Beach Story


You know those situations when you’re just sitting around, maybe in a pavement cafe, or in a park, just staring idly at what is happening, looking out at the world, when something suddenly attracts your attention and you start looking rather than just staring? Well, that happened to me when I was on a beach in Greece, pebbly, not sandy and not very crowded but calm and peaceful. Sun loungers and sun umbrellas were dotted around, it was very warm and quiet, just the sound of water lapping and a few children’s voices talking loudly to their friends. I was sitting up on a sun lounger looking at other people in the water and on the beach, not thinking about anything very much. I saw a woman just down the beach from me, putting on suntan lotion, rubbing the oil in across her shoulders and arms.

She was sitting down and turned towards me, her back to the sea. I watched her, without really thinking about it, rub the oil over her legs and along the tops of her thighs. She then opened her legs wider and started to rub the oil over her pussy and tummy. I continued looking, now intrigued by her and then she noticed me looking at her. She stretched out a leg to the side, squeezed on some more oil and started to move her hand up and down her inner thigh rhythmically and very sensually.

I felt my tummy tighten, and quickly pulled a towel over my waist to cover up the start of my erection. She noticed that straight away, opening her eyes wider and smiling slightly in a kind of mocking recognition. I smiled back but wasn’t sure what I would do next. Would I just sit here and watch, or turn over and ignore her, pretending I hadn’t seen her, or maybe lean towards her and say something?

Anyway she made the first move. She got up, put on her sandals, red with two straps across the middle, and walked slowly passed me back up the beach. I watched her as she crossed a track between the beach and the olive grove on the other side and sat down at a small cafe under the olive trees. She ordered a drink, something fizzy with fruit in it, crossed her legs and sat back in the chair looking out across the beach.

Checking that my own erection had subsided, I got up, threw the towel over my shoulders and walked up the beach to the cafe and sat at the same table, placing my chair quite close to her chair. I smiled at her and was about to speak when she placed a finger over my lips.

“Shhhhh,” she said, uncrossing and crossing her legs.

I looked at her body, her legs were quite firm and tanned, her tummy had lost some its shape but was nicely curved and her tits were pressing Zonguldak Escort out of the top of her tiny red bikini. I thought she looked wonderful. I ordered a beer, and sat looking out over the beach, feeling relaxed, contented and slightly horny.

She stood up, moved her chair closer to mine and sat down again. I felt her leg rub slowly against mine. She leant over towards me looking into my eyes, with that quiet smile on her lips. I felt her hand slip inside my shorts, her fingers slowly stroking my cock.

“Don’t say a word,” she said.

She continued to play with my cock, squeezing it and stroking it, feeling my balls and then putting a finger between my legs, moving it backwards and forwards.

She sat very close to me, so I could feel her warmth, her closeness and smell her scent with the scent of the sea and the herbs growing in the olive grove. We didn’t talk and I didn’t touch her as she played with me under the table. She moved her face close to mine, pursing her lips so that we nearly kissed but she held back. Just that movement, showing she wanted to kiss me but was holding back for something more later, was very sexy, or so I thought.

She seemed to be in complete control, she clearly knew what she wanted and how she was going to get it. I liked the fact that it was she seducing me, making me play with her, perhaps fucking me later, and then probably discarding me. I also liked how every now and again she moved her hand over her left thigh and tummy, and then caressed my cheek with the same hand. It was as if she was transferring some of her sensuality directly to me through the movement of her hand, a bit like a priest consecrating one of the faithful, blessing the communicant in the act of the eucharist.

After a while she got up, turned and walked away from the table.

“Come on, follow me. We can be more comfortable over here,” she said.

She walked through the olive trees to a small cluster of flats and a converted cottage. Opening the door to the first flat, she walked inside, her heels clattering on the tiled floor.

“Go down there, on the left you’ll find a bedroom. I’ll be along in a minute.”

I went inside and lay on the bed, wondering whether to take my shorts off or leave them on. I took them off, rubbing my cock so it wasn’t completely hard but was nicely shaped with a bit of firmness.

I was looking out of the window, when I heard the door close. I turned round and there she was, still wearing her bikini held on by the tiniest tightest straps, giving a shape Zonguldak Escort Bayan to her waist and bum. She slipped it off and waved the bottom half in front of me.

“Catch it and lick it, you sweet man,” she said, teasing me, and showing me, if I didn’t know already, who was in control.

“I thought if I waited a bit longer you might start to wank yourself. I would like that, but then I had to come in and see you. Look at my pussy, it’s so wet already for you.”

She lent over me, taking my hand and placing it between her legs.

“You play with me and I’ll wank you, you darling man.”

I could feel the wetness as her pussy softened and opened wider. Her oiled hand reached down to my cock and gave me a lovely long twisting wank.

“That’s better, always prefer to see a man erect and ready for me. I’m going to sit over you and I want you to lick my cunt, really suck me, I want to feel your tongue right inside me.” She leant over telling me again to suck her cunt,

“Go on suck me, you like my cunt, suck it, suck my cunt, it’s all for you, you darling.”

I loved hearing her speak those words, I liked it even more when she sat astride me, her pussy right in front of my mouth as she tipped my head forward so I could lick her out. Licking the lips of her pussy so that they opened and moistened, I stuck my mouth firmly over her, licking her lovely big clit, and then tongue fucking her as deeply as I could. She pushed down on me with her tummy and waist.

“Hey you’re good at this, you really like it don’t you, I can tell, don’t stop” But stop she did, as she pushed herself up and then lowered her cunt down on my cock. She held my face and head in her hands and gave me long fierce kisses, licking my lips, my cheeks and then ramming her tongue deep down into my throat.

Her body felt warm and cool at the same time, as she lay on me, twisting and squirming her body against mine so I could feel every part of her with every part of my body. As she kissed me with such force and abandon, I forced my hips up towards her, clenching my bum muscles, so I could push my cock deep inside her cunt. I could feel her cunt clench and unclench, holding my cock and then releasing it with each thrust of her hips. It felt as if I was carrying her whole body on top of me, forcing myself up as she forced herself down on me.

I could see she loved the fierceness of the sex. She grabbed my bum with both hands, putting her fingers in my asshole which made me clench tighter to bring me closer towards her.

“Fuck me Escort Zonguldak harder, harder,” she whispered to me. She pulled herself off me, and then stuffed my whole hard cock inside her mouth, gagging as she did so.

“Stick it up my bum, you fuck, go on you gorgeous fuck, fuck my bum now, now,” she said louder and louder. Just to hear her say those words made me want to fuck her more. I grabbed her ass, spreading her ass cheeks with my hands. I felt her fingers grab my cock pulling it closer to her asshole. I was just about to bury my head between her ass cheeks and give her long suck when she called out

“No no, wait let’s try this, I think it’s sexier. Sit up in the bed, one hand behind your head and start to wank. I want to watch how you wank and see if I can make you cum quicker just by watching me. I like to watch a man wanking over me, it makes me feel relaxed and horny at the same time.”

She rubbed her oiled up hand over my cock to start me off and then I took over, giving myself several long hard pulls with my left hand. Staring hard into her eyes I squeezed the end of my cock quite hard twice and then started to wank myself more rhythmically. She sat at the end of the bed opposite me, her knees bent and her legs wide open as she rubbed her clit with her thumb, placing the other fingers inside her pussy. We both smiled at each other, liking how we both made each other enjoy the sex.

After a while she moved her left leg over towards my right, rubbing her foot up and down my thigh. I lifted her foot towards my mouth with my right hand so that I could suck her toes. I had her big toe in my mouth when she gave me a shove pushing my head back against the headrest.

“Ooooof what did you do that for?” I said.

“Because I said no touching, just playing, and I love to tease.”

I tried to grab her foot again but she swivelled off the bed and stood up.

“Come on, let’s get back to the beach, your wife will be wondering where you’ve got to”

“OK,” I said, “but I’ll see you again some time.”

“Maybe in the village later,” she replied, “but only very much later, and you know where I live.”

In fact I never saw her again, neither on the beach nor in the village. I waited in the cafe a few times, just to see if she was around, but she never turned up and I got on with other things in a nearby town, spending less time on the beach. The whole episode seemed to recede and become unreal, almost dreamlike, a moment of fantasy quite unlike any other experience I have ever had with a woman.

When later in the summer I left Greece to return home, the few hours I had spent with her, a woman whose name I had never known, became less believable. I started to doubt whether that time, those delicious moments when I had felt so attuned to both my own and her physical needs and pleasure, had actually occurred.

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