Barber fucked me in front of husband


Barber fucked me in front of husbanddeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedI was in disaster, the only question which was in my mind was, whether I have married a slut. Though the thought of cuckolding was having a wonderful effect but curiosity of what you should know and what you don’t was killing me up. But asking her directly would have created complications. So I dropped the idea and let it be. At last 15 days passed and there came my day. Pundit forecasting was over and so I decided to spend the wedding night. Decorated my room with flowers and rose petals, asked Neetu to get dressed like a bride and we started our journey. I removed her cloths and she went shy, I penetrated her and she showed me all kinds of expression which a virgin girl feels. I was dumbstruck, how could she feel pain even after been fucked with five guys. Though I felt angry but I didn’t extended the topic anymore. After having two steamy sessions we sat nude to talk.I had many questions but I foolishly asked that why she don’t shave her pubic area. She gave me a confuse look and said that she don’t know to shave. I smiled at her and said that I’ll help her in that. But while applying foam, instead of supporting she started resisting. I asked her the reason on which she asked whether I have shaved any pubic hair before. I said no but I can manage. She strictly denied and told me she need a professional for that. I laughed inside and said that then she would have to visit a parlour for the same. She asked innocently that whether I also visits parlour for the same and I assured her with that. She made her expression that she was understanding it. I understood that she was darn a big idiot or too innocent. I dropped the discussion and we went to sleep. Things went normal and we both started to have steamy session at night like newlywed.I opened her an account in bank and started to deposit small sum of amount in her account. She was either idiot or innocent but I had to make her fit to my standards so I started to educate her in operating various thing, started to take her shopping. Soon in a month span she was not an expert but she was a good learner. I gave her task for few days and she proved that she could perform all house hold activities independently. So after getting confident I gave her full independence to maintain the household. She started to use the ATM and purchase household goods, vegetables and other accessories. She was a good learner and she was darn perfect in a month time. When I was confident I stopped enquiring her at all and another month gave the result with even better marks.One day while fucking her she asked that her bushes are so thick and do I hate them. I said that she can’t shave and won’t let me do that, I hate them but I can adjust with them now. She shook her head but she was thinking something deeply. Next day was some kind of strike in the city, all the city shops were down and our office was closed also. But my boss called me to go to office as the peon had opened the office. I was instructed to go, look around and if didn’t felt comfortable then could closed the office.I told Neetu that I was leaving for office. She told me that she was going to market to buy milk, I told her that market was closed but she said that she’ll check herself and if the regular vender is closed she’ll be back. I didn’t argued and moved to office. But as soon as I reach office there were bunch of peoples who were forcefully closing the shops. So I rushed inside the office and asked to shut the office immediately. Within sarıyer escort 5 minutes the office was closed so I informed my boss and went back to home. When I reached home the door was locked, so Neetu didn’t returned from the market. I parked my bike inside and went to the market to see Neetu over there. In the market most of the shops were closed and Neetu was nowhere.So I went to a shop and let a cigarette, while I was puffing I figured Neetu. She was moving towards few shops, first I thought to shout at her and call her towards me but then dismissed the thought. Neetu hate smoking and as per her belief I have quitted by now. So I dismissed the thought and kept her watching. She went to a corner of the building and vanished behind it. I knew that building had few shops at the back side too.So I waited there, she came back after 5 minutes and rushed towards another direction. Her face expression was telling that she was too happy and excited. I in confusion moved to that area. Behind were few shops and all were closed, except a gents saloon. I went inside and sat on a chair and asked to shave. There were three guys and were smiling like anything. I asked one of them that why they were smiling so much.He started to shave me and said that just few minutes ago a dumb head lady came to their saloon and had conversation. I inquired and he said that she was asking whether we were professionals and whether cut on skin happens while they shave, we assured them that we were all good.After she was assured she asked the weirdest thing to do. I asked about it and he continued, she wanted to get her bushes shaved of her private parts. He said that at first they were shocked and the rest two wanted to tell her that it was a gent’s saloon but the guy shaving me took matter in his own hands. He looked the girl and found her quite sexy, and dumb headed also. So he said that they can all do that but cost were high. He told her 2000 bugs on which she said that she would get the money and would be back in 30 minutes.Just than my cell rang, she was home and saw my bike. She asked whether I was home and she should stay home for me. I thought a moment to say that she should stay home but then a different type of feeling said to do another way. I said that I came to park my bike and going to office again, I told that bike was having some trouble and so I parked it there. She said that she is going out of few hours and she would be having a surprise for me at night. I didn’t wanted to reach there when I was sitting there so asked to stay home till my office peon reaches there. I said that he would be giving her some file which needed to keep safe. She confirmed me that.Then I disconnected the cell and he took 5 minutes to complete the shaving. I gave him the money from my purse, but while he was searching for the change I asked that whether they are only going to shave her or fuck her up also. He smiled and said that it would depend but they all would try that too. I asked that how would they do in the day time. He said that they weren’t expecting any customer, so they would close the glass doors and shade the curtains.As he returned the money I gave him Rs. 500 note, he looked confused and so I told him that if he minds if I could watch. He smiled and said that he was expecting that so he took the money, came out with me, guided me to a gallery back side of the shop. He showed me a window which was covered with a curtain. He said that I would watch from esenyurt escort here and he would slide the curtain a little bit so I could look inside.As he was gone I came out of there and went for another smoke. There I called Neetu and told her that the peon was not coming as the cycle chain was broken and so he returned back. I asked her to go wherever she was going. She said that she would return in 2-3 hours. After I disconnected I formatted my memory card fully, I was in the mood to record things up.I bought a cello tape and waited there itself for Neetu to arrive. She was there in 10 minutes wearing a blue coloured sari. She moved to the shop and I followed her, when I reached there, the shop door was closed and board out for lunch was hanging there. The curtains were covered so I moved back side in the gallery.As expected the curtains were removed a little to view inside. I saw inside where Neetu was standing and the guys were explaining her about the cosmetics and process. They had a professional seriousness on their faces. I started to camera and glued the phone on corner of the window. Few minutes later the guy pulled a manchette wooden chair, the face of the chair was facing me. One of them told Neetu something and she shook her head. She placed her hand bag on the table and started to get rid of bangles and ear rings.Then she placed them on table and started to remove her sari. As it was off she folded it and placed on a bench. She started to get rid of her blouse buttons and as it was off she placed it over her sari. She was getting difficulty in getting the hooks of her bra so one guy assisted and soon bra was off too. She open the knots of her petticoat and it dropped down. She was in panty only and then she removed it too. All the guys were squeezing their hard ones. She was all bare standing there with thick bushes. I was wondering, whether she really was an idiot or was pretending to be one. But man it was a show, imagine a girl all nude in a gents saloon with three males, imagine that figure in your mind and you will be astonished.The man guided her to the manchette chair and told her something which she heard eagerly. She sat on the chair and raised herself upwards. She spread her legs wide and placed both her toes on the armrest of the chair. Perfect pose to even imagine, I was hard like a baseball bat now. One of them who took the Rs. 500 note from me, grabbed the kit and sat in front of her.He took a plastic trigger spray and started to spray water on her bushes. This send a titillating feeling and she tried to close her legs. The barber said something to her in a manner of warning. Then he turned towards his fellow and instructed them something. One of the fellow pulled the drawer and grabbed a thick rope from inside. He came to Neetu and tied the end to rope below her knees, he took the rope from behind her back and chair and then tied another end below the knee of her other legs.Before securing it he made sure that legs were spread apart and unmovable. The barber continued to spray water but Neetu wasn’t able to bring the legs close. Her face expression was titillating and eyes closed.After the water soaked her entire hairs, he took a comb and started to cut the bushes with scissors. After few minutes with was chopped and so he took the badger brush and applied cream over it. Then started to foam her bushes, he kept on doing that so that she feels the sensation for a long time. Ultimately it was full of foam so he took the straight razor, avrupa yakası escort placed a blade in it and there it goes, the shaving process started.The barber slowly did his task, he drilled his finger inside, stretched her labia to generate skin pressure. All the action was making her excited and she was biting her lower lips hard. After 15 minutes of working he was over and there was a bald nicely shaved pussy.He stood up and said something to her aiming at his hard one. She shook her head and within few seconds his pant was down and he was inside her pumping her hard. He was too desperate and it took him very few minutes to flood inside. Once he was out he said something to her and she shook her head again. The other guy came forward after getting out of his cloths. She was astonished and they had few conversation, then she smiled shyly and he sat down in front of her.He applied a cream on her clean shaved pussy. After few minutes of gentle massage, he washed it off and then rubbed it clean. He stood up and then within second he was in her, pumping her in full speed. He took minutes and he was spend, but before leaving he made his face expression that he didn’t enjoyed.So the next guy took position and applied another cream, his process was same and he too fucked her after he was finished. She also looked exhausted and so the first guy opened the ropes and she cleaned her face with a wet towel. Then she was up from the chair, moved towards her cloths. Just then the first guy said something. She turned back and looked at him confused.She bend down on the chair and kept her hands on the armrest. Her butts were raised and she spread her legs wide. The guy spread her butt cheeks and drilled his finger inside. He said something to her and she shook her head. So after a moment she was standing on her knees, on the chair butt facing outside. The guy applied some type of cream on her butt and then cleaned the cream with a wet towel.He went near her ear and said something. She shook her head, and he turned towards his friends. Both the guys made a sign that they were spend and so started to wear their cloths. He oiled his hard one and pushed inside her ass, his back was towards me and Neetu’s face wasn’t visible so I didn’t saw both their face expression. He took double time then last one and then he pulled himself off. He cleaned her back and then she got down to get dressed. She got dressed and meanwhile the guy also got dressed.After that they arranged the chairs, and opened the door. She turned towards him and smiled, pulled out 2000 bugs and handed him. I was amazed to see how much fool she was. They all fucked her and now she was paying him for that. What an idiot wife I got. Anyways she exited the saloon and went home. I too came out with my mobile and went home after few hours.She was normal as nothing, and so I didn’t say anything. At the night she came to the bedroom all naked, got on the bed and showed me her bald pussy. It was like a invitation for me from her side. So I fucked her generously. After the session I asked that how did she manage to shave her pussy?In continuation I said that hope she didn’t visited any saloon for that, as it was not even possible in ladies saloon also. She asked that how did I get them shaved. I smiled and answered, I do it myself as there are no saloons in town where pubic area’s are been shaved. I asked whether she had shaved herself or she got it done at any ladies saloon.She replied immediately that of course she had shaved herself, she is not that mad to visit any ladies saloon for that. I said that she smelled nice and thought she had visited any ladies saloon later as there are no ladies saloons nearby. She said that she had for some adjustments and went in a deep thought. I slept beside her still wondering whether she was so innocent of whether she was a real slut.

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