Becoming Daddy’s Perfect Fucktoy (2)


Becoming Daddy’s Perfect Fucktoy

Chapter 1 Bad Dreams


The ear piercing scream woke me suddenly from my sleep, bolting upright in bed and after just milliseconds while I wondered where I was, I shot up and bolted from the bedroom and out into the hall heading straight to Sophie’s room.

I quickly got to her bedroom to find her standing next to her bed in tears and shaking, I was there in an instant hugging her petite body tight to myself, kissing the top of her head.

“There, there darling, it was just a bad dream, daddy’s here, you’re safe now”

She sobbed into my chest and my heart broke, these damn nightmares were just cruel.

It all began two years ago when my wife Angie was dropping off Sophie then sixteen to school, outside the gates as they walked along the pavement, Sophie her usual happy self, skipping along beside her mother, some worthless piece of shit drunk driver lost control of his car and mounted the pavement, Angie pushed Sophie clear before being struck by the car, throwing her into the air. Sophie lay on the pavement dazed as my wife’s head struck the ground and cracked open killing her instantly.

The poor girl was traumatised and has never got over the shock, nightmares haunting her every night. It was tough on both of us. Angie was my childhood sweetheart, I loved her so completely and my world would have come to a total stop if had not been for Sophie, she was the living image of her mum, petite, blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. She wore her hair just like her mum in a cute pony tail and at eighteen now had developed a figure that sometimes made me think I was occasionally seeing a ghost, with her narrow waist and tiny bum and those same little boobs.

She had those nightmares nearly every time she slept, I had sought help but nothing seemed to work, the doctors saying it would pass with time and to just be there for her, it just made me feel so helpless not being able to make them stop. I would do anything for my beautiful girl.

“Thank you daddy, sorry for waking you up again, can I come sleep in your bed tonight?”

“Of course you can pumpkin” I took her hand and walked her through to my room and laid her on the bed, she looked so beautiful there in her little t-shirt and cotton panties. As I went to pull the quilt up over her I caught her staring at me “Um….daddy… don’t have any pyjama’s on”

Fuck! I hadn’t even thought as I ran through to her room, I had just jumped out of bed and ran straight there….Fuck! My hands shot to my groin to cover up “Oh God sorry darling, It’s just that daddy always sleeps naked, I am so sorry” I quickly got to my side of the bed and picked up my boxers and went to jump into them with my back to Sophie.

“Daddy, it’s okay, I don’t mind…..just get in bed”

Christ I could not believe I was getting into bed naked with my baby, my little girl. I got in under the quilt and pulled it up and looked towards Sophie.

“Did you and mum always sleep naked together daddy” Christ the way she looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes as she called me daddy was making my cock respond, I should not have been responding like that but my cock had no conscience it seemed.

“Yes we did baby, it is quite normal for mums and dads to sleep naked together, not so much for dads and their little girls, I don’t feel quite right being like this in bed with you”

“Perhaps I should be naked too, then you won’t feel so bad daddy” before I could respond she pulled up her t-shirt under the quilt and threw it to the floor and then swiftly reached down and shimmied out of her panties, bringing them out the top of the quilt and adding them to the floor beside her t-shirt.

“Um…baby, this is wrong, we shouldn’t be like this together” “It’s okay daddy, it’s just us, now go to sleep”

Yeah like I could ever get to sleep now.

We just both laid there staring into each others eyes, I could feel my heart beating harder in my chest as those eyes just smiled back at me, my cock getting harder than I could remember. Those eyes and then that slight sexy smile, fuck my cock was getting painfully hard, there was going to be no sleep. I reached over unthinking and swept her blonde hair over her little pixie ear and she just stared, smiled and now her heart was beating so hard I could hear it…or was it mine….and then it happened, we kissed, we kissed like no father and daughter should kiss, my hands reached out for her body and pulled her towards me. I could feel her small handful sized breasts against my chest, her nipples hard, her virgin pussy dripping wet rubbed against my thigh and our tongues wrestled as our kiss became more passionate and lust filled. I felt her small hands reach down to grab at my throbbing hard cock as she broke from the kiss panting with desire “Yes daddy, please take my virgin pussy, please make me yours……fuck me, please daddy”

Oh fuck I was lost, all thoughts of right or wrong were gone, all I knew was I wanted this, I wanted to fuck my little girl, fuck I wanted to devour her and lose myself in her beautiful young body.

I threw the quilt off to the floor and took in the sight of her beautiful young body, all five foot nothing of her and got on to my knees between her opening legs which I was now running my hands up, from her knees up to her trembling thighs, as well as Sophie trembling I could feel my own hands shaking as I touched her, forbidden delights making my cock as hard as it had ever been.

“Please daddy I want this”

“Oh baby, daddy wants this too, so very much”

My cock head pressed up against her wet teenage sex, that wonderful tight little slit with just a wisp of tight blonde curls above, I rubbed up the length of her slit and rubbed up on her clitoral hood then back down parting her open like a flower as I pushed forward until the head came up against her hymen, her beautifully untouched eighteen year old virginity, her purity, her maidenhead. I was about to take that from her. And take it I did.

I felt her little body tense under me as I pushed forward, tearing that purity away for ever “Yes daddy, fuck me, make me yours”

Fuck I was going to hell. I pushed ever deeper into that silken, tight sheath, feeling her muscles grip at my invading cock, slowly getting deeper until I could go no more, then I held there letting her getting used to the size of me in her little virgin pussy, my baby’s pussy, that forbidden place where no father should go, but fuck I was in seventh heaven right now.

I pulled back feeling the walls of her vagina pull at me, not wanting to let me escape and then I plunged even deeper into her causing her to wail and thrash about the bed under me “Fuck yes daddy….fuck me…..fuck me….fuck meeeeeee” I pounded into her now hard and unrelenting, pushing her legs up so her little butt lifted from the bed, and allowing me to piledrive into her tiny body even deeper, even harder. She took it, she loved it, moaning as I fucked her intensely, all sense of decency having left me as far as my daughter was concerned, wanting nothing more than to use her body, use her in all the ways I had fantasised about since she started to bloom. I wanted to do every dirty nasty thing I had ever dreamt of to her little girl sized body, and do it without mercy.

I started to really let loose now and grabbed at her tiny titties, pulling hard on her nipples and twisting, she screamed hard, sweat covering her as she still bucked up hard against me, meeting my thrusts as my cock abused her little cunt.

“Yes daddy, I love it, hurt me, fuck me, make your whore daddy” I could not believe my little angel could be so nasty, I decided to find out just how nasty.

“After I fill you with cum baby I am going to tie you to my bed and do some really bad things to you, I have some toys down in my basement den to use on you”

“Oooooh fuck yes daddy, I want it, I want you to be a very bad daddy, use all my body as you wish daddy, it’s yours”

Oh fuck I felt that tingle as my balls sent up the stream to flood my doll of a daughter “Daddy’s going to cum baby girl, I am going to fill your tight little cunt baby”

“Yes, daddy!!!” My girl screamed at me as her body went tight and she came around my cock, my cock that was filling her with my incestuous seed, I came so hard and hot, spurt after hot forbidden spurt flooding her as I roared with desire at this heavenly creature that I knew would be mine forever. Her fingers dug into my back and tears streamed down her beautiful face as her body shook in orgasm under me.

“Yes Daddy, fuck me, fuck me daddy” she panted as I ploughed myself into her deepest depths, to fill her so complete, my hands gripping so tightly on her perfect little arse as I emptied all I had.

We lay there panting for god knows how long before I could speak “Sophie, I love you so completely, but there are things I want to do to you, ways I want to use you that you need to tell me now before this goes any further that you will be okay with, I never want for you to hate me”

“Daddy, I want for you to be as nasty and twisted as you can be, I have wanted that for so long, I tingle when I think of you using me and degrading me” I smiled at her as she stared into my eyes “Tie me to the bed daddy and punish me for being such a bad little girl”

Fuck it was going to get nasty from here as I leapt from the bed and headed to the basement.

When I returned Sophie was spread out on the bed with her hands buried between her legs “Hurry daddy I need to cum again”

“Fear not baby, you are going to cum so hard for me, over and over again” I grinned as I pulled out some lengths of rope from my bag “I am going to fuck everyone of your holes so very hard”

“Oh yes daddy please”

“I am going to whip those perfect little tits and twist those nipples as I bury my cock up your ass, I am going to fuck you with this huge dildo as I shove my cock down your throat, deep until you choke. Would you like that darling?”

“Oh fuck yes daddy, I love you, tie me up and use me all night long”

I was in heaven.

Chapter 2 New Friends

That next morning was my daughters school soccer match, we had got ready in silence and ate breakfast without any mention of our new situation, but there was no sense of regret coming from either of us, it was just right and we both knew it. Sophie had gone and showered and was waiting by the door in her track suit ready for me to take her to the game.

We arrived at the school playing fields and Sophie shot out of the car after giving me a small kiss on the cheek, it was just like normal, like nothing had changed, but we both knew it had.

She ran off with her friends towards the gym hall and I pitched myself at the back of the small stand to the side of the pitch and looked forward to seeing the girls come out on to the pitch from the school gym hall hoping no one would catch me paying a little more attention than I should. The girls all ran on including Sophie, and fuck did she look gorgeous in her tight little white shorts and her football strip top hugging her blossoming body, I groaned inwardly at the bad thoughts I was having and thought of all the nasty things I wanted to do to her and her eighteen year old friends.

My taboo thoughts where interrupted by another of the dads sitting right next to me in the empty stand. “Look at that delicious little blonde in goals, the things I would love to do with that little treat. I could fuck her all night long and be a very happy dad” he said softly, while looking out at the pitch in my little girls direction.

Fuck I wanted to punch the guys lights out at first, but I had been partaking of that very forbidden treat myself. Instead I played dumb and sheepishly replied “God yes, tell me what else you would do with her”

Without looking at me he continued “I would have her on her knees at my feet and fuck my full nine inches down her throat with my fist wrapped in her pony tail until her eyes watered and she choked”

I could not believe my cock was hard listening to this stranger describe the nasty things he wanted to do with my darling girl “what else would you do with the little slut?”

“I would tie the little bitch to my bed face down and fuck her little ass hard and fill her with my cum, before taking some pictures of her and sending them to my friends. I would then invite some guys round to share her tiny little teenage body with me, can you picture her cunt, ass and throat all filled with cock?”

“Fuck, yes I can, I think I would love to join you” I replied again getting more excited.

I introduced myself, “Hi I am Adam, which girl is yours?”

“Hi there, I am George, That’s my little baby Katie playing centre upfront on the same team as the hot little goalkeeper, I have not seen you here before, which girl is yours?”

“The goalkeeper”

He then looked at me with a worried look on his face

“Sophie! Sophie is your girl, Oh fuck, I hope you did not mind me being so open with my thoughts there”

I laughed at his discomfort “Not at all, in fact if I am honest it was quite exciting hearing all those wicked de***********ions….it is perfectly fine. Actually I am having very similar thoughts about your little angel, I know Katie well, she and Sophie have been friends for years. I have to confess to eyeing up her hot little body for quite some time imagining burying my cock in her tight little cunt”

“Well why not after the game we meet up for a coffee and we can let our nasty thoughts run riot” George suggested, “I am sure Katie would be delighted to know we have met at last”

“Why don’t you guys come back to our place, we live only a few miles out, the girls can hang out by the pool, we of course can watch them while we chat” I added with an evil glint in my eye that caused George to grin.

A couple of hours later we were all back at our house and the girls went screaming out to the garden while me and George got better acquainted.

“So tell me Adam, how long have you been fucking Sophie?”

“Fuck me, straight to the point George, is it that obvious? Actually last night was the first time, what about you and Katie?”

“Hasn’t happened yet, but damn that little girl has been driving me crazy for months with her hot little ass and those lovely little tits, she is always parading around the house in tiny tight tops and cut off shorts, and then when Sophie sleeps over they both get a kick out of teasing the fuck out of me, I can’t tell you how many times I have tugged myself off dreaming of their perfect tight cunts, sorry Adam”

“Hey man, no apology needed, with me and Sophie it happened by accident last night, though I have a sneaking suspicion it may have been planned. But fuck it was so good fucking that sweet little pussy, I came so many times last night. If you like we can help get things moving for you and Katie”

“God, I don’t know Adam, the guilt would kill me, if not my wife, I don’t think I could go there and will have to suffice with my fantasies”

“Trust me George, once you bury yourself in her hot little cunt, all feelings like that will disappear, you will want more and more, in fact I think I would love you to see just what a good girl Sophie is” I walked to the French doors and called to my darling girl out in the garden “Hey Sophie, can you two come in here for a bit?”

“Sure dad” as both girls came bounding up to the door and joined us in the kitchen.

“Hey sweetheart, come sit on my lap, I was just telling George here what a good girl you are”

With that my little angel bounded over in her little shorts and tight t-shirt and leapt on to my lap with a huge grin on her beautiful face.

“Baby why don’t you take off that shirt and show George your lovely little tits”

“Wow, dad, are you sure”

“Yes baby, and Katie why don’t you go sit on your dads lap, there’s a good girl”

George looked terrified as his daughter approached him nervously “Is this okay dad, I would love to sit on your lap like I did when I was little” she said in the cutest little teasing voice.

“Sure baby, I would love that” and with that she jumped up onto George’s lap and he groaned in response to the way her hot little ass ground onto his obvious bulge.

As George and Katie looked on Sophie raised up her t-shirt and exposed those lovely small tits to them both, I could see the look of lust in George and the look of excitement in Katie and I knew this afternoon was going to be a fun little adventure for us all.

Sophie leant back against my chest and I reached around her to massage her lovely little tits as she moaned her appreciation, “Katie darling, why don’t you take off your shirt, I am sure your daddy would love to see your lovely tits, I know I would”

Sophie began to grind her ass on my lap as I spoke and I could feel my cock strain for release. Katie began to shyly lift up her t-shirt from the hem and raise it up her lithe body, I could see the mixed look of fear and excitement in George, I just smiled at him as I tugged on Sophie’s erect little nipples eliciting a yelp from her causing her ass to really work on my confined cock.

“Oh Katie what marvellous little tits you have dear girl, why don’t you play with them for us” I said much to the discomfort of my new friend George, who was now staring at Sophie as she got up from my lap and began to lower her shorts, revealing her tiny panty covered ass to his sight.

He groaned at this revelation as his own hands reached around to cover Katie’s as she played with her teenage boobies.

“Sophie, get down on your knees and take out your daddies cock like a good little slut”

“Oh yes daddy, are you going to fuck my mouth again”

George and Katie looked on in amazement as Sophie freed my throbbing cock and in one swift movement swallowed it down her delicious throat. As my fist wrapped in her hair I looked over at our friends “Katie get down on the floor baby and get your dads cock out, I think he needs to enjoy your lovely mouth, be a good girl and please your daddy”

“Yes uncle Adam” She slinked off his lap and fell to the floor in front of him, sliding her little hands up his legs to his crotch and then unbuttoned his slacks and pulled down his zip, next he lifted his ass from the seat and shimmied his trousers and boxers to the floor and freeing his manhood to her gasp “Oh daddy, it’s so big, is that for me?”

“Yes Katie my beautiful baby girl, it’s all for you” and with that George also found his cock disappearing down his precious little girls throat.

By this time I was forcing my darling daughters head down firmly to my lap and enjoying the sensation of her choking on my cock as I watched Katie deepthroat her daddy, these girls were natural little fucktoy’s.

“Well George my friend, I think you and I are going to get really down and dirty with our little barely legal daughters, How does it feel have your teenage daughter take your cock down her throat? Go on fuck her skull hard, she will love it”

The sounds of gagging and sloppy headfucking filled the room along with the groans of two very happy and perverted fathers using their children.

“Afterwards you can bury your cock in Sophie’s tight little cunt and watch me ravage your daughters holes, would you like that, I want to fuck Katie so hard and brutally, I hope you will do the same to my little girl, she loves to be used hard”

“Aw fuck Adam, this is bliss, I am so glad we met up. Ahhh yes Katie, take daddy’s cock right down your throat, just like that…..mmmmm I am going to paint your face with daddy’s cum”

With that George withdrew his cock and flooded his little darlings face in his seed, she looked so beautiful with cum streaking through her hair and covering her eyes and nose, the cum dripping down her face as she stuck out her tongue to capture what she could. At the sight of this hot little slut getting covered in cum I felt my own blast rising and pulled Sophie off to shoot off all over her face.

“Yes baby, take daddy’s cum over your pretty face” I roared as I painted my teenage cumslut.

“Lets take these little darlings upstairs George and get to work on their tight little cunts, I have some toys to help us have a very fun afternoon and I know you will love fucking Sophie as you watch Katie and I get real friendly”

With that we all headed upstairs and had the most wonderful time, fucking each of the girls repeatedly in all their holes, even giving both their first taste of double penetration and of course deflowering Katie was a highlight, her tight little cunt a pure joy, she even loved cleaning my cock after, covered in my cum and her fluids. The best part of the day for me was when we tied both girls together on the bed back to back and fucked their throats hard as they both had huge dildos stuffed up their tight twats.

We left the girls drained and well used on the bed by the time George and I were completely spent, though my supply of viagra had helped us prolong the experience for us to a huge degree, just the sight of our little forbidden teens begging to be fucked harder was more than enough to keep us hard.

We made plans later for all the nasty things we wanted to do with our baby girls and I took George down to the basement to show him the dungeon I was busy constructing, he particularly perked up at the thought of his daughter strapped to a set of stocks so we would whip her ass and bind and abuse her little tits. He told me of a few other fathers he knew who would probably be into sharing their kid daughters too and we should probably get together at the next parents evening. I had always wondered why there never seemed to be many mothers at those evenings, Just lots of daddies and lots of pretty senior girls in their uniforms.

This was going to be a very good friendship.

Chapter 3

Daddy Is Called to School

“Hello Mr Daniels” the quiet female voice on the other side of the phone said “I am sorry to be calling you at work, it is the headmaster’s secretary here from St Augustas High School. The headmaster has asked me to call you to say that you need to come to the school as soon as possible”

My heart almost stopped on hearing this, fearing the worst I replied nervously “Of course, please tell me Sophie is okay, she is not hurt is she?”

“No Mr Daniels, Sophie is perfectly fine, but there is an urgent matter the headmaster needs to discuss with you right away, can you come this afternoon?”

Knowing my guys on site would manage the rest of the day without me I told her of course, I will be there in half an hour.

I got in my car after giving the guys a heads up, setting them up for the remainder of the day and then sped to the school, my heart racing with all kinds of thoughts of what was wrong.

Sophie was always such a perfect student, well behaved, polite and quiet, a perfect teenage daughter. She had been my light since her mum passed over two years ago now and my rock, my reason for going on. We shared a love of music and many was a night we would chill and dance to our favourite tunes, the house was always now filled with laughter and joy. It had taken time but she was there for me as I hope I had been there for her and we had survived. My love for her knew no bounds, and of course now she was my lover and fuck toy the bad dreams bothered her no more.

I pulled into the school car park just as the students were pouring out, their day at an end and I ran in through the main door and almost into the receptionist “Ah Mr Daniels, please do got straight through, it is the last door down the hall. The headmaster is expecting you”

I could read nothing from her face as she put on her coat and looked as though she was finished for the day now I had arrived. My stomach turned as I made my way down the hall and arrived at the door nervously knocking.

“Come in” a confident sounding voice called from the other side of the heavy wood door. I turned the handle and made my way into a rather large office with wood panels around the walls, filled with year group pictures of past classes and proud teachers. Then my eyes fell upon my beautiful daughter sitting on a chair to the side wall of the office, her hands clasped on her lap and her eyes fixed to the floor staring at her black patent shoes. I was concerned when she would not raise her head and felt a lump in my thought as I gazed at her worried.

“Mr Daniels, I am sorry for the call to rush in” the headmaster said rising from his chair with his hand reaching towards me. I took his hand and he firmly shook it. “Please take a seat” I sat in the chair opposite his in front of the desk. Still no look from Sophie.

“I am afraid to say that something disturbing happened today during Sophie’s geography lesson and we will have no choice but to expel the girl, now I am sure this must come as a shock but it really is not behaviour we can tolerate at the school. I am also going to have to mark the incident in her permanent record”

“Wait…..what do you mean disturbing…behaviour? What has she done? Sophie is a good girl” I was flabbergasted and could not quite believe what I was hearing. Still she would not lift her head. My heart sank.

“It was during her lesson today that her geography teacher Mr Harper noticed that Sophie was not paying full attention to the lesson and if fact was clearly trying to distract Mr Harper by opening her legs and quite clearly playing with herself as her hand was down her panties”

I felt my world collapse around me, this could not be, my beautiful innocent Claire would not be capable of such acts, my breathe stopped and my head was spinning. And still the offence list carried on.

“She was also performing lewd acts with her pen which were clearly meant to simulate fellatio to Mr Harper. Now I have also heard from her maths teacher Mr Arnold that similar performances were given in her maths class and also her English class according to her teacher for that class Mr Jeffrey. Really as you can see this is unacceptable and we have no choice but to expel Sophie”

I could not bear to hear anymore….my daughter would not do this, she just wouldn’t…..would she? Ha….of course she would. I turned to look at her, she still looked at the floor. My faked anger overflowed…”Sophie!!! Is this true” I shouted across at her “Look at me” The poor girl was shaking and I could tell she was starting to cry, that did it, I suspected this might not be true, I turned back to the headmaster and said “I don’t believe this, no way would Sophie do this, these teachers must by lying”

“I know my staff Mr Daniels, they would never do such a thing, but we can avoid this exclusion from school if you would agree to a more, shall we say traditional method of punishment”

The bastard had a strange glint in his eye that was making me very nervous “What do you mean? I asked.

“Well I could let this matter come to a close if Sophie was to agree to some method of corporal punishment….with your approval of course”

“You have to be joking” I said astounded at this suggestion “I will not allow my daughter to to receive any kind of punishment like that.

“Well Mr Daniels, then I have no choice but to expel Sophie with immediate…..”

“Please daddy, I deserve this” a soft quiet voice interrupted

I turned to look at Sophie absolutely bewildered “Sophie baby, I can’t….you can’t, you cannot want this, I will fight this, I know you would not do the things he said”

“Daddy, it’s true, all of it”

I felt I was about to pass out, this was all too much. My head fell to my hands as my heart beat faster and I gave in. “Yes headmaster, I think you are right. Do whatever is needed, please don’t expel my baby.”

“Of course Mr Daniels, I don’t think anyone wants that outcome” he rose from his chair and looked to Sophie “Come over here girl and bend over my desk, lets get this done”

I could not look but heard Sophie rise and make her way to the side of the headmasters desk.

“Please daddy, hold my hand and watch me. I deserve this, I have been a bad girl”

I raised my head and looked upon her as she was bent over the desk and was shocked to see the smile on her face as the headmaster stood behind her and raised her short plaid skirt up over her back. What the fuck was happening, my world had just gone crazy. I gripped her hand and saw the relief spread “Thank you daddy”

Whack! The headmaster spanked my gorgeous little girls bottom and her whole body shook, I was shocked by the ferociousness of the blow but amazed at the way my girl held up to it, her eyes fixed on mine. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Small tears started to break from her eyes and run down her beautiful face, sweat started to break from her brow under her blonde hair, her pony tail draped over her shoulder against her white blouse.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! The blows kept coming, the spanking really getting brutal on her tight little rear, still her eyes stayed on mine and that smile kept melting my heart as her hand gripped tighter to mine cutting off the blood supply. And then it happened….I felt it and the guilt almost swallowed me whole……my cock was getting hard….I was fucking twisted getting turned on watching my gorgeous little girl get a hard spanking from her pervert of a headmaster.


Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

“It’s okay daddy, I like it….do you like watching me?” Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

“Yes baby, I do” I whispered, God I really did. My cock was straining and suddenly I was standing and her eyes left mine to glance at my bulge…her smile grew and she licked her lips….my daughter was staring at my bulging cock trapped behind my trousers. Suddenly I noticed the spanking had stopped, I looked up and saw that he was standing back admiring her cute spanked butt. He looked up at me “Mr Daniels, I think you need to come around here and see this”

I let go my of baby’s hand and walked nervously round and looked upon my poor girls hotly bruised butt “Fuck!”

“My thoughts exactly, I have never ever known anyone to şanlıurfa escort take a spanking like that and not break…this girl needs a far more extreme punishment, don’t you agree Mr Daniels”

“Uh huh…uh..yes” I stumbled out without taking my eyes from Sophie’s abused little ass, her tiny lace panties were soaked clinging to her and hiding nothing, her swollen pussy lips moist and begging.

“I think you should remove her panties” I barely heard him, and in a daze fell to my knees behind my daughter, this little girl who I loved more than life itself and my hands raised to her waist, slowly peeling her panties over her sore little rear. “Oh yes daddy” she moaned.

As I slid the soaked and tiny excuse for underwear down her fit lovely legs she lifted her feet one at a time to allow me to remove them. I brought them without thinking up to my face and inhaled deeply of her scent. I looked quickly to the side and caught the headmaster watch me licking his lips “Yes Mr Daniels, I think now it is clear that your daughter is indeed a bad girl, I think we need to take extreme measures. I think you should fuck your daughter, fuck her hard, fuck her until she learns the error of her ways.

I put the panties in my trouser pocket and stood on autopilot pressing my groin into my daughters rear. “Yes daddy please, punish me, fuck me hard”

I quickly removed my belt, unzipped my pants and dropped them and my boxers swiftly and forced my cock without any mercy straight into her depths and held there, balls deep in her. Her body reacted by going rigid and her head swung back as she attempted to scream, but no sound came out and she collapsed back onto the desk. I drew back and plunged once more deep into her “Daddy, yes….fuck me” she cried. I grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head back as I began to fuck her brutally “ this is what you get for teasing your teachers, this what you get for being a little slut and flashing your panties, this is what you get for being daddy’s….little….slut”

“Yes Mr Daniels, this is what she needs, fuck the little slut hard, take her nasty little pussy and use it, let her know what it means to be fucked without mercy”

My cock continued to pound into her tight little cunt, I looked down to see it draw out until just the head was inside her, the shaft coated in her fluids. Still I continued to fuck her hard.

“Yes daddy, yes, yes, yes”

“Shut her up and get your cock down her throat” I roared at the headmaster who I noticed had already divested himself of his clothes.

I pulled Sophie up by the shoulders and reached around around to the front of her blouse and ripped it open, buttons spilling all over the office floor, then ripped her flimsy little lace bra from her and her little teenage tits fell free to the headmasters gaze as he stroked his hard throbbing cock. “Take his fat cock in your mouth Sophie, suck your headmaster”

The headmaster climbed on to his desk, swiping paperwork out of his way and grabbed the side of my daughters head and groaned as he forced his way down to her virgin throat. This brought a violent reaction from Sophie as she choked on his cock as it went deep and she coughed up phlegm and drool all around his cock as he withdrew again, letting her grab a brief breath before fucking her mouth deep once more.

Things just got worse for my poor little girl from here on in as we both fucked her relentlessly, never giving the poor girl any time to get used to being broken and so viciously pounded. And yet I felt no guilt, all I could think of was how long I had really wanted this, to use her hot little teenage body, to get so very nasty with my beautiful young girl, to abuse her little frame and just fuck her hard time and time again, even though I had kept those thoughts buried, they had been brought to the fore in spectacular fashion by recent events.

I felt the tingle in my balls and then start to rise up my cock as I prepared to empty myself into my daughters hot little cunt “Ah I am going to cum….fuck yes….cummming” I emptied my self fully, deep into my daughter, spurt after burning spurt as I continued to pull tight on her pony tail as her skull was mercilessly fucked by her headmaster. I held myself tight to her body, I spasmed deep into her and then the pervert principal teacher began to roar as he began to cum violently in her throat, he pulled out halfway through his orgasm and covered her face in his cum to mix with the drool and spit that already hung from her used mouth, she brought her hand to her face and spread it around as he continued to cover her and I began to withdraw my still hard cock from her used wet pussy trailing spunk and cunt juice with it to run down her shaking legs.

“Fuck yes, cover me in your seed…fuck me more…I want more”

I picked up my belt and without thinking brought it down hard on her already abused ass. She arched backwards at the sudden shock “you nasty bitch, you really are a nasty little cunt, you want more do you Whack! I brought the belt down again, a nasty red welt rising from her beautiful tender flesh.

“I think it is time we brought in the poor teachers she teased today don’t you agree Mr Daniels?”

“Yes I do, I think she really has not learned her lesson yet”

With that he pressed the intercom “Mr Harper, Mr Arnold and Mr Jeffrey, would you please come in to the office. With that the door suddenly opened and it was obvious these three had been outside and fully aware of what had been going on in here as they were already undressed and sporting quite impressive hard ons.

“Ah step in gentlemen, it seems young Sophie here is going to require some tough lessons as she still seems to be acting quite the little slut” Clearly that was the case as Sophie lay now on her back across the desk her fingers buried between her legs and another hand still spreading cum and drool over her face and perky little teen tits.

As one they pounced on her, one grabbing her legs, another grabbing her arms and they lifted her from the desk and laid her on their colleague who was on his back on the floor. They then lowered her to sit her little frame upon his towering cock.

Watching her lower her gorgeous teen body down onto that cock was just the most beautiful sight. As her cunt lowered down his cock she started to pant and breathe faster, her pussy stretching to accommodate his considerable girth. “That’s a good girl Sophie, sink yourself down on my cock you perfect little cunt.” He reached up to paw and grab at her little tits, pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling on them and twisting. She screamed with joy at the pain. I was amazed at just how nasty my perfect little girl was.

Just then another of her teachers got down behind her and pushed her forward and lined up his cock with her tiny puckered asshole. I could not believe I was watching her about to be double fucked, it was scary and so fucking beautiful. He held the head of his cock to that ever so tight and small hole and pushed slowly in and then with a pop the crown passed her rubbery tight ring and he sunk balls deep into her. Now filled full with two huge cocks in her tiny body the guys set to work and began to build up pace fucking her poor little used body.

“Yes fuck her hard guys, use that little body hard, she can take it” just then the third teacher came up and grabbed her head and swiftly forced his cock down her throat, fuck this was getting to be so good. I approached to the side and she grabbed at my now pulsing tool and took it in her hand and she started to tug quickly on it, her headmaster on the other side receiving the same treatment. The guys filling all her three holes started to fuck into her brutally now swearing at her, calling her all kinds of nasty names.

“Yes take our cocks you nasty little cunt, we are going to use you from now on to fuck as we see fit and stuff all kinds of shit into you….you’ll fucking love that won’t you bitch?….how about we get you into the staff room at lunchtime tomorrow and get two cocks in your ass and two in your nasty cunt and Bill the janitor rams his huge monster cock down your throat and rip your tonsils out” the guy fucking her skull started to slap her “You like that bitch don’t you, you want us to hurt you and fuck you up bad, don’t you”

I reached down and smacked her tit hard, and her body trembled and everybody took a smack at her as we all continued to use her poor teen body, fuck it was beautiful seeing my baby girl get abused by these guys and myself joining in, abusing her as we ravaged her. She of course could not answer, her body being so roughly used and all her holes filled.

“Yes you nasty little girl, when I get you home I am going to tie you up to my bed and so thoroughly fuck you until you pass out, I am going to call up some of my friends who I know have been watching you ever since you were young to come and fill you up. Perhaps I will take you to the sex shop, you know the dirty run down one outside of town by the truck stop, they have glory holes there and it will be fun to film you servicing all those cocks…..oh fuck I am going to cum baby girl”

I pulled away from her first and started to cum over the side of her head and at the same time I could hear the four others start to roar as they also started to cum. Her little body was being filled and covered in our combined jizz, she loved it all, screaming as we soiled her beautiful body. The guy fucking her face held her nose closed tight as his cock spasmed down her throat, her eyes rolling back in her head as her cum and sweat soaked hair clung to her face. Just as it looked as though she would pass out he let go and withdrew his cock still firing spunk all over her face.

The guy in her ass withdrew as the headmaster finished adding his on deposits all over her back and then he too finished upon her ass and back, one rope of cum reaching right up to the back of her head as his cock just kept on cumming.

She then just fell forward on top of the guy on the floor, spent, like a rag doll, just so thoroughly fucked. He picked up her lifeless body and rolled her over on the tiled cold floor and we all stood about her looking down at her. She just looked so beautiful there, her little plaid skirt ruined now up around her waist, her little white ankle socks and black patent shoes, her white blouse and bra hanging from her shoulders, ruined, ripped apart during her ravishment, her hair matted now spread over her face, cum and spit all over her sweaty, used and bruised body…and then…that smile….”That was wonderful daddy, thank you so much”

My little girl was a slut…..and I loved her.

It was around a half an hour later by the time we all recovered and got dressed, her three teachers left and it was just me, Sophie and the headmaster. Sophie covered up as best she could with her ruined clothing and sat on my knee, my hands reaching around and cupping her breast as the headmaster sat at his desk and spoke.

“Well Mr Daniels, I think now it would seem that we can overlook Sophie’s earlier indiscretions and her place at the school will be safe, in fact I can predict she will be a very popular student with all her teachers. I take it you are in agreement with her being subjected to many extra tuition periods during lunch breaks and extra study after school?”

“Of course headmaster, on one condition, that you record everything to video and forward to me, just so I can keep up with her progress you understand”

“Absolutely no problem Mr Daniels, we have an extensive audio, visual lab here at the school that can be put to good use and perhaps be very profitable for all of us”

“I think that is a most wonderful idea headmaster, what do you think Sophie, fancy sharing your extra studies online with some other daddies and teachers?”

“Oh yes daddy, I am getting wet at the thought of many more men seeing just what a dirty nasty girl I am”

“Yes you are poppet, and right now I am going to take you home and we are going to tie you to my bed”

“Oh daddy, I cannot wait”

As I grabbed tight on her tit flesh, my fingers digging in painfully, I continued “I think I am going to bind your little tits tightly with some rope and beat you with my belt some more before I fuck you….and I am going to fuck you, I am going to fuck your pussy raw and your ass, I am going to fuck that pretty mouth so hard, you may have trouble speaking at school tomorrow”

“And then tomorrow your teachers are going to get all kinds of nasty with your perfect little body, is that okay darling”

“Oh God yes, please daddy”

“Goodnight then Mr Daniels and I look forward to our next parent teacher conference”

“So do I”

We got to the door and as we opened it we were met by the most enormous brute of a man, nearly seven feet tall and dressed in janitors overalls and carrying a bucket and mop.

“Hi Mr Bill” my daughter said quietly as her blouse fell open flashing her beautiful little titties, “I am sorry we made a bit of a mess on the floor in there, but I will make it up to you tomorrow if you like”

“Oh I sure look forward to that little Miss”

Chapter 4 Extreme Discoveries

Both girls were in their school uniforms from last year, those crisp little white blouses too small and tightly hugging their young teenage curves and finished off with a red and black tie, the too short plaid skirts revealing so much of their beautiful legs, their white cotton panties just hidden under the hems, white socks rising just above those little patent black shoes, fuck they were both the perfect perverted dreams for a couple of dirty dads like us.

Sophie spoke up first “We have been really bad girls daddy, are you and uncle George going to punish us?”

“Yes daddy Sophie and I were in the staff room at lunch today and a few of the teachers had us do some really nasty things for them daddy” Katie directed at George “I think you and Uncle Adam need to teach us both a lesson….a hard….brutal….perverted and painful lesson….don’t you think daddy?”

George and I looked at each other and grinned.

I walked up to Sophie and ran my hands up her torso to cup her heaving breasts under that crisp white virginal blouse. “You and Katie are both bad little cockteasing girls aren’t you? and for that we are going to punish you so very badly” With that I started to untie her lovely schoolgirl tie as her body trembled.

I drew the tie through her collar and walked around behind her “Put your hands behind your back Sophie” I whispered in her ear “Yes daddy” I bound her pretty little wrists tight and looked over to see George standing behind Katie rubbing her ass through her little plaid schoolgirl skirt as Katie massaged her own tits through her blouse and lent her head with eyes closed back against his chest, fuck those delicious little eighteen year old temptresses were going to get so very fucked tonight.

George and I looked at each other as I reached around Sophie and ripped her shirt open, buttons flying everywhere revealing her pretty little white bra cupping those beautiful budding tits. “Yes daddy, are you and Uncle George going to ravage our teeny bopper pussies?

“Oh fuck yes baby, we are indeed” I replied “From now on I think you should both call us daddy from now on, don’t you agree George?”

“Oh I agree wholeheartedly Adam, c’mon Katie what do you say to daddy Adam?” he said to Katie as he knelt behind her drawing those sweet cotton panties down her short legs. Katie looked over to me, one hand massaging her little tits and her other hand offering a finger to her bottom lip as she spoke in her best little girl voice.

“Mmmm daddy Adam, are you my daddy too, are you and my dad going to use mine and Katies little teenage bodies? You are both really bad dirty daddies”

Fuck I felt my cock stretching my pants and rub up against Sophie’s butt as I pulled on her nipples, stretching them out and twisting “Fuck yes, you are both bad little baby girls and your daddies are going to have to be very firm with both of you, we are going to fuck all your nasty little holes and choke your throats with our cocks”

With that I started to slap Sophies little tits hard “Yes Sophie darling George and I are going to fuck you girls up, we are going to hurt you, we are going to ram all kinds of nasty shit up your holes and use you, you are okay with that aren’t you, you little slut?”

I saw Katie squirm as her dad started to run his fingers up her delightful legs, running a finger down her soaking wet slit, teasing her tight little twat and Sophie moaned “Oh fuck yes daddy, you know how I love it that you treat me so right, go on rip me apart you dirty old perverted fucker”

I pulled her head back hard and forced her to the floor then straddled her body and forced my cock down her throat, I then leant forward and shoved my fingers into her cunt hard, finger banging her between her legs with extreme force. I lost myself in a haze of obscenity as her throat gagged on my meat. The sounds emanating from her throat as she struggled to take the brutal punishment will blissful.

I was falling into extreme depravity with my daughter and I loved it so very much. I brutally plundered her tight little cunt, forcing my fingers in as I bent over and began licking and nibbling on her engorged clit. I could feel her positively thrum on my cock which was forcing it’s way past her tight throat, choking her and cutting off her air supply every time my balls slammed against her nose. I could feel the drool and spit begin to cover my cock and balls and smear over her beautiful face as I reached around and crammed two fingers hard into her ass, forcing their way past her tight anal ring.

George now had Katie face down over the chair as he fucked hard into her tight ass and pulled her hair back stretching her neck, she screamed at the agony his pounding was giving her sweet young frame.

“Go on George” I said “Fuck her hard, use that little bitch”

He picked up the pace as he slammed into her poor abused body and with his free hand grabbed her tiny tits and twisted and tugged on her tender nipples as his other hand wrapped in her hair pulled tight “Fuck yes, take your daddies cock up your ass you little filthy cunt, and get used to it, I am going to use you whenever I want from now on, your going to love my cum filling your nasty holes, you are going to scream for me to fill you up”

I now had both my hands fucking inside Sophie and she screamed every time I withdrew my plundering cock from her throat. She took all I had to give, but still wanted more, so much more. It was time to tie up my baby, so I grabbed some rope from my bag and began binding her hands behind her back, then I began binding up her body, pulling the ropes tight around her tits, taking delight as they stuck out, swelled and darkened in colour as I pulled tighter forcing Sophie to groan in sweet agony. I then began slapping them hard as my cock surged in pleasure at her pain. I then tugged once more on her nipples turning those groans into blood curdling screams.

George now had Katie on the floor and had her hands bound with her school tie above her head and her legs up over his shoulders as he plowed into his baby girls cunt. He had his giant hand wrapped tight around her neck strangling the lovely teen as he nastily buried deep inside her.

The room was filled with the sounds of slapping flesh, screaming young girls and grunting perverted daddies as both teens were used in every twisted way possible, all manner of instruments of pain pounding their asses and cunts and so much cum pumped into them, they were whipped, smacked, strangled and gagged to within inches of their lives, and they screamed for more.

George took great delight in using my baseball bat on Sophie. As Katie sat on my lap with my cock buried in her tight ass we watched as George teased her cunt with the huge bulbous head of the bat, swearing at the poor girl as he slowly twisted the bat deep in her thoroughly abused hole.

I teased Katies tits as she squirmed on my lap, milking my cock deep inside as we watched the nasty sight of Sophie taking that huge bat inside her painfully stretched cunt.

Both girls were going to be so very abused by the time this sensational day was going to be over.

Chapter 5

Daddy’s Naughty Daughter

“You are both bad little girls, what is daddy going to do with you……”

Luckily I was the one who caught you with your legs wide open and your fingers buried deep in those sweet tight pussies. Now what do you think we should do about it?”

“We don’t know daddy, but we’ll do anything if you don’t tell Katie’s dad” my darling eighteen year old Sophie said.

“Well my dear little girl why don’t you start by laying back on the bed and spreading those gorgeous little legs of yours nice and wide for daddy”

“Yes daddy” she said in the cutest little voice that instantly made my already throbbing hard cock pulse with excitement. I watched with absolute unbridled joy as she walked slowly to the bed and slowly laid back with her cute little bum perched on the edge of the bed, and ever so beautifully spread her legs wide open revealing her glisteningly wet little bald cunt to me under her short plaid skirt. I had to remember to start breathing again as I felt my heart thump loudly against the walls of my chest.

“What about me daddy, what do want me to do for you so that you keep our secret?” My daughters best friend Katie softly asked while batting those gorgeous come fuck me eyes….fuck I so wanted to do bad things to those beautiful little girls, my mind filled with all kinds of nasty ideas.

“You my beautiful darling girl can now stand in front of Sophie, bend over at your hot tight waist and spread her lovely thighs nice and wide and then I want you to feast on her hot little cunt, will you do that for me darling?”

“Yes daddy, for you I will do anything” Fuck! I have died and gone to heaven. My hand reach down to rub my pulsating member through my tented trousers and I groaned as Katie looked down at my obscenely pushed out pants and licked her lips before turning around and doing exactly as I asked, and as she bent over her perfect little tartan skirt rose up revealing a peach of a gorgeous ass. She then proceeded to widen her stance parting her legs about shoulders width and turned around to ask “ Is this right daddy? Is this how you want me?”

“Oh you angel, that is just so fucking perfect. Now eat Sophie’s pussy like a good girl and get her nice and wet for me, there’s a good little slut” and with that the delicious little treat of a girl got to work on my daughter’s perfect little cunt.

It was a pure joy watching them perform for me with Sophie moaning as Katie’s tongue probed and fucked at her hot little snatch. I stood there watching and slowly started to unbutton my shirt as Sophie looked up at me, her breath getting unsteady at the way her big sister was attacking her cunt. “Oh yes daddy’ are you going to join us? Are you going to fuck us with your big hard cock?”

“Yes my hot little fucktoy, I am going to fill all your holes with cum, Katie’s dad won’t be back for another 8 hours, and in that time I am going to do such nasty fucking terrible things to you both, I am going to make every hole so very sore with use, I am going to abuse your throats with my cock and fill your hot little horny cunts and asses with cum, maybe I will call some of my friends and we can gangbang you both fucking senseless….would you like that Sophie my horny little slut?”

“Oh fuck yes daddy, oh please do all of that and more, use us both, we deserve it, we need to be your bad little sluts, my daddies whores……ow aaaaaah…….oh daddy, Katie just stuck a finger up my tight little bottom…..mmmm it feels so nasty, fuck!!! she is now trying to get another finger in…..ah fuck!, she is such a nasty slut daddy, I think you should spank her little bottom.”

“Oh I think you are right baby” I walked up behind Katie and started to stroke and rub her hot little cheeks and she wiggled her arse as I did this, Smack! My hand came down hard against her right cheek and I groaned as I saw the flesh vibrate with the force, her ass turning red with my handprint.

She raised her cunt soaked face up “Ah fuck yes daddy, hit me harder, punish me for being a filthy slut”

I continued to rain down brutal spanks on her cute little ass, every so often stopping to press my fingers round and plunging them into her tight soaking cunt.

I decide to take my phone out and take some photographs of the scene before me…and decided to send one of the best to two of my friends, inviting them around to come join the fun.

“Now girls” I said as my fingers were pummelling Katies hot cunt causing her to scream into Sophie’s hot creaming hole, “We are shortly going to have some company, and it is only fair to warn you things are going to get very nasty from here on in, but I know you delightful sluts will handle everything perfectly”

“Yes daddy, we cannot wait” Sophie moans as she approaches a breathtaking orgasm at the ministrations her friend is performing….Katie herself is grinding her ass back against my arm as I stretch her cunt obscenely with my fist.

I decide to withdraw my fist unsympathetically and am amazed at how wide her lips stay open from the thorough seeing to from my abuse. I stand and unbuckle my belt withdrawing it slowly as I gaze longingly at the little teenage girls as they squirm and moan in ecstasy with the situation they now find themselves in.

I unbutton my trousers and let them drop before kicking them off across the room and quickly divest myself of my boxers allowing my cock to spring up against my stomach before settling to point at those beautiful girls.

“Fuck me” Sophie exclaims “what the fuck… cannot bury that in us, it’s fucking huge, our tiny pussies would be ripped apart….daddy please” she begged, but at the same time she was gazing longingly at my 9” fat fuckmeat. Katie lifted her messed up face and turned to see and her mouth gaped wide at the sight of her future destruction.

“Oh baby girls, you will and just wait till you see the size of my friends, trust me after today you girls will love huge cocks, now Katie get back to drowning in your sisters cunt, make sure you get her dripping wet and spread some of that drool around her pretty little arsehole….yes that’s it, get your tongue right in there you nasty little slut……now you girls carry on while daddy goes to the basement to get his fun bag of toys and unlock the front door for my friends”

“Oh fuck yes daddy, hurry back please……aaaaaah I am cumming again” Sophie groans as her friend is fucking her pussy with three fingers.

I rush out of the room and down to the basement in a flash and grab my bag from under my workbench, I have been dying to use these toys for so many years on Sophie, watching my little girl grow up, fantasising everyday of gangbang abusing her tight little holes and now that time had come it was going to be the beginning of something truly epic.

As I arrive back in their room I am amazed to see Katie’s fist tight inside Sophie’s cunt and her other fist starting on her ass.

“Oh you fucking good girls, that’s it Katie, fuck her hard, make your cunt of a little friend scream, no one will hear” I say as I drop the bag, bend down and remove rope and cuffs from it. There was going to be a lot of screaming over the next few hours.

I proceeded to the bed and grabbed Sophie’s right hand and dragged her to the top of the bed, flipped her onto her back and fixed a steel handcuff tightly to the metal rail at the top of the headboard, then grabbing her left hand fixed her left wrist to the rail very wide from her right, this had the effect of keeping her arms widely spread and held her body up from the mattress giving access to those little tits now raised up. All this while Katie continued to work brutally on her pussy and ass causing the screams from Sophie to get progressively louder and more desperate.

I looked over to Katie and said “don’t worry poppet, daddy is going to get very nasty with you soon” This caused Katie’s eyes to glaze over and a small moan to escape from those lovely cocksucking lips, also for the attack with her fists on Sophie’s holes to get more intense. Sophie’s cunt was now positively flowing, quite the delicious sight.

I then took out two lengths of rope and bound my baby girls ankles and pulled the ropes up viciously to the top rail and tied them of as close to her wrists as possible so that just her lower back rested on the mattress and this left her legs widely splayed offering such a wonderful view of her cunt and ass being giving such a hard workout by Katie.

Sophie was now loudly screaming at the top of her lungs……”Yes baby, that’s right, let it out, we are just getting started, it is only going to get more delicious from here on in, are you looking forward to it darling?”

“Oh……ah….fuuuuck….yes please daddy….more….fucking destroy me daddy” “Oh baby, yes indeed, daddy is going to do some very nasty things with you my little cunt”

With that I got off the bed and went to the bag and removed two steel baseball bats and a ball gag.

Katie looked over and grinned with lustful and crazed pleasure as I approached “ take your fists out of your friend my gorgeous little girl and lick them clean for me” She did as I asked and watched moaning as I took one bat and started to force it in steadily to her friends soaking and open cunt. This caused Sophie to try and arch up from the mattress and scream the most blood curdling of noises. My cock literally throbbed painfully at the sight…I had to take some more pictures, she was a work of art. After I had about six inches of the bat firmly planted in her steaming hole I grabbed some lube and handed it to Katie and told her to squeeze out a generous amount around Sophie’s now closed up again asshole. I then proceeded to work the other bat into her tightest of holes, fuck it was sublime watching her sphincter fight against the intruding monster escort şanlıurfa attacking her.

By the time I had around four cold inches of steel bat forced up my little girls butt I stepped back to enjoy the vision of her agonised ecstasy. I walked back to the bag and grabbed two

nipple claps these beauties were vicious with rounded teeth, I walked to Sophie and started to tug and twist on her pretty nipples as she positively drooled from her mouth at the abuse her tiny body was enjoying. “ Fuuuuck, yes daddy, tear them off….ri…rip them off…hit them” with that I delivered a heavy handed smack to her left tit, groaning inside as I saw the flesh ripple and darken after the blow, then I stretched out her nipple as she screamed and attached the clamp and watched it tighten. I then walked around the bed to repeat the process and when complete I could see that Sophie had almost passed out and her body was hanging limply.

I went back to the bag and withdrew a headmasters tawse, this angry stiff twenty four inch length of leather was almost half an inch thick and split into three along the last nine inches. With the belt in my hand I approached the bed and placed the ball gag around Sophie’s head making sure the next level of screams would at least not travel so many miles. I turned to Katie and motioned her to me with my finger and then pushed her to her knees in front of me until my cock was level with her gorgeous little face. “Take my cock down that pretty little throat of yours Katie darling, daddy wants to fuck your skull” “Oh yes daddy” she smiled up at me, those eyes melting my heart.

She quickly went to work on my cock swallowing it whole until I felt the head fight with her tight throat. I wrapped my fist in her hair and forced my way in, breaking the barrier her tonsils were creating and forcing my hard thick length down her throat. This caused her to jerk helplessly as my fist held her hair tight almost pulling it from it’s roots and she gagged and choked around me as drool and spit forced it’s way out the side of her obscenely stretched mouth….all the time her eyes stayed lovingly fixed to mine. “Good girl” I said as I pulled out allowing her to breathe, my cock coated in generous amounts of drool brought up from her depths. “Oh fuck daddy….yes, fuck my skull hard, choke me with that cock”

“Whatever my princess wants” I forced my way back down her deep, my balls tight to her chin, causing her eyes to roll back in her head.

At this point I brought the tawse hard down across my Sophie’s ass causing her to wake, eyes wide open as she screamed into the gag, her body struggling against her bindings to escape the agony infected upon her, I could see with pleasure the ropes and cuffs cutting hard into her little wrists and ankles as she struggled, I brought down the belt again with angry force striking across the back of her legs, one of the tails whacking directly against her distended cunt.

Just at that moment I heard the door creak open as Jack and David had arrived, cruel grins upon their evil faces taking in the sight before them. My Sophie trussed up with belt marks across her legs and ass, blackened nipples, bound wrists and ankles, and beautiful young Katie with my fuckmeat crammed down her throat.

“Fuck Adam, thanks for inviting us to this little party you have going on here….gotta say I have looked forward to getting a little taste of yours and George’s little daughters cunt’s” Jack was so excited he just ripped off his t-shirt and jeans exposing what had to ten inches of monster cunt destroying brutality between his legs.

David was not far behind and approaching the back of Katie with his equally impressive nine inches of hardness pointing hungrily upwards.

I pulled myself from Katie causing here to moan at the sudden lack of abuse to her throat.

“Fear not baby, Jack and David here are going to take proper care of you” I told the petite little angel. She got up from the floor and turned to the guys “Hi uncle Jack, hi uncle David, are you guys going to do bad things to me” she used that beautiful little girl voice to devastating effect and the guys pounced on her dragging her to the floor grabbing at her everywhere.

Jack ended up his back on the floor “come sit on uncle Jack little Katie, come sit on my cock and let me force it up your tight little cunt baby”

“But Uncle Jack, I don’t think daddy would like me doing something so nasty and dirty”

We three guys all looked at each other in shock. “No fucking way!” David exclaimed letting vent what we all thought. How has some nasty little fuckwit never managed to bag this beautiful little cunt as his girlfreind.

“Guys these darling little girls have both been stretched well with my fists, trust me you are going to have no real resistance, anyway I think these two naughty girls have been playing with each other for quite some time today and they have been getting plenty of of cock of late” I stated before bringing the tawse down hard on Sophies’s tits causing the clamps to tighten on her badly abused nipples.

Katie blushed “It’s true Uncle Jack, Sophie and I have been very naughty, touching each other, fingering our tight little pussy’s… that bad of us, do we deserve to be treated as bad little girls, I hope so much we do”

With that Jack grabbed her hips and brought her down hard impaling her tiny frame on his monster cock without mercy causing her to scream out loudly, fuck it was beautiful, her tiny little cunt was stretched so hugely around that monster it was such a sight I think I will never forget, but better was to come.

Jack reached up and placed his huge hands tightly around her throat and began to choke her until her eyes glazed over and her little tongue was rolling from her wide one mouth. This is when David stepped in to up the ante. Getting to his knees and shuffling behind her with his massive organ gripped firmly in his hand. He pushed the little girl forward till her tiny titties were pushed against Jack’s chest. Fuck I could hardly breathe as his cock pressed up against her tight almost invisible little ass, he pushed just the tip in making Katie howl in agony. He reached forward grabbing her hair and placed his head against her ear. And growled “You ready for this you little bitch, I don’t care if you are not because here it comes” and with that he tore viciously into her tiny hole so hard that she gave out and collapsed towards Jack held up only by her hair.

God the sight before me was so fucking nasty as the guys started to rip in to her tiny body, she looked so small against their huge frames. George would have loved to be here. It was truly brutal the way they pounded into her unconscious body. Mike reached around to grab one little tit with his hand and began to tug and stretch it nastily. Jack still gripping her neck with one hand started to without any conscience smack her face with the other screaming at her “Wake up you nasty little whore, I want to see you cry as we destroy you, you useless cunt, how dare you pass out on us” And still they continued to fuck her holes without any care to her safety, this was rape and it was beautiful.

While this was going on I had continued my assault on Sophie and now the backs of legs, her tits and ass were covered in deep beautiful welts and she was still screaming against her gag, foam building up around it. I jumped up on the bed and forced my way swiftly into her ass after pulling out the bat without any pause. God how my little angel was loving this.

Behind me I heard Jack roar as he flooded my Katie’s cunt with her first delivery of cum, pulling out from her, pushing himself up and still spurting it onto her tits, face and hair that David was still pulling on, “Aw fuck would you just look at that nasty cunts face, does she not look beautiful” he said as he painted her face…..Smack…..the flat of his hand struck her again bringing her out of her unconscious state.

He forced his cock hard down her throat and gripping her head brutally started to fuck her skull as David continued to pile drive into her ass.

I was glad the guys had come prepared with viagra coursing through their systems, because we still had hours of this debauchery to go.

Jack withdrew his cock again and smacked Katie hard again…..”Tell us what you want you little bitch”

“Fuck m..eee hard…… un….cle Jack, use meee as har…d as you po…..possib…ly caaan ah, this is wonderful….hit me me, hit me hard….I am a whore, daddy’s whore”

Fuck I was so proud of George’s little girl, she had become the perfect little nasty bitch.

Just at this point David started to roar louder as his cum started to flood Katies bowels…..but I hardly noticed as I increased the brutality of my own fucking on little Sophie, her tiny frame quaking with continual orgasms as I pounded her ass deeply and grabbed hold of the bat lodged in her cunt and started to fuck her with it, twisting it and turning as I pounded it in and out of her relentlessly. I reached up and pulled the gag from her face and she actually started to squirt around the bat soaking the bed. Managing to lift her head she looked directly at me “Yes daddy you dirty perverted bastard, fuck me hard….abuse the fucking life out of me”

I was only too happy to oblige increasing the pace till my cock and the bat were both a blur as I pounded into my baby, I wanted this to last forever “Oh fuck meeee daddy” she screamed as I drove ever deeper into her. I could feel the cum starting to rise and wanting to flood her young ass, I got really deep and held there “FUCK YES” I screamed as I exploded with probably the greatest eruption of my life. I shook and forced her tiny body back against the headboard as my full weight pushed hard against her ever so small body “YES, YES, YES!!” She screamed as my cum kept on spurting up her tiny shithole and straight into her bowels. I fell spent upon her shaking body stretching her bruised arms and legs tighter on her bonds. I looked to her dazed and sweating face and was filled with nothing but pure hunger and lust. I spat straight into her face and rubbed the mucus into her, sticking my drool covered fingers down her throat and still I felt hard, so fucking very hard thanks to the chemical enhancements of my friendly blue pills.

“Did you like that baby? Do you need more, I fucking hope so because we are going to break you”

“Oh yes daddy….please, more, do it all”

With that I smacked her face hard, she looked at me and spat back “harder you bastard, hard….

SMACK……..I struck her face so hard my handprint shone red on her, SMACK…….”that hard enough for you little cunt?” SMACK!!!……even harder I struck her..

“Is that all you have got old man” she spat into my face.

I grinned as she looked up at me, her eyes electric with expectation as I reached for her neck with one hand and began to strangle tightly while I remove the bat from her cunt at an angle that had to hurt almost ripping her as it withdrew. “maybe I should ram this bat into your filthy whore mouth, would you like that?”

I heard a groan behind me and looked around and my eyes threw wide at the vision of Katie with A rope around her neck and Davids cock forced tightly down her throat while Jack stood behind her beating her back hard with the tawse.

“Look what we are doing to George’s precious cunt daughter Mike…..what a little darling fuckdoll she is, the guys at our club would to be messing her up” He grinned as he whacked her even harder causing yet more welts to raise up on her beautiful back. The choking noises coming from her brutalised throat were so fucking lovely to hear and watching the rope around her neck was just beyond anything I could imagine….and I was imagining quite a lot right now.

“Yes mess her up as roughly as you like guys, beat her to pulp with your cocks, make sure she is out of action for the next week until you get her to the club”

“It will be our fucking pleasure” Jack roared as he pulled her head back by her hair and spat in her messed up eyes as David’s cock never relented from it’s rape of her mouth and throat.

I turned back to Sophie and asked her if she thought she would manage two bats up her cunt while I fucked her ass “Would you like that bitch?”

“Give it your best shot daddy”

Oh fuck I loved that girl and with that I rammed the bat back into her cunt deep, so deep it had to be hurting her badly but my little baby girl took it. I reached over for the other bat and slowly worked it in handle first beside it’s twin….she closed her eyes tight and screamed in agony as it slowly forced its way in, it was truly fucking shocking to see her pussy stretched so hugely. I revelled in the agony she was suffering and the tears flooding from her eyes, her face was a disgusting mess.

“You got any fucking lip to give your old dad now slut?”…….no answer, it was beautiful how she managed to take this, well actually taking it was a stretch if you will pardon the pun, she truly looked like she was going to split wide open.

“Oh fuck baby girl I can see these bats pushing out your perfect stomach, I am going to ruin your insides”

“Do it daddy, fuck your baby up”

God I loved my girl I thought as I got between her legs and placed my cock at her back door

“This is going to hurt you little slut, it is going to hurt bad” and before she had time to answer I rammed hard into her.

That was it, she just passed out with the pain that must have ripped through her whole body and again she went limp. This did not hold me back and I started to ram viciously into her impossibly tight ass feeling the hardness of the bats through her cunt walls rubbing my prick. I could not believe how fucking nasty things had got as I reached for the horrible crocodile clamps that had turned her nipples huge and black and swiftly ripped them from her tits….it was amazing how far they stretched up before the clamps ripped their way off her abused nipples and the reaction was instant as her eyes went wide and she screamed the most horrific scream I have heard in my life. Thank fuck our nearest neighbour was over 4 miles away. Fuck I could not help but spit at her now, covering her torso and face in spittle before reaching over and slapping her face harder than ever as she grinned at me. “More fucker……give me more” she spat.

I could feel the cum rising up my prick and pulled out my cock and started to shoot right up her body as ropes of hot spunk splattered across her messed up face and tits, it was glorious and I just kept on cumming over her wildly shaking body watching my baby having the mother of all orgasms.

I pulled both bats out of her so hard her entrance ripped and she squirted harder than anything I had ever seen. I reached up and grabbed her neck and strangled hard as I thrust my fist up her badly abused cunt and just kept pounding hard into her body, punching her insides with almighty force.

Again she passed out and I knew she needed to rest, I withdrew my fist covered in cuntal fluids and cum and wiped it over her face and got up to join the action going on behind me.

I was breathing so hard with lust as approached the sight before me of George’s daughter Katie with Jack’s cock buried deep in her ass as he pulled her back against his chest with the rope round her neck, above them David straddled them and was roughly pounding her throat, so hard I was not even sure if the girl was still alive. I walked up to them and got down behind Katie, between Jacks legs and went straight for her wide open pussy driving in deep and joining in with the outrageous treatment of my friends daughter “Go on guys, lets rip her apart” I roared as I drove hard into her cunt, the feeling was such bliss I felt my heart would burst with pride for how they both took it and let’s be fair wanted it.

I watched with pride as both guys emptied more loads deep in Katies throat and ass and I followed swiftly with another load in her dripping abused cunt. We all withdrew and Katie rolled on the floor like a rag doll until I grabbed her ass and spanked it hard, she drew up with a start trying to get her breath and take in her surroundings, her beautiful body battered, bruised, and covered in cum.

I got up and went over to the whimpering Sophie and undid her cruel bindings and she curled up on the bed, instinctively in a foetal position. David and Jack lifted poor Katie up and placed her on the bed next to her friend. They looked truly beautiful there.

The three of us left them alone and chatted about how amazing our little gangbang had been and both my friends had been massively impressed by the young girls stamina, even though they had passed out. Going by how intense some of our get togethers could be it was quite a usual occurrence for any girl who took part said David, in fact Davids own teen princess had to endure over twenty guys last week and boy did that girl end up an unholy mess that night…..perhaps David will share that story some day.

We made arrangements for mine and George’s girls to be the star attractions at next weeks club night and Jack was quick to point out that it was the club anniversary party next week and that the turnout was bound to be huge, perhaps fifty or sixty guys……fuck I could not wait.

We were interrupted by a little voice coming from the bed “Daddy, we are not finished yet are we, my dad won’t be home for another four hours, do you think you guys can do some more bad things to me and Sophie”

“Yes daddy we can take it” Sophie swiftly added.

“Okay okay, but Katie darling, daddy is going to have to tie you up nice and tight while David and Jack fuck the life out of Sophie. But don’t worry, daddy will take care of all your holes and fill you full up with cum, and I need to piss, perhaps I should piss in your filthy mouth would you like that baby? Now climb up to the back of the bed while daddy gets the cuffs, rope and baseball bats”

“Yes daddy, we love you” she screamed with glee

On the floor things were about to get really nasty for Sophie as I watched Jack slap my darling hard in the face as David pulled her little tits out hard……don’t you just love little girls……

Shopping With Daddy

I had taken Sophie into town to get some new clothes for her wardrobe, she of course was extremely happy with this and told me how she wanted to get some sexy new outfits for me to view her in….and I was extremely happy with that. I told her if she was really good we could visit the new adult store in town to get her some new lingerie too. Who was I kidding, the lingerie would be for my benefit as well.

After about the third store I sat near the changing rooms as Sophie went to try some new outfits on and was amazed that she had left the curtain slightly open. I could hear someone nearby groan as my little girl dropped her jeans and looked over to see a guy around my age quite obviously enjoying the view of my girls butt. I watched as he looked around and thinking he was unobserved his hand went to stroke his crotch as Sophies panties dropped.

I went across to where he was standing and quietly said behind him “Oh that is fucking beautiful, what would you give to get into that lovely little cunt”

The guy went rigid with fear.

“It’s okay, keep looking, look at her tight young teenage ass, think how lovely that would look with a cock buried deep in it, have you seen her tits yet?”

“Not yet” he answered nervously “But I wish she would turn around and take her top off, she is fucking gorgeous”

Just then a girl was suddenly at our side and we both felt caught “Dad, can I try this on?”

We both turned and I took in the sight of a gorgeous little brunette with a nice little pony tail smile up at us holding a tiny little black leather mini skirt.

“Um…..ah…of course Rose, go ahead” and off she sped to the changing room next to Sophie. The guy turned and looked at me and laughed “I guess you think I am just a dirty old man”

“Not at all, in fact I enjoyed you looking at my daughter, and now I hope you don’t mind me taking in the view of your little girl”

“Hey go right ahead, my name is Simon by the way and that little piece of sexiness is my daughter Rose”

“Hi pleased to meet you” I shot back with a grin as we shook hands, “I’m Adam and the princess you have been lusting on is my baby Sophie she is eighteen and loves to fuck if it helps your fantasies, how old is Rose?”

“Oh my god, you mean you and your girl fuck, you lucky bastard. Rose is nineteen, so innocent and a little bookworm, and fuck I have to be honest, I have wanted to screw her so badly for so long”

“Hey why don’t you and Rose come back to our place after we finish our shopping and you never know, Rose just might be persuaded into being open to exploring some fatherly pleasures more than you think, I mean that little skirt she is pulling up over her delicious little rear speaks volumes to me, and look she has conveniently left the curtain open to give her daddy a show”

He was now paying full attention to his little teenage dear.

“Oh yes, bring her back to our place, I will get her little cunt nice and wet for you, just imagine breaking her sweet little cherry, fucking her hard, you can even tie her up and force your cock in any hole you like, I know she’ll love it. You’ll wonder why you never did it sooner. Look at those hands caressing her butt, she wants her daddy so bad”

“Oh fuck yes, lets do it, lets fuck our little girls”

“Well we are going to that new adult store next to pick up some nice little items for Sophie, why not follow us and then we’ll hit my home made playroom and do some serious fucking damage to teenage pussy”

With that we rounded up the girls and paid for their purchases and headed to Dreams, the new store that sold just the right kind of attire for two lovely little teen temptresses.

The girls eyes went wide at the sight of all the fetish and kinky clothing hanging on display for girls who loved to play. Rose was in shock, her innocent little nineteen year old body reacting to the sights in front of her. Corsets, rubber body suits, teddy’s and all manner of stocking and garter belt sets, peephole bras and crotchless panties. Lots of outfits too, like my favourite schoolgirl uniforms, police woman and nurse outfits, all manner of perverted little princess dresses, but her eyes went straight to a little red riding hood costume, though this red riding hood was the most naughty version possible of that fairy tale. “Oh daddy please can I have this, it’s so cute”

Simon was astounded as was I, both of us having exactly the same perverted big bad wolf thoughts.

“Yes of course my darling girl, go try it on in the changing rooms” he replied with a somewhat shaky and breathless voice

At the same time my little fucktoy was admiring a micro schoolgirl skirt, one that would in no way cover her little ass, along with some white stockings and a garter belt. I walked up behind her and whispered in her ear “You know your daddy well poppet, go try them on and let’s see you in them.

As she trotted off with her items in hand the girl working behind the counter came up to Simon and I “You do know that those girls are very young to be in here with you old guys don’t you, are you their fathers by any chance? Or just their sugar daddies?”

“Well my dear girl, my friend and myself here plan on spending a lot of cash here on our daughters but if you don’t want the sales, we can go elsewhere” I said taking in her quite lovely figure. She looked astounded at the mention of daughters.

“Um Sir, I will just shut up the shop temporarily so that you can have some privacy” With that she turned and locked the shop door and pulling down the closed sign.

Just then Rose appeared “Daddy, you don’t think this skirt is too short do you? and this top barely covers my little boobies” Fuck she just looked good enough to eat with her little red dress and cape, she even had a little basket and knee length red socks and tiny black patent heels.

“Oh no darling you look absolutely perfect, we’ll take it, why don’t you go look for some more outfits, it will be fun” Simon said with an obvious tenting in his pants.

“Oh thank you daddy” and off she skipped.

The shopgirl spoke up and asked “Are you two daddies wanting some extra special items for your darling daughters, you obviously are very very close” She had a wicked glint in her eye that I liked. We both nodded with dirty grins on our faces.

“I will go help see just how sexy we can get them”

Just then Sophie walked out looking like the hottest and sexiest little schoolgirl ever with a skirt that covered not nearly enough, and beautiful white stockings with black Mary Janes on her feet. On top she had the tightest little white blouse that was tied of midriff just under her gorgeous tits but instead of a tie she had a studded leather collar and a chain leash, fuck my baby girl knew how to keep her daddy a happy man.

“What do you think daddy, am I a good girl?”

“Oh baby, you are the best girl a daddy could ever want, why don’t you bend over and let Simon here see what you are wearing under that little skirt”

With that she bent over to touch her toes letting us see she had no panties on and the stockings held up by a white garter belt. “FUCK!!” Simon sounded out “What a beautiful little ass and pussy your daughter has.

“I know, just wait until you slam your cock in there hard and ravage the fuck out of her, you can be as nasty and brutal with Sophie as you like, she loves it don’t you poppet?”

“Oh yes daddy, I love having all my holes raped hard and being used like the little cumslut I am”

“Well Simon here is going to abuse you hard while daddy takes care of his little girl, that will be fun. You can show Simon how you like to be tied up and whipped”

I could see the absolute lust in Simons eyes as a little voice piped up behind us. “Daddy what do you think?”

We turned to take in the vision of absolute pornographic perfection as this cock hardening teen vision stood before us dressed in the tightest little red corset and stockings with a dildo the length of her arm in her tiny little hand. Her tiny nipples peeked over the top of the corset and looked as though they had been stimulated. I caught the grin on the shopgirls face who looked liked the cat that got the cream. Little Rose wore a collar with the words “Daddy’s Girl” written in little diamonds, she looked like the ultimate perverts dream and I knew then I wanted to fuck this girls tight virgin cunt so badly, my cock was so hard at the sight.

We quickly got the girls to go change back into their normal clothes and the shopgirl gathered up their purchases as Simon and I eagerly paid up. We also purchased some more toys, cuffs and some nasty instruments of punishment to use on our little treasures.

The shopgirl smiled happily at us and told us to have fun “ My name is Nancy by the way and any time you gentlemen need help, just call me, here’s my card”

I took the card and told Nancy she would be most welcome to come party with us anytime and then with the girls back, off we trotted, eager to get back to my place for some fun.

It was a little while later when I showed Simon and Rose down into the basement now fully furnished with all sorts of play equipment including my homemade St Andrew’s cross and a set of timber stocks, a small bench with I often used to tie my daughter down to, various whips and paddles, cuffs, ropes and chains adorning the wall. There was a large television display along one wall and numerous cameras mounted around the basement to capture every angle.

Just then Sophie came down with beers for Simon and I and then she took little bewildered Rose by the hand “Come on Rose, lets go upstairs and play dress up and let our daddies have a drink and a chat”

My darling daughter knew what was coming and was a very wise little girl. “So Simon what do you think of my playroom?”

“Jesus man, this is just breathtaking, I have to tell you I have wanted to rip into my daughter for so long and knowing there is another dad already fucking his little girl has me excited beyond belief, does Sophie really let you use all this equipment on her?”

“Oh my friend” I replied “My little fucktoy loves nothing more than her daddy binding her to some instrument of torture and having her daddy abuse every one of her holes, you have to see how wonderful she looks getting fucked raw as I whack her tits and ass, she loves it even more when I have friends around and she gets brutally gang banged, and the sight of her getting her throat fucked hard is one that will never leave you. Trust me you and your daughter are about to have the best day of your lives and you will never look back after what Sophie and I are going to show you”

With that I walked over and put on a dvd of Sophies previous adventures, his eyes went wide as he watched Sophie being stretched, fisted, abused, fucked and pissed on, and screaming for more. Just then the girls returned dressed in their little daddies fantasy outfits, Sophie as a hot little fuckdream schoolgirl and Rose in her extremely hot Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Never did two little teenage girls look so fuckable.

“Sophie why don’t you take Simon over to your favourite chair and have him tie you up darling, I know he will love to explore your delightful naughty body”

“Mmmm yes daddy, can Simon get really bad with me?”

“Of course, let him be as nasty as he wants, Rose come over here and let’s get to know each other a little better”

With that Sophie took Simon by the hand and led him over to a chair that had no back but had eyes at the four feet for tying up pretty little girls to and she sat down and looked up at him as she stroked his massive hard on through his trousers “Hi Simon, daddy says I am a good girl and good girls like to suck cock, would you like me to suck your cock, I am really good at it, you can fuck my throat as hard as you like”

Simon was going to get a thorough seeing to by one of the best cocksuckers I had ever known.

I turned my attention to the şanlıurfa escort bayan trembling little girl stood before me and got down on my knees and ran my hands up her stockinged legs “Well now Rose, would it be okay if I took down your panties?”

“Well um Mr Daniels, I am a little nervous, I have never done anything naughty like this before” she whispered so very quietly.

“Don’t be scared little Rose, uncle Adam is going to teach you how to be a good girl for your daddy” I said as my fingers hooked into her little panties and started to slowly pull them down her teenage legs.

“Are you going to put your thing in me sir? I don’t know if I can take it, I am so very small and tight…..will it hurt”

The things this child was saying was like music to my perverted ears, I was going to corrupt this girl and enjoy every depraved moment.

“Well now Rose it will hurt at first, but just for a little moment, then I promise you will love it just look at the video screen and see just how much Sophie loves it”

She looked to the screen as Sophie was taking Georges cock hard up her ass and I was fucking her teenage pussy with all my strength, Sophie was moaning with delight as I twisted her nipples.

“That looks quite painful but she does look like she is enjoying it” she observed.

“Oh yes she does so very much, just look at how happy she is now with your daddy tying her down”

She looked over to see Simon tie off ropes around my little girls wrists so that her body was pulled painfully back over the seat as her ankles were already bound to the front legs of the chair, this had the effect of bending her back up and offering up her front to all the abuse Simon would want to give and I could tell he could not wait to pillage my darling daughter.

“See how happy Sophie is knowing that your daddy is going to get very naughty with her, good girls love daddies to get very naughty, it makes them tingle inside, are you feeling that tingle inside Rose, knowing I want to do naughty things to you?”

“Oh I am feeling tingly and my cunny feels all hot and wet uncle Adam”

I smiled at her calling me uncle and continued to pull down her little panties and she stepped out of them obediently. I drew them up to my nose and drew in her scent as she watched me and then put them in my pocket.

I then slid my hands back up her legs and back up under her short red skirt until I found the heat coming from between her legs and drew my finger up her tiny slit. Her head threw back as she groaned in pleasure. I let my finger plunge into her and felt it getting gripped tightly as her whole body shook and spasmed as she just came from that slightest of touches within her. Oh this was going to be good.

As I looked over Simon already had his cock down my daughters throat and was chocking my dear girl as he brutally fucked her skull, her body looked painfully bent over that chair the bindings biting into her flesh as her head was thoroughly abused by Simons huge cock. The gargling sounds and drool coating Sophies face was magical as Simon reached to her blouse and ripped it open to reveal her little white bra. He was getting well into the spirit of things with my teenage slut.

I continued to finger fuck his daughter as she came again and again, soaking my hand. I withdrew my fingers and offered them to her and let her taste her juices. I then decided I could hold back no longer and grabbed her wrists and took her to the cross and began binding her wrists to the frame above her head and then kneeling down to bind her ankles. She began to shake with fear and I knew she was going to be a screamer, that was okay, I would enjoy pillaging her even more.

I stood back up in front of her and ripped open her dress to reveal her tiny eighteen year old tits and then grabbed her throat and unzipped my pants letting little Rose get her first sight of my throbbing hungry cock. She began to cry in fear.

“I am going to fuck you now my dear little Rose, I am going to fucking split you in two and abuse your tight little cunt and no one is going to help you”

With that I plunged my cock straight into her and ripped her open without any mercy, her screams filled the room but I just let loose and started to pound into her unbelievably tight virgin cunt, a tiny trace of blood lubricating my weapon as I took away her innocence. I looked around to her father who was now twisting my daughters tits viscously as his cock was bulging deep in her throat and shouted “I just raped your little cunts virgin pussy and now I am going to fuck her senseless until she screams for mercy. Go on take it out on Sophie and do your worst, destroy my daughter like I am going to destroy yours, I am going to tear this little cunt up and fill her with so much cum, I hope I get her pregnant, fuck yeah, I am going to cum in her tight cunt, then I am going to fuck her ass, I am going to whip her and hurt her as I fuck her up”

Simon was loving this and as he watched my abuse of his precious little daughter he walked to the wall and picked up a cat ‘o’ nine tails and went back to Sophies body as it was restrained tight and covered in cum and proceeded to beat her beautiful body, swearing at her and telling me to fuck his girl harder.

I pounded in and out of Rose’s limp body and realised the poor girl had passed out. I slapped her face hard and grabbed her hair “Don’t you pass out on me you little slut, look at me while I fuck you, tell me how much you love my cock abusing your tight cunt”

The poor girl could not even grab her breath, never mind speak. I felt my cum build up and roared and pounded her insanely as I flooded her cunt, she was like a rag doll as I came again and again in her depths, slapping her harder to keep her attention, pulling on her tiny tits, bruising them with my brutal handling.

Simon was throat fucking Sophie again as he pulled her hair almost out of her scalp, going like a steam hammer as he pounded her skull screaming at her “Yes you nasty little cunt, you love that don’t you, you love getting used and abused like the little teenage slut you are, take my cock right down your throat you fucking little teen whore”

Another wonderful adventure was just beginning as I informed a crying Rose I was going to bludgeon her ass with a dildo as her father raped my daughter’s throat. It was going to be a wonderful new adventure and the perfect end to a wonderful shopping day using our little teen whores, those perfect little girls were going to get so thoroughly fucked in all the perverted ways we could imagine….and some we would come up with along the way.

After thoroughly preparing all of Rose’s holes for her daddy to happily use we thought it was time to swap daughters. Simon was happy to take over were I had left Rose on her knees with a baseball bat up her ass, a monster 14” dildo up her cunt and her hands handcuffed behind her back. He grabbed her hair twisting her head back and proceeded to smack her face with his cock which was coated in the mess from Sophie’s cunt, ass and throat, the smacking was brutal as he screamed at her “You dirty little whore, look at the mess Adam has left you in, you love it don’t you, you want your daddy to use you now don’t you”

“Yes daddy, please, make me your whore, I’ll do anything for …..” She never finished as his cock ripped into her throat. Her gurgling from the way Simon raped her skull was beautiful. He would go on to do some disgusting things with the beautiful young sluts body including the most brutal fisting I have ever witnessed on a body so small.

I dragged Sophie over the floor by her hair and stood her against the cross and bound her facing it, her bruised and punished ass a prize just begging to be further abused and fuck was I going to rip her open. I grabbed a paddle from the wall and a dildo that was covered in ridges and started to alternate smacking the paddle off her ass and then shoving the dildo into her brutally for about twenty minutes until she was on the point of collapse. I then wrapped a rope around her neck in a loose noose and pulled on it hard, choking her as I fucked her ass without any mercy. “Fuck yes daddy, hurt me….pleeeease…..ahhhhh” she screamed.

By the end of the night Rose lay broken and so brutally used next to Sophie, I knew the perfect way to finish off the evening. “Sophie sit on Rose’s face and piss on her while me and Simon relieve ourselves on both of you”

“Oh yes daddy, I love your piss”

Simon grinned and I just knew I had a willing convert to the cause of fucking young hot teenage cunt as he placed his foot hard on his daughters pussy and began to let go a stream of hot piss on Sophie’s face and Rose’s tiny tits. I went over and joined in the piss party and flooded those two beautiful girls with Sophie rubbing it into her own and Rose’s young bodies.

Oh my, what a day and everything had been recorded on video.

Chapter 7

Parents Evening Swap Club

I had been looking forward to this night considering some of the hints that had been dropped my way and after our adventure in the headmasters office, and I knew Sophie was equally excited at what this evening promised.

We went through all the usual glad-handing with the teachers, getting updates on Sophies progress and more than a few glowing remarks from the male staff that had obviously sampled some of Sophies talents…..the dirty bastards.

After the last report of the evening I was slipped a note by the headmaster asking that we stay behind and report to the gym hall for a little get together, this was obviously going to be a very naughty get together. Sophie and I made our way to the gymnasium and I was pleased to see George and Katie there along with around ten other dads and the headmaster was there sitting against the wall with a young girl Sophie informed me was his grand daughter Angel, fuck she was beautiful in her tiny little uniform and her budding little tits and blonde pigtails just making her the perfect teen dream.

I had a tap on the shoulder and turned to see Simon and with him his little fucktoy Rose whose delights I had already sampled, I was looking forward to sampling more. “Hey Simon, good to see you again, and you Rose” Rose smiled up at me “Hi again, I really loved the time we spent at your place, I would love to come around again sometime”

“Well my dear girl you and your dad are welcome anytime”

Just then I felt a tug at my sleeve and turned to see the most beautiful little creature staring back up at me “Well hi there cutie, what’s your name?”

“My name is Mary, and I am a good girl. My dad over there asked if he could borrow your daughter and if you would like to spend some time with me”

Fuck me, this girl was tiny and she was certainly no older than mine. But like all the girls here she was dressed in her uniform and had her hair done in two fucking gorgeous little brown pigtails, this was a girl I wanted to bury my cock in and I wanted to bury it in her hard and deep.

“Why sure honey, Sophie why don’t you go see the nice gentleman over there while I get to know Mary”

“Sure dad, I’ll catch you later, have fun” “You too poppet”

Simon then said “See you later” and headed over to the group of dads in the same direction as Sophie with obvious nasty thoughts on his mind. It was then as I glanced around the room that I noted the girls seemed to outnumber the dads, there being around fifteen of the lovely young things wandering about and getting touched up, these girls all around Sophies age. I looked over towards the headmaster and was shocked to see him brutally skullfuck his grand daughter as another of the dads was plowing his quite sizeable meat hard into her tiny ass. The headmaster was swearing at the little angel as he pulled tight on her pigtails, he forced ever more of himself down her throat.

I felt another tug at my sleeve and looked to see young Mary smile up at me. “Mister will you fuck me, please”

Fuck I truly was in heaven as I got to my knees and reach under the young temptresses skirt and pulled her panties slowly down.

“Yes Mary darling, I am going to fuck you so very hard, I am going to do some very nasty things to your lovely little body”

She smiled “Oh yes, daddy said you would be good to me”

I looked over to her father and saw he was quite busy getting a blowjob from my princess as Simon had just pulled her panties to the side and was fucking her hard from behind. Young Rose was busily riding Mary’s father face with her delicious cunt and feeling up her own lovely tits as she did so.

Elsewhere in the room dads and little girls were fucking and the groans and screams filling the room was intoxicating as cocks filled tight little schoolgirl pussies, asses and throats, this was the best parents night ever.

I put Mary’s panties into my pocket and picked the tiny girl up and unzipped my pants to free my cock and then lowered her tiny body onto my cock, she started to scream as my cock started to enter her tiny cunt but the girl took it better than I expected and I was not shocked to find this girl was not a virgin, her daddy had been here many times. Soon she was squirming around my throbbing cock. I grabbed her cute little ass and whispered into her ear “I am going to fuck you hard now baby, I am going to destroy your little cunt”

With that I walked to the wall with her and then started to pound into her with such brutal swiftness she was screaming out in pain. Fuck it was quite a sight the debauchery going on in this hall right now. There were dads pounding hard into little schoolgirl uniformed sluts every where, the sounds of choking throats and screaming girls was like music, cocks stretching little butts and cunts, forcing their way down little tight throats, ripping open little white blouses. One girl was now naked and tied to the climbing frames on the wall with school ties around her wrists and ankles, her little tits being abused by two fathers whipping with their belts and another dirty dad on the floor ramming a huge plastic cock up her dripping cunt with brutal force, the poor girl was screaming so hard in agony.

Elsewhere I could see the headmaster had joined in with Sophies group and she now had all her holes filled and was getting fucked with no quarter given, as poor Katie was being tied face down to a bench and being made ready for her ass and mouth to be used by anyone and everyone.

Elsewhere one dad had a camcorder out and was filming the whole scene whilst a little teen cutie was slobbering all over his erect cock and trying her best to swallow it whole thing down her gullet.

I continued to pound hard into little Mary when we were joined by her father “Hi I’m Peter, I see you and Mary are getting along famously, you must be Adam, your daughter Sophie is such a lovely girl and such a great cocksucker.”

“Hi” I answered back breathlessly as I fucked hard into his baby girls little cunt “I am glad you enjoyed her… should…FUCK!!! Your little girl is so tight… should come by our place sometime and enjoy her some more, she does love some nasty treatment”

“Yeah, I bet, little Mary here does love a good punishment herself, don’t ya my little princess?” “Oh yeah dadda….”

With that I turned around with little Mary still impaled on my cock and offered her anal orifice to him.

“Want to join me and fuck your daughter even harder?”

He smiled and came up behind Mary and with no finesse whatsoever thrust his cock hard up her shitter. Fuck the feel of our two cocks so tightly crammed in her little body was just the perfect dream. We began to get really rough with the poor little fucktoy and pounded her hard as Peter reached up and grabbed her hair and I twisted her little nipples making her roar in pain, it was beautiful and it did not take long before I emptied my nuts deep in her little womb.

As I pulled out of her tiny slit, Peter wrapped his arms around her and forced her small body back against the wall and savagely forced his way into her again and again, swearing and shouting at her. Such a loving daddy.

I wandered over to Sophies group just as the group of dads were really laying into her and some guy had a metre stick, whacking it hard on her ass as another slapped her face, I knew my girl would be in heaven so I left her and walked towards the girl tied to the wallbars and saw her limp body hanging there as if unconscious with cum running down her legs and down her chin onto her lovely little teen tits.

I was just admiring her when the headmaster walked up beside me “Delightful little girl isn’t she, local police chiefs daughter, that’s him forcing his cock up your girls ass right now so I know he will be only too pleased if you want to get nasty with his little treat, her name is Pearl by the way and she loves being fisted.

With that he decided a visual demonstration would be helpful and proceeded to slowly force his huge fist up the poor girls already abused pussy, she woke with a start and started to yell out “Fuck no, please no more”

“Quiet child or we will have gag you” the headmaster sternly warned.

“I have a better idea” I added before climbing the bars until I straddled the frightened childs head, I grabbed my cock and aimed at her tiny mouth forcing it all the way in and started to royally fuck her head. The headmaster obviously loved this and began to pound his fist into the poor girl as her head battered off the wall bars from the force of my fucking her skull so nastily. This evening was getting obscene, I turned my head to survey the tangle of bodies now piled around the room and my eyes opened wide as I saw Sophie and Katie on their hands and knees, ass to ass with what looked like two double ended dildos joining them together and both their heads being truly abused by huge cocks as the guys fucking their throats pulled on their hair and roared obscenities at them.

Elsewhere in the room there was couple of girls suspended from the parallel bars one facing upright and one facing down, their nipples had been clamped and were being tied off with chain to the bars stretching their teenage titties out obscenely from their little bodies, other girls with strap on dildo’s were fucking them hard as the poor girls received some severe physical abuse from a couple of dads who were raining blows from whips down upon their bodies.

Another girl was tied down tight on a table, her body bent back painfully with her wrists and ankles bound to the feet of the table as her cunt was crammed full of some huge cocks and her throat stretched beyond all imagination, a line of dads was lining up to fuck this little girl harshly as she lay there covered in cum and near unconsciousness.

I could not wait to get my copy of the video footage being shot tonight.

It was after about four hours of this carnal and extremely brutal fuck session that things wound down and dads and daughters gathered the remains of their clothing and started to filter out of the hall and head home.

The headmaster told me that he was planning an gangbang orgy soon at his home and he would love for Sophie to be the star attraction.

She does take punishment from multiple cocks so very well, it would be fun to find out just how many could cram in her tiny body at once.

“Tell me when, we’ll be there” I grinned at him, I wanted to see her stretched full of cocks now.

Chapter 8

Let’s Pretend

The two large men lay in wait hiding behind the front door as they heard the excited giggling of the two little schoolgirls arriving home totally unsuspecting of what lay ahead of them. They both wore black balaclavas and black boiler suits. As the girls unlocked the door their cocks were throbbing at the prospect of what lay ahead and stuck out obscenely from the unzipped fly’s of the boiler suits

As the door opened and the girls entered the men grabbed them from behind and put their hands around the little teen girls mouths to stifle any screams and dragged them into the hall of the house, One used his foot to kick shut the door cutting off any quick escape.

They dragged the girls into the lounge of the house and picked up a roll of tape they had brought with them.

The girls were terrified and had no idea what was about to happen but as they caught sight of the huge cocks it became clear they were about to be raped and that realisation caused them to shake and struggle against their captors. Of course this was just encouraging their abductors even more as one of them removed their hands from his girls mouth she screamed for her dad and pleaded through tears “Please don’t do this, let us go, we won’t tell” before the tape was pulled tight across her face again silencing her begging pleas.

With that the shaking and sobbing teen was pushed to the floor face down and her arms brought above her head and tightly bound with more tape and then he moved to her ankles and bound them too. He then took some rope and coiled it around her wrists and tied it off tightly

causing the rope to burn into her flesh. He then pulled on the rope and dragged the girl to the centre of the room and stood on a chair to loop the rope around a hook on the ceiling, why had the girl never noticed that hook before she wondered. He pulled the rope through, hoisting the little terrified teen girl up until her toes could barely touch the floor.

He stood back to admire the child hanging there in her short plaid skirt and tight white blouse, her little tits pushing out and her white panties visible as her body hung stretched, tears flowing down her face. Perfect.

The other man held his captive by the neck tightly and forced her to look up at her friend and felt her body tremble in fear as he whispered in her ear “Yes cunt, you are going to watch us destroy this little bitch and then we are going to work you over”

His partner in crime approached them as the man released his hand from her mouth “Please no, we are good girls, we can’t do th…..” She was cut off as tape was roughly placed over her mouth and her arms were bound behind her back, she was also forced face down and her ankles bound and then turned over. One of the men slapped her face hard which brought out floods of tears and muffled screams “Watch cunt, see what you have coming to you”

With that the men rose and approached the hanging teenage girl, their cocks hungry for the torture they were about to inflict on her helpless young body.

“Lets see your tiny tits little girl” one of them cruelly laughed as he ripped open her blouse revealing a cute little virginal white bra, her tie hanging between her budding bosom. He pulled tight on the tie, choking her and causing her tear stained eyes to bulge out and her body to swing violently in fear.

“Stay still cunt” he barked and spanked her hard, knocking the wind out of her small fragile body and for muffled screams of terror to come from her bound friend on the floor.

He started to slap the hanging girls face viciously before pulling out a knife from his pocket. Her eyes bulged even wider in terror as he brought the blade to her neck. “Yes cunt, make me angry and I will fucking slice you up” He drew the blade slowly down her trembling body pausing between her tits and playing with the material of her bra. He then sliced through the material and her bra fell open revealing her small teenage tits. He ran the blade lightly over the small mounds of her chest and around the growing nipples “I think the little whore likes this, I wonder how wet her cunt is?”

He continued to slowly drag the knife down her taught bruised stomach and stopped at the hem of her skirt. His friend reached under her skirt and ripped her panties hard from her flesh, the material cutting painfully into her skin as it ripped apart, he rubbed the shredded material brutally up her wet slit as she tried to scream “Yes you filthy slut, you are soaked aren’t you, you cannot wait for us to rape you you fucking whore” with that he shoved the remains of her panties and three fingers hard up into her cunt and started to fuck his hand into her at great speed, abusing the sweet young schoolgirl.

His friend moved behind her and grabbed at her tits before lining his cock up with her tight little anus, closed even tighter with her cheeks squeezed together by her bound legs. Before she knew what was happening he forced his way past her tight little anal ring and buried himself deep up her ass. The man in front of her pulled hard on her nipples and spat in her face as the brutal assault on her ass began in earnest.

“Fuck this little bitch is tight, I feel like I am going to split her in two” he roared as he began to pound into her hard and fast. Her body convulsed with the treatment she was receiving as the man in front of her lifted her skirt and shoved his massive cock straight up her tiny tight illegal underage cunt. Now both guys drove into her hard, she wanted to scream but could not due to her taped up mouth, The guy in front smacked his hand hard on her face and tits as the man behind pulled her hair. Her body was soaked in sweat her pussy dripping, then it happened, her body went into spasm as she came, experiencing an orgasm like never in her short life, despite the depraved treatment her body reacted, and her fluids flooded from her body as the cocks relentlessly pounded into her. On and on the men abused her little body, her hair being pulled and her tits stretched and smacked, her face spat at and slapped, the men shouted at her and raped her little body until at last they emptied their spunk deep within her.

As they stepped back from her limp and damaged body they admired their work, it was then that the girl noticed four video cameras around the room. Oh god she thought, this is being recorded.

One of the men walked over to the other frightened blonde girl on the floor and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. You could hear the screams of pain even through her taped up mouth. The hanging girl passed out and hung limp as the other man started to whip her ass with his belt after ripping off her skirt, leaving her in nothing but her white knee high socks and black Mary Janes.

The other girls treatment was just beginning and she shivered in terror at what was to come as her shirt was ripped open and her bra torn apart. The guy twisted and pulled nastily on her buds and the pain was excruciating. He continued to rain blows upon her poor body and pushed her hard back on the floor face down, her little tits squashing painfully as her forehead smacked onto the floor nearly knocking her unconscious. The man above her had no mercy as he started shout “You cunt, I am going to so fucking hurt you, you will beg to die, I am going to rip your cunt apart and when I finished with you my friend here is going do all kinds of nasty shit with what is left.”

With that he dropped down on the back of her legs, straddling her just under her butt, reached under her skirt and ripped her little white cotton panties from her and threw them aside. He then took hold of his cock and lined it with her minute puckered hole and rammed it home. Brutally raping her ass as he pulled her hair, stretching her neck awkwardly and painfully. He pounded into her little body as his friend behind him still whipped the hanging lifeless body of her schoolfriend as her body was bruised badly from the punishment.

The nastiness of the situation was all being recorded for posterity on the video cameras around the room and was going to have many happy viewers.

As the unconscious hanging girl was left, her body limp and well abused, the man punishing her went to join the action on the floor. He pulled up the girls head as she was still being brutally fucked up her ass and ripped the tape from her mouth. She had no time to catch her breath and scream as he forced his filthy prick down her throat. Both men got back on their feet raising the girl off the floor and still being fucked at both ends and began to viciously spit roast her little frame, it was insane and completely depraved treatment as they relentlessly pile drove her from both ends, both her throat and her ass getting raw from the abuse.

The man fucking her ass reached round from her waist and started to plunge his fingers in and out her cunt as the man fucking her throat started to abuse her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples with one hand as he grabbed her tie with the other hand and started to pull tight on it, choking her as his cock stretched her throat.

Witnessing this, the hanging teen had now come around to see her friend get so viscously abused, she could feel her pussy ache and cum run down her legs, her ass ached and she could feel the welts burn from the whipping she suffered. But if truth be told she craved more and delighted in the vision before her of those giant men plundering her friend.

The abuse continued for many hours when the girls were switched and other nastier implements were driven up their holes, chains and clamps were used, tits were battered and tied, throats just plainly fucked raw, that by the end of the evening the two young girls lay spent and covered in so much cum and piss. It was then the blonde one looked up at the men and spoke.

“Thank you daddy, that was the best day ever”

Adam lifted his balaclava and smiled lovingly at his little girl as George picked up Katie and held her used up body tight in the most loving embrace.

“And daddy” Sophie continued “I’m pregnant…….”

Epilogue In Later Years

“Happy Birthday Daddy, the twins are getting so grown up now, don’t you think it is time we invited some friends over to watch as they are broken in by their loving father” Sophie whispered in my ear as we lay in our bed and stroked my morning glory hard on.

She knew only too well how I had been looking forward to the time I could sink my cock in their eighteen year old virgin cunts.

“Samantha and Carolyn are ready daddy, they told me yesterday how they listen to us fuck at night and wanted so much for daddy to deflower them. I will dress them up in your favourite little schoolgirl uniforms and I will even tie them to our bed for you, just think of all the nasty ways you can fuck and abuse their little bodies, it is your birthday after all , we could make a weekend of it, what do you think?”

I stared at this beautiful daughter of mine and marvelled at how blessed I had been. “I love you so very much Sophie, you and the girls make my world complete”


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