Bathhouse Comparisons Ch. 02


Yesterday’s visited bathhouse had opened at 1pm, 2 hours earlier than the local one. That bathhouse’s opening hours tend to keep me from visiting too often, though recently, the number of visits has grown to average about two a week. Apparently, the bathhouse is a fine way to appreciate that spring time boost in sexual energy.

Still, visiting here was coupled with a bit of hesitation after last week’s non-incident at the whirlpool. After being buzzed in, I was greeted heartily by the owner, with an easy smile – I’ve been a regular visitor for years by now. There may be a concerted effort at a certain public face of just being a male only sauna, with private ‘relaxation’ spaces and a public TV lounge, but we all know what the baths being such a nice destination to spend a couple of hours.

Drinking my beer, we talked a bit about the new work transforming the former steambath at the middle level. He said the schedule was unknown, as he was the one that did all the masonry here. Very high quality work it is, to say the least, at least in comparison to various public saunas in the region. My compliments and comparisons seemed to please him, which was the intention. After having travelled to several other bathhouses, my opinion is based on a fair bit of knowledge.

Going upstairs, I did a hit of rush in an empty booth – a simple choice, as everywhere upstairs was empty, even though it was around 3:30pm.

Going directly to the bottom level, I let the shower’s water run over me for a bit before stepping over to the whirlpool, which had three men in it. Two of whom left, one after the other, in a short time. The central fountain was bubbling vigorously, forcing me to sit higher by putting my right leg under my ass cheeks, my right hand on the bench for stability.

The distorting effect of the swirling water did not hide his leg’s motion, it just made it difficult to know where to meet it with my foot. It took little time for me to begin to slide along his leg, shifting position a bit to reach the inside of his thigh. We both began the enjoyable process of moving closer, increasing the amount of pleasure provided through skin contact. Clearly, both of us were aware of just how much pleasure could be generated among illegal bahis naked horny strangers in the whirlpool. Particularly when they take their time, following a familiar path.

My hand had reached my cock, just as his had, both of starting to get hard while touching and being touched, looking between each other’s legs, our bodies beginning to entwine. Obviously, we both had experience in turning on other men, a recognition leading to even more anticipation of what could happen in the still empty whirlpool.

By the time the central fountain subsided, we had both touched the other’s cock, each knowing just how good that felt in doing and having it done. He stretched out, beginning to float, my outstretched leg supporting him as he gripped my horny cock loosely. We were both rigid, indulging in the gentle currents moving us, my face turned to his crotch, letting at his sexy rod. Sex in the water is more about the sensation of skin and lightness and currents than straightforward contact.

I knew there was a camera, but it did not really matter. I like having sex with men, and the idea of anyone else watching is always a turn-on. Being on video, so to speak, just balances out all the video of sex that has made me cum over decades.

We were both hard when he shifted position, straddling me at the knees, putting both hands along the edge of the bench tile. My left hand had already gripped his stiff cock, positioning it to touch my own, sliding down a bit and spreading my legs wider. As our cockheads touched, the moaning started, another sign what cock lovers both of us were.

I’d last been cock to cock with a man while in a foreign city, perhaps explaining why it felt so good now. Though part was his style, especially the way he used the structure and water to create new rhythms as we fucked. Licking my neck, his cock would press against mine, sliding from one side to the other as he shifted his body in the water, centering himself.

Being so close was part of charm, as was the easy ability to switch roles. He had been the one to mount me, making it easy to lick his neck, the one who used his natural position to be the one cock fucking me. But sitting on a firm surface provided the necessary leverage illegal bahis siteleri to fuck him too, between times of mutual grinding, my cock using him for its male pleasure, him moaning about ‘you are so hot’ and ‘this is so good’ with me saying dirty things ‘I love cock’ and ‘I love fucking men’ and ‘sexy cock lover.’

Until the fucking consumed our thoughts, barely noticing how the ring of water jets in the bench had started as the jacuzzi cycle changed again. It was undeniably male sex, cock to cock, and the way the roles flowed between us was a revelation. Sometimes me fucking him, sometimes him fucking me, sometimes purely mutual, but always centered on our horny cocks.

Sometimes we paused, on the edge of cumming, feeling our cocks pulse and quiver, sharing words of just how good it was to be cock to cock with a sexy man. After a long stretch of pure bliss, the central fountain started again. At some point, he sat next to me, as we recognized that such near-orgasmic games were likely to turn into real orgasms.

As we touched, entwined much as before, though with much more kissing, another man entered, sitting near us. His hand touched my cock and the other man’s hand, making me sigh something sounding ‘oh yes.’ But my partner’s reaction was to move us away. It didn’t matter to me much, though my general attitude remains firmly on the more the merrier side of the scale.

While letting my body be shifted, a fourth man entered, sitting to the other side, forcing a change in direction. I just let the other man do the work, faintly amused at his determination to keep me for himself. However, my cock had grown more than a bit limp, as had his, and I still hadn’t entered the steamroom.

Leaving the whirlpool was a bit more challenging than usual, as both newcomers reached and grabbed at me, their legs also in the way. I wasn’t exactly in the mood, creating a mixture of pride in my apparent desirability and annoyance that the water was unpleasantly splashing all over me, requiring extra care not to stumble or slip before leaving.

I went into the shower area, choosing the shower closest to the steambath, which also happens to be next to the stairs as they enter the space. Still horny, the canlı bahis siteleri feel of warm water led to me soaping my cock, uncaring about being hard in public. Someone started the shower next to mine, but I remain concentrated on the slippery sensations, far beyond any relation to cleaning. Knowing that my cock was now erect, and I was playing with it.

The man to the right moved closer to my side, causing me to notice him. Admittedly, I first looked at his crotch, my hand at the base of my cock, seeing how he had also been enjoying soaping his rod. By the time my gaze reached his face, he was smiling a bit, and his hand reached for my wanting tool. I was doing the same for him, seeing he was the man that had found me so attractive in the whirlpool.

A part of me wondered a bit at what we were doing, as sexual play at the showers is quite rare. The rest of me was luxuriating in showering with a just met partner, body being soaped by a stranger that knew how to pleasure me. Much like I knew to pleasure him, slippery fingers against his nipple while pulling his hard cock. Our moaning was unavoidable, heads close, staying on the edge of orgasm.

A shorter, rotund man stepped down, pausing to look at us. He quickly took off his towel, stepping in. I moved back a bit, thinking he might want the shower – or not really thinking, as my erect cock was still being jacked off by a man. Though not exactly the first time I’ve showered with a man, this time had a locker room feel, like a dimly remembered fantasy from my high school days.

The new stranger slid his hand over my ass, then began to play with himself. I soaped his cock, feeling him sag as the slipperiness spread over his horny dick. My guiding motion along his cock soon brought him close, as the hand on my own rod pushed it towards the fourth cock I’d played with today. However, after stepping back a bit and pulling their cocks closer, I left. Getting condoms, I entered the steambath, which turned out to be deserted.

The rest of my visit went in accustomed fashion, playing with a couple more men before leaving, aware of the time, unlike at the start of my visit.

The familiar bathhouse was a clear winner, again, tempting enough to entice me return the next day, even though it would be impractical at best. And relearning a bit of restraint is not a bad thing – now, it is easy to understand how impossible it can be to stop indulging in such a purely sexual existence at every possible opportunity.

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