Becoming a Boy 38

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“So, Mr. Mishra, how was your experience with Danny?” I asked. I wanted to get his report now that he”d had a couple days to think about the fuck, so I had called him.

“He was a real slut, Mr. Johnson, a real slut. Despite, or because of, the drugs, he was quite receptive. I”m very happy. The vid you sent is fantastic. I”m so happy to see it all as it happened. It helps to keep my memory fresh.”

“You”ll be happy to know Danny started at your company today. He was out of here early. He seemed very excited to get a chance to get a job.”

“A short term proposition, I hope,” he replied. I don”t want my wife working a day job, especially at my own company. I will have to go and see her soon, see how she presents herself at work.”

I laughed. “I think you will be pleasantly surprised,” I told him. “She went all out for this. Looked more like a girl than a boy. Did her nails and added some make-up. All on her own of course. I said nothing about the job to her.”

“Really? How wonderful. This may not be a stretch for her to appear to my family as a woman then. I will definitely be by there later today, to see what is going on in the mail room. You”ve spoken to Danny”s family?” he asked.

“Oh yeah. His father was very pleasantly surprised to hear your proposition. I think he was very interested, and he explicitly gave permission for your test drive with her the other night. He will need to discuss it with his wife, let her know of Danny”s interest in you eventually.”

“That is indeed good news, Mr. Johnson. I will be in touch soon. I want to meet her in person not drugged and get a better idea of Danny”s personality. She was such a slut to serve my cock the other night, despite the circumstances, I want to see what she is like not drugged.”

“Of course. Been nice chatting. Let me know how we will move forward on this.”

“Yes, of course. Good-bye for now,” and he hung up. I would need to check in more thoroughly with Danny after he got home today. See if he recalled anything from the other night and whether he was enjoying his new job.


After I got home, Johnson came by to see me shortly after I finished showering and cleaning up after the day at work.

“How did it go, boy? You make them happy at the job? He asked.

I was pleased. I had liked the job today. “Yes, Mr. Johnson. I really did like it. Well, so far anyway. It gives me plenty of time to think plus I am learning all about the company by sorting stuff and delivering it.” I wondered if I should tell him about the girl stuff and  decided to do it. I didn”t want to keep secrets from men in general, or Mr. Johnson specifically.

“Guess what, Sir? The lady in human resources, Mrs. Drake, thought I was a girl. She gave me a company blouse to wear and told me to go change in the lady”s room!” Even as I said It I felt pride in sharing with Mr. Johnson my ability to carry off this change.

“Really, Danny? And I”m guessing you let her believe it? You didn”t disagree did you?”

I blushed a little. It was a fib after all, me being a woman. “No, Sir.” I knew I had gotten dressed up to look girly and single,” I admitted to myself. “Maybe I will meet someone there, I want people to know I am single and someone who is more girly. I don”t want someone to think I am the top, I mean you know, a man.”

Johnson just chuckled at me. He stuck his hand out and ruffled my hair. “There is no doubt a man will recognize you as the femme, Danny. You will look quite stunning for those guys who want a femme boy for their wife.”

Wife? What was that? In my dream the other night that man in my dream said I was his wife now, well then, after I dreamed about sex with him. He wanted a wife, or rather I wanted him to want me to be his wife. What a strange dream.

“I just don”t want to miss any chances, Mr. Johnson. Do you think that”s weird? I mean I could dress more like a guy if you think that is better, but look at my name tag, she even printed out like a girl would spell Danni.” I showed himthe blouse and my name tag.  “She even asked me how to spell my name and then asked if Danny was short for Danielle. Anyway, I just took it as a sign that I should go with it. She directed me to the lady”s room. I was so nervous.” I was rattling on; I could hear myself. “Sorry, I”m just pretty excited to go do something. I mean, ugh, I like this place Mr. Johnson,” I said trying to not sound happy to be leaving the farm. “I just want to be able to find a guy, and do something right, instead of screwing up like I have done more than a few times.”

“Don”t worry about that part, Danny. You know like Bailey, that you boys come and go, and you come back to visit at times. You are here to grow and move on, not stick around forever.”

Yes, Mr. Johnson. I mean thank you.” I moved up and gave him a hug. He was really such a stud, all macho and demanded obedience and submission to his rules, but still had a soft side. I was kinda feeling happy and excited and then I was suddenly realizing if it wasn”t for him I wouldn”t be having the opportunities. I felt very submissive and I wanted to say thank you. I remembered what a fat dick, Mr. Johnson had from the golf course, and that was enough. I reached out and felt his crotch, He seemed surprised but then he didn”t stop me.

“Go ahead, Danny. You want to say thank you? I”m good with your hot mouth on my fat cock.”

I looked up at him as I dropped to my knees and began undoing his pants and pulling his boxers down. He was smiling and I felt good, doing something nice for him after all he had been doing for me finally. I really did enjoy pleasing men, it made me feel so good inside.

His cock was fatter than I remembered. It was so many dicks ago. After Daddy, Mr. Johnson was the second man I had sucked off. I recall my lips feeling overly stretched after that day on the golf course. I got to work, slicking his cock up by licking and drooling on it so I could get as much as possible in my mouth.

“Oh hell yeah, boy. You”ve gotten better at this.” That made me swell with pride on my abilities to please him. “Come on, I want to see if you can swallow it all”

Holy crap, there was no way I could swallow his cock. I couldn”t fit my hand around the base of his dick. I studied my own hand trying to fit around his cock. I looked at my fingernails all shiny and looking so femme. My hands were not male hands and they sure as hell showed it with the polish I had put on them. No way I could fit that thing in my mouth, let alone down my throat. It wasn”t happening, I told myself, but at the same time I knew he would try and that excited me. It was a chance to make him happy if I could do it.

“That”s it, work on getting it slick,” he said. I felt his hand suddenly on the top of my head and he just left it sitting there for a bit as I moved up and down slowly on his beer can cock. I could get about 3/4 of the way down it but that was about it. I wanted more, but I didn”t think I could do it. `Come on, you little bitch. I know you can take more of it than that.”

I didn”t know that. I wanted to, or I thought I wanted to, but I was going to learn soon that it would take more training if I was going to please Johnson. “I sure do like you sissy boys, Danny. I have a soft part of my personality for you girls. Seeing you all dolled up today with your nails painted and hair pulled back, just gets me going. My heart may be soft but you”ve got my dick hard as a rock and I”m going to show you how to take it all,” he explained.

He knew just what to say. I liked that he saw me as someone besides a guy. I mean, I know Mrs. Johnson is pretty femme in her own way, so I figured he liked things that particular way. I hoped I could get at least most of his cock in my mouth. Maybe if I did really well, he could make sure I kept a job outside of the farm.

“That”s it, just a little more,” he said. He moved his hand to the back of my head and began pushing more. I wondered if he was going to force this, but I knew if he did, I couldn”t fight it. He would be in charge and I would have to live with it. “Come on, I know your mouth can open further,” he told me.

His cock was stretching my lips and I still wasn”t getting any more of it inside me. I was sure my teeth must be scraping his dick but he still kept trying to push more in. “Open it up, boy. Get your mouth around my cock. I can go get someone else to do this if you can”t open up!”

I was sure I had reached my limit, but he kept pushing. My lips were stretched and I felt like they were ripping open and the head of his dick was beginning to gag me now. If I could get it past a certain point, I knew the gagging would stop but would my mouth ever look the same? I finally took my hand off his dick and moved them to his legs. I could use the support if he was going to keep pushing. I was trying to breathe only through my nose but even that was becoming tough with his dick forcing its way deep.

“Bitch, I know you can do this. You swallow your daddy and Ian, don”t give me a fight about mine, it isn”t nearly as long as their cocks.” Of course, I thought, but your dick is fatter than both of theirs, yet he moved his other hand up to my head and pushed harder, until my lips and my nose were mashed in his crotch. He just held my head there a good while. Finally, he let go and I pulled back and gasped for air. I really wondered if I was going to pass out.

Mr. Johnson smacked me hard on the cheek and stuffed my mouth again after I had some air. “Get back on it, Danny. No time to let up now, you cocksucker,” he insisted. He used his hands a lot, shoving my mouth down on his dick. Now it had been in once, he wasn”t going to let a little pain on my end stop him from getting a blow job. My eyes were watering and I was starting to drip from my nose. This was always embarrassing. I wanted to look pretty but he didn”t care, he wanted his dick taken care of so I tried to keep at it. I gagged as he shoved again and again.

“Tight little faggot,” He pulled me up by my armpits and tossed me on my bed. He yanked down my pants and grabbed my ass cheeks with his meaty hands. “If your mouth won”t open enough, I know your pussy will,” he said as he spanked my ass with the palm of his hands. “Better be ready because I am going in.”

I only hoped I had slicked up his cock enough because he didn”t give me any response time. He just positioned his dick at my cunt and started in, without any lube or extra spit.

“Ooohhhh, shit,” I exclaimed. “Your so big.” He just spread my ass wider with his hands and proceeded to keep pushing at my other hole.

“Yeah, but I”ve seen your hole open wider, bitch. I know this hole can take it.” He was right of course. He had watched me get opened wide by Doc Jablonsky tuzla escort and then he and everyone else that day had cum in my ass while it was open. “Yeah, that”s better,” he said as his nuts slapped my ass. “I knew you could take it here.”

Johnson began pounding me. I was bent over my bed and was holding on to the sheets as he began a good pace of just pummeling my hole. It was a little dry but I knew better than to stop Mr. Johnson. He wouldn”t put up with it. If I was dry it would be my fault somehow for not anticipating the need for me to slick his cock more or for not making enough pussy juice to keep him moist.

 “Such a nice warm hole, Danny. No wonder your daddy liked this. Hell, I don”t know why I waited this long since I last used it.” That made me feel good. Mr. Johnson liked it and he liked me. I started to get into this. I was pleasing him and therefore I was being pleased. I could feel my own little clit start to leak at his words and the use my hole was getting. I was so easy, I knew that now. Once a man started talking to me like this and got in my ass, I was going to respond. I could feel all sorts of things inside thinking about Johnson and feeling him work his cock in and out.

“Ugh, Mr. Johnson, oh god. Ohhhh,” I could hear myself squeal. “You”ll make me cum.”

“I”m glad to hear you are finally learning how to do that properly,” he huffed in between pounding me. “You were sent here for a reason.”

“Ohh, oh yeah, yeah, fuck my pussy! Make me cum like a girl.” I wanted to cum. I hadn”t thought about it for a few days, that was unusual. Maybe I had cum in my dream the other night after all. I had no idea. I know my cunt had been used but it still seemed like a dream and maybe I had cum. Usually I got so horny after a couple days. The last time I knew I had cum was when I got fucked over Thanksgiving.

“You ARE a girl, Danny. In most every way possible,” Mr. Johnson said. It set me off. I felt so good inside and his cock was doing wonders for me. He was happily using my hole and I was so happy to hear him calling me a girl. I didn”t care if it was a screwed up statement, I felt like it when I was getting dicked like this. “Gonna fill up your cunt, bitch,” he announced. “Better be ready.”

I was ready. I was weak in the knees and standing was tough after taking his big fat dick and his weight pounding my little body.

“Yes, yes, fuck me harder,” I said. “Fill me up, Sir.” When he came a few seconds later I did too. It just happened again. It had taken what seemed like for ever to learn to deal with my locked dick, but now it didn”t seem problematic at all. I could feel my own little load ooze out and the intense shudder of my orgasm as his cock unloaded. My pussy got all sloppy and he kept fucking. I could hear the noise of his cock slurping about in my hole and it felt great.

“Best fuck I”ve had in a good month,” Johnson told me as he finally slowed down and pulled out. He smacked my ass a couple times with his dick and then his hand. He pushed me onto my bed and came around to my face. “Clean me up before I go back to the house,” he huffed. He seemed a bit worn out from the sex, so I was really feeling good about how happy it made him.

“Thank you, Mr. Johnson. Thank you so much.” I lapped at that fat pleasure maker and cleaned off all of his load and my juice. Once he was inside me there was no problem, he had gotten me all worked up easily. I was such a tramp once a dick was in me, I thought to myself.

“My pleasure, of course, girl,” he said with a smile. Once I had cleaned him up he pushed me under the covers. “Take a nap before dinner, Danny. Oh, and don”t forget to take your pills.”


“Billy, I want to show you something,” I took the kid by the shoulder and pushed him to the basement stairs. “I got something for us. Let”s go take a look.

I guided him down the stairs and into the area where the boys used to hang and watch tv, where Danny and Bailey had slept over Thanksgiving. In the area I had just bought and put together a new piece of furniture.

“Wow,” he said, “a massage table. Really? Can I give you a massage now?” he asked. He seemed really pleased at the prospect.

“Of course, Billy. I know that you like to make Jan and I feel good and, well I figured since you said you knew massage it might help you to get to know us better.” I smiled as we made eye contact and he was smiling too.

“That”s so cool, Mr. McNeil. Wow! I”m really good at massages!”

“That”s what Johnson said, and Billy, you know we like having you here at the house. I just thought, maybe, you might enjoy this. I”m know Jan and I would love to get massages regularly.” He seemed actually pleased about the idea from his reaction. I handed over a bag to him and he opened it right up.

“Wow, look at this. You bought oils too!”

“No reason to just have a table and no massage oil, Billy.”

“Let me go grab a couple of towels,” he said and ran back up the stairs. “This was going to work out really well, I had a suspicion. When he got back he laid a couple towels on the table. “Okay, Mr. McNeil. You can take off your clothes, well, down to your boxers, I mean.” He handed me a towel. “I”ll go and wash my hands. This is going to be great.”

He went to the bathroom and I could hear the water running, so I stripped completely out of my clothes and set them on the sofa. I climbed up on the table and lay face down on the table, putting my head where the padding was, face down in the circle of padding. Billy returned from the bathroom and promptly covered me with a couple other towels. He didn”t say anything about me being naked. He started at my feet.

“Okay Mr. McNeil, just relax and let me show you. I can do this really well. People have told me I am really good.” I was pleased I had finally figured out something Billy seemed to be excited about. He usually was pretty calm and often looked bored. He always said he enjoyed the housework but he never really seemed excited about tasks until now.

“Oh, god, that feels so good,” I let Billy know how great his hands were on my feet. “Have you had classes?”

“Oh, yes, Mr. McNeil. I mean, I didn”t graduate or anything but I took classes from a massage school.”

“Well, you definitely learned what to do,” I let him know. He really had nice hands. It was those long fingers and toned arms that did it, well at least that is what I told myself. I didn”t care frankly as long as it felt good. As he moved up my legs I would tense and release as he eased the tension out of my muscles and bones. I admit I made noise as he pushed hard at the tight knots and slowly eased them out of my muscles.

Billy used his hands and even his arms and elbows to work my back and ass. After that he had an easier time on my arms and neck. I had been reduced to simply sighing as he spent probably 45 minutes just taking me slowly through a session. We didn”t really talk much. I said a few things and he answered briefly but he was really focused I think on getting me feeling relaxed. Honestly it was what I wanted too. I was so relaxed and feeling so good that I had sprouted one damn hard boner laying there. Everything felt so good.

When Billy said to turn over I was more than ready to do just that. My dick was hard and I fully expected him to provide a happy ending to this great massage. I rolled over and lay there. There was no hiding it of course. Where do you hide a 10-inch cock? I just did as he said and there was my dick thick as his wrist pointing straight up toward my chin. I looked at his face and saw the surprise register.

“You okay, Billy,” I asked innocently.

“Uhm, yeah, sure Mr. McNeil. Let me work a bit more on your shoulders.”

“Oh yeah, you”re doing great Billy,” I let him know. He smiled as he always did upon being complimented.

He proceeded to work on my shoulders and then my pecs. His hands were great let me tell you, but he seemed to hesitate after a bit. He skipped my midsection and went back to my legs and worked them a bit more. I watched him closely and every few seconds he would check out my cock again. It hadn”t gotten any smaller. I smiled to myself, I guess I was going to have to talk him through this.

“Billy,” I must have interrupted his thoughts as he looked up at me rather quickly. “You”re forgetting a spot; go ahead and work on providing all of my body some relief.”

“Uh, what do you mean, Mr. McNeil?”

“You know damn well what I mean Billy. Just do your massage routine on my dick. I know you see how tense and in need of relaxation it is” He looked down at my cock and back to my face.

“Are you sure, Mr. McNeil?” What did he mean was I sure? Hell yeah I was sure. More sure than ever his hands would work just fine right now.

“It”s all good Billy. I just want to get a release in my cock the way you released the tension in the rest of my body.”

“I”ve never seen one so big,” he finally said.

“Is that what is bothering you?” I asked. “Don”t worry, it works like all cocks do. Give it a try and let”s see if you can get me totally relaxed.

He didn”t reply, but he did comply with my words. Slowly he moved up from my legs to my crotch. He took my balls in one hand and ran his other hand gently over them a couple times. Then he grasped my dick firmly with his left hand and pulled it up, so it stood straight up and away my me. He moved his right hand to the top my my dick and spread the oil he had been rubbing all over me onto my cock. I let out a big sigh.

“Yeah, that”s it. Work those magical hands there, Billy.” He did, moving slowly up and down with his one hand while holding my cock steady with the other. I could feel him pull back the foreskin with his strokes. It had been a long time since anyone had simply jacked me off. I can”t describe how nice it was being so relaxed and having my cock jacked like this. Better than I had imagined and the only way I had figured might work to get him to start working regularly with my dick.

“Billy, that is so good,” I encouraged him. I wasn”t rushing him. I was truly relaxed and it felt great. I watched him as he stroked my cock and ran his hands on it as well as all around my balls and taint area. He massaged gently around my taint and balls and more firmly stroked my dick. He really did know what he was doing. “Oh, yeah, that”s so good, baby,” I said and he smiled a little. He was honestly focused on this I could see his concentration as he worked me through to a good finish.

I held back as long as I could, but he was good and his hands insistent. “Yes, yes. That”s it. I”m I”m going to cum Billy. Keep working that.” I felt a sudden tension in my nuts and I let fly. A big long rope of cum flew out and landed on my stomach. It seemed to startle him a bit and he jerked slightly which caused the second rope to hit him on the chin. He managed to recover and point my dick back up straight in the air again and the rest of my load spewed up and then down his hand and arm as he finished stroking slowly. I jerked and jumped and shook. It felt better than any hand job I had ever received and sure as hell better than the last time I pulled one out myself.

As I lay there recovering from such a great massage, Billy finally let my cock slide out of his hand and flop onto my stomach. He reached for a towel and wiped his hands and then my abs of the cum. He was about to wipe his face when I reached for his wrist and stopped him.

“Come here,” I said pulling him toward me. He did and I reached up with my fingers and wiped his chin of my cum. I then moved my fingers to his mouth. He hesitated then opened his mouth. I fed him that one little bit of my load. He closed his lips around my fingers and licked them clean. Then he got a bit scared thinking about what just happened I guess. He began to wipe his hands down again and clean up.

“Billy, you did very well. Thank you. I really needed that and I am glad I could share that with you,” I told him. He smiled really big.

“Thank you Mr. McNeil. I”m, I”m glad you are happy. That pendik escort is what I want to do, make you happy with my service.”

“Yeah, I echoed him. Yeah, it”s what I want too, Billy. It”s what I want for Jan too. Can you provide her a similar massage and release?” He looked at me. And he looked a little scared. “What is it Billy? We just had a great time. You helped me relax and we both enjoyed it.”

“It”s just that when things are good for me Mr. McNeil, they tend to go away,” he told me. We had discussed this some already. But I was going to be insistent. I took his hand and pulled him toward me again. I took him in a bear hug and squeezed him.

“Just give it a try Billy. We aren”t going anywhere. Jan is really quite taken with you; you must know that.”

Yes, Mr. McNeil, that”s why it scares me.”

“Well, don”t let it. Just give her a massage, see how she reacts and you will know when it is good to provide her the same sort of release. From your skill, I think you probably have done this sort of thing before.” He looked a little sheepish and just nodded his head, his long hair fell forward covering his face. I reached up and brushed some of it back over one ear. “Look, you”re safe here, and this is something I want to happen, Billy. I need your help though in expanding the potential of what we have building. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mr. McNeil,” he said. “I”ll do it.”

“Good boy,” I said. “I knew you would.” I patted his backside as he pulled away. “Oh, and in the future, you should also be naked when you give massages here Billy.” He glanced up quickly and then away. “Trust me, Billy.” He turned and cleaned up the table and took the towels away. I got back into my clothes and headed back upstairs hoping this idea would work for Jan.


Fuck, I always hated alarm clocks, but I swiped my hand at my phone and the sound went off. Well if it is 8am, where the hell is Timmy, I thought to myself. As soon as the thought was in my head there was a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I said loud enough for him to hear. It was Timmy, right on time. I had to admire his early dedication to this new job for him.

“Where you been?” I asked.

“Sorry, Sir, I was showering and well, you know, I was getting clean,” he stressed the last part and I laughed. He was already dressed. Too bad for him, his clothes would get messed up this morning.

“Well, then get started, my dick has morning wood and you have a job.” I pulled back my sheet to show him what I meant.

“Yes, Sir,” was all he said and he climbed on the bed fully dressed and began to lubricate my cock. I propped myself up on the back board, put my hands behind my head and chilled. He was good at this. It felt damn good having a fag at the frat. Waking up and getting sucked off regularly. Now I could get that ass anytime I wanted too and in a couple minutes I was going to want it.

“In the future, Timmy, first thing in the morning, there is no need to get dressed. Clean yes, but dressed, no. I”m just going to have you remove the clothes anyways.” He looked up and then stood up and began shucking his clothes off. “You seem very obedient today, boy, you happy that all that being outed stuff is pretty much wrapped up?”

He blushed and nodded. “Yes, Ian, Sir.”

“Not so bad, was it?” He stayed red in the face.

“I survived, Sir. I just didn”t expect it to go like it did, and didn”t expect to be sucking a frat brother now too,” he added as he got back on the bed and went back to my cock.

“But you love cock and how could I say no to Zach?” I asked him. “He was so nice to offer up the extra bed in his room, it”s the least I can do to pay him back.” I laughed as I said it. Timmy just looked up at me. He didn”t say anything but kept sucking.

“Did you enjoy it, Timmy? You like Zach”s cock?” I gently smacked his face. “I want an answer, boy.”

He pulled my cockhead out of his mouth. “It was okay. He”s different. He isn”t you.” Then he went back to sucking. He was getting me slicked up and I wanted to hear more about this now. I pulled him by the hair off my dick and pushed him on his back. I grabbed his legs and pushed them over his head exposing his hole. I slid my dick back and forth across his hole a couple times before I started to push in. He grimaced and grunted but didn”t say anything.

“Feel good?”

“Ugh, yes, Sir. I want your cock.”

“I know you do Timmy. It”s becoming something you need already. Pretty soon I may have to chase you away, you”ll be begging so much. So why don”t you tell me about Zach. Did he follow the rules? Did he try to change anything?” I pushed in further and he grunted again. It was nice he made noise. I didn”t mind that at all, most of the time.

“He made me take my shirt off. He played with my nipples.”

“I”m good with that, as long as he didn”t try to go near your ass.”

“No, Sir, he didn”t.”

I was inside now and started stroking back and forth. Fuck, this was so good. “I don”t think I could get tired of this pussy showing up every morning as my wake up call,” I told him. It got a sheepish grin and a grunt out of Tim. “You going to suck him off regularly? He say he want it all the time?”

“I, I don”t know, Sir. He didn”t tell me. Am I supposed to do it all the time?”


“You know damn well�you are going to let him use� your mouth� as much as he wants� in that room,” Ian told me as he hammered the words home to me.

“Ugh, ow, ugh, okay, okay Sir.” He was driving in deep each time he paused and sometimes it was uncomfortable to take all 10 inches of his dick.

 “If you have the time and are in his room, your mouth is available for whatever he plans to do. We already covered it. I don”t want to hear about it again,” he said. “Your shirt can be off, but no pants are to be removed, got it? And you don”t service other people in his room, just him.”

“Yes, Sir,” I told him. That was pretty clear. He could use my mouth. I wouldn”t bring it up again.

“I own you, I own your ass and your mouth. I”m just loaning your mouth out to him. I may loan it to other bros here too, if they have something to offer me,” he grinned as he fucked. “you love sucking dick anyway, don”t you?”

I felt myself blush. I did. It was okay. I enjoyed sucking Zach last night, but it wasn”t the same as Ian.

“You take cock really well, Timmy. I”m damn proud of you.”

I had to smile. It made me feel good to know I pleased him. “I really like it, Ian, Sir. I like it more than I could imagine,” I said. I was still remembering when to squeeze, when to release, trying to manage his cock and give him pleasure. And when he told me I did well, it made me feel good too. My dick was leaking with him as usual.

“Did you cum when Zach did?” he asked.

I had to think a minute. “Uh, no, Sir, I didn”t” I could hear the surprise in my own voice.

“But he did?”

“Oh, yes Sir, a lot. He made me hold it in my mouth and show it to him.” Ian laughed.

“Just chill and take my dick,” he said. “I got to wrap this up and go to class. Tell me again that you love this.”

I looked him directly in the face and told him again, “I love your cock in my ass, Sir.” That got me a smack on the cheek that stung. “What? What did I say, Ian, I mean, Sir?”

“When I am fucking you, Timmy, you aren”t using your ass, you are using your cunt, your pussy. Remember that. I am fucking your pussy!” I hated thinking of my asshole as a pussy. I wasn”t a girl, but at the same time I didn”t want to not get his dick there in my hole, whatever he wanted to call it, so I said it. I admitted what he wanted me to say.

“I love it when you fuck my pussy, Sir. I honestly didn”t know I would before you fucked me. Now, I know I want to get fucked. I want your cock, Sir. Fuck my pussy hard, please, fuck it.”

How humiliating! I heard my own voice begging. I meant every word too. I wanted this fuck and I wanted his cock inside me. I just didn”t get why I had to call it a pussy instead of what it was, but I didn”t want to give it up now that I was getting it, so I did as he said to do.

I know I came, after he did. He fucked and shot inside me and then as he slowed and I could feel his cum sloshing around in me, I shot off. I didn”t get that part, but whatever. I came. I always did with him. Between his dick and his sex talking, I was hard and shooting. It was what gave me away to him and got me into this situation to start with, so why would this time be any different.

Ian got off the bed and told me to get up. “Don”t forget to wear your shorts around the house, boy.”

“Yes, Sir, when I am here I will,” I assured him. Fuck, I was going to run into Donor at some point and I didn”t really want to see him while I was dressed like that, but what could I do? He slapped my ass as I gathered up my clothes and I went back to Zach”s room. I didn”t get dressed, it didn”t make any difference, I was Ian”s fag and everyone here knew it.


Somehow I had eventually fallen asleep last night. I don”t know how. Mr. Johnson told me to take my pills. There was no way I could nap after that and then I didn”t get to talk with him anymore after that. What did he know about those pills? If he knew about them, then I definitely should be taking them regularly. It might be something that Ian or Daddy or who knew wanted me to take. So I made a mental note to always take a couple with me in case I didn”t get back to the farm to do so on time.

The next day I chickened out. I was going to wear a skirt but decided to just stick with some nice pants. I was still a bit hesitant. Maybe I would pay more attention to what everyone else wore at work before I tried a skirt at the office. I wanted to wear a skirt, I had worn a couple skirts around the farm when I had the chance with Stacy but not ever out anywhere, like he used to do. It made me think I should go find him and see how he is doing. Last I knew he was in a back barn area and not looking so good. He had really fucked up his life I thought to myself.

Once I got to the office I went right to the mail area and got to work. There were already things to sort and post. I guess maybe there were people who worked at night, I wasn”t sure. I was early again, but I started anyway. No need to sit around I figured. As people came in I noticed that first most of the people here in this area were guys. I knew from going through the mail and wandering around with Mr. Schmitt that there were plenty of women working here, but the mail area seemed mostly guys. The women I did see didn”t have anything but pants on, so maybe a skirt wasn”t such a hot idea here. I wanted to blend in as much as possible as a temporary person.

I had been so busy that I lost in my work. Suddenly I heard Mr. Schmitt calling my name. I looked up to see where he was and he was over near the entrance area and he was talking with this guy in a fancy suit. He motioned for me to come over to him so I stopped my sorting and went to where he was.

“Danni, this is the owner and President of Mishra Industries, Mr. Devish Mishra. He likes to meet all new employees and so when he came through, I mentioned you had just started.” Mr Schmitt seemed much more formal than I had seen him be so far, so I figured this was really the boss. He looked so young though. He couldn”t be much older than me, I thought.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Mishra,” I said extending my hand. He took it and smiled big. His hands were large, with those long fingers and perfectly manicured manly hands, plus he had no wedding ring, I noticed.

“It”s nice to meet you formally, Danni. As Schmitt said, I like to meet everyone, even if I do not get a chance to see them often or again. I try to keep things as informal as possible while still running a big company.”

“Thank you for letting me work here, Sir,” I replied. “It”s my first real job and I”m very excited about it.” I blushed thinking I was saying to much. This guy was handsome. He was very dark skinned, his hair was also very aydınlı escort dark and short. I pushed my hair over my ear then quickly realized what I was doing and stopped. Don”t appear nervous, I told myself.

He smiled big. Gosh, why did he look familiar. I don”t think I had met him before, but his smile seemed familiar. “Don”t worry, I”m sure you will do well. Our managers like Schmitt train everyone well and help them succeed,” he said. “He says you are very competent already, so don”t worry. I”m sure you will find your work here to be very valuable to us and to you.”

He seemed so nice and proper, and friendly. It would be nice to see him again. I know it was only my second day but I wanted to meet men and well, Schmitt seemed nice enough but he wasn”t handsome in my book not my type. But I knew the chance of me seeing the big guy was slim, as he indicated. None of the other folks working the mail room were interested in me, I could already gauge that.

Mr. Mishra said a few more niceties about the company and the importance of the mailroom, and kept smiling. I was a bit lost as I just kept staring at his face and thinking he was familiar. Then when he ended the conversation and I turned to go back to my work area, I felt like he was staring at me. I even did a quick look behind me and he was staring! Oh my gosh, I wasn”t paying attention and I stepped on an empty box that was laying around and nearly fell. Mr. Mishra jumped over to me and caught me as I was ready to fall back. I was so embarrassed; I could feel the redness in my face. I”m such a klutz, I though to myself.

“Are you okay, Danni? I don”t need you injured on the job.” His hands were strong and big and as he unwrapped them from my arm I kept looking at them. I was not doing myself any favors acting so silly.

“Yes, Sir. I”m fine. I just wasn”t paying any attention to where I was going,” I tried to explain. He laughed at me and so I felt a little better. I laughed with him nervously.

“Just watch yourself, Danni. Keep your eyes in front of you and do not look back to where you have already been.” What an odd thing to say. He must have seen me looking at him. I could feel the redness and heat returning to my face. I apologized again for being clumsy and went back to work. So much for impressing the boss, I thought.


When I got back from class in the afternoon, Ian”s door was closed and a necktie was hanging from it. His sign that he was busy fucking. Who was in there with him? Some girl I guessed. Wasn”t one fuck today enough? What does he even need a girl for? I figured when I gave up my ass to him, he would just stop fucking around, but no. Fuck me. I”m so gullible to my own ideas and his ideas.

I went up to the door quietly as I could and listened. I could hear him talking and of course the sound of fucking when I put my ear up against the door. It seemed quiet, but then, that just made me realize the noise we made when he was fucking me. I couldn”t believe he was with some girl. I went off to my new room and Zach was in.

“Timmy! Nice of you to stop by. You got some free time?”

“Yeah,” I told him. “You want your cock sucked?” I asked.

“Hell yeah. I was just going to see if you had chores to do for Ian. I guess not.”

“He”s screwing some girl in his room,” I said clearly disgusted with the idea and him right now.

“Good for him, but I”d rather use your mouth at the moment,” was his reply. At least Zach would fuck my face.

“Feeling left out, boy? Missing your Man already?”

“Shut up,” I told him. Zach jumped up and stood face to face with me.

“Listen, bitch, you don”t talk to me that way. You might not belong to me outside of this room, but you sure as hell belong to me inside it,” he said. “I”m not going to take your shitty attitude that has nothing to do with me. If you have a lover”s quarrel with Ian, take it to him. I”m just using your mouth to fill time and do Ian a favor. He never said I had to take shit from you.”

I had flinched when Zach had jumped. I thought he might slug me like Ian had done once. I hated fighting. I didn”t want to feel the way I did about Ian, but it was what it was.

“Sorry, Zach. I don”t know why I did that.”

“I do, your jealous of someone else getting some of Ian”s dick. Natural reaction from a fag,” he told me. I didn”t like being called a fag, but I also knew it was the truth. “You”re in love and you want him only fucking you. Not going to happen with McNeil, or most dominant guys probably,” he added. “So your best course of action is to suck MY cock, and get over his for the day.”

Somehow he made some sense. I was jealous, okay I got that. But sucking Zach”s dick wouldn”t get me over Ian”s, I was pretty sure. I didn”t have the same feeling of submission that Ian made me feel. Of course, maybe that had to do with the fact Ian loaned me out to Zach.

“Do you remember MY rules?” he asked interrupting my thoughts.

“Yes, Sir.” I pulled off my shirt and got on my knees. I opened my mouth and waited. Zach stepped forward, undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. He pulled his half hard cock out of his boxer briefs. Then he laid his cock on my tongue and I waited.

“Good boy. You did remember, not that difficult,” he chuckled.

He proceeded to get very hard on his own and then after a couple minutes a drop of pre-cum left his cock and I could taste it on my tongue. I jumped on his dick and began to lick the head, running my tongue all over it and then started slicking up the shaft. I closed my lips tight and started a blow job for him.

“Nice. Fucking nice. We”re going to get along fine, Timmy. You have a nice way with your mouth.” I looked up and probably blushed. I could feel my own dick chub up a little. “I”m glad McNeil brought you out of your closet. I had been wanting to try a few things on a fag and now I get my chance. I”m pretty damn pleased how this worked out.”

I wanted to ask him how he knew about fags or what he had done before with guys, but he had said it wasn”t my business. Maybe he would say more if I was quiet and had my mouth full.

“I”m going to make use of your mouth as much as I get the chance to, Timmy. I have permission, and that makes it my right to use you. I appreciate you coming in today and asking if I wanted service. Means you liked it last night. I appreciate the dedication to my dick. It goes a long way to making sure you get more in the future.”

I looked up at him every few seconds. I wanted him to know I was paying attention to both his cock and his talking. I was learning the specifics of another man. Men weren”t the same, that was sure, I had already figured that out. Zach seemed to just want to use my face, and right now, I was okay with that. If Ian could do what he wanted to do, I could do this too. He said it was okay, so I was going to be busy if he was. It didn”t seem quite the same but still, I was bothered that he was fucking some girl.

Zach had grabbed my head and was pulling me back and forth on his dick. I tried to pay attention to it instead of thinking about other stuff, just the attention he wanted on it and how it felt in my mouth. No dick was the same, and I was pretty sure after Halloween that different guys liked different things done with their cocks. I tried flicking my tongue on the underside of the head of Zach”s dick and he responded by giving a little “yeah” so he must like that. I increased my suction and he smacked my head.

“Geezus, you trying to pulling the head off my dick? Lighten up on the suction. I prefer to just have a light suck and the motion back and forth, Timmy.”

Okay, so I knew he didn”t want too much suction, I wouldn”t be rough on his dick, but he liked being rough on me. He yanked my hair and used that to guide his pistoning back and forth. If I was going to be sucking off Zach all the time, I did want to try and get it right, so I could enjoy it too. If I got it right, he might not be as rough.

“I”m looking for a warm, wet mouth, and a little tongue work, not a penis pump,” he stated. “You like this dick?”

I nodded in reply and swallowed it all down in one motion. He moaned in response. I did love dick. I could say that. I loved making a guy feel good, loved to watch him cum. I thought back to all the dicks I sucked at Halloween and it was intense getting to suck one after another. I wasn”t sure then, but now, now I thought about that and got hard thinking I had pleased all those guys, gotten them all off, just using my mouth. I liked Zach”s dick for that reason, knowing I could get him off, make him feel good.

His hands roamed all over my head and shoulders. He was grabbing or holding and then pumping my face. I wasn”t doing much work except with my tongue. He kept switching where his hands were trying out different places, it felt like to me.

“I like having you as a fuck toy, Timmy. I need to thank Ian again for this opportunity.”

He saw me as a fuck toy, wow. I don”t think I had ever thought about it that way. I guess I just didn”t think an awful lot about sex like some guys. I mean, I enjoyed it when I had it before all this gay stuff, but I really liked the connection to the person. Clearly some guys seemed to think about it in ways I never did before Ian came on so strong and made me start thinking of it differently. I always saw it more as connecting. I guess I still did. I felt I was connecting to the guy through his cock, but maybe they saw it as a chance to just use me and get on with other stuff.

“Just think,” Zach continued “I can get off anytime I want however I want with your mouth. I can explore a lot of different things to do with a mouth like this.”

That seemed to get him harder. I don”t know what he was imagining. There were only so many ways to get a blow job.

“When I cum Timmy, I”m going to paint your face. I want to see you covered in my load. May even get a picture or two to save so I can remember it clearly. Swim stud covered in my load.” He reached over to his desk and grabbed his phone barely even pulling his dick out of my mouth. Like Ian, he wanted pictures. Ian had so many it didn”t really bother me at this point. Everyone here probably knew I sucked dick. “Smile for the camera Timmy. Let”s get a before shot,”

He pulled his dick out and lay it on my face and took a pic. Then he jammed it back in my mouth and took another. I had to look up at him each time. I knew he was getting close to cumming, his nuts had pulled tight and he was super hard as I ran my tongue over his cockhead and shaft.

“Doing great Timmy, doing great. Just a little more�Unnghh,”

Zach pulled back and shot a wad that hit me on my cheek. Then another went up my nose. 7 or 8 spurts left me feeling covered with his load. It didn”t run off either, just kinda sat there, as another warm jet of his cum hit another spot on my face. Each time his cock spurted he grunted. When he shook his cock off of the last drop, I felt drenched. He came a lot.

Hold still, Timmy,” he instructed “I want to get a couple pics. Smile.” So I smiled for him. I did like knowing I had gotten him off. “Fucking hot! I”ve always wanted some pics after I painted someone”s face, but no one wants to do it. You don”t have a choice though, because I get to use that mouth as I want,” he declared.

“Can I see them?” I asked

He laughed. “Yeah sure, hang on.” He took his dick in his hand again and began mopping his cum off my face and sticking it in my mouth to clean off. It still seemed like a lot, even after some had finally run off my face. Eventually he must have cleaned off my face enough to satisfy himself and he had me clean his cock off. Then he let me relax and he showed me the pics.

How humiliating to look at. I blushed I know; I could feel it. There I was with his cock on my face, or in my mouth and then there I was covered in cum, running off my face in different directions or pooled on my forehead. I have to admit it looked kinda hot, but I was the object in the pics and his cock the designer. I was pretty darn sure he saw the pics in a very different light than I did. I got hard thinking about the fact he was just using me and I allowed myself to be a fuck toy, as he called it. I wondered if Ian thought about me the same way?

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