Beating , Branding


“Mmmm… Baby, lay down so I can tie you up.”

He tilted his head away so he could look up and meet my eyes. It was the look I’d come to know was serious.

“I’ll give you a spanking, and I know you like spankings.”

He bit into my nipple, pulling at it with his teeth. I rubbed my thighs together and he slid his hand up under me to grab my ass. We’d been spending the afternoon like lazy lovers, slowly losing layers of clothes with slow licking and sucking. He ended the moment by getting up, moving back off the end of the bed.

“C’mon, turn over, show me that pretty ass you little cocksucker.”

I gave him a sulky look and sat up; my hair was mussed from being rubbed against the pillows for so long. To spite him I ran my fingers through it to smooth it down.

“You and that damn hair. You’d sink on the Titanic standing around and messing with it.”

He grabbed my ankles and gave me a warning tug down the bed. If I didn’t do it, he’d do it for me. I relented and turned over; he took all the pillows off the bed and tossed them into the floor. It was followed by the comforter and vibrator.

“Put your legs together, slut.”

He leaned across the bed, giving me a hint that it was going to be something new. I put my legs together and he tied them together at the ankles, then at my knees. I wiggled and squirmed while he pinched whatever soft flesh he could get a hold of. “Hands over your head whore.”

They were some kind of black strap that dug into my skin; my ankles ached by the time he reached my wrists. His hands wandered, caressing from my shoulder blades down to my ass. He lay down beside me, discarding the cord and scissors to wrap an arm around me.

“Now for the spanking.”

I watched him cross the room and slide open the closet, opening wide enough for me to see.

“Which one should I choose babe? Do you like the black one?”


“MMm… The black one it is.”

“But you said you wouldn’t use that one again–“

“SShh… Quiet. Such a dumb little slut.”

He canlı bahis şirketleri picked up a pair of my panties off the floor, rubbing the silky cloth between his fingers. I closed my mouth and put my teeth together. He sat down beside me like a father checking his sick child’s forehead for a fever, except his fingers pinched my nose shut.

“Be a good girl.”

I gasped for breath, he shoved the panties into my mouth. I could taste myself on them, pungent and sweet. He busied himself ripping the seam out of one of my undershirts and tying it as a gag around my head. I wiggled and squirmed; he knew I disliked being unable to safe word.

“If you tried to get away like that, you’d look like a caterpillar. A cum guzzling little bug.”

I closed my eyes, more angry than scared. The belt was cruel though, he’d bought it as a joke in some second hand shop. It had small silver studs down its length, the same kind they have on dog collars. That day he’d enjoyed looping it around my neck and leading me around the living room.

The first contact with it across my ass made me involuntarily arch my back, a whimper escaping through the cloth in my mouth. I could hear his breathing quicken, then him sharply inhaling as I tensed up in anticipation of the next stroke. Two more followed before I felt his fingers probing between my thighs, spreading the wetness there to my ass.

“That’s always been my favorite thing about you. You can appreciate a good whipping.”

I grimaced as he landed four or five more squarely below the roundness of my ass cheeks. He had the steady hand of someone who’d practiced and he knew what hurt the most. I’d be sitting lightly for a week after, even he stopped now. He paused to appreciate his work again, flattening his hand over the warm welts on my thighs.

He grunted with effort on the next few; I was tossed in the waves of pain so I didn’t know when he left the room. I was crying by then, an automatic bodily response that he rarely liked to miss. Usually he wanted to cuddle canlı kaçak iddaa for awhile, dragging his nails over the incredibly sensitive areas.

I balled up on the bed, pulling my legs up to my chest and wiggling around where I could view the door. He wasn’t there, the room was empty. All I could see of him was the black belt, curled up like a snake ready to strike on the dresser. I tried to call out.

“Did you say something pet?”

He struck a pose in the doorway, with an arm behind his back.

“We’ll have to do this quick, or it’ll have to be done again. Don’t struggle, just take it like a good girl.”

I didn’t understand, my thoughts briefly scattered as I saw the long pole in his hand. The end of it smoked and glowed, he turned it towards me so I could see what it said. It was a brand, like the ones they used on cattle in the old west. It wasn’t anything we’d ever talked about. I couldn’t tell what the word was, then it hit me, it was in reverse.


“Think of it as an early birthday present.”

My present position was perfect for it. He sat down with his side by my back, reaching over to hold my legs up to my chest so I couldn’t move. The other hand was in a cooking mitt, holding the rod halfway down. Before I knew it I smelt my own flesh burning. He was burning the word into my left ass cheek.

“You’re being such a good girl, just stay like that.”

I bit into my panties, squeezing my eyes closed against a flood of tears. It felt like he held it there for years, letting it sear into my skin.

“I’m so proud of you, my little slut.”

He left the room and came back without the cooking mitt or the brand, he opened the window and waved at the air playfully. It was over, he clipped the cord on my ankles and rubbed the blood back into my limbs. He laid down beside me and I buried my face into his neck, still crying. He pulled the cloth out of my mouth so I could kiss him, letting him suck on my lips.

His fingers found the brand, it bled a little. It burned, a shiver canlı kaçak bahis went down my spine and my body pulled away on it’s own. He held me still, digging his fingers in.

“You did so well, I’m so proud of you.”

“I want to fuck you and still see it. Get up on your hands and knees you stupid easy bitch.”

I did as he said, even though I was a little shaky. He found the vibrator and turned it on, touching it against my thighs and sliding it up. I gave an affirmative moan, and then a soft whimper as he cupped the brand.

“You are such a pretty little whore, aren’t you?”

He penetrated me a few inches deep with the dildo, rocking me back and forth with his hand still on the seared flesh. My arms lost their strength as the pleasure crested and I went face down into the sheets. I kept up the motion and felt the warm plastic against my asshole; he was already taking advantage of the situation.


The vibrator was pushed deeper, then his fingers were back on the brand. He guided himself into my pussy with appreciative pleasure. I lifted my ass up to him, building up my own rhythm as he fought to break it. I heard my moans turn into steady screams of pleasure and half coherent begging.

He landed one well aimed smack right onto the wound, sending a gasp out of my throat. I grimaced through the next two, just before he reached for my clit. Electricity arched down my spine, sending me into a world shattering orgasm. I was gulping for breath, making animal sounds.

My body reacted without my consent, meeting every one of his thrusts with the same force. I was cumming again with every muscle of my being, shaking and shuddering with the effort. I heard him sharply breathe in, slamming into me and latching on, delivering his semen deep into my body. I collapsed under him, and he rolled off of me.

“I knew you’d like that, slut.”

I reached down to pull out the dildo, it was in all the way to the flared base. He took my hand.

“Leave it in.”

I licked my dry lips, he fondled the vibrator and pushed it in more. I nodded my head, eyelids heavy with the afterglow. He traced the letters out again, like a kid writing in cursive on the board in front of the class. I let my eyes close.

“That’s something we’re going to do again.”

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