Bar Fantasy Comes True


Bar Fantasy Comes TrueI had told my boyfriend Chris about my fantasy of being taken in a bar full of black men, but it was just a fantasy, I had never even been with black man. Being the holidays we both had the week off, Chris wanted to go out on a Tuesday night, what the hell I thought we have the whole week off. I dressed in a black mini skirt and a white spaghetti strap tank top with a strapless bra, I knew Chris loved this outfit. We went to the next town over to a large dance club, it was Ladies night, 2 for 1 drinks for ladies. Chris ordered me a long island Ice tea, I love them, but they make me horny and I become a real bimbo.We danced and before long I was on my 4th Ice tea, I was drunk, next thing I knew we were in the parking lot, Chris took off my bra and pulled my panties off, threw them in the back of the truck. He spun me around bent me over the tailgate and spit in his hand, next thing I knew he stuck his cock in my pussy. I love when he is rough with me, he pounded into my with hard strokes. I was just beginning to enjoy it when he spun me around and push me to my knees. He stuck his cock in my mouth and quickly kayseri rus escort started face fucking me, the warm gush of sperm exploded in my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could. Chris grabbed me up by my arm and pushed me into the truck, ” I heard about a new club you’ll love.”We drove for a while into the countryside and finally pulled a dirt parking lot around a small building with 2120 Club written over the door. “You go in first, pretend your alone. No one knows us here, you know I love to watch you flirt and dance with other men.” We had done this before and it always ended in steamy hot sex when we got home. I got out of the truck and stumbled to the door, my head was swimming already from the earlier drinks, I didn’t even notice that my bra and panties were missing. I staggered into the dim lit room and over to the bar to order a drink, looking around I noticed all 15 other patrons were black men. I turned and started for the door, only to have a huge black man grab me by the arm. “Whoa where you going so fast? We have been waiting for you all night, girl.” I started looking around for Chris, ” Don’t worry about your boyfriend, he won’t be here for awhile.”Next I realized I was surrounded by black men, I felt hands grab me and roam all over my body, someone yanked my tank top down, exposing my breasts. Hands grabbed my nipples pulling hard, fingers were shoving into the tender flesh of my pussy, someone was probing at my asshole. I struggled and screamed, they laughed and grabbed my arms and legs and carried me over to lay me on a table.They pinned me to the table, I felt the huge man step between my stretched legs, I screamed and struggled hard as I could, his cock was huge, I had never been with anyone bigger than Chris 7″ inches, this monster was twice that size. He lined his cock up, rubbing against my pussy lips, suddenly he shoved into me, I screamed in pain, I was dry and my tight pussy was too small for his cock. He pulled out a little and grabbed my breasts and used them to pull me down as he shoved more of his cock into me. I screamed more and tears ran down my face. This wasn’t how I had imagined it, it felt like my pussy was tearing. He just grunted and started violently slamming his cock into me, it seemed like hours, when He let out a loud growl and I felt hot cum flood my pussy. I felt him climb off only to have another quickly step in and ram his cock in to me. I screamed some more, it didn’t hurt as bad as the first guy, the cum was helping lubercate my pussy, it still burned. H e drove into me like a wild man grabbing my hips and slamming into me relentlessly.He filled me with his cum quickly and moved out of the way for the next man. My body finally started to respond and it got easier, but all their cocks where so big and they beat my pussy so hard that it was swollen. They pulled and twisted my nipples so mush that they were raw and burned. I lost count, one after another took their turn with me, I did orgasm several times, my body betraying me.When they where done they shoved me out the door naked, Chris came running up and grabbed me, helping me to the truck. On the way home Chris asked a hundred questions, I screamed at him and He said “I only set it up because it was your fantasy.”It was a week before I could walk right and my pussy still had friction burns and tearing. I forgave Chris, but it was a month before I let him touch me. I still enjoy being roughed up, but now I make sure there are limits.

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