Subject: Beach Boy 2 Disclaimer: Unless you are brand new to Nifty you know how this works. This is a work of fiction portraying consensual sex between men and boys. No real or fictional characters were harmed during the writing of this story. Nothing written here is meant to suggest anything about the personal or professional lives of anyone who might be referenced, aside from the fact I personally think you’re attractive; but I would never disrespect you in person. Do not read this if you are philosophically blind. If you are legally blind be sure to turn up the volume on your reader (thanks Fred!). If you are in a country or jurisdiction where it is illegal to read such material do not tell anyone what you are doing. We know you are doing the same things we do. We won’t tell either. If you are a minor, pretend you are in the same situation as the folks above and follow that advice. If this material offends you face the fact that you are here because it turns you on. After you get off, go seek professional help to deal with your feelings. (See the “blind” part above.) All constructive comments are welcome at ail. All flames will be ignored. Please donate something, anything, to keep Nifty going, and thanks to everyone who contributes. Keep ’em up! fty/donate.html “Teach me daddy.” I swear I got even harder when Rob said that. However, first things first. I sank to my knees, united his shorts and pulled them down. Rob’s cock sprang up from the material with a loud ‘thwack’ against his tight abs. His body was fucking gorgeous with a tight vee going from his narrow hips down into his groin. His pubic hair was a lovely trim brown bush that matched his eyebrows and the hair on his head. His fuckpole was easily 7 inches long, neatly circumsized and about 3 inches thick. More than a mouthful. I wondered if I would be able to take him up my ass. No matter. I was all in for this boy. “Your turn.” I stood and Rob opened my shorts and pulled them down my legs as he sank to his knees. He immediately grabbed my butt with both hands and pressed his face into my crotch. I realized he was simply inhaling my scent. That was more of a turnon than I could have anticipated. This kid was fully embracing his sexuality and our encounter. I was determined to do the same. “Okay stud. The best sex starts with a careful cleanup.” I pulled Rob to his feet, held his hand and lead him upstairs. I brought us first to the storage closet and collected two enema bottles. Rob asked what they were and I could not help but grin. The boy may have had his first bj from a horny stranger, but I was going to teach him the joys of gay sex right from the very basics. I knew I was going to be his best teacher if I had anything to say about it. And I did, heh. “When you want to fuck and get fucked it is important to clean yourself thoroughly outside and inside. We will start with the inside.” I guided Rob onto my bed into the doggy position. His ass was so beautiful, so fantastic. You know how many teen boys have firm, but spongy, bubble butts? I mean the kind you can grab, squeeze, spank and jiggle that snap right back into place every time? I was so looking forward to watching that cute ass bouncing on my dick. At the same time his ass was so small his cheeks parted as soon as he bent over and spread his legs a little. His rosebud was yet another work of art. It winked open and closed with his evident desire and the color was like a painting. I almost lost my resolve and started to eat him out right then and there. Yet I knew taking my time and doing it right would be even better as well as probably increase the chances that we would do this more than once. If I could unleash this kid as a bottom, or even verse, I swore he would never candy stripe a condom in his life, or turn down a fuck for that matter. I asked him to lean on his shoulder so he could use both hands to hold his cheeks apart. Sweet lord what a beautiful hole. I opened the bottle and slowly squeezed the liquid into his rectum. Of course I also took the opportunity to reach between his legs and play with his soft balls and hard cock. His family jewels were a treasure indeed. “Wow. That feels ankara eve gelen escort weird but… Oh shit!” “That’s the idea.”, I replied with a laugh. When I emptied the entire contents into the boy’s rectum I gently had him stand again. Handing him the other bottle I said, “Now you do the same for me. After that you should be ready to let everything inside drop.” Rob was a quick study and carefully followed my example including playing with my balls. As soon as my insides were filled I brought him to the bathroom and sat him on the toilet. “Holy shit!” He gasped as he voided like never before. I know fit young guys tend to have clean holes in general. However I knew Robby would now be not only clean, but wide open for both my tongue and my dick. I was defintely going to fulfill his request to fuck him as long, hard and deep as I could. I had him wipe up and flush the toilet before we exchanged places. Even as I let my bowels loose I pulled Rob forward and sucked on his dick for the first time. Delicious. This situation was not exactly romantic by any stretch of my imagination. This was all prep for the main show. Still it was inevitable. He had not lost his erection this entire time. I wiped and flushed and maneuvered us into the shower. I set the controls and began lathering up the boy with body wash. Pouring some into his hands Rob began to do the same to me. We were in a revelry of mutual touching and caressing while cleaning. I kissed his lips and Rob responded like a moray eel; latching onto my mouth and driving his tongue deep inside to wrangle with mine. This was so intense I was loving every second. I poured extra soap onto my hand and slid a finger up the boy’s ass. Rob accepted it easily, so I added a second, then a third finger inside him. The ablutions had done their work well as he easily accepted my invasion of his rectum. I felt his ring yield to my penetration. He broke our kiss and moaned into my ear as we embraced. Taking the hose I turned Rob around to thoroughly rinse his ass. That being done this was the moment. I got on my knees and bent the boy over to start munching. The effect was everything I wanted as he groaned, moaned and yelled. “Oh my God! Fuck yeah! Eat my ass Dave!” He spread his legs and pushed back on my tongue. I went as deep as I could while starting to yank his hard cock and full balls. ” Please daddy! Please fuck me! Damn I need your dick!! PUHLEEEZE!!!!” As much as I believe good things come to those who wait I was not a cruel man. This boy needed a hard dick then and there. Who was I to deny him? Lol. I reluctantly pulled my mouth off his hole and replaced it with the tip of my steel rod. I leaned over to whisper in Rob’s ear. “Are you ready baby? You want daddy’s dick inside you?” “Fuck yeah. Please daddy. Fuck me hard. Please sir.” I thought I had met a confident gay kid at the beach. Now I had a confident bottom boy with no prior experience desparate to take it up his ass. GOLD. I’m no porn star, but I had a decent 7.5″ of hard cock more than ready for some virgin teen fuckhole. I pushed the head up against his ring and felt him tense, then yield. I pressed ahead and felt myself slowly slide all the way inside. In a minute I had penetrated the virgin boy all the way to my balls. It was glorious. I was amazed how the kid took every inch without complaint and with lots of pleasured moans. Rob pushed back hard and began milking my dick with his ass flexing like a glove on my cock. What a natural. Bracing himself with one hand on the wall and my hands on his hips he began furiously fisting his own dick as he rode mine. Simultaneously Rob let out long, loud howls of pleasure. I wondered if the neighbors could hear us, heh. So fucking intense. Neither of us could last long. It was too stimulating, too pleasurable, too long awaited. I unloaded in the boy’s ass as he unloaded onto the shower wall. Part of me was sorry I hadn’t gotten his load in my mouth. However, there was still time for that. Rob went limp in my arms as I pulled his body close to mine. I carefully pulled out and gently rinsed my leaking cum from his raw, stretched gaziantep escort asshole. I slipped a couple of fingers inside to make sure I was cleaning him thoroughly, which elicited more groans from the teen. “Ooohhh Dave! Oh my gawd.” I eased Rob up to stand and turned him to face me. Our tongues entangled once again. I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to begin drying off both of us. Rob could not stop trying to kiss me as we touched. I did not try to stop him. “Now you’re ready for the next lesson.” Rob was still hard so I took his cock in hand and pulled him behind me back into the bedroom. He had told me about his first blowjob in the mall bathroom. So it was time to take his sexucation to a new level. I led Rob to the bed and laid him on his back with his head just at the edge. “Open your mouth baby.” Straddling the kid’s face I started teabagging his mouth, repeatedly dipping one nut, then the other and sometimes both as he licked and sucked. Rob went after my sex like a baby bird feeding from its parent. Fuck yeah. It only took me a few minutes of this to get totally recharged. I pulled off and Rob’s head rose up to keep my balls in his mouth. I had better plans. Gripping his arms I pulled the boy back so his head now hung over the edge of the bed. Taking his head in both hands I told Rob to open his mouth again and I filled it with my rampant tool. This was a position I had learned from an ex-boyfriend who loved fucking my mouth. The effects were not lost on my new, young friend. He started to gag as my anaconda filled his airway, but he instinctively adjusted his breathing and grabbed my hips with both hands to pull me in deep. The boy was deepthroating me like a pro. We went on like this for some time. However, not being 15 myself I was unable to cum again so soon. The pulsing of the boy’s rod told me he was in a different place. Rob took to sex like a duck to water. So I knew each and everything we did would be epic for this boy. Hell, it was pretty epic for me too. I decided it was time for another lesson. “Okay hun.” I sounded like the woman at the food stand calling him that. I was serving up a very different kind of menu. “Let’s get you back on the bed all the way.” Rob complied. Putty in my hands he was ready to do anything and everything I asked. This time I straddled his face and squatted over him. “Eat my ass baby. Get it good and wet.” Rob had a lovely tongue as I knew from our kissing. But this time… Oh. My. God. I honestly don’t think I have ever been rimmed this good by anyone. I admit it had been a long while, but still this boy was eating my ass like it was his last meal on earth. This kid never ceased to amaze me. So great was the rim job was I almost forgot the next move I was planning. Fortunately the sight of Rob’s throbbing willy reminded me. In fact his pecker was straining up hard and leaking precum like a sieve. I thought the boy was so hard he might be in pain. If I didn’t hurry there was no way he could last for the rest of the lesson. I leaned forward onto my forearms and began licking all around his dickhead. The sight and shape of the deep red head made me think of a strawberry. It was even more delicious. Rob groaned again. Wait a minute. Had he ever stopped groaning? Oh yeah, when I was fucking his throat. At least I didn’t hear him then. But I digress. I took a few deep sucks on his delicious peter to get it thoroughly wet while trying not to make him cum. It was a close call. I pulled my mouth off his sausage and my ass off his face to turn around. “Okay sweetie. That’s enough.” Rob reacted immediately in an unexpected way. “What? No! I want more! Please!” I was a caught off guard by the strength of his desire. I had to remind myself that this was a 15 year old boy who was mostly likely having the time of his young life, every dream fufilled and never wanting to stop. I reassured the boy. “I told you I am going to give you everything that pleases you until you beg me to stop. We are only changing positions okay?” I leaned in and we kissed again. My hungry baby bird was turning me into a sex machine that I had forgotten from my youth. ankara gerçek resimli escort I reached behind to take hold of Rob’s wood and sat my spit soaked hole down to take him all the way inside me. I am older and haven’t been fucked in a long time. This was special. This was memorable. This was fan-fucking-tastic. Rob’s eyes were as wide as I had seen. His mouth opened wide although he made no sound. I settled for a moment when he was fully inside me. I could not help myself from grinning in victory to see the look on this boy’s face as he got inside his first ass. His hips began pumping involuntarily. Fucking right! I rode him like a cowboy and noticed Rob was starting that full body flush I had seen at the beach. I knew he was very close and I wanted him to finish in complete control. So I pulled myself off his prick. Rob gave a shuddering breath. However this time he clearly trusted me to keep our party going. I rolled over onto my back and put my hands behind my knees to raise my legs. Nothing needed to be said. The boy quickly got on his knees, positioned himself behind me and reinserted his stony phallus. Fuck yeah. Now Rob was the bull in heat riding deep in my ass like a boss. Awesome. Male on male sex was this teen’s wheelhouse. Then he surprised me. In fact I think he surprised both of us. Plunging balls deep in my ass he unloaded. This was no ordinary cum. I felt Rob clench and release at least nine or ten times into my ass. What was more astounding, he managed to hit my prostate on every thrust which made me cum again at least seven spurts. This was the best sex of my life! The whole room smelled of jizz. Rob collapsed into my arms, his schlong still inside me. It was nirvana. We were both now thoroughly spent. We slept in that position for time untold. Again I gave silent gratitude to the universe for this special boy. As if on cue he began to stir in my arms. I felt his soft peter slip from my ass and knew I was leaking his cum from my ass onto my sheets. No matter. I might never wash these again to keep the souvenir. Those green eyes looked up into mine and we resumed french kissing. The taste of a teen boy’s mouth is sweet. Rob’s was exquisite. We touched each other all over becoming more playful and more agressive as we rekindled our fire. Rob’s flag pole was hard as steel again before my own soldier could raise to half mast. “Your turn.”, was all he said. There was a gleam in Rob’s beautiful green eyes that told me he was about to show me how much he had learned this afternoon. Without another word he climbed off the bed and grabbed my arms dragging me around so my head was now hanging off the edge. I knew what he intended and opened my mouth so he could fuck my throat. He drilled with total abandon. There is a special, wonderful feeling about deep throating a teenage dick and watch his swinging balls as they bounce off your face. Showing impressive self-control Rob pulled out and climbed onto the bed. I understood what he was aiming for and adjusted myself back onto the bed in time for him to sit on my face. Somehow his ass tasted even more delightful now than in the shower. I felt the boy’s mouth swallow my dick to complete the circle of pleasure. I knew I had one more trick in the bag. I took Rob by surprise pushing him off my face and rolling us onto our sides. I removed any question from his mind by diving deep onto his penis. We were in a 69 and Rob’s moans made clear how much he enjoyed this. We soon surrendered our remaining jizz to each other’s taste buds. It was finally enough. I was both energized and exhausted. Rob, although much younger, was clearly worn out. We showered again wth lots more kissing and touching, but not a hope of another arousal. This had been thoroughly satisfying. It was also fun dressing each other again with lots of gropes in the process. I drove Rob back close to the beach. He had me go a bit past it closer to his home as he directed me and we traded phone numbers. The boy leaned over and we exchanged one last passionate kiss before he got out of the car. I drove home with a smile on my face and memories for a lifetime. I didn’t think it could ever be this good again. However the universe showed me once again how wrong I was. About 11pm that night I was awakened by a ping on my phone. It was a text message with a picture. I opened it to see an image of a now very familiar hard cock in a hotdog bun. The message read, “Would you like to buy me a lobster roll tomorrow?”

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