Beach Day


Beach DaySo we have been on the beach all day, wearing our newest and smallest bathing suits. We come up to our cabana, which has a tiled floor and plush patio furniture inside, a wet bar and a small fridge. There is a bathroom and shower connected and the front of it has a roll down canvas for privacy. The sun is low and it is nice and cool. We open a couple beers and you say you are going to take a shower. You come out of the shower with your towel around you and see there is a young, dark skinned brazillian man setting up a massage table. He is about 6’1″ or so, his black hair pulled back in a small pony tail. He is wearing thin white cotton, draw string pants and and a casual white cotton button down shirt. I say, “I got us a massage honey, you’re up first.”The massuese introduces himself as Marco and he has a wonderful white smile and dark brown eyes. He helps you on to the table on your stomach and he adjusts your towel so that it is covering your ass. He asks you what you like, deep tissue, shiatsu, etc. As you two are talking I jump in the shower. He is oiling up your back and slowly massaging the oil up your spine and out your arms, his experienced hands strong and you can feel yourself relaxing. I come out of the shower and sit down naked on the sofa next to the table so şişli escort I can watch. He is standing by your head and working his hands over your shoulders. You look and notice he is not wearing underwear because you can see the prominent outline of the head of his cock under the thin fabric. It looks big and you wonder to yourself what it looks like. He has moved down to your legs and is massaging just up to your ass cheeks and you can feel a tingle in your pussy and it beginning to get a little wet.He turns you over and covers you just enough with the towel and continues the massage. You turn and I am standing next to the table now, and my cock is hard. He is massaging your arms and I pull the towel down to expose your tan breasts as he moves his hands over them, squeezing them and gently rubbing your nipples and playing with your piercings. I take over for him rubbing your breasts as he moves down and begins massaging your calves, slowly working up your legs. You can feel your pussy getting really wet now, four strong hands on you rubbing you and exciting you. I move towards your face and my fat hard cock is next to your mouth so you take it in with a big gulp and begin moving your mouth back and forth on the shaft. I am sliding my hands over your stomach and mecidiyeköy escort towards your pussy as you feel the towel fall away. Marcos hands are now on your inner thighs and you feel him spreading your legs as my hands slide over your clit and wet pussy lips. You move your left hand now to reach around and rub my ass as you look up and watch me looking at your pussy as I am rubbing it. You see me nod and then Marco comes around to the other side of your face, his hands also still rubbing you and you see his thick dark cock come up next to your face and you turn your head to take him in your mouth, his head all slippery with pre cum. His cock is thick and dark and the head fills your mouth as you turn towards it and let him begin fucking your open mouth, spit building up and running down the side of your mouth.You begin to moan as you feel both of our hands on your pussy, fingers rubbing your clit and moving in and out of your wet pussy. We both move to either side of you and put your hand on our cocks, so you are jacking us off on either side of you, and we each have one hand working your pussy and the other hand massaging and squeezing your boobs and hard nipples. You feel our hands working in tandem inside you and you can’t hold back. Oh my fucking esenyurt escort god!, Yes, Yes, Right there, Don’t stop!!! Marco reaches back and takes his hand from your tit and holds your head up so you can see. You don’t know how many fingers are pumping you and rubbing your clit but the orgasm comes on strong and you moan loudly OH MY GOD! FUCK! OH MY GOD! You feel the gush spray out of you, soaking the table and your inner thighs and then a second orgasm comes on quick and now it is spraying up and hitting all of us, drops raining down as our hands continue pumping you. At the same time as you are jacking our cocks you can feel them swelling and you can feel the cum start to shoot from Marco’s shaft first.His first spurt flies across and hits me in the chest, the second spurt hits my stomach. As I see his cum you can feel my cock contract and my first few loads fly across splattering his stomach as well. You keep stroking us hard and now our cum is spurting all over you and you can feel the warm loads landing on your breasts and stomach. Once our cocks are limp we rub the cum all over you and we each take one of our hands and put it in your mouth and you suck them clean, hungry to taste our cum. We pull our other hands from your pussy and you watch as we both lick your juices from them. Marco begins wiping you with the towel as I lean down and kiss your mouth hard, our tongues swirling and tasting it all. Damn baby, you say, so when do you get a massage? We both laugh and you lean back and savor the taste and the tingling sensation in your pussy.

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