friends and became quite popular on campus. Before long he and his roommate, something of a Midwest nerd techie, became fuck buddies. Years later, with diplomas in hand, they cohabited in Austin. Putting their talents together they created a line of holograms, multi-dimensional realistic images designed for sexual pleasure. The lifelike figures moved, spoke and performed lewd acts for their owner’s gratification. Curvy, bodacious female models became a hit at bachelor’s parties and studly counterparts entertained the intended bride’s night-before celebration. The man-for-discerning-men line featured something for every taste. Most featured cocks designed from Lucas’ outstanding proportions. The pricier package contained multiple holograms, which performed astonishingly graphic sexual acts right at the foot of the buyer’s bed—or anywhere else desired. When a catamaran accident off the coast of St. Maarten claimed the lives of Delia Coolidge Baldwin and her lady lover all were stunned to discover that Lucas was named sole heir. In a private, sealed letter to her favorite boy Delia revealed that he was not the biological son of Miles. His father was a Scandinavian blue-collar worker she had dallied with when on holiday. Lucas’ questions about being the odd duckling of the Baldwin boys were finally answered. Delia’s sperm donor must have had an equally outrageous cock. After some contemplation Lucas burned the letter and never revealed its contents to Miles or anyone else. Far as he was concerned Miles was his true father. Lucas was a millionaire by the age of twenty-five. That first summer, on the lull between high school and college, Ryan took Warden Brock up on his part-time job offer. On weekdays he was out at the prison between the hours of ten and two providing a special service to select inmates. A voracious horndog himself, Brock figured letting off some cock steam might appease their sexual frustration and lower any incidence of prison rape. Brock selected each day’s candidates from among the most wound-up, aggressive types. Those serving multiple were the neediest. They were violent and non-violent offenders: drugs lords, gang leaders, rapists, aggravators of assault and even murder. The petty crime crowd ran the gamut from robbery to drug charges. None were permitted normal conjugal visitation. Ryan had hoped he would outgrow the insistent buzz that, without warning, went on in his jock butt. But it seemed the older he got the more incessant it became. He’d even inquired into having it surgically removed. Doc Schwartz strongly cautioned against it, warning that erectile dysfunction could result. He suggested that Ryan have the area massaged more often. And recommended daily office visits. When Brock, after a particularly sweaty session, made his offer Ryan saw it as the way to follow doctor’s orders. Assured of his safety, and with the promise of a once-a-week private session with former fuck mate Lombardo, Ryan went to work at the prison. During the course of four hours he had eight prisoners to satisfy. Each was allowed no longer than thirty minutes to get their rocks off. Most were intimidating. Some, downright frightening. Ryan had always had a “bad boy” fetish, although not to this extreme. Regardless, once the switch was flipped up in his bunghole Ryan climbed aboard and rode that sleazy convict to glory. A few were reluctant at first, preferring female pussy. But once they got off inside Ryan they behaved like model prisoners, anxious to impress the Warden so as to have another go at the boy. Ryan never completed college nor did he become a pro-football player. Instead he found his niche in major league baseball. Midway through his second semester he was signed with a franchise. He proved so impressive in farm club that he was swiftly moved to the playing field. The left-fielder quickly became a favorite with fans. His glove and bat were golden. He was a regular feature at all-star and homerun derby tournaments. Just this past World Series you were probably among those chewing your nails when, at the bottom of the ninth inning of the deciding game of the series, with score tied, two outs and Ryan Baldwin at bat he battled a particularly aggressive pitcher. First pitched a strike, then another followed by three called balls, Ryan was facing a full count. The pitcher wound up, Ryan took his stance and, without warning, that tingling sensation went off in his big, beautiful ass. It revved up to maximum buzz in a matter of seconds, just as the ball left the pitcher’s hand. Ryan swung, made contact and the ball soared over the center field fence. Ryan’s clit had led the team to victory and the much desired Pennant. Later in the clubhouse, stripped down to his jock and drenched in champagne, Ryan provided a special celebration for his team members, managers and owners, and some trusted and discreet members of the press. Alas, things did not go quite as planned for Trey Baldwin. A knee injury sustained in an automobile accident ended any chance of a career in pro football. After a period of moping he followed the advice of former high school coach Kowalski, changed his major and ultimately graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education. With Kowalski’s recommendation he was quickly scooped up by his old alma mater to replace the exiting assistant coach Clayton Washington. Under Kowalski’s tutelage he helped to mold the students into potential athletes. Trey was a hit with all his charges. He was young, hip, good-looking and well-remembered for his athleticism. Rather than using private facilities in the coach’s office he showered with the boys. It was easy to target those whose eyes roved over his nude body with teenage lust. Those were the ones who received a private course in sex education after school hours. Under the supervision of Kowalski, of course. The family never heard from Devyn after he was removed from the home. Only a few months later, Miles received a harried call from the institution that the boy had run off with several others. Most of them eventually turned up but Devyn remained off the grid. They never knew he’d gone back to the old neighborhood and preyed on Redmond’s sympathy. Faced with potential exposure by the boy Redmond relented. A reign of terror ensued in the Redmond household. Devyn took young Terrence under his wing, turning him into a sexual deviant like himself. Red was taken by one or both of the boys morning, noon and night. His asshole became so sore but they were relentless. The boys drugged Nola, tied her limbs to the bedpost and had their way with her. They’d commanded Red to fuck her after they’d both creamed her pussy. Several months later Nola discovered her pregnancy. Before they could discover if husband, houseguest or son was the father Devyn and Terrence confiscated family funds, boarded a train and headed for the west coast. With his cute, innocent looks and deviant, authoritative manner Devyn quickly became a presence in San Francisco’s leather community. By the time he reached twenty-one he was known as an accomplished, and in demand, S he had an army of obedient—and paying—slaves. As for the others…. Warden Brock made certain Lombardo was denied parole time and again. He recognized a worthy adversary when he saw one. He sadistically pleasured in taunting Lombardo with Ryan’s frequent visits, while they lasted. After Ryan had moved on he paraded a bevy of young inmate boy pussy in front of a squirming Lombardo, only allowing them close enough for him to sniff their sex. Crazed with desire Lombardo’s resolve finally broke. He swore allegiance to Brock and earned a position as one of Warden’s trustys and the ass of Brock’s favorite boy, Morelli. Making up for lost time Lombardo fucked the husky Italian so vigorously that he couldn’t sit for days. Eventually Brock didn’t oppose parole and Lombardo was released under the private condition that he accept a position as Warden’s personal henchman at the prison. Chuck Bauer returned to town after graduating from a well-known west coast college and soon ran into Mike Harris, once-obese Ollies’ dad. Over coffee at an outdoor cafe they reminisced over those good times at the Baldwin parties and, that same afternoon, began an affair. Eventually Mike divorced his wife and made an honest young man out of Chuck in a private ceremony with Ollie serving witness. Although Ollie kept in touch with Lucas the now slimmed-down boy made new friends and lovers on the local scene and pursued a career in cinematography. Doc Schwartz’ business boomed each fall with the influx of freshman college boys and their personal needs. Word of mouth worked wonders for his practice. Even long after retirement age Schwartz kept administering his personal attention to these young men. As long as his most important implement kept working he intended to remain “on the job.” Javier Santiago found employment with the Jamison’s, new owners of the Baldwin estate. On his off hours he was fucking young Tad, his father Mark and, unbeknownst to either of them, the snooty mistress of the house, who wasn’t quite as haughty when Javy’s cock was working her pussy. As the years went by lives came together while others drifted apart. College boys graduated and pursued their dreams. An entirely new world opened for them, complete with fresh surroundings and budding relationships. Occupations changed and with that came relocation to different surroundings and unexpected liaisons. Marriages ended; others tied the knot. With each changing season came the promise of something fresh and exhilarating. But no matter where our players went, no matter their newfound experiences, all would forever fondly remember those glorious, decadent times they once shared with BALDWIN & SONS. THE END

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