Bedtime Story


Bedtime StoryI was told to get dressed in a short skirt and a white blouse no panties, no bra (sort of schoolgirl outfit), while i was standing in the room awaiting outfit approval i felt him coming closer, kissing my neck. I felt his hands go over my shoulders and before i knew it, i had a blindfold covering my eyes. Then he wispered in my ear: “Today will be a special day”. I felt a shiver going over my back and before i could say anything he covered my mouth and he tied my hands behind my back. I felt his hands go over my body, the inside of my legs, down towards my ankles followed by the feeling of rope against my skin to tie down my legs. I wasnt able to move at all.He lifted me up and i heard how he carried me outside. He put me down and i heard how he opened the door. He lifted me up again and placed me there in the car. I felt the cold leather türbanlı bilecik escort on my skin and i felt his hands go over my legs again upwards but not to close to my pussy. Then the door was shut and i heard him get to his side of the car. He started the engin and we drove off. No idea were we went, it was a long ride, He didnt say anything however sometimes he would touch my cheek or my legs or pull my tail real hard. Suddenly the car stopped. I heard him get out of the car and opening the door on my side. He lifted me out of the car and carried me for a few minutes. Then he dropped me on to the ground. I tried to stop the fall but as my hands were tied with rope, i wasnt able to. I knew we were somewhere in a forest as i could hear the birds and feel the leaves on the ground with my hands. I wasnt türbanlı bilecik escort bayan comfortable laying on the cold ground like this. I heard footsteps walk away from me, so at that point i was all alone and i tried to get loose out of the rope that was holding my hands together, but they were tied so good i was not able to. Then i heard footsteps come towards me and while i was hoping it was him, i somewhere deep down knew it wasnt. I felt a hand reaching towards me and then a yank of my hair to lift up my head. I heard a voice say: So this slut is laying here waiting for me?Before i knew it, i was penetrated while my hair was pulled. I wanted to scream, say no, but i couldnt as my mouth was still covered and i wasnt able to move or run away as i was still bound. I wasnt able to concentrate türbanlı escort bilecik as the only thing i wanted was to get away. But then i felt His hands holding me down, while the other one took full advantage of my body. Somehow it was a relief that he didnt leave me alone, but why was he holding me down and not helping me? Then he stopped penetrating me and got off me. I tried to get away but i wasnt able to. I was lifted up again by him and i felt how he forced me against something that felt like a table. He held me down again by my hair and i felt how my breasts were touching the wood. I was standing there against what i think was a table while the rope around my ankles were taken off. I felt how hands were spreading my legs and before i knew it, i was penetrated again only this time not in my pussy but in my ass. I wanted to scream again. I wanted it to stop and i had the tears running over my cheeks. I heard how he and the other guy laughed about me trying to get away and i felt totally humiliated.I felt how the other guy came inside me. He stopped penetrating me and i heard footsteps walk away.He took my hand and guided me back to the car to drive home without saying a word again, just an evil laugh.

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