Becky Goes to Korea part 3

Becky Goes to Korea part 3~~Start of Part 3~~Becky looks over that the girls and tells them to come over. They get up right next to us as I am still slowly stroking my half hard cock in and out of her and she says, “I would like to try something with all of us together if you two would like to join in?”Mandy and Sis of course are up for it and ask her, “what are you wanting to do?”Becky tells me to pull out of her and then lay on my back on the bed with my butt right up to hers and our legs bent up. I do and then she has Sis get on top of her in the 69 position, and Mandy get on top of me in the same way. I smile, this is going to be fun!Becky says, “ok everyone, have fun and play with what you like…”It was a little funny at first as Sis and Mandy both go down and almost knock each other out, before they figure out they need to coordinate their licking and sucking desires…They get it worked out though and as Becky is licking away at Sis and I am licking away at Mandy the two of them get pretty creative. The both start out on us, but then lean down a little more and end up side by side and swapping from Becky’s cum filled pussy to my cock that is covered with both of us.This is thoroughly enjoyable from my perspective and Becky and I are both moaning as we have these two knockouts playing with us. Mandy is giving me wave after wave of cum as she is really getting into this and Sis is not disappointing Becky either.Mandy looks back at me from under her belly and says, “mind if I try something with your cock?”“Of course not, go ahead honey”.She whispers something to Sis and I notice they are both concentrating on something so I look down to see what is going on….Sis goes down on Becky and gets a nice mouth full of my cum and brings it up and puts her mouth on my cock…that felt amazing and she allows it to slowly trickle out of her mouth as Mandy starts stroking me to get me just a little harder.Now Sis sits up a little and spreads Becky’s lips all the way open and Mandy starts pulling my cock down towards Becky’s beautiful mound. I am a little worried, but it is not hurting yet…so I let her continue to see what their plan is. I notice Sis putting a pillow under Becky and that makes it, so the angle is not so severe and thump…the head of my cock is now in Becky and she moans a little feeling me in her again.Ok, that was a neat little trick and I did not know I could bend that far when hard and not hurt… that is good to know! Now Mandy and Sis start to take turns licking from the base of my cock up to Becky and then licking her clit as they come back put and reverse for Sis…I had never even thought of something like this…but it felt good, I was in Becky and she was rotating her hips as I was getting licked by Mandy and Sis…wow you guys!Watching this happening was really getting me hard now though, and it started to hurt a little as I was getting really excited. Sis notices the wince on my face and pulls my cock out of Becky and her and Mandy put my cock, now standing straight up and recovering from its gymnastics lesson, between both of their lips as they kiss and run up and down the entire length of my shaft…Holy crap that is amazing!I cannot hold it any longer and as they go on the down stroke, I erupt on to both of their faces and they giggle and say, “thank you honey!” They both start licking me off of their faces and Mandy lets loose with a massive flood of cum and starts moaning. Wow these women are just too amazing….The girls end up rolling over on the side of us and are now licking and kissing each other very passionately, the first they have let me see that…It was ridiculously hot watching my Sis and Girlfriend being so passionate with each other. I didn’t even notice that I did not get soft, I was watching these two ladies really get into it.Becky noticed it though! She sits up and throws me down tokat escort on to the bed and holds my shoulders down as she gently mounts my throbbing cock. She slides down on me and looks into my eyes with those green magnets of hers’ and says, “I am going to get a little rough with you honey…hold on ok?” I nod my head yes and get ready…Becky starts to pound down on to my pelvis with a rather good deal of force and is rubbing her clit at the same time and starts to moan pretty loudly now. She just keeps pounding down on me and driving me into her harder and harder each time. I reach up with my hands and grab both of her breasts and squeeze pretty hard, harder than I normally do, and she moans even louder and says yes, harder, harder…So I do…At this point I am afraid I am going to hurt her, so I stop going harder…but I notice there are little white spot on her nipples…wow! I squeezed so hard I actually made her start to lactate…. that is fucking amazing! I sit up, and she looks at me like what are you doing? I look at her nipples and she sees it too, she moans a little and says, “holly fuck you made me lactate?” and then laughs as she is still bouncing up and down on my rock-solid cock.No way I am passing this up so I grab her left breast in my hand and squeeze pretty hard and put my mouth up to her nipple and she starts leaking milk…it is warm and tastes very sweet to my tongue and I just keep licking and it keeps coming out…The girls of course hear this and decide that is something they are interested in too and they show up next to us and look at what I am doing and Mandy grabs Becky’s right breast and holds it the same way I am and squeezes pretty hard and viola…another tap is available…I am busy making sure I don’t miss any from mine…so the girls decide to take a little taste and they both end up taking turns as we milk Becky while she is riding me…Becky is on the edge of a massive orgasm now and she lets out a loud moan as I feel her clinch around my cock and a flood of fluid run over my balls. That was more than I could handle, and I start pumping into her with everything I have and end up having to lay down as all of my muscles tense up extremely hard this time and I am laying there rigid as a board.Mandy and Sis are sitting there with looks of amazement on their faces as Becky collapses on to me and puts her arms around me. We lay there for a few seconds and Becky looks into my eyes with a very deep, loving look, and kisses me. I notice there is a little milk left on her left breast and I lean over and suck it off and lick her nipple with my tongue. She looks at me and smiles. She grabs me and gives me an exceedingly long and tight hug and we just lay there locked together by her arms, as I caress her beautiful body with my rough hands.The girls just realized that they both came extremely hard watching us as well and are sitting in big pools of their own cum and they get up to bring some towels over. They hand one to Becky and I say, “you don’t need to clean me up, I loved it and don’t want anything off of me….She laughs and cleans me up anyway…and we all prop ourselves up on the headboard area and kind of try to catch our collective breaths.I look over at Becky next to me and say, “That felt very special hon, and I got to share it will all of you together in the same bed…Wow Becky, I did not know you could do that…”Becky looks over at me with those green eyes and says, “I never have before honey, you made that happen…” She gives me a kiss and hugs me.I motion Mandy and Sis to come over and Mandy slides in on the other side of me and puts my arm around her, and Sis pulls my legs up and puts hers under them and sits in front of me so we can all see each other. Becky looks at me and knows what I am about to do and gets a little tear in her eyes…I look at Sis and Mandy and say, “You two also tokat escort bayan made this possible, it was because all of us were here that Becky felt comfortable enough to completely let loose like that. You two did this just as much I did…Thank you guys for being so great and loving me too!” Mandy leans over and gives me a kiss and so does Sis.Becky looks at me and leans over and gives me a very passionate and deep kiss and then sits up and looks at all of us and says, “I don’t think I have ever met a kinder or better group of people in my life, you all allow me to be me…thank you guys!” We all sit there in a group hug for a few minutes and Becky was crying a little…it was the good tears I could tell…she was happy. I decided it was time to crack a joke, so I look over at Becky and say, “So, does this mean I can file an official request for you to be my wet nurse now?!”Everyone including me starts busting up laughing and Becky says, “Well I would love to see that going through the chain of command…”Becky looks at me more serious now and says, “be honest, was it ok? Or was it bitter? I have never had that happen before…I mean I know it can…even with men…but did it taste ok?”Before I can say anything, Mandy, and Sis both say, “It was the sweetest and most erotic expression of love we have ever seen Becky…we both like it!”I look at Becky and she can tell just from my eyes that I fully agree with the girls assessment of her lactation…I say, “I cannot think of anything more personal or deeply expressive of your love for us, than allowing yourself to express life with us… That was incredibly special and means a lot to me Becky”. I was even shocked that I came up with something that sweet and thoughtful at that moment…but somehow it just came out of my mouth…Becky and the girls look at me for a few seconds and then they all dogpile me and smother me in a barrage of tits and kisses…Well that went well.Becky looks at me as we are getting situated again and says, “Do that more honey…”I look at her with a questioning look, “do what more?”Becky looks into my soul again and says, “Speak with your heart honey, it will always lead you in the right direction”. The girls are sitting there nodding their heads yes.Becky continues, “You have a little idea I think how much you just touched each of us, but as you get older and more experienced you will understand how truly profound what you just said is…I never thought I would ever know that type of love, as I had to have that operation to take my mom parts out…but you just gave it to me in spades and thank you sweetie!”I could tell I just did something really good and thoughtful for her, but the only thing I could think of to do now was just hug her, so I did…and she started crying again…Sis and Mandy understood what she was talking about of course and would talk to me later about it…but for now it was enough to just sit there and hug each other and let these amazing women know I really do love each and every one of them with all of my heart…I am not sure how late we were up the night before, but it must have pretty late as I did not wake up until about 9am…that is unheard of for me since getting into this hellish country. I notice I am in a tangle of bodies and seem to be in the middle the best I can tell, but I have to pee now! I hated to do it, but I started pulling legs off and arms and everyone kind of groans at me…I say, “if you do not let me off this bed right now you are all going to be covered in piss in about 5 seconds…”. That got everyone’s attention and I was allowed to leave the love knot…As I finish up with business, I figure might as well get my shower and shave out of the way so the ladies can have the bathroom to get cleaned up when they decide to get up. I shave and turn the water on for the shower and jump in. Man, I love this shower escort tokat here, it is amazing! I am standing there lathering up and actually taking my time for a change and the door opens up and Becky walks in with me. She does not say anything just takes the washcloth out of my hand and goes around to my back and starts washing it for me. This was not the first time we had showered together, but this time it felt different somehow…She was slowly washing my body and every once in a while, she would giggle and look at me, but did not say anything. She handed the washcloth to me and allowed me to wash her entire body as well…of course me being me, I had to take extra special care of all of her lady parts just to make sure they were very well washed. She put some shampoo into her hand and started to wash her hair and I took over and gently massaged the soap in and then made sure I scrubbed every stand on her beautiful head. She washed it out and we were standing there for a second looking into each other’s eyes and she pulls me down and give me a very passionate kiss, and in that moment I somehow knew…no matter what else happened to me in life, Becky was always going to be there for me…my own personal bodyguard I thought…I could tell that was what she wanted me to know and she had a very happy look on her face when she saw that I understood what she was trying to tell me without saying a word.We get out and dry off and go into the bedroom to get some comfortable clothes on instead of uniforms. The girls are just getting out of bed and Becky tells them the bathroom is all theirs, we already took care of our stuff. They nod groggily and head that way.Confirming what I understood from the shower, Becky leans over as we are putting on some army sweats and says, “yes, honey…always, no matter what, you can count on me being there”. I smile at her and give her a kiss. I knew there was nothing I could say, just her knowing that I knew that was what she needed. In about a year or so, she would have all the confirmation she needed that I knew it and held on to that simple truth…The girls came out all freshened up from the bathroom and joined us in the TV room and Becky ordered up some breakfast/lunch type stuff from room service and they tray was delivered. We just sat there grazing on the stuff and relaxed with each other. It was a nice change of pace.Mandy somehow of course always knows at the same time as Sis when I have something on my mind and she looks over just as Sis was getting ready to say something to me and says, “What’s on your mind honey?”I motion her to come over and sit on my lap and she does. I look at her and say, “You know I love you sweetie, I just want to make sure you are ok with happened last night with me and Becky…it was pretty intense and I want you to know I do love you hon.”Sis looks over at me and says, “whoa…look at little bro go, Mr. sweetheart in full effect over there…” And then she smiles at me.Mandy looks me in the eyes and gives me a passionate kiss and says, “I know honey, remember, it is different with each of us, it was very exciting and actually made me love you even more seeing how caring you were with her, and this tops it off…I know you love me.” “Thank you for caring for me too, we have our own special things and what you have with Becky is incredibly beautiful. Don’t hold back with her because you think you are hurting me, please”.Sis looks over at me and gets up and comes over and gives me a kiss and says, “Ditto, bro…we both know you two have developed a very special bond, and that is what all of us wanted for you, so do not worry about it hon.”I am not quite sure how I managed to navigate that so well, but I guess I am getting the hang of being in a multi person love affair. I never planned it this way, but I was lucky enough to find three very loving and caring women to teach me…I did not know it at the time, but Sis and Mandy were going to have to leave soon to go back home, but for today…everything was right in the world and we just continued to enjoy each other as the day slowly slipped away.~~End of Part 3~~

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