Barcelona Beauties Ch. 09


9: Ulrika

Toward the end of the winter break, I was walking through the neighborhood of the Raval one day and came across a Pakistani jewelry store. I noticed a box of silver toe rings in the window, marked with surprisingly low prices. I immediately thought about how they would look on Yara and Farah and felt a twinge in my cock. Then I thought: why not get toe rings for all my beauties? The idea of a small but intimate and egalitarian gift to all my lovers seemed to be the perfect way for me to show my appreciation. Not to mention that their toes turned me on and the rings would draw attention to them. It turned out the silver toe rings were cheaper by the dozen so I bought two dozen, planning to give two to each woman. I got little boxes and cards and left a gift on the bed or dresser of Vesna, Kiraz, Farah, Yara, Llora, Carmen and Lisa. Counting the boxes I realized that I had made love to more women in the past six months than in the previous six years.

The second week of January the beauties came home, showering me with hugs and kisses. They were delighted with the toe rings and I was very glad to have thought of it because several of them brought gifts for me. All but Farah, Chhaya and Sylvie returned in time for Sunday dinner which had a distinctly celebratory mood. Even Bilan seemed to warm up. Perhaps she had missed us.

Vesna came down to sleep with me. Her room was warmer but mine more removed from the world. We talked for a while. I loved her quiet intelligence. She was calm but anything but passive, there was always a glint of fire under her smooth exterior. We undressed each other and began to kiss. We heard a tap at the door. I paused. Vesna shrugged her shoulders. “Come in.” I said.

Farah opened the door, obviously just back from England. Her face fell and she said “Oh, sorry,” and turned to go.

“Farah!” Vesna and I said together.

“Please don’t go” said Vesna. Farah came in, again with the vulnerable look so out of character with her normal boisterous confidence. She was dressed in a dark purple silk robe that glistened around her sexy curves and set off her long brown legs that stretched down to a new pair of platform sandals putting her gorgeous feet on display. Farah’s toes were adorned with purple nail polish and two silver toe rings. Her black curls fell around her shoulders in waves. She was stunningly sexy.

With incredible generosity, Vesna said, “Farah, you can have tonight. I just got back today too and wouldn’t mind getting to sleep early.”

Farah burst into tears and sat down on the bed and put her arms around Vesna. “No, I should go. You were here first. I was just so excited…” Farah wiped her cheek with her sleeve.

“Claude,” asked Vesna, “how would you like for both of us to stay?”

The space heater had warmed up the room and I was lucky to have a double bed. “You know I love both of you,” I said, particularly to assure Farah. “I can’t imagine a better way to spend the night.” I went on, gallantly, “if you’re tired, we don’t have to do anything sexual.”

“The hell with that!” shot back Farah.

“I’ve been very thirsty” put in Vesna, licking her lips while fixing me with those intense blue eyes.

Petite, pale Vesna slid Farah’s robe off her curvaceous body, sliding her hands over the brown-skinned goddess. I removed Farah’s sandals and kissed the insoles of her feet, then took a moment to suck each toe into my mouth. The toe rings looked great on her. The three of us then knelt naked on the bed, kissing each other’s lips in turn, while fondling each other’s bodies. Farah roughly grabbed my cock and pushed me back, “lie down,” she commanded.

Vesna and Farah whispered a quick consultation with each other. I was sure that I would enjoy anything they proposed. The two women traced their fingers down my chest to my cock, followed by their mouths. Vesna sucked the head of my cock into my mouth while Farah tongued my balls (Yara had shaved my balls and ass that morning). The two traded my cock back and forth between their mouths, sometimes pausing to kiss each other’s luscious lips. “I just need to fuck” broke in Farah. She mounted my cock and beckoned to Vesna who, facing Farah above me, gently placed her pussy down upon my lips.

I licked Vesna’s pussy while Farah pumped my cock with her strong hips. Between Vesna’s thighs I could just glimpse the two women kissing and fondling each other’s breasts. I could see a sheen of perspiration on Farah’s taut stomach and then saw Vesna’s hand move down to flick Farah’s clit. Farah rode me hard then exclaimed, “I’m cumming!” Farah jumped off me, allowing me to focus my attention on Vesna.

“Turn around” I told her, and when she did so I could reach Vesna’s clit with my tongue while gripping her little ass. Vesna soon came and climaxed Betturkey with a peal of laughter. Farah and I laughed too.

“Now it’s time for your treat,” winked Vesna. As if every moment with them hadn’t been a treat. Farah sat at my feet with legs spread, then ran her toes up my legs. Lying at my side while I rested against the pillows, Vesna began to lick my cock as Farah’s toes touched my balls. Farah slid the toes of one foot up and down my cock while Vesna held the base. Farah put her other toes in Vesna’s mouth. They say men are particularly aroused by the visual dimension of sex. The sight of one sexy foot caressing my cock while Vesna’s tongue danced through the toes of the other put my arousal level off the charts.

Farah now stroked my cock with her saliva-wet toes while Vesna went to work on the other foot. With both feet slick with spit, Farah wrapped all her toes around my cock while Vesna helped force them together, licking and sucking my cock head when it emerged between Farah’s toes. After a few minutes of this, I was heading towards my explosion. My breathing, moans and words of encouragement signaled the approach of my orgasm. Vesna urged me on, “cum for us, spray us, I want your cum.”

“Spurt in her mouth, cum on my toes, I want to see her lick it up!” added Farah. With a yell, I spurted the first jet right into Vesna’s mouth. She crooned with another orgasm, and pushed Farah’s feet together to continue jacking me off. My next shots splattered on Farah’s feet as she called. “Oh, oh, oh!”

Vesna’s mouth descended in time to catch my last spurt. She rammed my whole cock down her throat with a high-pitched moan. At this instance my cock became excruciatingly sensitive, but I didn’t care. I was in bliss.

“Lick it off, lick it off” pleaded Farah, and Vesna attacked Farah’s cum soaked toes. She licked and sucked and swallowed until Farah’s feet shone like polished furniture. Farah rubbed her clit and continued moaning while Vesna serviced her feet. As Farah rubbed, Vesna sucked her toes as if she was giving a blowjob until Farah came again with a drawn out cry.

Vesna fell back into my arms while Farah panted, legs still apart. “Hmm,” Vesna mused, “maybe we aren’t ‘non-girlfriends,’ maybe we’re ‘co-girlfriends.'”

“I do love you both,” I said.

“And I love you both,” said Vesna.

Farah looked at us thoughtfully then said, “I didn’t think I would be… like this, but…I love you both too.”

Sweaty and satisfied, I lay on my back in the middle of the bed with Vesna and Farah curled against me on either side. They each kissed me and then kissed each other above me. Is this really my life? I wondered. We fell asleep.

We learned that week that Sylvie wasn’t coming back to complete her program. We never did learn why. Lisa showed me the note Sylvie had sent her. It was rudely business-like. Since she had seen the storm clouds approaching, Lisa took this with aplomb, saying she was better off without her.

As my program started up again, I had a full schedule of seminars and art practica. I rotated my nights between the beds of Vesna, Farah and Yara, with occasional service to one of the others, and the Friday night orgies continued. But I had less time for outings and hanging out with the beauties during the day and sometimes I missed dinner. I got some teasing about neglecting my women but it certainly wasn’t the case that I was seeing somebody else. After a month, as the rainy weather subsided and the climate became warm again, my scheduled opened up more and I started to do more photography again.

One evening I was making dinner with Ulrika. I think it was soup. She told me how much she loved the nude photos I had taken of her in Yara’s “studio” and said she’d been thinking about posing outdoors for me, that is if I was interested.

“Sure” I replied, and proposed the next Saturday. Ulrika said she’d been thinking about being photographed at Parc Güell, designed by Antoni Gaudí which overlooked the city. Since the park was pretty big and there wouldn’t be lots of visitors this time of year, I thought that was a pretty good idea. Ulrika would wear a long overcoat with nothing underneath so that she could cover up in a hurry. We had our plan and on the appointed day we hopped on the metro and then hiked up the hill from the station.

In the center of the park is a large open hall of soaring pillars, offering plenty of places to hide if someone approached. Ulrika dropped her coat and struck a pose like a valkyrie in high-heels. I noticed she had trimmed the hair on her mons into a neat little triangle and shaved her pussy below. She really did look like a Nordic goddess in an almost stereotypical way. She wanted me to take some shots of her flipping her hair around but I didn’t think Betturkey Giriş there was enough light for the exposure setting I would need to use. Ulrika donned her coat and we walked over to a tunnel-like portico with rounded walls and columns that looked as much organic as architectural. Although shaded, it was much brighter here. After a quick reconnoiter, we couldn’t see anyone near by so Ulrika dropped her coat and assumed a dramatic pose. We tried some of the hair flips she wanted with her blonde locks flying up in the air. A few of them would turn out pretty good.

Ulrika’s boobs were large but proportionate to her long frame and were topped by delicious-looking nipples. She looked really good and I felt a twinge of arousal in my pants as I continued to photograph her. Seeing a large bench where two corridors met, she ran up to it and began to pose for me in a more playful way. Butt out, boobs out, playing at the vamp. She turned from me and reached as high as she could, raised on to the toes of her shoes and stuck out her ass. This was a really erotic pose and I made sure to get it from every angle, including a close up of her sexy ass with hairless pussy lips peeking out below. At this movement we heard: “And here we have the…oh my!” A tour group had turned the corner and stood gaping at the sex goddess on display.

I ran to get Ulrika’s coat and we got out of there as fast as possible. Once we were out of the park, Ulrika grabbed my arm and started laughing. “God, that turned me on.” And then she planted a kiss on my lips. I looked at her appraisingly. I would definitely have to once again redefine my idea of unattainable women.

We had to wait in the metro station for the next train. At the far end of the platform with groups of people behind us, Ulrika opened up her coat for me to take more photos of her fantastic body. Once on the train, Ulrika discretely flashed her boobs to me even though my camera was packed away. As we reached the front gate, Ulrika turned to me and asked, “what do I have to do to earn my toe rings?” We both laughed. In her sexy Swedish lilt she suggested, “Let me give you a massage up in my room, and we’ll see what happens.”

Ulrika’s room was Spartan and tidy. There was a small picture of her family on a ski trip on the dresser next to a black-and-white nude photo I had taken of her in Yara’s “studio.” She asked me to sit down while she lit several candles. Their light bathed the room in a soft glow, softening the bare walls. “Take off your clothes and lie down on your stomach,” Ulrika gently instructed me. I complied.

While I lay there I heard Ulrika take off her coat and shoes and put them in the closet. I heard her approach and felt her sit on the bed next to me and gently touch my shoulder. “This is sesame oil,” she said, sliding first one hand then the other across my shoulder blades. Ulrika’s hands felt warm on my skin as she methodically applied oil to my back and began to drive her thumbs into my muscle tissue. I forgot all about the sexual charge between us and surrendered to the sensations of a great massage.

Ulrika applied the same attention to my arms, legs and butt then asked me to turn over. I had completely lost track of time but it must have been half an hour since the massage had started. Ulrika took my face in her hands and used her thumbs to press around my temples, my eyes, my forehead—until every part of my face felt like it was glowing. She continued and massaged my chest and then my hands. I had experienced a few nice backrubs before but Ulrika’s massage was a quantum leap beyond my previous experience.

Next Ulrika massaged my feet and toes, pulling each one and sliding her fingers between them. She then slowing worked her way up my legs toward my crotch. My cock began to stir in anticipation and then she stopped. I opened my eyes to see Ulrika applying oil to her breasts. She smiled, “here comes the fun part.”

Ulrika lay on top of me and began sliding her body all over mine. Her oiled body shone in the candlelight as she slithered over me. “You can touch me if you like” she offered. I let my fingers slide over Ulrika’s shoulders when she came within reach. She slid all the way up and kissed me deeply.

I wrapped my arms around her and reveled in the feeling of her full warm breasts against my chest as we continued to kiss. Ulrika had tied her hair back and I appreciated the beauty of her face as she pulled back from our kiss. Her skin was clear except for tiny freckles near her nose that I had never noticed before. She fixed me with her cornflower blue eyes and said, “there’s just one more thing to massage.”

Ulrika slid back down my body until her breasts were on either side of my hardening cock. Lifting up a little, she swung her breasts over my cock, dragging Betturkey Güncel Giriş her own hardening nipples over my shaft. Bringing her shoulders and upper arms together, Ulrika forced her breasts together around my cock. “Fuck my tits,” she urged me.

I began thrusting my cock between Ulrika’s round breasts while she looked into my eyes. “Do my tits feel good around your cock?” she asked.

“Your tits feel great. You are so sexy,” I replied.

“Fuck my tits, Claude. Fuck my tits with your hard cock,” Ulrika encouraged.

The sensation of Ulrika’s breasts was amplified by the visual picture of the body of the Norse goddess slithering over me and the sound of her voice urging me on. I was ready for more, however and Ulrika was too because the next thing I knew she had taken the head of my cock between her lips. With her nipples now rubbing against my thighs, Ulrika fondled my balls with one hand while jacking my shaft with the other. With my cock head inside her lips, Ulrika used her tongue on the underside of my dick while I moaned and told her how good it felt. After about give minutes of this bliss, Ulrika pulled up and straddled me. Reaching down, she fit my cock between her labia and sat down, impaling herself on me. Her slick pussy seemed to throb around my cock.

Ulrika pulled her hair-tie off and her blond mane cascaded around her shoulders. Leaning forward, she fed her breasts to my mouth while she pumped her hips up and down. I sucked Ulrika’s nipples, flicked them with my tongue, and gently bit them eliciting little cries from her. Ulrika’s athletic body was so hot I wanted to possess her completely. I grabbed her firm ass and pushed up even harder into her pulsing cunt as Ulrika called out, “fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

After a few more minutes of intense rutting, Ulrika came with a scream and slammed down on my cock. I lost it too and spurted up into her, grunting and yelling along with her screams. She collapsed onto me as we both breathed heavily, hearts pounding, our oily, sweaty bodies glued together.

We talked for a long time and began to hear the sound of other roommates coming upstairs and getting ready for bed. We began caressing each other until we were once again aroused. I fucked Ulrika from behind, admiring her fine ass and curving back as I held and squeezed her breasts, flicking her nipples between my fingers. Conscious of the roommates, we were quieter this time and I fucked her long and deeply while she softly moaned and pushed back to meet my thrusts. “Cum in me again, Claude,” Ulrika softly incited. “I want to feel your cum dripping from my pussy.”

I grabbed Ulrika’s ass and began to pull nearly all the way out as her pussy lips closed around my cock. I pumped out four or five spurts as Ulrika came with a breathy sigh. We were pretty spent by this time and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms, with Ulrika’s head resting on my chest.

Such romantic postures rarely last a whole night as I’ve found and we woke up at some point in the middle of the night to get more comfortable. Ulrika’s hand softly held my cock which began to swell. She chuckled and moved down to give me blow job, mostly stroking with her hand while licking and slurping the head of my cock. I gently held Ulrika’s head, enjoying the feeling of her silky hair and marveling that such a divine creature was making love to me with such tenderness. I came again and Ulrika swallowed my cum with a satisfied moan. She turned so I could spoon her with my hand on her breast and then we slept without interruption.

The next day was Sunday and the pajama brigade had gathered downstairs for coffee. I had gone to my own room to shower before the rest were up. No one knew that I had spent the night with Ulrika, although if anyone had been upstairs during our first session, I’m sure she would have heard us. As I poured myself some coffee, Vesna looked at me and smiled: a hint of question in her face. Perhaps she had visited my room the night before and found me missing. I smiled back.

Ulrika was sitting right next to the kitchen door on a stool in pink cotton pajamas, swinging her bare feet nonchalantly. “¡Dios mios!” exploded Carmen. “Ulrika’s got toe rings!”

Everyone gathered to verify this and made half-teasing exclamations of surprise. Yara’s cool assessment was: “it’s about time. You broke up with Lars months ago and that guy from the disco was a slime ball.”

Amidst the smiles I met the embarrassed gaze of Chhaya and a sort of stunned expression on Bilan. Since Chhaya had toe rings before she met us, Bilan was now the only one with unadorned toes. Was she stunned to feel left out or did she fear that she might join the club? She was certainly beautiful but I felt no connection with her at all. Besides I wasn’t competing to earn merit badges for most roommates bedded. At any rate, despite the encouragement I had received to hook up with one roommate after another, I wondered if the others would approve of a liaison with the sometimes haughty Bilan. I didn’t need to go that route. I was in heaven already.

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