Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 02


I thought waiting to meet my wife for lunch had been painful enough, but having to wait until clocking off time was almost unbearable. The whole journey home was just a blur, as I was playing scenarios of what lay in store for me when I arrived home over and over in my mind.

Finally I was home and pinned on the front door was a note, Matt x. written in my wife’s hand writing. It read:

Dearest Matt,

Don’t bother trying to get in to the house as I have locked the door from the inside. This evening is all about me and my desires; you will be used to pleasure my desire and only mine. If you achieve this then I will give you the sexual release you will be certainly requiring.

But first there are a few rules you will obey tonight:

Rule one – no talking unless I begin the conversation.

Rule two – you will not cum until I am sexually satisfied or I command you to do so.

Rule three – We will not discuss any of my planned events tonight until I initiate the conversation. This also includes if you decide not to go through with tonight….sorry babe no ‘what might have beens’!

Breaking any of these rules will result in consequences and you will pay for this in a manner I deem suitable for the disobedience.

Now you have to make the decision to either let me dominate our sexual journeys from now on or return to our happy and content bedroom routines. Before you make this decision remember I love you, always have, even though our rough times and I will respect your decision. You have liberated me from my sexual inhibitions and for that I am grateful. Now I would like to free you from yours in return, but in the ways of my choosing.

Decision time my darling, will you take the blue pill and decide ‘no’ and take the spare key from under the plant pot and enter the house, sorry I lied about locking the door! Or will you go for the red pill and follow Alice down the rabbit hole by reading my next note under the plant pot with the key?

Key or note Matt?

Your loving wife

S xx

P.s. Either way, I AM going to ride that latex cock of yours tonight.

I am sure I just stood there, open mouthed, chin was probably on the floor as you see in cartoons. Cock was harder than ever with pre cum flowing around the latex housing. There was so much in the letter that had grabbed my attention, raised my curiosity and overloaded my imagination by their suggestive connotations. ‘Liberate me from my sexual inhibitions’, ‘free you from yours’, ‘I command you’ and ‘ride that latex cock’. There are moments in life when reality stops you dead in your tracks, excites or numbs your senses to comprehend what is playing out in front of you. Needless to say that this was one of those heart stopping moments and I was enslaved in escort ankara arousal.

Without even noticing it, I had already begun rubbing the impressive bulge in my trousers. I could feel the veins of my cock protruding under the thin membrane of the shorts, the ripple of foreskin tightly pulled back to reveal the swollen head of my well-greased shaft. An afternoon of pooled cum began washing over my balls and gently lubricating the entrance to my own hole. The thoughts of this morning flooded back and I moved my fingers down between my legs, coaxing my fluid to an eagerly awaiting rear.

It took all my concentration to not open my zip, grab my cock and masturbate right there on my front door step. If a letter could do this to me, then I was sure as hell I wanted to follow the rabbit hole, her hole and my 8 ½ inches plugging that tight ass of hers. I reluctantly stopped fingering myself and moved the plant pot to take the letter. Before opening it I also looked around for the key, but could not find it. I don’t know why, as I had decided to ‘take the red pill’, I tried the door handle, I heard a faint noise, but it was firmly locked. ‘She knew I would take the letter.’ I thought to myself. She had already taken control of me from the moment she had pinned it to the door.

The 2nd letter was not addressed to ‘Matt’, which I had naturally expected, but instead a single word had been typed, obviously demonstrating that boundaries had been drawn. ‘TOY’!

Excited, nervous and with the release of another wave of pre-cum. I opened the second note.


‘By opening this letter you have agreed to my rules and are now committed to pleasuring me. You are mine, you are my fuck toy and you will fulfil your role to open our relationship.

To ensure you understand your purpose, you are now commanded to remove all of your clothes, a part from those latex shorts you are wearing. You will leave them where you are now standing.’

I undressed as commanded, removing my jacket and shirt and feeling the slight winter chill on my skin. Next came the shoes and socks and then I un-buttoned my belt, savouring the eroticism as I slowly slid my zipper down. My trousers fell to the floor and I could not resist another quick rub over my bulge.

‘You will now walk to the bottom of the garden and stand in front of the summerhouse. Once there you will caress that swelling you will certainly have. You will rub your ass cheeks, your cock and your hole. I want that cum of yours worked in to your skin. You will not put your hands in side your shorts.’

Only moments ago I was performing the same act, but this time I was almost naked, the touch of soft damp grass under my feet and the winter chill gently excited my nipples. I caressed and rubbed my shaft escort mersin with one hand and I fingered my hole with the other. With each stroke, pre-cum eased from the tip of my cock and I could feel with each push of my finger I was penetrating further and further inside. I gradually squatted to gain better access to my ass, the tightening of the latex around my balls began to squeeze the fresh cum in the direction of my widening hole. The gentle parting of my ass muscles as lubricated latex finger penetrated was far too much and I could not keep the growing deep orgasm under control. My muscles clamped around my finger and I looked down and watched the explosion beneath the latex and felt the warmth of my cum race down my cock and under my balls. I withdrew my finger and then pushed a fresh load of warm cum back inside.

I was shuddering all over, my calf muscles twitched, my ass and cock were in spasms; never before had I come with such intensity. I just stood there, out of breath and shaking as a couple more spasms followed originating from the anal depths. I bent down and picked up the note I had dropped, enjoying the spread of warm liquid as the latex stretched. ‘Fuck!’ I thought, ‘Did I just break rule number 2?’

‘Now you have finished playing with yourself you will shower with the garden hose. The cold water will calm you down. I do not want you to cum. You will not remove those shorts as you are almost ready to begin your purpose

Face away from the summerhouse and do not turn round. You will be summoned shortly.’


‘Fuck! There goes rule number 2.’ I muttered to myself. I turned on the hose. ‘Shit, it’s cold.’ I gasped as the ice cold water hit my body. I showered as quickly as I could to avoid getting too cold. I stood there for a while, shivering whilst waiting for my summons. It was quite dark by now and the moon was slowly passing the side of the house casting its silvery glow on the garden. I began to stamp my numb feet and blow in my hands to try and get some warmth. ‘Christ!’ it was cold and any excitement I still clung to was rapidly fading.

‘When would she appear?’ I asked myself, and as if in answer I heard he unmistakeable sound of high heel shoes on the terrace behind me.

As her footsteps drew closer my excitement returned. I wanted to turn and see her, I wanted to watch her walking towards me, bathed in moonlight and wearing the open crotch latex panties, suspenders belt and stockings she had bought earlier today. I wanted to lay my eyes on the woman who was now the sexually dominating one in our relationship. ‘I couldn’t break another rule could I?’ I asked myself.

She stopped behind me, and I could feel her rapid breathing behind me. I wondered if she had been watching. I jumped as two hands izle moved up the back of my thighs, rubbed my ass checks, gently pushing them apart as they moved around my waist and grabbed my excited cock. She began kissing the back of my neck, massaging my cock with one hand and balls with the other. I moved backwards, pressing her closer to my rear. I began to run my hands down her arms and found she was wearing long latex gloves which were smooth and delicately oiled. I let out a groan in excitement and pleasure as my hands met her latex fingers on my cock.

She responded by pulling me closer. ‘Thanks Matt for agreeing’, she whispered in my ear. I was just about to respond.

‘Shh’, she continued ‘there is no need for you to talk. I wanted to say how happy I am you chose to accept my offer. I love you and life will now be much more pleasurable with me in control.’

With that she pulled down hard on the latex sheath, her other hand tugging at my balls, forcing my cock to stretch to its maximum size and pushing my balls down and back between my legs.

‘But now TOY you are to be disciplined.’

She removed her hands from my body and took a step backwards.

‘Turn around and face me TOY’, she commanded, ‘but keep your eyes closed. For your disobedience for trying the front door to check if it were locked, you will not lay eyes on me tonight.’

‘How the fuck did she know I had tried the front door?’ I thought as I closed my eyes and turned round to face her.

‘Good, now hold still.’

I couldn’t believe how excited I was to receive my first ‘consequence’ for disobeying. She began to pull something over the top of my head. The now familiar smell of latex became evident as she slid, what I could only presume, a hood over my face. Once on she zipped the back and I felt the tightening of the latex on my skin and around my neck. This hood felt slightly thicker than the shorts and appeared to be fusing as it warmed to my skin. There were holes for my nose and my mouth was left completely open, but my hearing was slightly muffled and my eyes were covered.

She then kissed me, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. As soon as I tried to return her kiss she withdrew.

‘You also broke another rule tonight TOY and this one is more serious.’

‘Rule number 2.’ I admitted to her.

‘Yes, you are to pleasure me TOY’, she reprimanded.

She began to put pressure on my head and pushed me down.

‘Pleasure me TOY’, she commanded.

My face moved down her body, brushing past the suspender belt. I stuck out my tongue and licked her as I continued to move down. As I got to the top of her pants the scent of her pussy juices filled my nose and then the taste of her flooded in to my mouth as her latex lips opened and filled me with warm wet flesh.

As she pushed my face into her, so my tongue could penetrate further and drink her sweet juices, I could just about here what she was saying.

‘You will soon be my perfect fuck toy.’

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