Becoming Her ….. my story, Chapter 1 … confused


Becoming Her ….. my story, Chapter 1 … confusedChapter 1 … confused feelings …. Hey all, I just wanted to open my hart and talk to somebody, but I don’t have anybody I could talk to freely, so I thought I could talk to you allThis is my real life story … all is what I had to face in my long miserable life … no need to lie As I remember …I was a normal k**, in normal family with normal friendsBut there was a little thing, weird feelings…There was that boy (*), a teenager lives in my block, and goes to the same schoolHe was the alpha; everyone likes him, every one want to be his friend…As everyone I was interesting on him but not as every one, I felt more for him, I couldn’t understand why, Some times when am hanging with some girls I hear them talking about him, about how shaming he is, how strong he is, as I hear them I found that feeling make my hart juming and a funny feeling in my stomach, wired !!One day at school he just stared his motorbike as I walking by him, he Wesel to me and call me (hey girly boy) I didn’t think for a sec and run to him yes (*)Going home … he ask Yap… I answeredJump over I will take you… he saysI couldn’t believe it, it was like a dream I never had As we go I can see every one looking at me and say, who that? Who’s that lucky k**?As he drove fast, I hold on him tidily…… flaying, excited, joyful I can’t really descript how I felt But I do remember how strong his body felt, how he smell Suddenly I found his hand take off my arms off him as we were stopped for a wail Weak up k**, we’re here I stood off the back and say thanks for the raid, Didn’t go home, I went to the block garden and lay down on the soft grace, Too many things happing in me, my breath taken away, hart bet fast, güvenilir bahis what is happening?What with him, why am feeling like that, it’s like that emotion girls talking about when they in love, but…. He is a boy, so am I!! Is this normal? (Ps: for the record in my age and in my country there is no education about sex or other genders at all, the expiration gay or any lgbt is only used for insulting.)Next day in school I found myself a popular k**, every one asking where you went with him. what happen with him, did you talk together?Most of my class girls become more friendly and interesting on me!After school I run to the same spot he pick my up last time and wait for him and he come and get me againWe become closer; I hanged with him at school and at the club I become a fan of al he likes, favorite music band, perfume, swimming, motor sport all thingsOne day he told me that he going to make a camp at red sea, and ask if am interesting on coming, Sure I saidSo we go and spend a day making that camp and swimming and fishing At night we were sitting by the fire, He throws me a can of beer, Can I ask you something? He saysBut I need a true answer don’t you lie to me I ok my head Do you like me?I said sureHe looked at me and smiles and say s just like nothing more?I stoned, shocked by his words, I couldn’t speak a word I think I plashed toHe looked into my eyes as he drink his last cane, and saysAny way I just want you to know that I love you. And he stands up and went to the tent and lay down, living me lost in emotionsAs I stoned, I found my hart happy to hear it from him, but my mind very confuse about that, how can he is in love with meWhat will I do know? One thing am sure about is am so fucking in love with him, türkçe bahis and those tiers coming from my eyes is happy tiers I lay down on the sure sand, wind were plowing over my skinny body , moon shining on my eyes, sound of waives and wind like a music of natureAl I think of what would I answer to him in morningSuddenly the sun comes up and I hear him waking upHe come out looked at me and says wakeup early?Didn’t sleep I answeredHe looked at me as he making breakfast, and why he asked? I stood up and walk to the sea and As I walk I said I love you more than you imagine, and I jamb into the chilling water, as I were running away from himSuddenly I felt a strong hand pull me up and he hold me into his arms and he kissed me , holding me very tied , I was frizzed , sunder to him, every cell of my body are censoring his movies, His hand holding my arms backwards, this tongue in my mouth, even his extreme big dick on my ballyI don’t know is it minutes or is hours but I was hypnotic….He let my down and lies on the water Me… My lieges didn’t hold me, my body didn’t respond so I began to drawn down, He holds me again and pulls me up but I pass outI opened my eyes I found myself lying in the tent by him, he looked at me and says what happened honey, are okWith not a single word I jumped over him and I kissed him and I hugged him hard but gently, soft and hotI felt his dick growing strong and hard, I touched it tenderly, He pull me down make me face it, and he take of his short, As a big snake facing me his dick were, he guide it into my mouth and by his finger he pull my lips and put it in my mouthIt was very big, very hard, very wormI start luck it and kiss it, I feels good to do this But looking at his face and seeing güvenilir bahis siteleri that wild a****l instinct in his eyes looking at my makes me more existed, He began to stuck his dick into my throat, deeper and deeper every timeSuddenly he take my off him and tern me over on my belly, on my kneesGently he pull down my short and he start to touch my butt, and grab it hard, spank me even harder,I was lay like this surrenderly but enjoying what he was doingHe opened my ass and starts to lake my ass hole, spitting in it, and stick his tongue into it, it felt very essentially, I felt my ass getting wider and a worm thing touches it, trying gently to penetrate it, but it was very tied for itHe get a sun oil and he spill it on and in it , then he put his finger in me it was accessible , then he put 2 fingers, it was hard at the beginning then they went in and out easily Then I felt that worm hard big dick again, trying again to penetrate meIt goes in slowly tell I screamed painfully, he g**** my waist to him and pouch it harder, it was very painful but yet I like that pain, and like how he enjoying me moreAt last it all goes in He let it for while and start to take it off, half out and in again, it was very pain full , I would Cray from the pain but I hold it but tiers I couldn’t holdOhing is what I say,In and out he goes slowly as I mooing; tell it goes very easy and without pain Then he goes faster, really I get to enjoy all that, Suddenly I felt him holding my ass hard, squeeze it and I felt his dick pulsing like a bump, and hey roar as his hot sperm come on meReally after all that my legs couldn’t hold much longer I felt down on my bally as he lay over me and still his dick on me, I felt it resting and shrinking as it slept out It was the most amazing since I had ever have, It was around 10 pm, I walk out the tent all naked walked to the sea; slowly I go in as I wash my sticky bodyAnd keep thinking was it a dream?To be continuo ……………………………..

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