Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood Ch. 03




Worked another double shift yesterday.

Mom gave me today off and I found out why she was mad as well. It wasn’t for the fight itself, but fighting at school. If I had waited for the park, or alley between Jen’s and The Gap rip-off, I would have been okay. In Mom’s eyes anyways. I tried to explain that I wasn’t fighting, but she was proud that I was finally sticking up for myself. Who am I to disappoint?

Mom slipped and mentioned her sister. I wasn’t even aware that I had an aunt. She caught herself and clammed up. I figured that I shouldn’t push it.

However, unlike when I asked about her father and her mother, Mom actually looked sad about her sister.

I slept in today. I missed seeing Dina on the roof. Or any of the things that had happened every other day, except Monday, this week.

Mom also admitted that she talked about me being grounded for the sake of the school yesterday.

“You’re a good, young woman, Dear! I know how those little bimbos are. They come into the store and talk about their fancy clothes and everything their parents give them. They strut around hanging off of boys’ arms. The one even tried to steal!”

I asked why she had hired Tyra, Mom waved her hand. Something was up, Mom had a bit of a mean streak in her.

I had found, when I was ten, her mug shot.

I hadn’t thought about it in years. She told me when I asked back then.

She was sixteen and had been at a concert.

Another young lady, who wasn’t an orphan, was constantly pushing Mom’s buttons.

Bumping into her and spilling her drink, or Mom’s drink. Constant remarks about how poor Mom was and Mom not having parents.

The straw that broke the camel’s back wasn’t when she slapped my mom, but when she grabbed my dad and tried to kiss him. When he pushed her off of him, the girl slapped my dad and yelled rape.

Apparently you do not mess with Mom’s man!

She told me that after three solid punches the girl went down, of course it wasn’t like Mom had gotten off scot free, having received a busted lip. Mom had the girl down and from what I understood, “stomped the bitch out” and then the police arrived.

The details are really fuzzy, so I am sorry if that isn’t more detailed.

I think I remember the bitch part so well because it was the first time I remember either of my parents swearing in front of me.

So I’m outside again and…

A whirring noise and a click interrupted me. The batteries in my recorder have died. I had just turned it on too.

… back to my room. I never realized how I walk and write before. Could be like how I walk and read.

Dropped my recorder!

I don’t know why I worry. This off brand piece of crap rewinds the tape when powered off, so I usually make sure I am done when I turn it off. That and I don’t have anything worth saying. Still, now I have to fast forward the tape to find the end of what I was saying.

I sigh.

It isn’t like it matters.

I kind of like writing it all down. I had put in an order for a fancy leather bound diary with a lock. I can tape the loose pages into it and continue on.

If I choose to.

I don’t know exactly when I even started the tapes. Mom teases me about talking to myself. I guess it seems that way.

It is eleven, so it’s warming up. I guess I can get some air. I sort of enjoyed playing my guitar outside yesterday. Aside from the interruption.

I don’t think I’ll sing this time. Mom says I do well, but she is my mother. I usually only sing in the shower. Where I only have to worry about Mom hearing me.

Of course, Dina didn’t complain.

I look over at my closet. The lacy bra and panties hang between my sun dress and my running outfit. My current worn outfit is a snug pair of grey sweats, but not skin tight, and a matching sweat shirt.

“I’ll take my run tonight.” I get up and grab my sundress. As an after thought I grab those underwear that I had been so embarrassed about before.

I draw the curtains and take off the stained, and way too big sweater and snug sweat pants.

Then I slip out of my “granny panties” with a happy sigh. They are uncomfortable and I reserve the pairs of them for that time of the month or laundry day.

I am so glad that it is only laundry day.

These big panties bunch up in places without the pads I use for girl issues.

The material really isn’t my favorite either. I bought cheap because I planned on them getting ruined from mishaps and leaks. I think I will spring for a little better next time. Just a little.

My every day undies are soft cotton. I have them in plain white, light blue, a couple light grey pair, fourteen in total. I am weird I guess. I also keep an unopened bag in my drawer.

I have no regular bra, just a few sports bras so that my nipples don’t poke through my shirts when I do wear less than my layers of bulky clothes.

“How would it feel?” I ask myself rubbing the material between my fingers. Silky! I have to say I am a bit Ataşehir Escort surprised.

I close my eyes and slip the panties on. I can’t help but sigh as I feel heaven slide up my legs. Why haven’t I bought silk before?

I peek at the mirror. I would be perfect if I couldn’t count my ribs and hips.

“Lunch time.” I tell myself.

Fifteen minutes after twelve I have paid the pizza boy. The food actually comes from Jen’s diner but if you are nice enough she will make whatever you like and have her grandson deliver it. I think his name is Eddie. He’s home schooled. I think he was looking me over, you know, checking me out.

My sundress is a light yellow. Comes to just above my knees. I have had it for years now and it still fits.

The breeze is something I am not used to. I have goose pimples and I shiver.

I look at my order. Three extra large pies.

A combination. Extra cheese. Thick crust. Anchovies.

Hawaiian, with jalapeno peppers. Thin crust.

A hand tossed meat lovers with just about every type of meat from our deli at the market.

Mom loves combination, I am not too keen on anchovies, we will split the meat lovers.

I take my half of the meat lovers outside with me where I have my guitar set up in the gazebo. I look around and admire the plants. All of the green dotted with the other colors of the rainbow and everything in between.

It smells wonderful!

I hear the water from Dina’s pool lapping at the edge. The wind is pretty strong for a breeze now. I almost regret wearing these garments.


There is a little thrill I feel. The breeze up my dress, over my silk covered womanhood. The way the cotton of my dress flutters and tickles my thighs and knees. I feel warm some how, but I can’t really place it.

I lift a slice and take a hearty bite. Bacon, ham, hot link, pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, sauce that is sweet and rich, the mix of cheeses… it is a chorus of flavor on my tongue and I adore it!

It isn’t Chicago, but I think this is probably just as good.

Before I know it I have finished off half the extra large meal. My belly has a small bump in it, showing that I have happily filled my stomach. I now wish I had ordered dessert. Chocolate cake, perhaps Vanilla mousse. I’ll grab some mounds later.

Speaking of mounds.

That perfectly tanned skin. Dina is so lucky!


I jolt awake. The sun is low. I shiver.

“Food coma.” I mumble.


“Outside, Mom!” I holler back. I slip my hand out of my panties and from under my dress. I don’t remember what I was dreaming of but I feel dampness down there. I wipe my hand on some napkins and stand up.

“There you are!” Mom smiles and hugs me. “You didn’t answer your phone, I was worried.”

“Sorry. I guess I was catching up on sleep after two days hard work.” I am getting flashes, leftovers from my dream. I don’t see it all too clearly but I feel my cheeks starting to redden.

Mom puts her hand on my forehead and looks at me with concern.

“I’m fine. Just…” I know my blush deepened and she smirks like she knows.

“Who is he?”

“Nobody.” I answer meekly. Suddenly I want to get to my room.

I tune Mom out as I gather my things and as I get to the door I stop and turn to glance over my shoulder. “How did you know?”

“Busted!” She laughs cheekily and I feel like a fool. “You used protection?”

“MOTHER!” I feel like I am going to pass out with embarrassment. “There wasn’t anyone here. I…”

“Just paddling your canoe?” Mom asks as if it is perfectly normal to speak so blatantly about masturbation.

I start to groan but stop as I hear a giggle from the other side of the fence.

I turn on my heel and rush the door. I hear my mother chuckle louder as I flounder in my attempts to get in the house. I finally set down my amp and guitar and run to my room.

Upstairs, looking down from my window, I see Dina’s mother lounging aside their house. No need for an umbrella, the shadow from the house protecting her from the sun. A cooler full of beer and a book in hand. A small, round table with a portable radio, a pack of cheap cigarettes and an open beer atop it.

The woman looks like one of those over make-upped, costume jewelry and tacky clothes wearing, big haired, chain smoking trophy wives.

This is the first clear look I have gotten of her and Dina puts her to shame.

It also explains the butts I have picked up out of the yard the past few days.

I open my window and poke my head out. “Hey! Keep your filthy cigarette butts out of my yard!”

She ignored me. I think I heard her laugh. I watched as she flicked a still lit butt over the fence and immediately she lit another.

I might not put people down for smoking, but I take pride in my yard.

I catch a glimpse of Mom as I storm back outside and I go right for the hose. I turn the water on high and spray it right over the fence on her. Ataşehir Escort Bayan

I actually enjoy the scream of surprised indignation.

“You little bitch!”

“Nasty cunt!” I fire back. “Use an ash tray!” I send more water over the fence and get another scream as the cold water hits her again. There is a wet splat and I stop hosing her down. “If I find our home or yard set on fire, I’m bringing the hose over there and… and… well I’ll figure it out if the time comes! I am not putting up with you tossing your trash in our yard!” I am genuinely angry. I might not tend the garden, but I look after the lawn and keep the house clean. “Understood?”

“You little bitch! I’m telling your mother about this!” She threatens.

“I already know. She is an adult. There is nothing I can do, even if I wanted to.” I turn to see Mom standing just behind me with the proudest smile on her face.

“I’m calling the cops!” She threatens again.

“Hey, I have asked you twice myself to not toss butts in our yard. My daughter made it clear. Just don’t do it any more and you will not get a cold shower.” Mom grins and nods her head.

I look down and see an angry brown eye looking through a knot hole in the fence.

“I think that makes sense, don’t you, lady?” Mom asks her.

There is a huff as the eye disappears from view and the sound of stomping feet in wet grass follows. The mood is punctuated by a slamming door.

I watch as Mom kneels and starts to pick up the seven off brand butts.

I turn off the water and grab the few stuck in the bushes by the fence and listen to Mom hum happily.

Back inside she drops the trash in the can and hugs me. “I am so proud of you!” I feel my back pop as she squeezes a little tighter. “I was worried that you would be a foot matt for the rest of your life.” She admits and I feel ashamed. “I am sorry to have felt that way.” She kisses my cheek and lets go of me.

“I think I over reacted.” I glance back to the scene of the incident.

“She is a bitch with a capitol everything. Why do you think she sends her sweet daughter into the store to do the shopping while she sits outside and leaves Bronco butts all over the lot?” My mother smiles so sweetly when she mentions the chain smoking she devil’s daughter.

“Which daughter?” I ask.

“She only has the one.” Mom answers and then heads for the couch. “I’m going to watch my soaps, Dear. Call me if you need anything!”

I hear the television ooom as it comes on. Plasma screens booting up, I loved that noise when we first got one.

I thought it was the coolest.

Turns out that the brand of plasma screen we have doesn’t like video games.

We got me a regular flat screen within the year and the old one is pretty much used for music stations and news down in the basement now.

“Okay, Mom. Enjoy!” I start up the stairs. “Think I’ll play some Tekken.”

“Something got you all fired up?” She asks with a laugh. “Have fun blowing off some steam, Dear!”

Once upstairs I close my door and sit at my desk.

Dina, sweet? I really can’t wrap my head around it.

I brush my hand through my hair and smell the scent of those awful cigarettes. I decide on a quick shower.

After my quick scrub I slip into my chair again. My heater cranked up to halfway.

Dina’s window is lit up and I can see her in profile. She is doing something as she sits there.

I stare and she looks over. I instinctively duck down but I hadn’t turned my light back on since coming back in.

She stares back in my direction for a little longer before she shrugs and returns to her activity. It takes me some time, but I finally realize that she is painting.

Now it is around ten. She stands, strips bare and crawls into bed. Her light goes out.

I’m tired too. Goodnight world.

Saturday morning.

A repeating “thud” is what I am waking up to. It is clearly on our fence and I look out of the window. On our side it would be considered to be by the pepper plants. I see the fence shake, but I do not see the cause.

Dina is on the roof, headphones in and watching whatever is making the barrier between our yards shudder.

I retreat back into the window some and admire her. She looks a bit at ease today. Bored, but nothing else like I had witnessed the past week.

There is a crack of wood and I hear the brat yell happily. Dina is staring at him with a look of surprise and mortification.

My gaze shifts and I watch as a hand pokes through and plucks a branch of the hotter peppers Mom grows for me.

I see the brat bound to his mother as she exits their back door.

“Look, Mommy, I got a few berries!”

He has no idea what he is in for.

I lean out of the window. “I don’t think he should eat those.” I warn them.

“Are they poisonous?” The woman seriously looks like a clown today.

“No…” I start but she cuts me off rudely.

“Then he can eat them!” She turns her nose up and walks Escort Ataşehir back in. Telling brat to wash them off first.

The brat, I notice, had been watching me, is now sticking his tongue out at me smugly.

I glance over to see Dina staring at me. She seems surprised. I wave and mouth “Watch this!” as I point to her little brother with a wicked grin.

The same grin appears on her face, she takes off her headphones and turns to watch as the brat pops a whole scorpion pepper into his mouth.

A few quick and greedy chomps later the smile is washed from his face. He turns red and is waving his hands trying to get cool air into his mouth. Then, an all mighty wail of “MOOOOMMMMEEEEEE!!” He bolts into the house screaming that his mouth and face are on fire.

I notice Dina laughing heartily. Loudly. It is surprisingly musical.

There is a commotion from in the house and Dina rolls her eyes. “What was that?” She asks me.

“Scorpion Pepper.” I answer and she covers her mouth as she starts to laugh again.

When the laughter dies down we can both hear the frantic witch on the phone and the brat crying about how he is so hot and his head is burning.

Dina looks back at me. “You look familiar.” She states.

“Are you okay?” I ask changing the subject.

“Fine. Why?” She seems confused now.

“I happened to see the bruises.” I admit, feeling sorry for her but not showing it.

She slips her headphones on and goes back into her room.

For some reason I wish I hadn’t brought it up and retreat back into my room.

I wander downstairs and grab a bagel. While I load it up with cream cheese and fresh blueberries I hear and see an ambulance pull up.

I walk out front and call out. “Hey!” One of the paramedics looks over. “The brat broke the fence and stole some scorpion peppers from my yard.”

The guy smirks and relays the message to his partner and they both head in to meet the little idiot and his mother.

I sit on the swing on our front porch and wait. It isn’t long before the two men walk out chatting happily trying to ignore this woman who is going on about her boy being in pain.

“Give him some milk and have him take a cool bath!” One of them says sternly.

She looks away only to see me and starts stomping toward our fence. “YOU! You poisoned my son!”

I get up with a bored expression and take the front yard hose in hand. She is still coming so I turn the water on and she stops just a foot short of the wooden fence.

She glowers, as if trying to kill me with the look.

I stand there and calmly water the yard. Our sprinklers are only in the back. After a minute or two she turns and heads back into her house and I smile. “I should open an obedience school!” I say to myself with a chuckle.

Just as I turn off the water the brat and his mom load up into their car. I hear her muttering about poison, idiot ambulance drivers and visiting a real doctor. She peels out as crazily as her husband.

I start to head back inside when Dina calls out. “Hey!” I nearly trip as I turn to look at her. “Thank you so much for getting them out of the house for me!” She has a huge relaxed smile on her face.

“We have an assortment that actually look like real berries. Some are… really hot.” Did her eyes just twinkle? “Pequin, they can get up there, but not like a Scorpion. Dundicut, they are kind of like a bitter fruit. We just put in some Prairie Fire Peppers and are expecting our first yield!” I got a little excited with that and I swear I saw that sparkle in her eyes again. “They are really pretty, like Christmas lights.” I continue.

“I would love to see those.” She said and blushed lightly. I pretended I didn’t notice. “How many types of peppers do you have?”

I have to think a moment. “Pequin, Dundicut, Scorpion, Prairie Fire, Habanero, Chiltepin, Wiri Wiri, Jalapeno, Serrano, Banana, Green Bell Pepper, Purple Bell Pepper, Cherry Pepper. I think that is all we have right now.”

‘I have just realized how big our yard really is!’ Runs through my mind.

“That’s a lot of peppers!” Dina exclaimed lightly when she realized I had finished with the list. “I noticed most of your yard is a garden, what else do you grow?”

“Garlic, Onions, Corn, Mom likes to mix it up. Then there are the pots full of herbs and spices all through the house and many, many decorative flowers and plants.” I really cannot get over how many plants we have. “That is not including the lawn.” I say like it is a joke and she chuckles.

My tummy quivers and I don’t know how to feel about that.

“Did I see a pear tree back there?” I nod and she sort of bounces in place. I fight to keep my eyes on her face. “Can I grab a few?”

“Yeah! I don’t… like… pears. Mom would be happy they won’t go to waste!”

I mentally slap myself. ‘Idiot! Why I’m an idiot, I don’t know! Smile like I am not having an internal debate in my head.’

So I smile.

“Cool, I’ll grab a basket and… meet you at the gate?” I nod and she runs inside.

A few minutes later I am opening the gate.

She changed, I notice, a white tank top and a pair of cargo shorts. They look new. She also has on her best sneakers, a black and white pair that aren’t scuffed like her every day pair. Her hair is also damp, like she slicked it back real quick.

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