BBC fantasy 2nd Time


BBC fantasy 2nd TimeThat’s fantasy. After fulfilling my . Things changed, our relationship was farther then before and we both trusted each other way more. I had been with women and my hubby always trusted me after, but this was different. I had never been with another man before. Hubby seemed ok, he liked it a lot . He started encouraging me to have more experiences. I had my first experience with Sean, it was amazing but I wanted to see what else was out there. The short answer not much, our little corner of Washington state was nearly depleted of BBC. I started looking online again, and I hit that time ol brick wall. Lots of fake and flakes if they were ever real people to begin with. Nothing seemed to be working. Hubby was good; I was ready but nothing to be had. I had 3 ways with girls and even Sean again but that didn’t seem to fill the void. I wanted something new. My job was sending me away to Seattle for training. I’ve done this every year, being a nurse seemed to be more training and school then actually doing my job. But this time I had a better reason for visiting Seattle. Hubby was encouraging but also very rule bond. I have always had free reign with girls. Play alone or with hubby no problem. But the BBC thing he insisted on being there. He made excuses that it’s for my protection. But I knew that it still really came down to jealousy. He wanted me to have fun only if he was there with me. So I had to put my plans in Seattle on the back burner until we both went together. Training was going well, it was that normal boring lecture about new procedures and teaching us how to do old crap in a new way. I listened calmly waiting the day out, to get back to my hotel room. I had some videos hubby had downloaded for me to watch, and I wanted to see what I got this time. About 10 mins before the training was over they had us practicing on a patient. They had 20 of so people and I ended up at the table with the black man. We were doing chest compressions. My turn came and I started. It wasn’t my first time doing this and definitely not on a black man. Something was different, I couldn’t get the clinical Courtney to start working. My head wasn’t there, and my hands on his chest started making me hot. I could feel the fire start building. I had to stop, everyone was looking at me. I couldn’t figure out why, then I heard the instructor asking if I was ok. I lied saying; I was just tired, and hadn’t eaten much. He said they we were done anyway and could pick up where we left off in the morning. I had rushed upstairs, embarrassed I went straight to my room locked the door and jumped in a cold shower. It didn’t help, It hasn’t ever been that hard to shut off. Really I couldn’t manage it. I got out, still just as horny and on fire as I got in. I had to masturbate to end this. I fired up the laptop, looking for the videos hubby had downloaded for me. I found them, five or six lesbian videos and ten cuckolding videos. Not what I wanted. So I logged onto the Wifi and headed to my favorite site. Lots of amateur BBC porn, mainly homemade stuff. I found a video that looked interesting, playing it I felt my pussy swelling. A girl ass was taking deep long strokes on an huge cock. She was loud, nearly screaming in pleasure. It was a great video I knew it’s all I needed. But the message icon flashed. It was the user that posted the video. ” how do you like my video? “I was rather enjoying the video, so I felt it was ok to reply. Me” love it, looks as if shes enjoying herself “User” They always do. I saw your profile and pictures. Definitely hot. Have you had BBC yet? “Me ” Yes just a few months ago. “I was looking at his profile now, he had lots of pics and videos. It looked like he had about 20 different girls with multiple videos of each. Me” I’m looking yours over now, lots of different girls. “User ” I’ve been around the block, so you’ve just had the one? “Me” yeah, I’ve looked for others in my area, but its dry. “I started seeing his cock pictures, it was huge but pictures can be deceiving. I could definitely say it was thick. Sean was about average, hubby’s cock was actually thicker then Sean’s. Sean’s cock head made the difference it was much bigger than hubby’s. User” I hear you, there are a lot of fakes here. So many times I’ve had good conversations and it turn of to be some guys pretending to be a white girl. ” Me ” yeah in hear you, I’ve seen a lot of them. Just asking here how big are you it’s hard to really tell in pictures? “User ” I’m 14 inches long, and 7 or so in girth “My mind was racing, watching his cock fuck this girl. Reading his messages. I knew black cock were huge, I’ve seen the videos. My favorite actor was 10 inch long and girth of 7.25. So I knew it was possible, but I always thought those were just porn stars. User” I’m William btw, and I hope I didn’t scare you off “That’s when the video was coming to a end, my pussy was screaming for cock. I continued rubbing my clit as the girl turned around to take his cum shot. I could see how big it was she couldn’t fit more then the tip in her mouth. But thars not all I was seeing they were in a high raise. I could see out the window, a clear day over the sound, the space needle just to right almost out of frame. My insides rolled, I wanted to cum so badly. But I stopped myself. Me” No I’m still here, I’ve been playing with myself watching your video. It just ended “William” oh the are a lot more on my profile “I was already looking on his profile, he didnt list his location just the Northwest. Me” that was a amazing video, it must have been great especially with that view in the background. “I was hinting, I dont know if he would tell just anyone. There are a lot of security minded people on this site. He never showed his face in pictures or video, it made me think he maybe one of them. William” oh yeah I get used to places like that. My job puts me in great places all the time. “Frustrated I started asking more questions. Age, sexual preferences, what type of women he liked. He was 35 years old, 6 foot 4 and about 210. He was a dominant type. And replied women like me. William” Now that you know me tell me, how crazy does that pussy feel. I can tell your wanting some thick black cock right now. “Me” That’s for damn sure. I’m sitting in a puddle right now. “William” So what do you think, you can come meet me, or I can come get you and hubby take you to my place in Seattle. “My heart nearly stopped, I knew that this site was banging good in large city’s. Me living a rural area sucked. But this is my first night here. Me” I’d love that, I told hubby I wouldn’t play without him. So it will have to be with him around. “William ” I’m cool with that, we can meet tonight it’s still early. And honestly I haven’t stopped looking at your pictures since we started talking. “Me” Umm truly I would, but he isn’t around, or I should say I’m not around him. “William” You playing me? Another fake ass white dude again. “Me ” NO REALLY I’M NOT “” I’m away at training for work, he didn’t come with me. “William” IDK away what does that mean. “Me ” I’m a nurse, so I have training lectures I have to goto every year. They dont hold them in little towns. So I’m in Seattle. “William” Shit, that ain’t no problem we can meet hang out and see where it goes. “Damn that’s tempting, but hubby would kill me. I promised no playing without him. Me” No hubby, I promised. “William ” No worries, we can have a drink maybe dinner. Least I’ll know your real. Tell you what nothing will happen unless you make it happen. “Wow I never thought of that just as friends having a drink. If I finish myself off now I shouldn’t be tempted. Then I’ll have a partner next time we come out here. Me” I think that could work. There is a bar here at my hotel. “William ” No hotel bars are cheesy. I’ll pick you up and take you to a nice place. “I gave him the address. Told him in a hour I’ll be downstairs. I frantically grabbed another of his videos, bahis siteleri at this point my pussy was screaming at me. I watched as the little redhead took about a quarter of his huge cock. He had her twisted in orgasms in seconds. Her cunt creaming all over his cock. He finally got about half way in. I could hear him now, that puts over the edge he was filling that creamy little cunt with his load. My imagination put me as her. Feeling that cock stretch my cunt out; his hot cum shooting my insides, so much it dripping out coating my little asshole. I had a huge orgasm, squirting everywhere my whole body was shaking. It took 20 minutes to calm down enough to get up. I jumped in the shower again, I didn’t want the pheromones bring this back. I think about what to wear, I had mainly work clothes. But I had packed a dress for the final night when we had the big dinner. It was a little black dress, I always dressed like this at the end. It drove the other girls crazy, they mostly gave up on nice bodies after finishing school. There are few good looking ones, I’ve played with a few of them on trips previously. But this would work tonight. I wanted him to know I’m interested and planned to at least tease him. That’s part of the rules I’m allowed I can tease guys even if hubby isn’t around. I grabbed my garter belt and pulled it on; I slipped on the dress, leaving the bra and panties on the bed. The dress was thin, you could see my pierced nipples very clearly. I slid my stocking on feeling the smooth silk pull up and buckling them to the belt. Then grabbing my sweater. I quickly blow dry my hair leaving it down afterwards. I met him in the car park out front. Standing there next to a silver BMW coupe. William ” Wow you are real, and sexy for just drinks. I think we should have dinner, so I can show you off”Me” your real to. So where are you going? “William ” That’s a surprise. “We had a great dinner, this little restaurant among the skysc****rs. We headed a bar just down the road, walking this time. It was exhilarating, walking with a black man in public. I grabbed his hand as we walked. I felt him pulling me in close, my head pressed against his chest. He wrapped his arm around me. I could feel his muscles hard and tight. His hand going down my back straight to my ass. His hand was huge, covering a whole cheek squeezing it. He was guiding me with me ass now. This was still just teasing, so I’m ok. As we enter the bar he released me. Looking around it was a quiet older bar, but still very nice and cozy. He lead me to booth, it was private away from the other patrons. A waitress had drinks for us already. Me ” I hadn’t ordered “William ” No worries she always get the orders right, thata what’s great about this place “It was a good drink, I’d never had anything like it. That’s when conversation started, he asked what brought me to this life. I told him my story, he seemed surprised. But listened, back and forth we asked questions and answered. It was like a first date. I started running my fingers down his leg. He continued talking just with a bigger smile. I was getting tipsy, and I was really having fun. On my last pass up I started feeling something hard. He was wearing khaki slack pants, and white t shirt. I could see his dark skin through the shirt. He shifted toward me, leaning in. I could feel his breath on my neck. I wasn’t not rubbing leg anymore. My fingers were on his cock, it was huge.  I thought it was his other leg at first. But I could feel his cock head now. I was definitely getting drunk, this was far more then teasing. I was petting his cock now;  my full hand traced the outline. I could feel his lip brushing my neck. His hand had rested on my knee, now slowly tracking upward. I didn’t know what to do. I never wanted to stop, yet I promised. I let it go a little longer its just petting after all. I whisper ” not to far, just teasing or I’d have to stop. “He didn’t even reply, but he stopped just are the end of my stockings. He was 2 inch away,and  I wanted more. He was kissing my neck now, and continued rubbing my inner thighs. His cock was rock hard now, I could feel the veins bulging. Lots of them, I’d never felt a cock with so many veins; and they were big. I started gasping each time he passed to the edge of my stockings, I noticed he was going a little farther each time. I knew he could feel the heat radiating off my pussy. Each pass brings his fingers closer, it felt like millimeters. Then I felt his fingers push against my lips. I let out a soft low moan. William ” I knew you’d like that. “He reached over with his free hand, grabbing my face he pulled me in and started kissing me. His lips were so soft, his tongue wet slipping into mouth. I wasn’t distracted from his hand, he had given up all pretexts of rubbing my thighs. His two middle finger were flat against my clit. He was pulsing them, one up one down the reverse. His kissing me was to stave off my moans. But that’s when I started kissing back. I slide us both farther in the booth. We were pretty isolated here, it was a corner booth and had curtains that rapped around it. Me ” No sex just teasing and petting ah and what ever you keep doing to my pussy dont stop. “He didnt stop even as a pushed him into the booth more. William ” I dont stop until you cum babe “I heard the curtains slide, but he had just started moving faster. The waitress dropped drinks at out table closed the curtains and was gone. He slowed for a second, I was embarrassed.. William ” dont worry that’s why I come here, very discreet. Why do you think these booths are made this way. Feeling embarrassed but reassured, I spread my legs wider for him. He was back to my neck kissing again, but giving me little bits now as well. I’ve always loved that. I had leaned over him now facing him. My hand was still rubbing his cock, but I had freed my other hand. I have it under his shirt feeling his abs. He had a bare chest, no hair at all. I was slightly disappointed, I’ve never been with a guys without body hair. Besides his abs were rock hard that did help. William ” I don’t think this is fare. You get that bare pussy played with, I’m still in pants. “This is true, I loved rubbing cock in pants. But he deserves more. Me ” tit for tat “I Reach over i undid his pants zipped them down. He had to help pull this monster out. It was huge, a monster by any definition. I had a hard time wrapping both hands around it.  That’s when his fingers pushed between my lips and found my dripping cunt hole. He didn’t dive in like most guys. His fingers were in themselves huge and he had both right at the entrance. Pushing in and out slowly. I started shaking, gyrating to the rhythm of his fingers. My hands wrapped around his cock, I was lost to his touch. My mouth found his head, I was salivating over it licking his tip. I could taste him, it was better then before stronger more a****l. If his cock was 7 in girth his head had to be 8. I had to open big, my teeth were still grinding against it, I had the head in. My cunt wanted the swallow his fingers, he just kept teasing my hole. Opening it then pulling back. I started thrusting my hips with his motion, pushing his fingers deeper. William ” teasing only you said “I had his cock in my mouth, teasing was over this was oral sex now. I reached back to his hand pushing it in. 3 inches and I was moaning. His cock deep in my mouth, I had got past the head and had 4 inch of the shaft down. It tastes better the deeper I go. I had trained at sucking cock. Hubby was big that gave me good practice. But I have my favorite porn stars dildo. Since I hoped a day would come where I got a huge huge cock, I had practiced. I could deep throat my dildo. 10 inches so I knew I could get more the half of Williams cock down. I was going to I want his taste in my mouth. I want him to shot cum in me. Since we couldn’t fuck this will have to do. My moans were increasing, he was knuckle deep now and doing canlı bahis siteleri alternating pattern again. My tummy was doing back flips. I had at least 10 inch in my throat now. I had my hand thrusting with my mouth up and down. I could feel his cock swelling he was going blow soon. That’s when his thumb started playing with asshole, his other fingers never stopped. My pussy started convulsions, he pushed his thumb deep inside my asshole. William ” Yeah bitch you love that. Come up here and grind that cunt on my cock. “I didn’t hesitate I pulled him out of my mouth, he laid back resting his cock across his abs it was all the way to his chest. I climbed up, midshaft should be ok. Back to teasing and petting safe. As my lips parted around his shaft I didn’t want to be safe. I was dripping, he muscle cock thrusted me. Sending pulsing lightning up my whole body starting at my clit. William ” Grind the pussy bitch. “As he slapped my ass very hard, I knew it was loud enough for everyone to hear. But I did as I was told sliding my cunt back and forth. I was going all the way to tip. Each thrust forward I started to push a little past his tip. So with my thrust back it would  push my lips apart pressing against my cunt hole. Just for a second opening my cunt, slightly pushing inside. But I’d angle forward and slide back. His cock has hard, my natural lubricant coating it. With each slide I felt his cocks veins. They felt amazing, rubbing against my clit each vein shot lightning into my body. With each pass I’d get his cocks head just a little deeper inside me. I was on the verge now, I knew he could tell. I started grind faster, I was pushing harder. Twice now I had his head stretching my little cunt nearly open. On the second time I felt it pop as his head opened my pussy. That when his hands grabbed my tits, they were on the verge of popping out of my little dress any how. He had just reached in and pulled them out. He had one of my nipples, squeezing it. He leaned in taking the other in his mouth sucking it. Twisting his tongue around my nipple. Me ” I’m cumming oh god I’m cumming “I screamed it, I didn’t care where I was. He had his phone out taking a video. I was cumming I couldn’t stop it. He got my face cumming on his cock. I started shaking uncontrollably, my pussy squirting all over him. I had reached my climax just as his cocks head pushed into my cunt. My shaking was keeping it inside me. Forcing it deeper, in turn making me cum again. But I could feel him cumming too. He wasn’t deep inside me, but I felt it shooting my cervix. The pressure of his bursting cock was forcing it out of my pussy. It flopped out onto his chest, I was at his cocks head, my mouth cleaning his cum. It was everywhere, on him, on me, in me, and on the seats. I could him moaning, I was pretty sure he didn’t get this treatment. To be honest I didn’t do it for just anyone. Hubby rarely got this. I was licking Williams cum off every surface. I tastes amazing, the had to be a 2 cups of it; not including my pussy being filled. William ” that was amazing, but I think we better clean up. Then go and get ourselves cleaned up “I had cum everywhere on my face, in my hair, and dripping out of my cunt. Me ” I’ll get a uber back to the hotel, are you going home “William ” I am home , this is my building. And you’re staying. Least to get cleaned up. “He used napkins to clean my face up, then wiping the seats and table. I grabbed my drink and downed it in one go. He called the waitress over and she wiped everything clean with disinfecting spray. Me ” I’m sorry about the mess and noise “But she said that’s what they are there for. She bought me another drink and the check. William paid and walked me to the elevator. I had my drink in hand, I was definitely drunk but energetic too. He pushed the top floor and we went up. He actually had the whole top floor. He said it was 10 apartments before and he bought them all to make this huge space. I was definitely impressed. He showed me around then took me to the shower. He pushed me against the wall and kissed me again. His hands quickly found my ass squeezing it. He pulled me dress up over my head. I’m now standing there, garter belt and stockings. I had on my 6 inch black pumps, they made my legs look great but if they did a number on my ass. It popped out when I wore them. He spun me around, pushing my ass against his crotch. I hadn’t seen him take his shirt off, but now I felt his hard abs against my back.  I reached back undoing his pants, letting them fall to the ground. I could feel his cock now. My ass to my shoulder blades. His cock pressed between us, he grabbed my throat twisting my head around. He was kissing me again, I was pushing my ass cheeks apart pressing into his cock. I started inching down and pushing back up. Rubbing my little asshole against his cock. William ” let’s shower before this gets nasty “Me” oh, I was enjoying myself “William ” I know, you still will “We walked in the shower, still kissing the whole way in. The shower was a whole room to itself. I think it was bigger then my bedroom at home. He had the water on, very hot. Steam building into the room, he broke away from me. William ” gotta take these off, you dont wanna ruin them. “He helped me, unbuckling my stockings and taking everything off. I got in, the water felt invigorating. I was sobering up too. The reality of what happened hit me. I had cheated, not completely but nearly. Now I’m completely naked in another man house. He was inches away from me, I was hyperventilating. William ” what’s wrong? “Me ” hmm umm hmm I cheated “William ” no you didn’t it was just heavy petting, dont worry “Me” you came inside me, I came on you “William ” that’s not cheating. I wasn’t really inside you. I just shot inside you. You cumming on me is just instinctive. You see a strong man with something you needed “Me” instinctive “William ” yes instinctive, aren’t I the biggest strongest you’ve ever seen “Me ” yes of course “William ” see that’s instinctive, you can’t control that. It’s not cheating unless we truly have sex. We didn’t “I see what he was saying. Now that he had put a word to my actions; instinctive is how it felt. How it still feels, I wanted to ride him right now. His hands helped me clean, soaping my body. I felt him rubbing my ass, slowly soaping my pussy. His fingers parting my lips, rubbing my clit. I started humping his hand. His fingers pushing inside my cunt, deeper and deeper. Before he only went to the first knuckle, now his whole finger was completely buried deep inside me. I was gasping as my pussy opened up to his second finger. He was hooking me with both fingers completely buried inside. His palm against my clit, thrusting back and forth. Me “Ahh… Uhm… Uh…. hell y-yes William …”I came again, and again. He was relentless, he had 3 of his fingers buried in me. Fucking my pussy with his hand so hard he kept lifting me off the ground. Finally he let up after I squirted at least ten times. He let me rinse off. I felt like a rubber doll, but I was still horny. I’ve never been horny like this before. We dried off and he carried me to the bed. He handed me my drink from the bar, I noticed a room service cart full of drinks. The waitress delivered while we showered. I took a big drink preparing to tell him…  Me” we can’t have sex “I was trying to be firm, but I was staring at his cock. The whole time. I started feeling hornier. I could feel my pussy getting wet again. William ” I told you, i wouldn’t do anything you dont want to. We can just keep with what we’re doing. Besides I’ve never had a woman suck my cock more the 4 inches. “” you had more then halfway down, it felt amazing, I see you staring “Without hesitation I headed for his cock. He swung my legs over his chest, my ass in his face. I started licking his cock, starting at the base working my way up. My fingers wrapped around his balls. Even after a shower his thick cock tasted canlı bahis good. As I reached the tip, opening wide to fit it. I felt him kissing my ass, his fingers rubbing my clit. William ” Courtney your already dripping “I could feel it, I was going to leave a puddle. His head was already in my throat. I was going deeper the before. I almost had him balls deep in my mouth. I can hear him moaning, as I worked to control my breathing. That’s when he buried his tongue in my cunt. I gagged pulling out, his hand grabbed my head push me back down. William ” don’t stop bitch “The force pushed me all the way down. My nose pressed against his balls. He pulled me back up. Gasping I got air, then back down. I dont know why but I loved it. He always pulled me back enough to breathe, but each time he slammed me down harder. My cunt was convulsing as he tongue fucked it. His tongue wasn’t long but really wide. It was opening my little cunt with each thrust he pushed me down, his tongue went deeper. Between his fingers rubbing my clit, and tongue fucking my cunt hole. I was going to cum. I started shaking uncontrollably, forcing my ass back into his face. I want him inside me, as he push head down his tongue deep inside I squirted. I could hear him drowning in my juices. He was drinking my cum water, I’d never had someone literally drink it before. I was turned on even more. William ” why dont I get on top now, I’ll rub my cock on your pussy. “Me ” please “I wanted to feel his cock between my lips again. I climbed off, laying on my back. He hand me a drink. I didnt know what to do so I downed it. William ” good Courtney “He laid his cock on my stomach, his balls against my pussy. Me” my god that how deep you’d go? It would be in my chest. “It’s TRUE I could literally tit fuck his cock right now while it touches my pussy at the same time. William ” you already had it in your chest. “It had to have gone that far while I deep throated true. He pulled back rubbing his cock across my clit, until his head was right on my clit. William ” I’m going to video this, I think you’ll like it “He had a camera out, a very nice professional looking camera. He was rubbing his cock head up and down my slit. Opening up my lips again, I started gyrating around each time it reached my cunt hole. Me“Ah… A-Ah… Ow…. Hah… *muttering Williams name weakly*… s-stop it…”But I wasn’t stopping either, I continued gyrating around his cocks head. Letting it open me little by little. I felt my cunt open as his head pushed in, my lips expand around him. Me ” just the head hah..  ha.. ahh..  “I continued gyrating, I felt his cock pushing deeper. I felt my walls stretched around his head. His cock was pushing areas no cock had ever pushed. It was so thick, it was stretching me like never before.Hubby had girth, but it was wider then tall. Sean was the same way. But Williams cock was not, it was nearly round. Just as tall as wide, where I’ve been stretched before depending on the position both ways. Yet William was stretching me both at the same time.  Plus being have 2 inches of girth more then hubby. He was only two inch past the head, I started cumming. My pussy was convulsing around him. I could feel my juices leaking out around his cock. He was sliding in easily now my natural lubrication opening the way. He was deep now, my gyrating had turned to thrusting up and down. William ” how does that feel? You’ve gotten 9 inches in “I continued thrusting. Me ” hah…  gasp…  ahhh…. so good “William ” you like fucking this niga cock “Me ” gasping ahh….hah….Ahh… Uhm… Uh…. hell y-yes William …”He thrust deeper, I could feel him deep inside my cervix. Expanding it stretching it. My thrusting grow more intense as I grow closer to climax. William ” tell me you love this nigga cock in your little white cunt “This is only my second black guy ever. This first didn’t take like that. But I watched a lot of BBC porn and loved it. Me screaming “Ahh… Uhm… Uh…. I love your nigga cock don’t stop fucking my ahhhhhh little uhhhhh…..white hahhhh… pussy…”I was cumming hard again. Saying that aloud sent me over the edge. Me” Gasping… uhmm… This is your white pussy ahhh…. fuck me William Uh.. Oh.. fuck me “I think that was what he was waiting for. He pulled back then thrusting deep inside me. I felt him in my stomach, he didn’t stop fucking. Thrusting deeper and deeper, I was cumming over and over. Squirting like a fire hose. He pushed my legs together, resting the on one of his shoulders. He was taking deep long strokes now. I could feel his head come right to the edge and he would push back in balls deep. My moans turned into screams, I’d never been fucked like this. His cock was overwhelming, I could feel every inch stretching me. With his deep strokes I felt his veins they were like a ripped condom. William ” this tight pussy is milking my cock “That’s when he spread my legs again, he grabbed me and stood up. Instinctively I gripped my legs around him. His hands wrapped around me reaching to my ass, he used this as leverage. Pulling me up and down fucking me with deep long strokes. He started walking to the huge plate glass windows, he didn’t stop fucking me while walking. Each step would thrust him deeper. Me screaming ” ahhhhhh….. hahhhhh…… uhmmmmmmmm….. ahhhhh…  “He pressed my back against the window, I could feel the space below me. My fear of heights raged, we were 40 floors up. But his cock was slamming me backwards, pushing me into the glass and the orgasming kept coming. My panic was winning!Me ” put me down “For a second I didn’t think he would, as he pounded me harder for 3 or 4 more strokes. But he let me down. Me ” breathe…. have…. to… breathe… thank…. you….. “He gave me a few minutes, walking back to the cart and getting me another drink. I know I should watch how much alcohol I was having. I hadn’t been this drunk in a very long time. Like reading my mindWilliam ” there isn’t a lot of alcohol in these, your as drunk as you feel. It’s the intensity. “I knew I was sobering up again, the realization hit me now, I had definitely cheated now. Earlier really was just petting and playing around. We had just fucked, there wasn’t anything to say or do. It had happened. Me ” you promised, no fucking. I broke my promise now “William ” I told you I wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want to, and you definitely wanted to be fucked. I didn’t even put my cock inside you. Well besides the head. “” your hips rolling like that, feed me in. Once you had a few inches in I felt you wanted more. “Me” your head got me going, I wanted more….”I had finished my drink and asked for another, he quickly grabbed one and I downed it. I was down on my knees this whole time, that’s where ended up after he let me down. He was close, when he brought my drink he was standing over me. His cock had gone down, hanging there next to my face soft. This was the first time I’d seen it soft. It was at least 8 inches soft. I turned and kissed it. Then grabbing it I shoved in my mouth. I loved feeling a soft cock grow in my mouth. I knew I could fit him all the way down. I was fucking his cock with my mouth now. William ” ahh… yeah………”He was getting bigger, I started playing with his balls now. He started moaning, so I pull his cock out and started sucking his balls. My hands now jerking cock. He reach down spreading my ass cheeks, rubbing my pussy juices up to my little asshole. That’s when he start finger fucking my asshole. He didn’t go slow, he pushed two enormous fingers in as deep as they could go. His thumb pressed against my clit; he was jerking his hand up and down. My body convulsing, my juices splattering against the window behind me. I nearly swallowed his balls I was sucking so hard. William ” I think you’re ready now. “He pulled away and walked around me. I thought after fingering my ass he was going to fuck it. But I felt his cock head at my cunts opening. Finally he was going to fuck my doggystyle. He was going slow, working his head in stretching me open. I didn’t want slow, I started pushing my ass into him. Forcing his cock inside.Me” fuck…. me “( I feel this one has gone on long enough be ready for part 2 )

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