Becoming a Slave Ch. 04


Becoming a Slave Ch. 04Chapter 4 — Falling in Love1I spent the weekend after meeting Adam and Ryan relaxing at home, jerking off a couple of times at the memory, but quite satisfied at my recent foray into the world of bisexuality. I had now sucked five cocks, eaten loads of cum, been pissed on, and fucked in the ass. There wasn’t much left to do as far as I knew. I still wanted to suck cock on occasion, but there was no longer a fantasy that I felt that I had to achieve.Over the next few months, I continued to check out Craigslist, finding few ads worth replying to. In the meantime, work had gotten busy and they had decided to extend my time in Hong Kong another two years, which was great for me since I was saving a boatload of cash here with almost no expenses, as I had neither a car nor a money-grubbing girlfriend. I had received a promotion and was getting worried about my extracurricular activities, wondering if I was becoming too high profile in the corporate world to maintain a secret life as an down-low cocksucker. Still, I couldn’t resist the occasional outing, replying to an ad once or twice a month, visiting a hotel, and sucking an anonymous visitor to completion before jerking myself off. Adam and Ryan had told me a few things about safety and I had since been tested negative, but I had also stopped swallowing cum from an unknown donor. I would suck until the guy was about to shoot, then have him unload on my face. Over the next 6 months I met up with ten guys, blowing each of them without exchanging names. I learned that I had been very fortunate in my early dealings with Matt, Adam, and Ryan: all attractive, in-shape guys with great cocks. The men I met on CL were a varied bunch, but mostly married, out-of-shape and older, with average dicks that didn’t get enough attention back home. I didn’t care though; I had a cock craving that needed to be satisfied on a regular basis. I found myself focusing on the cock as soon as I saw it, ignoring the body and face behind it. I loved a hard cock in my mouth, regardless of its owner. Once I had sucked for a while and the load deposited on my face, I cleaned up and left without saying anything. I felt no shame, but thought perhaps I should, given that I was slumming for cocks on Craigslist. I suppose I was an addict of sorts, needing a new cock every two weeks or so, and I didn’t care where I got it.This less-than-admirable behavior had continued for half a year when I saw an ad that intrigued me. It was posted by a bi-curious guy who was visiting Hong Kong, but he could not host at his hotel. I had never had another man over to my place, preferring to remain as anonymous as possible, but this guy was clearly new to the game and I felt a sudden longing to teach. I remember how Matt had brought me into this world and I wanted to do the same to this guy. I replied to him with a few questions and he soon responded, giving me his real name, Geoff. I knew he was a total novice at that point, and decided to invite him over. It was a Sunday afternoon and he accepted. I gave him my mobile number as my place could be difficult to find for someone from out of town, and he said he would show up around 4.Before he arrived, I chilled some beers and started watching a bit of gay porn on the TV to get myself ready. When my cell rang, it was Geoff who, as expected, couldn’t find my place. I had to run down to the street to get him, and was not impressed with what I saw. He was shorter than I am, wispy, thinning blond hair, a bit chubby, and shy, barely shaking my hand or making eye contact. I introduced myself as Alan and showed him my apartment building and told him to go up to my floor where the door was open, I would follow later to avoid any awkward elevator encounters with my nosy neighbors. He complied and I waited a couple of minutes before going back up.When I got there, he had made himself at home, sitting on the couch transfixed in front of the TV watching the porno I had left on. In it, one guy was sucking another, his mouth swallowing every bit of what looked to be a 12-inch dick. Geoff saw me and asked quietly if we would be doing that. I told him we would be doing whatever he wanted as I realized he had never seen gay porn before, given how slack-jawed he was.I got us a couple of beers and we sat on the couch, watching the last few minutes of the flick and making small talk. As the film ended and that 12-inch cock shot a huge load on the sucker’s face, Geoff almost whimpered. I noticed his cock was hard in his khakis, so I asked him what had brought him to my place. He took some time to explain how he had been reading erotic stories and in one, a man was forced to suck three dicks by his wife as part of a sex game. He found himself turned on and since then, he had been thinking about guys differently and had started fantasizing about giving a blow job. I recalled that when I first me Matt, he had whipped out his cock without my noticing, but I decided to let Geoff talk some more as I moved closer. His story resembled mine in many ways, straight identified but suddenly, inexplicably, thinking about cock more and more. When I asked him if he had any experience, he blushed in embarrassment, as if being a virgin in this area was unheard of.I asked him what his fantasies were, and he pointed to the TV, where the porn had started again and the lucky cocksucker was already on his knees taking care of business. I moved next to Geoff and started to softly stroke his cock through his pants, asking him whether he wanted to suck or be sucked. His whole body stiffened, but he managed to emit a quiet “both”, so I unzipped his trousers and told him to stand up. He did so, and I took off his pants, revealing a laughably tight pair of white briefs, tighty whities in the vernacular. I quickly removed those mood-killers along with his pants, allowing his cock some air. He was dripping precum as I put my hand around his shaft, feeling his heat. Geoff sat back down without saying a word, and I told him to take off his shirt. He did so, clearly unsure what would come next. I told him to relax and put my head on his lap, licking his cock for a few seconds while cradling his balls with my other hand. He moaned quietly and I finally put his cock in my mouth. I began to suck it and he came almost immediately, shooting his load without making any noise. I was too surprised to do anything but swallow it, and enjoyed the taste that I had forgone for so long.When he was finished, he immediately apologized, professing that he had not jerked off in some time. I told him not to worry, and asked him if he was ready to return the favor. He looked unsure, and I didn’t want to force him into it, so I just took off my pants and boxers and showed him my cock, stroking it slowly. He just stared at it, and I knew he had never seen another man’s erection before. Behind me, the porn was still going so I moved out of his way and let him watch it, hoping he would get the idea, while I kept myself hard with the occasional stroke.He continued to alternate glances between my cock and the suck show on the TV. Finally, he dropped to his knees and I moved my cock to his face, lightly brushing his nose and leaving just a touch of precum there. He looked up at me and I nodded, telling him it was OK without being too pushy. He grabbed my cock and stroked it, too hard at first. I told him to relax and just do what he wanted. He looked again at my cock, then the TV, then he closed his eyes, grabbed my cock and put it in his mouth. His tongue slowly explored my shaft and cock head, and he started to suck. He really didn’t know what he was doing, and I had to ask him to watch his teeth a couple of times, for which he again apologized. Eventually he got the hang of it though, sucking and licking, kissing my balls and putting them in his mouth. It was his first blow job and he was definitely enjoying it.I sat back down on the couch and let him continue, encouraging him to suck harder or softer as necessary, guiding his head with my hands. After about 15 minutes, he was getting noticeably tired, not surprising türbanlı hatay escort for someone whose jaw muscles weren’t accustomed to the action. I was ready to shoot, so I asked him where he wanted me to cum. He wasn’t ready to swallow so I told him I would cum on his face. He didn’t resist, and so I stood up again and began to stroke while he remained on his knees. My cock slapped against his face as I grew closer to orgasm, and he opened his mouth, sticking out his tongue. I put my cock in there and face fucked him for a few seconds and that was enough. I pulled out and shot a rope of white cream onto his cheek. He brought his face in close and moved it around my cock head as I continued to spurt. When I was done, his face was full of my juices. He had done well for his first man-to-man sex, and I complimented him, earning a sheepish grin.He asked for a towel, so I got him one and pointed him to the shower. I got dressed, and finished the beer while waiting for him to clean up. When he came out, I asked him if he wanted another beer, but he politely declined, saying he had to be up for work early Monday. I asked him if he had enjoyed himself, but he was non-committal as we said an awkward goodbye. I wondered if he would feel any shame, like I had after my first encounter with Matt. After he left, I soon forgot about him though, and ended up going to bed early, exhausted from our afternoon activities.2While at work two days later, I received a text from Geoff on my cell phone, asking if he could come over that night. I was surprised as he had not seemed like a guy who would want to continue this so quickly, but I had enjoyed being the teacher and wanted to see if we could go farther, so I agreed, asking him to arrive around 7.I left the office a bit early, getting home in time to shower and freshen up. Geoff remembered the building this time and arrived a few minutes late. When he entered, he seemed more confident and attractive, firmly shaking my hand and looking me in the eye. Again, I took him to the sofa and got him a beer. There was no porno on the TV this time, so we started chatting. He told me how much he enjoyed his first experience with me and he wanted to do more. He admitted that he was so nervous at our initial meeting that he couldn’t communicate properly, but this was his truer personality. We started talking about fantasies and he asked about my experiences. I told him a few of my stories, including the time I had a threesome with Adam and Ryan. He was clearly turned on when I described being fucked and as I continued with the tale, he moved closer and started rubbing my leg. He got right next to me and planted a kiss on my cheek and then my neck, tender but tentative. We had not kissed in our previous encounter so I was taken aback at first, but Geoff was persistent. I found his newfound aggressiveness extremely sexy and without thinking I asked him to the bedroom and he heartily agreed.We got into the bed still fully clothed, and Geoff pushed his body next to mine, continuing to kiss me on my neck, which was turning me on incredibly. He didn’t have any whiskers, so there wasn’t that burning sensation that I had experienced when kissing other guys. I let him continue to kiss me until he moved up to my face and looked into my eyes, searching for a response. I answered with a deep kiss on his lips, and soon we were necking, our tongues in each other’s mouths, holding each other tightly. He broke the kiss and again looked into my eyes and I felt a strange attraction to this man. I tenderly kissed him again as I removed his shirt, lavishing his chest and stomach with even more kisses. He pulled me back to his face and kissed me lovingly. He had clearly been waiting for the right person to show him that man-to-man sex was wonderful and he was a quicker learner than I had been.As we continued to make out like teens on a first date, Geoff gradually unbuttoned my shirt and took his time with my nipples, lightly biting them and inducing waves of pleasure in me. He was actually a skilled lover now that his nerves had disappeared and my cock could not take the strain, so I undid my pants. Geoff didn’t waste the opportunity, quickly moving down to kiss my cock tent. I shook off my pants and he did likewise, revealing a much more suitable pair of black boxers. He continued to moisten my own briefs before pulling them down and gobbling my cock with abandon. His technique had improved immeasurably since two days before, and he proceeded to give me a great blow job, his hands cupping my balls as he sucked.After a few minutes, he moved his body around so his cock was next to my face. I took off his boxers and pulled his body above mine, so we were in a true 69 position with me on my back and his manhood hovering above my face. He continued to suck noisily while I admired his rod. It wasn’t big, but it was beautiful, with a sculpted head that I desperately wanted. I pulled him into me and started to suck, paying particular attention to his cock head. Geoff was able to control himself this time and we spent a good half hour just sucking each other, our satisfied slurps the only sounds we made.Geoff tired first and started to stroke me while giving his mouth a rest. I continued to suck him for a bit, but eventually he pulled out and turned around to start kissing me again. I could taste my cock on his tongue and I knew he could do the same. We made out with passion, the most I had felt for another man, which shocked me. I always considered myself nothing more than an occasional cocksucker, but I was feeling something different for Geoff, perhaps because I was his first.We looked into each other’s eyes and there was a clear connection. Geoff kissed me softly a few times, and whispered in my ear that he wanted to eat my load. I wasn’t going to refuse his request and it made me doubly horny to know my cum would be the first he would swallow. He quickly went back down on me and resumed this wonderful suck job. Within minutes, he had me on the brink, and he looked up at me in anticipation, eager for his first fill of man juice. I moaned and managed to shout out “I’m cumming!”, all the while looking at Geoff. Amazingly he kept looking at me as I shot my load into his mouth. When I was done, he made a point of swallowing it loudly with a huge smile. He told me he loved it and then kissed me again, deeply, before telling me that it was his turn. He ordered me to lie down and straddled me and told me he was going to cum on my face. I didn’t have much choice as he pinned me down, beginning to jerk off violently. As he approached the point of no return, his face became red with exertion and then he exploded with a yell, his cum going all over the bedsheets and pillows, as well as a few drops hitting my face. Spent in more ways than one, Geoff collapsed next to me. I moved down to suck his cock as it softened while he drifted off.I let him sleep for a while, cleaning up his mess and taking a quick shower, confused with my feelings. I couldn’t deny our kissing was incredibly passionate and that I felt a spark. Was it because I wanted to bring Geoff fully into this wonderful world or something else?When I got out of the shower, Geoff had put his boxers back on and returned to the sofa. I was still in my towel and sat right next to him. He smiled and leaned in to me for another kiss. There was no doubt he was into me as the kiss was tender yet firm. I wasn’t quite ready for another session as it was getting late, so I broke it off and got us some beers. While we drank, we started talking about our personal lives. Geoff was living on the West Coast but had trips to Hong Kong once or twice a month. This was definitely his first homosexual experience and he was glad that I was a good-looking guy who wasn’t pushy. As we finished our beers, he told me that he had to leave Thursday, but asked if he could come back tomorrow. I was certainly enjoying our time together and couldn’t think of a reason to refuse, so told him to arrive at 7 again. I asked him what he wanted to türbanlı hatay escort bayan do, and he said he would think about it. Then he asked if we could watch the porn again.It was getting late, but I found myself wanting Geoff to stay longer, so I quickly turned on the DVD player and started it up. Soon there was a huge cock on screen being sucked by a man and Geoff watched, engrossed. He began to stroke himself without realizing it. As he quickened, I sensed a chance to eat his cum through his underwear, a sensation I loved the only other time I had done it. I got on my knees and told him to stroke harder. Soon he began to moan and I put his cock tip in my mouth, tasting the sweat that had built up in his boxers over the day. When he released, I got a few drops through the cotton, but not much else. I pulled the boxers down, licking the cum off them before sucking the rest off of Geoff’s dick.When sat back on the couch, Geoff again kissed me deeply. As he pulled away, I found myself asking him if he wanted to stay. He was tempted but he needed to get back for an early wake-up call. However, he said he could stay tomorrow night as his flight wasn’t until Thursday afternoon. I agreed to this and after Geoff had dressed using a pair of my spare boxers in place of his cum-soaked one, we kissed goodbye, a long, romantic clutch. After he left, I took his underwear and put them over my face, smelling his sweat and cum. I lay on my bed and jerked off like that, falling asleep with Geoff’s boxers still on my face.3The next day I got home early to do some laundry, including Geoff’s boxers. When he arrived on schedule, he had brought a bottle of wine and some take out. Our activities the previous evening had not included dinner, and I was touched by his courtesy. Even more impressive was that he had cum in my underwear before leaving his hotel. He handed them to me and told me to eat it, like I had done the day before. I greedily did, licking as much of his drying load as I could while he watched. This relationship was getting interesting and unpredictable and Geoff was slowly taking charge, recognizing I was more of a cum-loving sub.We opened the takeout and the wine, and had a meal on the couch as we chatted. I had not mentioned eating cum-covered food and decided to let that go for now. Instead we talked about our lives, and I finally told him my real name, which did not surprise or upset him. I gave him more information than I had to anyone else in this man-only world. He did the same, and there was a connection that we were sharing that I had never felt before, even with a woman. Geoff was intelligent and a quick learner. I was proud that I was the one to get him to open up to his bisexuality, but now he seemed to be in control without being dominant or overbearing. Bringing me a load of his cum to eat told me that he understood my needs and I couldn’t have been happier.We turned on the TV and watched an American sitcom for a while, sitting next to each other so that our legs were touching. I started to massage his shoulders and he leaned over to kiss me. We started to make out again, and again we quickly jumped in bed, soon locked in a 69. I found myself loving his cock like I had done with Matt, sucking and licking it like it was its own being. But this time, I was loving more than just his cock.As we continued our mutual suckfest, I felt an urge that I had not felt with another man — to rim him. Matt had asked me to do it, but since then it was something I had avoided. With Geoff though, I wanted everything. I removed his cock from my mouth and licked the bottom of his balls, moving my tongue slowly towards his rosebud. Geoff knew what I was doing and opened his ass for me, letting me dig in. I tongued around the outside, feeling and loving that unique texture, making it nice and wet, before kissing it deeply and inserting my tongue. I licked Geoff’s asshole and he stopped sucking me to enjoy the experience. I buried my face in his ass, my hands pulling it apart so I could get as deep as possible. My tongue explored virgin territory for both of us; I had never spent so much time or gone so deeply into another person’s backside.After about 10 minutes, he couldn’t take it any longer. He pushed me back and turned around, his cock bigger than I had seen it before, throbbing with ecstasy. He simply grabbed my head and thrust his cock into my mouth, shooting an incredible load, especially for someone who had just cum a few hours before. I swallowed it all happily. My cock was also hard and after Geoff took a few minutes to recover, he finished me off with a loving blow job, eating my cum as well. When I had some energy, I cleaned up my face and mouth before returning to bed. There we lay, kissing and touching after that and I realized that sex with Geoff was similar to that with women I cared about, where we touched, necked, and explored together, rather than the times with men, where I was just a cum dumpster to be discarded afterwards.I knew I wanted to do everything with Geoff and I wanted him to do everything to me. I asked him if he had thought about fucking me and he nodded. But, he admitted, he couldn’t do it unless he loved me. I was confused by his words and asked him what he meant. He explained that for him, being gay and anal sex were things that had been equated with evil while he grew up. As he opened up to me, explaining how his religious background had kept him from exploring his urges, I held him tight. This was no longer just a couple of guys exploring, Geoff was suddenly and unexpectedly throwing off the weight of years of parental and church-based oppression. He told me that before we had met on Sunday, he had only had sex with one woman, and deep down, he thought he was gay. Only when his mother had passed away did he feel like he could try something and even then, it took him over a year to do so, helped along by his business trips out of the country and reading gay erotic stories. I shut up and let him talk, stroking his hair softly while he unburdened himself.For him, sucking cock and eating cum were incredibly difficult steps but thanks to me, he felt like he had been accepted, and that made it easier and is why he returned so quickly and with such a different personality. Flattered, I kissed him and he kissed me back, hard. He had begun to tear up and I realized how emotionally difficult this had been for him. Having been through it all myself and felt a different sort of shame, I encouraged him to continue. He looked at me deeply and then said something that I had not expected. “I love you Bruce.”I was stunned. I asked him if he really meant what he said. He turned red, but said yes, he had feelings for me and had known it as soon as he left my apartment after our first meeting. Part of me felt that his feelings were infatuation for the man that had shown him the way and allowed him to escape his past, but I didn’t dare say anything. Probably because deep down, I knew I had fallen in love with Geoff too.I didn’t tell him that though, allowing him to finish his tale, which he did by thanking me again for being such a good teacher. We kissed some more and fell asleep in each other’s arms, our plans for fucking postponed.The next morning I awoke to find Geoff dressed and getting ready to go. I told him to get back to the bed, where he stood as I unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick, giving him a sloppy blow job to send him back to the US. As I swallowed his cum, I brought his face close to mine for a final deep long kiss. As our lips parted, I looked him deep in the eyes and told him “I love you too”.4Geoff had left without saying anything after my admission. It was natural he was confused, but like me, he would get over things once he came to terms with it and accepted himself for who he was. For me, I was comfortable with the fact that I was truly bisexual. I still dated and slept with women on occasion, but I had fallen for a guy and wanted our time together to be exclusive. I stopped perusing Craigslist for other cocks türbanlı escort hatay and jerked off instead, imagining Geoff fucking me and me taking his virginity too.For the next three weeks, I thought about Geoff all the time, waiting for his next trip to be confirmed. We emailed on occasion, but it was practical stuff, like we were buddies rather than lovers. When he next visit was set, it would be without co-workers and Geoff wondered if I would like to stay at his hotel next time. I gladly accepted. He arrived on Sunday evening, jet lagged from the long flight. I was waiting for him in the lobby, ready to give him a welcoming massage and something else.I followed him over to the elevator, not acknowledging that I knew him as there were several other guests going up with us. He got off on the 42nd floor and I went one further, before walking down a flight of stairs where he was waiting for me at his room, pretending to look for his key. He showed me in and as soon as the door closed, we kissed deeply. Within seconds we were in bed, our clothes coming off as we raced to see who could get the other’s cock in his mouth faster. It seemed to be a tie as we moved to our accustomed 69 position with me underneath Geoff who had gotten used to face fucking me like that while he sucked on my hardness. He came quickly and he forced his cock deep as the first spurt emerged, causing me to gag. He had not masturbated in the time we were apart and his load was full and delicious. I savored what I wasn’t forced to swallow, swirling it around in my mouth for several seconds, loving the texture and warmth, before I finally ate it.Geoff continued to pleasure me and I soon released my own man juice which disappeared down his throat. He had become quite adept at sucking and swallowing and he loved it as much as I did. Afterwards we kissed as usual, and within minutes Geoff was asleep, his jet lag sending him into a deep slumber. Rather than head home, I allowed myself to nod off and didn’t wake up until early in the morning. Geoff had woken and showered and was lying in bed. He told me he would call in sick and wanted me to do the same. The two of us could then spend the day together, ordering room service and exploring each other. I was thrilled with the idea. Geoff went downstairs to get some breakfast while I showered, planning our day’s activities.When Geoff came back after 20 minutes, he looked a little flushed as he handed me an egg sandwich from a local burger joint. I commented on his sweaty appearance and he said it was hot outside. I believed him as I took the package and opened it up. Not the healthiest option I thought as I bit into it. The taste was odd at first, egg mixed with salty warm mayo was my first impression. It was only when I noticed Geoff looking at me expectantly that it all became clear. He had somehow managed to jerk off into my sandwich (in the stairwell as it turned out) and I loved him all the more for it. What a great surprise in the morning. I gobbled the rest of it down, enjoying the unique taste and amazed at how this man had taken to his new sexuality so completely.Even more amazing was how often he was able to achieve a hard-on. As I kissed him to thank him for his thoughtful gift, my hand reached down to grab his crotch. His cock was already hard again and I moved to my knees to suck it. But he stopped me there, and told me he loved me so much, he was ready to fuck me.I looked at him closely and he told me he was sure. After his emotional outpouring three weeks prior, I wasn’t confident that he would ever be able to do this. I didn’t want to risk damaging him but he assured me that he had thought about it long and hard and he wanted his first ass to be mine.My asshole had only been entered once and that was an unexpected intrusion during my threeway with Adam and Ryan, when Adam basically ****d me. I ended up enjoying that experience, but I really wanted to be tenderly fucked by someone who I loved and who loved me.Geoff led me to the bed and we began to kiss again. He slowly removed his clothes and I couldn’t believe that his cock was rock hard again. I quickly sucked it to make it wet and we went back to kissing. Geoff had brought lube with him and he dashed to the bathroom to get it. I knew he had never done this before so I helped him along, telling him what to do. I sucked his dick a little more and then covered it with lube before turning over. He kissed my asshole briefly and then applied a generous dollop of lube, pushing his finger deep to prepare me for his invasion. I told him when I felt it was ready and he mounted me, leaning close and kissing my cheek, telling me again that he loved me. I returned the sentiment and felt him place his cock head against my expectant asshole. He paused for a few seconds and I bucked up a bit to give him some encouragement. That was enough as he pushed in slowly. Heaven. He allowed his cock head to sit just inside me, treasuring the experience. I pushed back on him and he slowly entered me completely, telling me how much he loved me over and over again. I loved the feeling of being fucked by a man who cared about me and I pushed my ass back to get him as deeply as possible. He grabbed my hips, pulled back, and then began to pump me, softly like I wanted. I was truly in ecstasy as Geoff made love to me, his first time fucking another man.As he had just cum a few minutes earlier, he was able to hold off for a while and he continued to fuck me slowly, with loving care. I adored the feeling of his cock completely inside of me. I told him I wanted him to fuck me while looking at me so he pulled out, turned me over, lifted my legs and re-entered me without missing a beat. He leaned down to kiss me and at that point, I felt like I was in paradise. As we kissed, his rhythm increased and I knew he was ready. He sat up on his knees and pushed my legs up, giving him unfettered access to my ass. He began to pump me with vigor, professing his love and then he grunted loudly as he exploded inside me. I could feel his cum as he unloaded and again, I thought that it was the best feeling in the world. As he finished, he lay down on top of me and his dick slipped out.We kissed and then I told him I wanted to do the same to him. I had never fucked a man before, but I wanted Geoff to experience the incredible pleasures to which he had just treated me. He agreed, although a bit reluctantly. I was too horny to care, and I turned him over, moving down to his asshole to give it a good rimming before lubing it up. I covered my own rock hard cock in lube and spread his ass cheeks wide, giving me a great view of the virgin territory that would soon be mine. I put my cock against him and pushed hard, gaining entry on the fourth thrust. Geoff yelped out in pain and I stopped to let him get used to the sensation. After he relaxed, I pushed a bit further and again he looked stricken so I stopped. He didn’t say anything, so I jammed my cock as far as it could go and began to deliver blow after blow. Despite the lube, his ass was unbelievably tight and I tried to get as deep as possible. He didn’t push back like I had, but it was too late to stop. I could tell he wasn’t enjoying it but he was letting me have my way. I told him to relax and feel my cock inside him and he tried, finally pushing back on me. With his ass now more pliant, I fucked him hard for a few minutes and he started to move with me in a sign that he was getting used to it. When I finally came, letting my jism find its way deep inside him, I told him that I loved him. After I was finished and had pulled out, he lay there quietly. I leaned down to kiss him and he returned the kiss without much enthusiasm. He told me that he needed a few minutes to himself, and so I went to the bathroom to shower.When I came back, Geoff was still lying on the bed, my cum dripping out of his ass. I asked him if he was OK, and he explained that being fucked had been his number one taboo and there was still something in his mentality that made it unenjoyable. I understood and got into bed to hold him. We kissed again and I told him that I would respect him. He could do anything he wanted to me, and I would do anything he asked to him. I told him that I truly loved him and he responded in kind. We spent the afternoon kissing and holding each other. I couldn’t believe it but it was true. I had fallen in love with another man and wanted to serve him for the rest of my life.

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