Be Nice to Me… Please.


Be Nice to Me… Please.My name is Lexi and I have been happily married for the last five years to a great guy with a crappy job. James is everything I could ask for in a husband, he is loving, caring, attentive and a great provider. The only downside to him is his job. James is an insurance investigator for a very large insurance company and he spends as much as a month at a time traveling, usually abroad. Sure he gets to see the world and sometimes if I can get time off of my job I get to go with him, but I spend a lot of time alone. James has always known I hate being alone and so does he. So after five years of faithful marriage we decided to make our relationship an open one. The rules were simple, if we are together it is just us, but if he is away then either of us can have sex with whomever we please. My husband has an assistant that generally travels with him named Natalie and they immediately started fucking as per our new arraignment. So on the Monday that he left I was feeling quite lonely and decided that I would begin exploring our new lifestyle. I got all dolled up, and headed out on the town to have a good time. Since I was lonely I was looking to find some companionship for the night or maybe the weekend. I went to a local bar called “The Loft”, it usually had bands playing and a pretty good crowd would show up and hang out. When I walked in the bar was hopping, there was a hot bank playing and the bar was crowded. I had on a short, plaid, school girl skirt. It had two slits that came up to the belt to show a healthy amount of thigh. I had on a black button down shirt with three buttons fastened in the middle just below my breast line allowing me to show an ample amount of cleavage while also allowing glimpses of my flat, tanned tummy when my shirt fluttered around due to an open bottom. It covered a lacey black bra that matched my pair of fishnet stockings that went to the middle of my thigh right below the hem line of my skirt. I had my hair down flowing over my shoulders in a wild windblown look. I walked up to the bar feeling confident that I was making my intentions plain.The first guy at the bar asked me if he could buy me a beer so I lit up with a smile and said “Sure”. His name was Brandon and after a few minutes he leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Hey, let’s get out of here and go back to your place”. I took a step back, “I just got here, I thought we could hang out”, keep in mind I didn’t say no to sex. He said “whatever” and walked away. I was shocked; I know that I had been off the market for a while but, “how rude”. I had no intention of playing hard to get but I wanted to be wined and dined a little. I just wanted someone to be nice to me for a while; I was lonely and hoping for some attention and affection. So I started to move around the bar to see what else was out there. After an hour, my mood was darkening, I had been slapped on my butt 4 times, had my boob grabbed 3 times, one guy even had the gall to reach his hand under the front of my skirt and rub his fingertips over the front of my panties. I had five offers to LET me suck on their dick everyplace from the bathroom to under the table, and three fuck requests without so much as a “how do you do”. I was so pissed I could have cried. I went back to the bar and ordered another drink, some fat college k** came up and grabbed my hips and bucked his pelvis into my butt. I shoved back hard knocking him off balance; his big gut did the rest. He hit the ground hard, as he got up I heard someone behind me say “what the fuck is your problem man, leave her alone”. I turned and saw a beautiful woman standing behind me. She had Dark black, straight hair that went past her shoulders which were bare. Her cherry red tube top just barely covered her perfect breasts. Her tummy was tight and ripped. She had Skin tight low rider black jeans that showed off her very curvy hips. Her skin was darker than mine and flawless. She looked at me with to cool blue eyes and smiled. She held out her hand and said “Hi I’m Claire.” In a voice that was shakier than I wanted it to be I said, Hi I’m Lexi.” My eyes felt heavy with tears and when I blinked one rolled down my cheek. Claire had a concerned look on her face and said “Oh, Sweety are you okay.” “I know there jerks they just have no manners come here honey.” And with that Claire put her arm around me and swept me into the bathroom. She pulled a tissue from her purse and gently dabbed my eyes. When she was done and I had composed myself Claire suggested we run across the street to the Torch. The Torch was much quieter and relaxed, we sat at a table and Claire ordered two beers and two shots for us. As we sat there I and chatted I started to loosen up and told Claire my story, she listened patiently. At the end she looked kind of sad and said, “I am so sorry sweety, your night sounds dreadful.” Sadly I thought to myself that she was right, my night was a disaster. I told her I that she was right and I was probably going to pack it in and go home. Then Claire, “Nonsense, you came out to have a good time and a good time will be had, come with me missy.” She held out her hand and I took it and followed as she led me into the street and down the block to “Blackstones”. Once inside there was a DJ playing music and ladies walking around in tight tees and short shorts with big trays filled with shots of various colors. The lights were low and people were dancing. Claire pulled me close and asked, “Do you wanna dance”. I looked around and shook my head “yes”. Claire turned around and grabbed my hand and held it high over her right shoulder and started leading me out onto the dance floor while she gyrated her hips to the beat. Once we got to the middle she turned towards me and we both started dancing to the music. Every time a shot girl got within ear shot or sight Claire would buy two shots and we would down them and go back to dancing. It was a blast; I soon forgot about my previously crummy night and had a truly great time. At the end of the night Claire and I were completely bombed and we realized that neither of us was going to be driving home. Claire quickly put her fingers to her mouth and whistled loudly at a passing cab which stopped. Claire asked where I lived and I told her the East end of town, she explained that she was 5 minutes from downtown and said we should go to her house and then we could come back to the cars in the morning. I gave her the thumbs up and we got in the cab and Claire told him to go to the corner of Addison and Fifth. Claire was cracking me up doing impressions of guys that tried to pick us up that night. When we got to Claire’s we piled out of the cab paid him grandbetting giriş and headed into the condominium building. We took the elevator to the fourth floor and went in to Claire’s place. It was really cool the ceilings were high and the layout was spacious. It was a loft and it was one big room with a couple of partitioning walls to give the boundary for the bedroom, but other than the bathroom and a couple of closets there wasn’t a door to be seen. I sat at the high top bar that separated the kitchen and the dining area and Claire pulled a bottle of schnapps and vodka out of the cupboard along with two shot classes and started pouring. I threw back mine and she poured them again. I started laughing again, and said, “all I wanted tonight was for somebody to be nice to me, this is not what I expected, thanks for a great night Claire”. “I’ll be nice to you sweety”, Claire giggled and came over and started rubbing my shoulders. I was laying my head on top of the bar as she rubbed her elbow into a particularly stubborn knot just to the right of my shoulder blade, “Wow sweety, you are so tight”. “You need to relax and distress yourself.” I laughed, “That is exactly why I was trying to get laid tonight.” “My plan was to fuck till I couldn’t walk straight then fall into a c*** and wake up three days from now and be all better”. Claire snickered, “Well I guess those guys screwed up.” “Yeppers, they sure did Claire” I was feeling really nice now. “Oh, if only you had a penis then tonight would be perfect.” Claire laughed out loud and said, “I do” and laughed again. I picked my head up and said, “huh.” She giggled like a little k**, “I said, I do, wait here.” Claire ran off for the bedroom. I heard a couple of drawers slamming and what sounded like her falling over. Then she came out from behind the wall snickering and I realized that she had taken off her pants and had a good sized pink strap-on around her waist. It was a good sized toy, about three inches around and more than 10 inches long. It bobbed up and down as she weaved her way back to the table. My eyes must have been huge with shock because Claire was cracking up at me. “Why do you have that?” Claire said, “Duh, for sex.” She threw back another shot, “this baby can go all night and never runs out of juice.” “This is my de-stressor.” Claire laughed out loud again, I was cracking up too. We kept drinking and joking around about the strap-on, it was too funny the way it kept bobbing around. Then Claire said, “So do you wanna try it.” I tried on my best look of shock and dismay, “what, you mean fuck you?” What it’s no different than a toy; you have played with yourself using a toy before haven’t you?” I responded with a sarcastic “duh.” Well this is a toy, just I will be driving the ship,” she cracked up again. “I can’t believe we are even talking about this.” Claire looked me in the eyes, “look all k**ding aside sweety, you said you wanted to fuck with reckless abandon tonight right?” “Right”, I said intrepidly. Well if you had hooked up with one of those guys you would have gotten 5 to 10 minutes before they passed out right?” “Probably”, I said sourly. “Well I am giving you a shot at, actually, fucking all night long.” “Hey, I am just trying to help you out so if you want it, I am willing to do it.” “If you don’t it’s cool, I will take this off and we can go to bed.” “But you should most likely decide before I sober up.” “Okay”, the word was out before I realized I was going to say it. But I knew for sure I wanted it. I was frustrated and I desperately wanted a release, a real release. I left my house that evening feeling the need to really do something dirty, and what could be dirtier than this. Claire blinked at me, “Okay, lets do this, she took my hand and led me to her bed. It was a king size bed with a big fluffy down comforter on it. As I followed her I realized that she had taken off more than just her pants her perfect butt was uncovered except for the two black straps that wrapped around the top on each thigh. It was strange but once I had decided to do this, it seemed like the most normal thing ever. I had done some mutual masturbation as a k** with my best friend while growing up, this couldn’t be that much different. Claire led me to the front of the bed and turned to face me, “so do you want to be warmed up or are you more of a get to the main event type of girl.” I looked her in the eyes and said, “generally I like to be warmed up, but in this case… I don’t know.” Claire grinned wickedly and pulled me into her and placed her lips on mine. It was soft and wet. With both of us wearing lipstick our lips stuck together as she pulled back. Claire smiled at me, and said “I like to be warmed up too.” I was in a slight shock. That is when I realized that this would be nothing like what I did as a c***d. Claire placed her hand on the back of my neck and pulled me in as we locked lips for the second time. This kiss lasted much longer, it was passionate and needy. I could feel Claire’s desire as she forced her tongue between my lips desperately seeking my own tongue. I found myself giving it to her freely as I shoved it in between her waiting lips, Claire sucked on it greedily. She parted for the briefest of moments to inhale a deep breath and then plunged her tongue deep within my mouth again. Now she had both hands on the back of my head with her fingers tangled in my hair. She was in complete control of my mouth, applying pressure as needed and taking it away when I wanted it the most. Then Claire sucked my lower lip into her mouth and gently caught it between her teeth. As Claire bent my head back she released my lip and started to kiss nibble and suck on my chin and then trailed her lips down my jaw line to the top of my completely exposed neck. She bit and sucked on my neck passionately, as I lost myself in the moment. That’s when I felt her hot breath on my ear lobe as she sucked it into her mouth and sucked on it softly. I moaned and placed my hand on her bare butt grasping it firmly. I heard a high pitched inhale and felt a rush of air over my ear followed by a catch of breath; I immediately understood that the contact was very much wanted. Claire wanted me as much as I wanted her right now, this was more than a simple release for her. This was flat out desire. The Three buttons that held my top on were the first to go as my shirt sailed to the floor. Claire pulled me in kissing my neck and shoulders deeply as she undid my lacy black bra and tossed it aside. I pulled her top over her head and was surprised at how warm her body was as she pressed her body up against mine. Her skin was so smooth and soft, grandbetting yeni giriş I could feel her smooth flawless breasts as they pressed against mine, rubbing across my sensitive and very hard nipples. I could not believe how turned on I was, it was like she knew every one of my most sensitive places. Then I felt her hand press down my stocking’d thigh and back up the inside of my thigh. Her fingers hit the edge of my lacy black panties making my squeak out of nervousness. Then two fingers crossed the boundary and rubbed firmly across my panties, gently massaging my pussy lips and clit through the fabric of my panties, making my legs almost buckle as I leaned into her naked body. I realized that my panties felt cool and wet making me turn bright red with embarrassment. Claire smiled sweetly and softly whispered, “Oh baby, you are so wet, your panties are drenched.” “Tsk Tsk, that will never do.” “We can’t have you running around in wet panties you’ll catch a cold.” Claire was obviously turned on, because her passion was literally overwhelming as she guided me to the bed. Then she pressed me onto my back on the bed as she deftly pulled my skirt and panties past my butt and up my legs, removing them smoothly and leaving me without any protection from what was about to happen. She placed a hand on the stocking just below each of my knees and spread my legs apart to expose my completely wet and slick pussy. Claire was just staring at me as she stood over me. Her eyes were pure desire; I had never seen anything so intense in all of my life. “My god Lexi, you are beautiful.” She smiled at me and placed a knee on the bed and got on top of me kissing again with renewed intensity. Claire pushed down my body and started to kiss and lick her way across my breasts. When she sucked my first nipple into her mouth it was like an electric bolt straight to my clit. The moan that was building caught in my throat causing my back to arch further pressing my sensitive nipple deeper into Claire’s hungry mouth. Claire pulled her mouth away and asked me in a whisper, “Lexi, I want to taste you, will you let me taste your pussy baby.” My response was a ragged gasp, “yes, please.” Claire led a trail of kisses down my tummy to my aching pussy. I was so wet and turned on; I just yearned to be touched. I wanted a release, it no longer mattered that Claire was a woman, my first. It just mattered that she wanted me and that I had to have her, I truly needed her to lick me intimately. I got my wish, Her fist kiss fell Just to the right of my pussy the second kiss was to the left but caught my wet pussy lip giving me a little shudder. The third kiss was right on top of my throbbing clit. My back arched again as a grabbed my breasts and gently rolled my nipples between my fingers. I don’t know how long it was before I was able to breathe again but it felt like forever. Claire had my clit in her mouth and was sucking furiously on it, I don’t think I would have had it any other way. I was completely lost in the primal urge to cum, and as I started to breathe again I started to buck my hips off the bed into her warm mouth. No matter which way I squirmed her lips stayed locked on my clit sucking on it as if it gave life’s milk. I was close to an orgasm and it felt heavenly, that is when she did it. I was soaking wet, I could feel my juices flowing down the crack of my butt, as Claire started to rub two fingers gently across my pussy lips. My breathe caught again at the new sensation and I moaned loudly as she shoved those same two fingers deep into my pussy and started to finger me vigorously. My back arched for the third time and I was cuming hard. It was the purest ecstasy of my life. I had never experienced such an intense orgasm ever. I could feel my pussy convulsing on Claire’s fingers and the juices from my pussy had flowed down the crack of my butt making the bed wet under me. As my orgasm subsided, Claire came up and laid on me holding her hand over my still convulsing pussy keeping it nice and warm. She smiled at me and said, “That was so beautiful.” Then she kissed me, her lips and cheeks were slick and wet from my pussy and I could taste my cum on her lips as she kissed me. It was a strange sensation kissing someone who smelled and tasted like my pussy. I could feel the strap on against my leg and I realized that she was still wearing it. Claire rolled on top of me and pressed her legs in between my legs and pressed her strap on against my still quivering pussy. Claire kissed me and whispered into my ear, “I believe that I still owe you something special, if you still want it, so the question is do you still want it hard and wet between your legs baby?” She was gently rocking the head of her cock against the opening of my pussy. I was so wet it would easily press in all the way with a good push. I could feel the head of the dildo just starting to stretch my wet and slippery pussy lips and then retreat over and over again. This teasing went on for a few minutes, I was lost in my own world of desire when I had finally had enough. “I want it, fuck me!” I wrapped my legs around Claire’s butt and pushed off the wall as I tightened my thighs pulling her towards my starving pussy. With that one push she was inside of me, Claire tried to pull back but I held her there unmoving. I couldn’t breathe, the shock of the sensation was more than I could handle. The dildo was big, much bigger than I had expected, not only was it longer than I was used to but it was thick. My pussy was stretched, really stretched, more than it had ever been before. I had wanted something inside of me so bad, that when I pulled it in I had not realized I was not ready to have this big of a dick inside of me. The giant cock that was firmly inserted into my warmness was creating a mixture of sensations that were creating contradicting emotions; on one hand it was filling a primal need to have something inside of me, and on the other it really fucking hurt. I didn’t know if I should cry or moan, when my breath finally returned what came out was a whimper. My thighs loosened a little and Claire pushed her butt back a little easing some of the pressure inside me. I put my hands on her shoulders and whispered, “Easy, be nice to her, please be nice to her.” Claire pulled back a little more and then slowly pushed it back in, till she was lying on top of me. She whispered in my ear, “Ooooh baby, I am going to be so nice to her I promise, she is going to love me for the rest of her life after tonight.” “And if you’re not careful, you will to.” Claire was true to her words, she guided the strap-on like it was really attached to her. She grandbetting güvenilirmi used gentle and rhythmic motions guiding the cock in and out of my pussy, and then after the tightness in my thighs started to slacken her strokes began to lengthen and became more forceful. Soon I was moving my body down to meet her as she drove her hips into me. We became a perfect rhythm of sweaty, wet, and intense fucking. Our bodies met in perfect sync over and over. I was moaning and whimpering loudly every time she drove the enormous cock into my soaking wet pussy. I could feel it deep in my stomach every time it hit my uterus. It felt so intense, I had Claire’s soft hairless legs rubbing against the inside of my thighs and her breasts and long black hair sliding along my tummy and breasts, and this big smooth cock pounding my insides. Time lost all meaning, there was just me and Claire fucking. I felt like we had been going forever, it was amazing, for the first time ever, I didn’t have to worry about hurrying up before she came. This was one dick that was not going to go limp to soon, I could literally fuck it for as long as Claire was willing to push. I grabbed my nipples pinching them tightly. Then it came all in a rush, I arched my back as the orgasm hit me all at once, it forced my pelvis down allowing the strap-on to rub against my clit for the entire stroke. My breath caught in my throat, my whole body was shaking as wave after wave of orgasm rushed over me. Claire kept her rhythm as she pulled it almost all of the way out of me and then drove the thick dick back into me. I tightly wrapped my quivering thighs around her tight and wrapped my arms around her back out of pure desperation to stop her. My body was so sensitive that every little squirm Claire made sent a new wave from the orgasm. I could feel my Pussy convulsing relentlessly. The orgasm went on for a couple of minutes while Claire kissed my open neck passionately. Finally the tremors slowed and I relaxed into a puddle. Claire pulled out of me and laid down beside me half lying on top of me. Her body was so smooth, soft and warm. We had worked up quite a sweat so her body slid gently over mine every time she moved. Every thing felt so amazing; I had been fucked so hard, I was so relaxed and satisfied. I didn’t care that Claire was a woman, it just didn’t matter. How could I not be attracted to someone that made me feel so amazingly wonderful? It was by far the most powerful sexual experience of my life. Claire kissed me deeply and I realized that I could still taste my pussy on her lips. The room smelled like sex. Suddenly I had to taste her pussy, I had never done it before, but I knew that tonight I was going to. I pushed her off of me and rolled on top of her kissing her passionately. “I want you, I want to taste you, I need to taste you.” I pushed down her body licking her sweaty boobs and tummy as I went. When I got to her pelvis I started to kiss and suck the skin slowly down to her thighs. The aroma between her legs was a mix of musk and sweat. Claire’s pussy had the most arousing scent I had ever experienced, no wonder my husband liked to eat me out so bad. I couldn’t believe how incredibly turned on I was, all of this was so naughty, I really felt like a bad girl almost deviant. I slid my tongue along Claire’s pussy lips, they were already wet from all of the grinding that we did while she fucked me. The taste of her juices was tangy and tart at the same time. I slid my tongue in deeper and then slid it up to her clit and locked my lips down on her little throbbing button and started to suck on it gently. Claire moaned and laid her head back on the bed one hand on her left boob slowly twisting the nipple between her fore finger and thumb and the other hand laid on the back of my head gently stroking my hair. Her moans turned me on even more and I started to suck harder as I felt her pussy flexing against my chin. There was so much wetness, and I felt so dirty, I just wanted to make love to her pussy forever. I kissed it and licked it as if it were a passionate mouth. Then I shoved my fingers into her pussy as deep as they would go, causing Claire to arch her back and writhe on my fingers and tongue. I continued to suck passionately on her clit till she finally came in a rush. I could feel her pussy tightening down on my fingers and convulsing. Then there was a renewed flush of wetness as her thighs shook. I pulled out my fingers and opening my mouth wide cupped it over Claire’s pussy shoving my tongue deep into her. My mouth was flooded with the taste of her orgasm; the mix of flavors in my mouth was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Claire pulled me up to lay on top of her and we made out. Claire licked my cheeks and sucked my tongue. I knew she could taste her pussy on my lips and it reignited the fire between my legs. We fucked three more times that night and then fell asleep in a tangle of naked sweaty limbs. In the morning as I woke up I felt pain everywhere. My head was splitting in two and the little light that was coming in from the living room was way too bright. I tried to move and felt a sharp burning pain in my thighs as I tried to move them together, but the real pain bloomed suddenly and swiftly between my legs. My pussy was throbbing with a burning pain as if it had been fucked completely raw. I gently placed my hand between my legs and applied firm pressure against my throbbing pussy to try and sooth it. My pussy was still wet from the night’s activities but my lips were incredibly swollen, I don’t ever remember my lips feeling so meaty or protruding so far. Gradually the throbbing subsided and the burning sensation dulled. I was surprised to realize that even with all of the pain I felt, I was completely relaxed. I thought hazily back to the nights events and realized I had never been fucked like that in my entire life, for the first time ever I had given myself completely over to my desires. It had been so raw and primal, like an unspoken need that had been lying dormant and then finally allowed to shine forth. The confusing thing was that I didn’t even know that I had even wanted this; it was as if an entirely new world had been laid open for me, and I had no clue what to even do with it. I could feel Clair’s naked back up against mine, her butt was pressed firmly against mine it felt warm and so smooth and soft. I started to shift to get out of the bed, but Clair rolled over and put an arm around me. My belly had goose bumps where her fingers had grazed lightly across me. Her face was resting against the back of my neck and I could feel her hot breath on the knap of my neck causing a shiver to run through me. I was so confused half of me wanted to quietly sit up and get some clothes on so I could get out of there, and the rest of me liked the feel of Claire against my naked body. I ended up staying, unable to leave her. Claire and I have become the best of friends. I would love to hear your comments on my story.

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