BB’s ‘Groupie’ Ch. 2 (Clearwater)


Greetings from the road!!

I’m performing at a small venue (actually, it’s bigger than a shoebox, but not by much) tonight but I thought I’d tell you quickly of what happened, before I passed out, from last nights revelry!

What a bacchanal THAT was! Man-o-man, can the babes here in Clearwater, (FL) party!

I wasn’t drinking but THEY sure were! A fifth of brandy, here. A quart of scotch, there! The booze was flying and soon, so were the inhibitions! Then came the clothes!!

Whoah, mama!!

There was this one hot, hot, HOT, young woman who’d been eyeing me all night-long and as soon as she’d had enough rum in her blood stream, she got up the nerve to approach me. (Not that anyone needs any help in that department, because I’m very approachable!)

She was very good looking, too: Strawberry-blond hair, 5’6″ tall, 34-24-33, with a pretty face and smooth skin that was slightly tanned from sitting on the beach all day, and a smile that could melt a glacier! She was THAT good lookin’!

Anyway, she came up to me and slurred, “If you don’t kissh me now, Sssir, I’m going to drink myshelf into a shtupor!”

“I think you’ve had enough to drink already, my little friend,” I told her, just before I put my lips on hers! I could taste the rum on her lips and I was instantly intoxicated by this beautiful girl who just wanted to get bursa escort into my pants!


Now, I have always been a sucker for a young, attractive woman, and she certainly fit that bill to a tee! So, I figured, what the fuck, she’s over the age of consent, she wants me and I wanted her, so what’s the harm. Right?


I’m too nice a guy! THAT’S why I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t take advantage of this sweet, young thing! So I picked her up, carried her to my car and drove her to her hotel (“The big one on the beach,” she told me before she passed out.) I fished the key out of her pocket and put her to bed!

Just as I was turning out her light to leave, she startled me by saying, “Your just gonna leave me like this?”

I looked at her and realized, “Hey, you’re not drunk, you big faker!”

Apparently she likes to pretend that she’s drunk in order to get guys to take advantage of her! She said that a lot of guys are intimidated by her looks and THIS is the only way she can get laid, 9-out-of-10 times!

Well, my mama didn’t raise no fools!

I looked at her sitting there on that big hotel bed. She looked so little and lonely! I told her, “I SHOULD leave you here for fucking with me….but I won’t!” Because, of course, I wanted her, too! So I just smiled at her, peeled off my clothes and jumped into bed with her!

Oh, bursa escort bayan that wonderfully, sweet, giving girl! She gave herself to me, completely, saying I could do “anything” I wanted with her! And I DID! (Thank God for birth control pills, because I didn’t have a condom with me.) I filled up every hole in her body with sperm, kids, I’m telling you!

I even tied her to the clothes-rod in the closet and fucked her tight anus! I told her, “Be careful what you ask for, little slut! Because you’ll get it every time!”

I stuck my index finger into her dripping pussy and got it really wet. Then I pushed that finger into her tight puckered opening. I worked the finger in and out until she started to relax. Then I worked my middle finger into her ass hole. She started to moan even louder from this. I told her to relax, be quiet, and enjoy it, as I pulled both fingers out of her. I walked over to the mini-bar and grabbed two little, plastic bottles of Bacardi’s Black rum and poured half of one down the crack of her buttocks.

“Ow, that stings,” she shrieked!

“Well, good, because when I’m done with you, you’ll really know pain, honey!” I sneered at her!

I poured the rest of the opened bottle onto my cock and stroked myself with it, using the rum as a lube to masturbate myself!

I opened the other bottle and stuck the escort bursa mouth of it up into her anal orifice and squeezed the contents into her rectum, giving her a kind-of-a rum enema!

“IT BURNS,” she cried out!

“Good! It’ll numb the pain when I do THIS….” I sneered again, as I thrust my erect cock into her ass-hole with all my 200 pounds of body weight!!

“YEEEEAAIIII!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs! Luckily, there were clothes hanging in the closet to muffle the noise, otherwise the people sleeping in the room next door would have called the police thinking that I was killing their young neighbor!!

Well,I fucked her little asshole raw! I didn’t pause until I saw tears streaking down her face (she’d never had anal sex before and the tears were from her orgasms!) And then I blasted a load of molten semen into her rectum, just as she had a gut-wrenching orgasm of her own!! I pulled my withering organ from her anus, untied her wrists, and made her clean my dick off with her mouth. Another first for her! But she seemed to like it! She sucked me like it was her first meal in a month! She sucked me to another erection and I fucked her pussy, for the third and final time, making darn sure that she wouldn’t forget her trip to Florida!!

Wow, again!

Well, Tracee said the next time she is in Florida, she’s gonna look me up for another performance! I also promised that I’ll call her if I make it up to Nebraska for a comedy gig! I may just go to watch the corn grow, though!!

Either way, needless to say, we can’t wait for Spring Break ’03!

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