Be Careful What You Wish For


Had we known it would have ended up like this, would we have still gone? Probably not. We wouldn’t have been horny enough to think it would be fun. We would have thought about things too sensibly. We probably would have decided to just do something else kinky. I would have missed a chance to see my girlfriend completely used in the dark hallways surrounding the gloryholes behind a porn store.

– 4 hours earlier –

Amber was excited. She was always excited when we were about to try something new and this particular fantasy we had talked about, in the heat of passion and casually, on numerous occasions. We had had 3somes of both varieties, rape role-play and prostitution role-play, bondage, exhibitionism on webcam… The list could go on. But as of yet we had not fulfilled a number of fantasies. She loved double penetration during our previous 3some experiences and wanted more – she wished for a gangbang and she often texted me at work with hot photos of her wet pussy explaining to me that it got that way because she spent the morning fantasizing about 4 or 5 big men using her like she was a whore. But today wasn’t about that, this was about our gloryhole fantasy.

We both agreed that Friday would be a good day. We figured on a Friday, if you were to go early enough, it wouldn’t be all that busy. This way I could get a booth next to her and she could suck on my cock through that hole while some pervert watched her through the adjacent hole. “Maybe,” she said as she pulled on her stockings, “Maybe, I will suck someone else off while you watch after I’m done with you.” She threw me one of those mischievous smiles that told me she was telling the truth and that she was planning something – I certainly hoped she was.

She was finally ready. “What do you think?” She asked. She stood up to show off and actually, she was dressed as if she were going to some modern indie party. She had dark pattern stockings on covering her long legs, a pair of black shorts on top with a thin leather belt, a plain white top with thin straps hanging over her shoulders and a mid-length, lace material shirt on top. Being mulatto she had slightly larger than average hips with an amazing ass, strong, slender legs (made to look longer with those brown leather boots she was wearing that had a 2″ heel) and C cup tits. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and I would bet she wasn’t wearing panties either. “Make me look at you any longer and I’ll just fuck you here” I finally replied. We decided it was time to leave.

At just after 8:00 we arrived at the porn store, its big neon sign in front shining ‘Peep Shows – $0.25’. I had read online that these peep shows were the gloryhole booths. As we expected there was no one in the store other than us and the woman at the desk. I didn’t want to look dumb or waste any time thinking too much. We were both a bit nervous, albeit very excited, so I simply approached the desk and said, “Hey, how’s it going? Can I get $5.00 worth of coins for the back, please?” As I had hoped, it went smoothly. She handed me the coins fistful of coins. As we began walking she called to us: “Oh! Just one thing… The volume is kind of funny on some of the screens.” Amber and I both shrugged and as we were about to continue in the girl simply said, “Have fun” with an evil smile.

The halls were so dark at first we actually couldn’t see a thing. We slowly walked down the hall to where it branched in 2 other directions. This place was way bigger than we had thought! We continued going straight to where there were 6 booths: 3 on our left and 3 on our right. We could hear loud moans and screams coming from a booth somewhere in the darkness, “Must be that broken machine” I joked. Amber had already found her box. On one of them, in glow in the dark letters it read ‘BITCH BOX’. She smiled to me, “This one must be for me!” I could hear her giggle softly. “Take the box on my left!”

As she turned to enter the booth her purse knocked some coins from my hands. Not realizing what she had done I heard the sound of her door closing and locking without helping me and I fumbled for them in the darkness. The sound of that porn in the background was making me hard already, the smell of sex in the air, the darkness, knowing what was coming. I heard another door close and lock. I couldn’t wait any longer, fuck the coins. I stood up and found the handle to the door on Amber’s left. One problem, it was locked from the inside. As I made my way to the booth on her right I could hear porn at full volume blasting from what should have been ‘My booth’. I entered the small dark booth, closed and locked the door and got familiar with it for a moment. I couldn’t find any gloryholes though! I needed light. So I put all the coins in the machine and the screen lit up – Ah! Perfect! My speakers blasted also. 2 men fucked on my screen and all I could hear was their moans and dirty talk. I changed the channel: 3 men. Fuck! I changed the channel again. An old porn movie of a woman giving a slow, sensual blowjob. I should have stopped gorukle escort there but it was so boring. I spent 45 seconds flicking through the channels until I found something nasty: A woman getting fucked by at least 5 men. All I could hear were the men talking amongst each other about what a whore she was and telling others to move over because they wanted a turn. The woman’s screams were muffled by the cock in her throat.

I leaned down to my hole to look over at Amber. Her booth had a very dim light inside but just enough to see her. I noticed hers had no screen. It was the same size as my booth but it was just 3 walls. She was standing and facing me but not looking at my hole. She was looking behind her at the eyeball dark eyeball spying on her from the other hole. She slowly bent over and removed her shorts to reveal her lack of panties and thigh high stockings. While bent over, she took a wider stance, put her hand between her legs over her pussy and looked into the stranger’s gloryhole. His finger motioned for her to come closer but she wasn’t going to do what she was told. She was on to her hooker routine. Stripping, showing off her pussy, fingering her own pussy and asshole. I tried speaking to her through my hole but she couldn’t hear me over the incredible volume of the porn.

She stood back up and removed her shirts. I could tell she was playing with her tits as she continued her tease show. All she wore now was her stocking and her boots. Her black hair was in a long ponytail. As she stood, her ass at perfect height of my hole, I could see her swollen pussy lips. She was wet. I had to get her attention before she made a mistake. I was barely able to fit my wrist through the hole and I tapped on her ass cheek. By the time I withdrew my hand to look at her now that I had her attention; I could see she had backed up against the other wall. I must have startled her and she retreated to where it was ‘safe’. She backed up against ‘my box’. Suddenly her face changed and I could tell she was feeling something good. For 30 seconds or so I tried getting her attention in vain as she pushed her ass more and more against the hole and arched her back. When she was leaning over enough and her legs were spread I could see he was fingering her and she loved it.

My cock began to grow. I loved seeing her pleasured by other men and it was even hotter that she thought it was me! I continue watching and I noticed movement on the third wall. That was why she had no screen! The “BITCH BOX” was for 3 cocks! After a couple moments Amber turned around and dropped to her knees. She held up 1 finger to the stranger’s hole as if to communicate, “wait”… She reached into her purse and pulled out handcuffs. I could only imagine her wicked smile she flashed when she dangled them for “me” to see. God she must have been horny! We always talked about handcuffing her in the booths so she could be my cock slave – I had once even cuffed her in a park and pretended to leave her there for 15 minutes. She managed to secure the cuffs herself, behind her back. Within seconds a hard cock appeared and Amber, on her knees in the dark, flooded with the sounds of porn, didn’t hesitate to take it in her mouth. As we discussed, there was no sensual blowjobs wanted. No kissing. No caressing. We wanted her to gag and choke and slobber on my cock – give a show for whoever watched. Now, ironically, I was the one watching. Well, me and some other guy.

I couldn’t clearly see what was happening but I could tell she was pushing her head as close to that wall as possible. Her head bobbing had seemed to stop more or less which meant he was pumping her mouth from his side. Now I was rock hard, watching this. My attempts to get her attention were finished. Her pussy was dripping wet, her anxious hands restrained behind her and very once in a while, presumably when the stranger was jamming her cock down her throat and not removing it, she would lean back and turn her head away; gasping for air. But she would get right back to it like a pro. The other stranger had now entered his cock into the booth and at first, Amber didn’t notice. In one of her gasps I saw her eye lock on to it before returning to the task at hand. It only took 5 or 6 minutes before things relaxed. She slumped down where was sitting, breathing heavily, wetter than ever and the cock she had been sucking withdrew. I had assumed he had cum in her mouth but she collected herself, balanced and stood up, and with her hands cuffed she leaned over so her pussy was against the hole. Her mouth was so close to mine that I heard her moan as the cock first impaled her. I could have warned her then, but I was way too horny. I had to take advantage. I stood up, dropped my pants to my ankles and pushed through the hole, hoping for the best.

My cock actually hit her in the face when I pushed it through. For 15 seconds or so she did nothing. She may have told me later she did this for better balance but I felt her mouth envelop my cock. Her hot, wet, abused mouth gliding up and altıparmak eskort bayan down my shaft with each thrust she took from the cock on the other side. He must have been long like me for her to be moving forward like that through a gloryhole, I thought. And so this continued for 3 or 4 minutes. I looked at the screen next to me and pictured Amber. Amber surrounded by men who didn’t care for her. No, they NEEDED her. They would take her and do anything they wanted to her. But she stopped.

I waited for 30 seconds or so and then withdrew and looked through the hole just in time to see her with her back to the door, fumbling blindly. I was confused at first but as she undid the lock, I realized. By the time I was able to pull my jeans up, unlock my door and exit into the hallway, I was too late. Her door was closed and locked once more. I quickly returned to the hole to see what was happening. He had entered the door while her back was turned, his cock was still out and hard and he had his arms around her, groping her tits and holding her throat. I wasn’t sure if she realized yet what was going on. He was rough with her and he forced her to her knees, her back still turned to him. He grabbed her shirt from the ground, stretched it over her face like a blindfold and secured it. He shoved her face roughly toward the third hole and within seconds a cock came through. Just a small one, I remember noticing.

Did she not know it was me? Was she too afraid to say anything? Was she too horny to care? She opened her mouth and swallowed the cock. I had a perfect view of him holding her hair and pushing her down the cock, her face pressed against the walls. Then he started jerking her head back and forth on the cock until I could see it cumming on her lips. He got down on his knees behind her, never letting go of her hair and roughly shoved his cock inside her. Another cock appeared, this time a huge one. It was veiny and white and at least 8″ long and just thick enough to barely make it through the hole. Again he forced her to suck cock; however, this one was met with more difficulty. All I could do was watch as these men abused my girlfriend. As hot as it was, I needed to stop it! I started figuring out a plan when my movie shut off. “More you fucking bastard!!” I heard her scream between gags on the cock.

“You may have come here to make money tonight, bitch. But whatever your plan was, you’re going to be sore in the morning and you won’t be 1 dime richer.” His voice was clearly not mine and Amber didn’t give a fuck. She knew it wasn’t me.

The man’s thrusts became more erratic and he told her to stand up, turn around and fuck the wall cock. She slid down the whole length of it with a moan and started bouncing against the wall. He shoved his balls in her mouth as he jerked off his cock with one free hand. He aimed at her face and blew his load all over her lips and cheeks and blindfold and chin. She was gasping and moaning as the cock behind her continued its assault as the hot cum slowly ran down her face, dripping into her mouth and onto the floor. The man released his grip from her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth once more to clean it off. He groaned a bit then tucked it back into his pants after a short time. He zipped up, opened the door and left.

The gloryholes were silent now other than the noises coming from Amber and the stranger in the booth behind her. The man groaning slightly and my slut girlfriend beginning to orgasm. As I put my cock away and got to my feet to get a chance to fuck my own girlfriend I hear a thump. When I got into the hall she was laying just a few feet from me, still cumming from an orgasm apparently strong enough to make her lose her balance. She didn’t appear to be hurt but there was a group of men staring at her as she writhed in pleasure on the floor, restrained and blindfolded. A perfectly helpless package for anyone.

I leaned over and helped her into a seated position. “Do you want me to get you out of here?” I whispered. “It looks like it could get pretty intense”. Her wicked smile told me everything I needed to know.

It was obvious that there perverted minds were spinning in silence for only a moment or two before a familiar voice interjected, “I found her in the Bitch Box. She put those cuffs on herself you wouldn’t believe the shit she was saying… She told me she can never get enough cock and that she was a cum-whore. She said I could do anything to her.”

Whether this was true or not, I was unsure. I suspected he was exaggerating or, if she did say something like that, it may have been before she realized it was a stranger fucking her. A man rounded the hallway slightly shocked to see a group but it didn’t slow him down. His huge, hard cock was still out. He was in his 40’s and skinny. His cock didn’t seem to suit his body. “Well then she won’t mind me finishing this in front of you” he said distractedly.

He grabbed her by the hair and forcibly “helped” her to her knees. She nilüfer eskort bayan could balance otherwise so she was forced to leave her head lying on the ground with her ass up in the air. He simply grabbed her hips and pushed all the way in – picking up where he let off. Amber is always very tight after she cums; hell, she may have left his cock because of that the first time, so when he began slamming into her, the noises she made were a combination of screams and moans. “OH! PLEASE FUCK! Ohhhh goooooddd! Its! Ugh! – it’s too much!” He grabbed her by the handcuffs and pulled so her arms were tightly behind her back. He pulled hard enough that her face came off the ground.

The other men had started unzipping and stroking as they watched. It was so dark you could barely make a face out and the scene on the ground was only lit by the dim light from the open door of the BITCH BOX. But this scene was all the invitation these men needed. An older man dropped to his knees and pushed his cock in her pleading mouth – that shut her up. Both men fucked her without mercy – She was blindfolded, after all, even if she didn’t want this, who could she tell?

The man behind her came somewhat anti-climatically. He just buried his cock all the way in her which was a pleasure/pain judging by the expression on her face. He withdrew, rubbed her cock up and down her ass crack to clean it a bit and zipped up.

I needed my turn next. I lay down on my back and told her to straddle me. The man fucking her face helped her shift over. Although I wanted to fuck her tight asshole, I knew it would just lead the group to thinking it was an anal gangbang – I would have to wait till the crowd thinned out. My cock slipped easily inside her and I couldn’t help myself, “This bitch MUST be a whore! We could practically fit 2 cocks here!” I hadn’t realized that this would be taken as an invitation. But within 30 seconds a younger man, maybe 30 who smelled of whiskey was behind her, squeezing her tits with 1 hand and guiding his cock into the same wet hole I was fucking. She was probably screaming, probably begging us to stop. But she was also wetter than I’d ever felt and anything she tried to say was just gurgles and guttural groans and gags. I stopped pumping her cunt for a moment until I felt him finally manage to get the tip of his cock in – luckily for her it wasn’t too thick. She tried pulling her body away but I held her tight by the hips, the man behind her was holding her tits and the man on her face had a firm hold on her head. All she could do was take cock now. When he got as much of his length in as he could I remained with my hard cock inside her as deep as I possibly could and left the fucking to him. She was so tight it was almost painful for me and it made me want to cum quickly. I did all I could to calm myself as these men abused her. But as the man fucking her pussy with me began increasing his pace and twisting her nipples, I couldn’t hold it any longer. The friction of everything going on and the look on her face whenever she had a free moment to look at me was too much. I started thusting deeply with the other man and finally I spoke again, “Ughhh! Take some more cum, slut!!” I shoved my dick as deep and hard in her as I could as I flooded her with hot cum. This proved enough to set the other man off as well and he mumbled something as he also pushed deeply into her and spilled his cum.

After he climbed off of her, I moved her legs off of me and stood back as the man who had been fucking her face began cumming on her tongue. For all Amber knew, that was it. 4 loads in her pussy and 2 in her mouth. She was sore, she was satisfied and now I could tell from her mannerisms, she was done enjoying sex. She was at the point now where it would hurt her to cum again.

I undid her handcuffs, “I can’t believe you put these fucking things on”. I slapped her ass encouragingly. The men around me looked disappointed and one of them stepped forward. “She still has work to do. Who the fuck are you?”

I stood up and as Amber began to regain her senses and surrounding she looked up at the two of us, “No one said I was done. I just wanted free hands – no need to fight, boys”. This was likely a selfless act. I know she wanted to leave but it was obvious these men wouldn’t let her.

I sat back and watched as the remaining 5 men brutalized her. They pulled her by her hair, slapped her face and scolded her if she ever said, “No” or “Oww” or gave anyone lip. My cock grew hard again while she was cumming for the third or fourth time. At the time she was taking an enormous cock in her tight asshole. Luckily she had a lot of practice with anal sex but this guy was merciless. They all were! And every single one of them made sure to leave a load on her face.

It took an hour, more or less, but they finally all finished and left her in a whimpering pile on the floor. A look of devastation across her face was barely noticeable beneath all the sticky cum. They had removed the blindfold much earlier on so they could make her look them in the eyes while they scolded her. I did all I could to hide my hard on as I helped her to her feet. Her stockings barely hung from her legs now – torn and soiled. Her tank top was stretched and cum-stained as well. All that was good now was her lace sweater, her boots and her shorts.

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