Becoming the Man of the House


Jack and Jill Worth have been married for twenty years and have an eighteen-year-old son, Bob. They live a comfortable life in a split-level house located in a suburban community. Jill is thirty-nine and has maintained the figure she had when she got married. She’s dedicated her life to making Jack and Bob happy and healthy. Part of her daily routine is exercising at the gym, early every morning. Jack, on the other hand, never exercises and has a mentally demanding job. Over the past five years, he has become a workaholic. It started with him working ten-hour days; now, he’s often putting in twelve to fourteen-hour days at the office.

They used to have an active sex life three or four times a week. It has tapered off over the same period of time and is now every four to six weeks. Jill is sexually frustrated, resorting to using her fingers and toys. She’s starting to wonder, “Does he have some cute, young, thing at the office?”

Bob recently graduated high school and is attending a local Community College. He is living at home with his parents and has never had a girlfriend. For that matter, he doesn’t have any close male friends either. You could say that he’s a loner, more interested in his studies and his hobby, reading porn on the internet and masturbating.

One afternoon, while she’s taking Bob’s clean laundry to his room, Jill hears him moaning as she approaches his door. She knows that sound; it’s sexual ecstasy. Standing there listening to him, Jill immediately feels her pussy get wet. She slowly opens his door just a crack and sees him lying on his bed. He’s pumping his hand up and down his cock. “My God,” she thinks, “who knew he has at least eight inches of thick cock. I need to find a way to use it to satisfy me.”

Jill quietly closes his door and puts his laundry down. She goes to her bedroom, grabs an enormous dildo, and pumps it in and out of her drenched pussy until she has a massive orgasm. After she recovers, she goes to the kitchen and starts preparing to cook supper. As she does that, she thinks, “His desktop monitor was on, I wonder if he was watching porn.” She finishes her preparations and cooks supper for the two of them, knowing that Jack won’t be there to eat with them.

An hour later, supper is ready, and she calls, “Bob, come eat supper.”

He comes down to the kitchen and gives her a peck on the cheek, saying, “Thanks Mom.”

“You’re welcome, honey,” she replies, giving him a brief hug.

They sit at the table, and while eating, Jill asks, “How was your day? Anything interesting happen?”

He answers, “We had an interesting discussion in my Human Relations class today.”

“What was it about,” she asks.

“I don’t think you’d be interested,” he replies, red-faced.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I’m not a prude, you know,” Jill says.

Still red-faced and looking at his plate, he replies, “It was about the percentage of families that incest occurs in.”

“Really? Is it a high number?” she asks.

Bob’s cock is hard and getting uncomfortable. He reaches under the table and adjusts himself.

Jill notices and thinks, “This conversation is turning him on.”

“It’s higher than most people think, almost twenty percent,” he replies.

“That’s higher than what I thought it would be. I was thinking maybe ten percent. Did you learn any other facts in that class?” Jill asks.

“Most of it occurs between siblings, with only about ten percent between adults and children and three percent between other relatives,” he replies, clearly getting uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. Bob says to himself, “What’s going on? Mom’s never been this interested in my courses before.”

Jill then asks, “Did they break down the parent-child incest?”

“They didn’t have an exact breakdown but the study suggested that father-daughter incest was more common than mother-son,” he replied. “Mom, can we talk about something else? I’m really uncomfortable discussing this with you.”

“Okay Honey, we’ll drop the subject. I was just curious,” she says.

She thinks, “I wonder why he doesn’t want to maltepe escort discuss this. I need to see what kind of porn he’s watching.”

They finish eating, and Bob helps her clean up the kitchen. When done, they go into the den to watch TV for a few hours.

Around 9 pm, Jack comes home, pops his head into the den, and says, “Sorry I wasn’t here for supper, we’re backed up with work. Are there any left-overs from supper?”

“In the ‘fridge, “Jill responds coldly.

Jack goes to the kitchen, gets the plate out of the ‘fridge, and reheats it. He eats then joins Jill and Bob in the den.

An hour later, Jack says, “I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

He gets up and goes to their bedroom. Ten minutes later, he’s snoring.

Back in the den, Jill looks at Bob and says, “I’m getting tired and you have an early class tomorrow. I’m going to bed and you should too.”

“Okay Mom. I want to see the end of this program then I’ll go to sleep. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, honey,” she responds.

Jill is sitting at the table, drinking coffee, when Bob comes into the kitchen at 8 am.

She asks, “Want some cereal and coffee before you head for your classes?”

“Just some coffee, I’ll get something at the doughnut shop on the way,” he replies as he gets a cup out of a cabinet, adding, “I have to work a shift after class, I’ll be home around 6.”

“What would you like for supper?” she asks.

“If you’ll prepare some hamburger patties, I’ll cook them on the grill,” he states.

“Sounds good,” she replies, “I’ll make a salad to go with them.”

He finishes his coffee, heads for the door, and says, “That sounds great. Love you, Mom.” as he leaves.

She pours another cup of coffee and sits there, thinking, “He’s taking over more and more of a man’s duties around the house. He already fixes things, now he’s grilling. I wonder what he’ll do next?”

Then she remembers what she saw yesterday afternoon and thinks, “I need to see what he was watching.”

She takes her coffee, goes up to his room, sits at his desk, and turns on his computer. She opens a browser and brings up the browsing history.

To her surprise, she sees that most of the porn involves moms and sons. “Hmm, that’s why he was uncomfortable talking about that class, yesterday,” she thinks.

As she reads down the list of porn, she thinks, “With a cock like his, I can kill two birds with one stone; make his fantasy come true and I can get my sexual needs met.”

She closes the browser and turns the computer off. Taking her coffee cup, she returns to the kitchen. She refills the cup and starts planning how to seduce Bob.

Her first thought is, “I need to show him more of my body without being too obvious.”

She decides from now on; she’d be wearing a nightgown when he came to the kitchen in the morning. She also chooses to wear sexier clothes, instead of jeans and T-shirts, to better show off her figure. She goes to the master bedroom, changes to go out, then goes to the mall. While there, she enters one store and buys several low-cut, translucent blouses and a few pairs of very lightweight slacks. When satisfied with those purchases, she walks through the mall to Victoria”s Secret. Entering, she goes directly to the bra and panty sets. She’s never worn a thong before and decides it’s time. She picks out five sets of thongs with a skimpy bra then starts browsing the negligee. She picks out two that are very low-cut. She takes it all to the register.

The girl looks at Jill, then at the purchases, then back at Jill. “I don’t know who you’re after, but you’ve got the figure and now have the clothes to catch him,” she says.

Jill smiles and says, “I hope so.”

She leaves the mall and returns home. She prepares the hamburger patties, then makes a salad and puts everything in the ‘fridge. At 5 pm, she takes a shower then puts on a new red bra and panty set and a new cream-colored blouse and white slacks. Jill walks over to the full-length mirror and inspects her choice of clothing. The red bra is visible under her translucent blouse. She thinks, escort maltepe “This should turn him on.”

Promptly at 6, Bob comes home and quietly walks to the kitchen. Jill is there with her back to the entrance. He stops and stares at her as his cock gets hard. She turns and jumps, startled.

“Oh! I didn’t hear you come home.”

“Mom, you look great! What’s the occasion?”

“Thank you, Bob. No occasion, I just decided to upgrade my wardrobe,” she replies.

“I definitely like that look. It fits you well,” Bob states.

Jill notices the bulge in his pants, turns around, and says, “Go start the grill, I’ll take the hamburger patties out so they warm to room temperature before you cook them.”

As he walks out to the patio to start the grill, he turns around to look at her again. She opens the ‘fridge and bends over to take the patties out. Her slacks pull down slightly in the back to reveal the waistband of her thong. As she rises and turns, she sees him staring out of the corner of her eye.

“The hook is set,” she thought, “I’ll reel him in tomorrow.”

When the grill is ready, he cooks the hamburgers, and Jill sets the table, removes the salad from the ‘fridge, places it on the table, and takes her blouse off.

A few minutes later, Bob brings the burgers in and exclaims, “Mom, what happened to your blouse!”

Standing there in her red bra, she answers, “I don’t want to ruin my new silk blouse by having grease from the hamburgers dripping on it, so I took it off.”

Bob puts the plate of hamburgers down on the table, and they both sit down to eat. As they eat, he keeps trying to sneak glances at Jill’s top half. She saw his surreptitious glances and knew she had him.

After eating and cleaning up from supper, Jill puts her blouse back on.

Later that night, they heard Jack come home. He went to bed without saying anything and was snoring in a few minutes.

“Do you have any classes tomorrow?” Jill asks Bob.

“No classes, Mom. I do have an evening shift starting at 2 pm.”

“How does bacon and eggs sound for breakfast?”

“That sounds great, Mom. Usual time?”

“Yes, honey.”

A little later, they both go up to their bedrooms.

Jill lays in bed next to her husband, disgusted with his lack of attention to her needs. On the other hand, Bob is lying in his bed, jacking his cock while thinking about his mother. It didn’t take long before he was calling her name as his orgasm hit him.

The following morning, Jill gets up right after Jack leaves for work. She takes a shower, then dons a purple bra and panty set, then slides into the white nightgown. She feels sexy and ready to finish the seduction of her son.

At 7:45 am, she goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Ten minutes later, the bacon is done, and she starts cooking the eggs. Just as the eggs and toast are done, Bob comes down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Mom, why aren’t you dressed!” he exclaimed.

“I am, Honey. This is what I wear to bed. I don’t have anywhere to go today so I decided to stay comfortable,” she replied.

She plated his food and set it in front of him, bending at her waist so he could clearly see her bra encased tits, then walks to the counter, pours two cups of coffee. She goes back to the table and sets one in front of him before sitting across from him.

As he eats, she says, “Your eyes have been following every movement I’ve made, Bob. You must like seeing me dressed like this.”

“Yes, I do, Mom. You’re a very sexy woman,” he replies.

“I find you very desirable too, Bob. I know you masturbate to mother-son incest porn. Would you like to fulfill your fantasy?” she asks.

“Mom, are you asking me to have sex with you?”

“Yes, I am. Your father and I haven’t had any sex in over a month. He doesn’t seem interested anymore.”

“Wow, how could he not be interested in sex with you? You’ll have to teach me how to please you, I’ve never been with a woman or girl before,” he states.

“You’ve watched the porn, so you’ve seen what to do. Just copy what you’ve seen maltepe escort bayan and I’ll correct things as needed.”

Jill opens her negligee and reaches her hand out to Bob.

“Are you ready to replace your Dad as man of the house?” she asks.

He stands and takes her hand. She leads him upstairs to the master bedroom. As they enter, she turns to him, throws her arms around his neck, and kisses him passionately. Her mouth opens slightly, and her tongue brushes his upper lip. He gets the idea and opens his mouth, and their tongues duel as she crushes her tits into his chest.

When she breaks the kiss, she removes her nightgown and whispers breathlessly, “Take your clothes off, I want to see your gorgeous cock again.”

Bob rapidly loses his clothes, and she surveys her conquest. His cock is standing tall, all nine-inch length and four-inch girth. He reaches out and pulls her close, trapping his cock between them. His hands reach around, unclasps her bra, and then steps back, sliding the straps down her arms. After gazing at her bare tits, he gets on his knees and pulls the thong down to her ankles, licking her pussy as he gets up.

“Honey, you learned a lot watching that porn. You’ve got me totally turned on and wet,” she says. “Now, get on the bed and make me feel like a woman again.”

“Mom, you’ve got me so worked up I’m ready to cum. I don’t want to shoot all over you. Please

help me.”

“From now on not a drop of your cum goes anywhere but in me!” she exclaims. She drops to her knees to swallow Bob’s cock. He immediately shoots his load in her mouth.

Jill swallows his cum then licks her lips. “I love your taste,” she states.

She gets on the bed. “Come here, lover. Show me what you learned watching porn.”

Bob joins her on the bed and sucks on her tits, gently biting her nipples. As he does that, his hand trails down her belly to her pussy. She’s soaking wet, so he inserts his thumb to moisten it, then inserts two fingers as his thumb circles her clit.

“OH MY GOD,” she screams and cums hard.

He removes his fingers, then gets between her legs, sinks his cock deep into her, and starts stroking, in and out.

Within minutes, she cums again.

As Bob feels her cunt spasming around his cock, he yells, “Oh shit!” as he cums.

His cock deflates, and he pulls out of her. They cuddle as they recover from their orgasms.

When they’ve both recovered, Jill looks into his eyes and says, “Thank you. You’ve made me feel like a woman again. Even when we were first married your dad never made me cum twice during a sex session.”

“Mom, you can count on me to keep you satisfied.”

“Bob, we have to be very discreet. I wasn’t going to tell you this, but you deserve to know. I’m going to file for divorce because your dad has abandoned me emotionally. He’s rarely home and when he is, he’s asleep. I think he might have a mistress.”

“Mom, I’m sorry your marriage is falling apart. I’m going to be honest with you and what I’m going to say may shock you. I’ve never dated or had a girlfriend because in my head, I already had the girl of my dreams, YOU. I know that we can never officially be together but I’ll be with you as long as you’ll have me.”

“Oh honey,” cries Jill, tearing up, “I never knew or even suspected how you felt. Why didn’t you say something?”

“I was afraid you’d laugh at me,” he replies.

“Honey, I’d never make fun of anyone’s feelings, they are something extremely personal and not to be denied. We’ll be together for as long as we both want it.”

“Thank you for understanding, Mom.”

“Once the divorce is final, we can move somewhere that nobody knows us. I don’t care if people question the age difference, as long as we’re both happy,” Jill states.

“Do you mean that Mom?”

“Yes I do; but you’ll have to call me Jill, not mom, from now on,” she says.

That night Jill informed Jack that she was filing for divorce.

He got mad and blurted out, “I don’t care. I’ve got another family across town,” not knowing that she is recording the conversation.

She got everything she asked for in the divorce; the house, half of his earnings until she remarried, her car, and Bob’s tuition. She sold the house, and they moved to a small city in the midwest. Bob is now indeed the “Man of the House.”

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