Became my neighbours toy PART 7


Became my neighbours toy PART 7It’s been a while since I wrote an update, but not a lot has happened just some note less blowjobs and fucks. A (my male neighbour) has mostly been the one using me, not that I mind, while J (male neighbours wife) has been busy at work. P (my partner) cause me naked and hard holding a pair of her panties I was about to get into, I told her I was just horny and was going to cum onto them, she ended up wearing them while I fucked her and came over them. The fun/exciting thing that happened ill go into detail below.It started with a poker night at A’s house with one of his friends from work, just the guys. We were all drinking, and I was losing badly, we got to the point where we were too drunk to care about money bets, and A was being a little horny. He suggested we place dares (I know a little juvenile) instead of bets. It started as small stupid stuff, downing beers, texting out wife’s stupid shit, till A decided to take it up a notch. Again I was çankaya escort still losing, badly on this had (the bigger the bet the more serious the dare) and A daring me to strip. I wasn’t going to back out, and I was getting a little “excited” anyway, so I stripped naked in front of A and his friend. They were both laughing, but A was eyeing me up. I never wore any lingerie since I wasn’t excepting anything, I did however have a butt plug in.So there we were, sitting around a table playing poker and me naked. Naturally I started getting hard at being naked in front of the guy iv never me be for. A noticed and laughed saying “What’s that you go there?” making his friend notice, who laughed as well. Trying to find an excuse I said “Im just hoping J (A’s wife) walks in and sees that my dicks bigger then yours”. A replied by saying that “Im such a fag”, his friend laughing again saying “Oh really?”. Then next hand I lost on purpose, anticipating a cebeci escort sexual dare, my dick was solid. It was A’s friends turn to make the dare. He thought about it for a minute, then smiled, slowly he said ” I dare you…… suck me off”. A just smirked, knowing I would do it happily. His friend unzipping his jeans as I crawled under the table, pulling them down just enough as he moved his chair back a little. I reached into his boxers and pulled out his large but soft dick, taking it into my mouth. He was hard in no time, I was taking him all into my throat on the way down while swirling my tongue around the tip of his dick on the way up. He was clearly enjoying it, as was A, he’d pulled his own dick out and was stroking it watching me. His friend eventually came in my mouth, pulling out to spray the rest on my face. A chuckled and said “Lets continue this in the other room”. We followed him through and he sat on the couch, ordering me to suck demetevler escort his dick now. Again I did, while his friend knelt behind me, slapping my and laughing at the butt plug. He was fondling my balls and cock as well as I sucked As cock.I could feel A’s friends cock get hard again pressing against my leg, still wet from my saliva and his cum. He’d removed the plug not long after spanking my ass, and was now replacing it with his cock. It slid in with easy, and I was now being spit roasted by two men. With A in my mouth and his friend pounding my ass, I used the momentum to suck off A, occasionally being gagged and chocking on his cock. My cock was dripping with precum by now, I could feel a long strain of cum dripping all the way to the floor. A’s friend got to his feet, his dick still in my ass pounding, forcing his cock downwards and putting pressure on my prostate/g-spot. I was about to explode but waited for the right moment. He got as deep into my ass as possible when I came, making my ass even tighter, he sped up his thrusting as he came inside me and I blew my load onto the floor. A came a while afterwards, making me swallow every drop, then cleaning my own mess off the floor.That was might night, feel free to message, comment or add me.

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