Behind Closed Doors – Chapter One

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May had just finished breakfast. She was alone in the house as her husband was in London and her two daughters were not living at home anymore. She had sent Jack a birthday card two days ago with two fifty pound notes inside. Jack never forgot her birthday. When he was much younger he would make the cards himself but now he would arrange to take her for lunch and his presents were always good. Last year, he had given May a hundred pound voucher for a wonderful lingerie shop. May was now spending a lot of money on lingerie, she always wondered whither Jack would like what she bought as he had never seen any of her purchases. May was hoping Jack would call her this morning to thank her for her birthday gift. He would always call her to say thank you. May had booked a room in Jack’s hotel for tonight and tomorrow night. She had never done this before but she was hoping to share his birthday night with him. She knew that he wasn’t dating anyone at the moment. May’s marriage was in a dreadful shape. Alex, her husband was working in London most weeks. They had a converted farmhouse where Alex spent most of his weekends. Alex was a heavy smoker. May really disliked his smoking. They had had separate bedrooms for over twenty years. It was also over twenty years since they last had sex together. May had several girlfriends that met regularly for coffee and sex. May enjoyed this but still longed for a cock. Years ago when Jack’s parents were on holiday Jack had been staying with May for three weeks. One evening when May was putting Jack’s laundry in the cupboard she heard the sounds of Jack masturbating coming from Jack’s bedroom. The door was open and May could see Jack’s enormous cock from the reflection from the dressing table mirror. May had watched for over ten minutes then Jack exploded onto a tissue paper he had at the side of the bed. May was impressed with the size of Jack’s cock and also the size of his testicles which were huge. May’s pussy had got very wet as she watched. That night was the first of many nights she thought of Jack’s cock as she gave herself relief. Then May’s iPhone rang. It was Jack. Jack said, “Thank you, you are too kind. Most of all, thank you for remembering my birthday, I’m going to have a quiet day as it is my twenty-first and I don’t want to celebrate by myself.” May replied, “I will never forget your birthday as you never forget mine. Jack, I am also alone this week. I decided last week that I should have a couple of days in Ayr so I have booked a room in your hotel for tonight and tomorrow night. I would love to invite you for dinner tonight. Would you like to eat with me tonight?” Jack answered, “I would love to dine with you tonight. You made your reservation with Molly who told me last night that you were coming. May, it would be better if you stayed with me in the apartment as the hotel is overbooked tonight and for the rest of the week. I have wonderful guest bedrooms in the apartment. Is that okay if you stay with me or would you need a chaperone?” May replied, “Don’t make me laugh. I don’t need any chaperone. We are both adults, we both have our needs, we both should respect that. I would love to stay in your penthouse. I stayed there often when your aunt was alive. It really is a wonderful apartment. Jack, a lot happens in life behind closed doors. I am buying you dinner tonight. Where would you like to eat?” Jack answered, “I appreciate you saying that. You are right, we are both adults and we both have needs. It is two years since my aunt died and I have been running the hotel. I have just been working. I love my work. I get so much pleasure from it. I will tell Molly to sell your room. What time will you arrive in Ayr so I am at the penthouse or would you prefer to meet at the hotel?” May replied, “Let me invite you for lunch. Let’s have a wonderful day together. I just want to enjoy being with you on your birthday. Jack, I don’t want you to see me as a friend of your mother but as a woman who has needs and desires. I can be at your apartment in an hour.” Jack answered, “That is wonderful. I will be at the apartment then. We can walk to the Italian restaurant for lunch. They’re now listing some of my wines from my wine company. Tonight we will eat in the hotel but you will be my guest. Only Molly knows that today is my birthday.” May replied, “This is none of my business and you don’t need to answer me but are you sleeping with Molly?” Jack answered, “I must be honest with you. For the last two years, I’ve been sleeping with Molly and her daughter Claire. It is a good arrangement. We have threesomes two or three times a week. Molly and Claire have taught me a lot. As you say we all have needs.” May replied, “Thank you for your honesty. I really appreciate that. I will be there in an hour. Let’s enjoy our time together. We can wait and see how things work out. I am really looking forward to seeing you. I have always thought you and Molly were having an affair as she glows when she is around you. How old is Claire?” Jack answered, “Claire is twenty-seven. She has a law and an accountancy degree. She will start to work for me in two months time. Molly is now only working two and a half days a week. She is now bookkeeper for the hotel and wine company. Claire will be my financial director.” May replied, “That’s good. I haven’t seen Claire for six years. She was a very attractive and intelligent young woman. I think Molly is sixty-two, twelve years older than me. Molly and Claire are good for you and that is all I care about. Jack, I will be there in an hour. Could you have some Champagne chilled as I feel very nervous?” Jack answered, “Don’t be nervous. I have lots of Champagne chilled. I am really looking forward to seeing you. We will have a very special day today. See you in an hour.” Jack then called Molly to tell her that he had spoken to May and she would stay with Jack in his apartment. Jack then said, “Please sell May’s room. May is taking me for lunch to the Italian restaurant. I think May is attracted to me. She told me that we are both adults. She has needs which need to be satisfied. Molly, I told May that I am sleeping with you and Claire. I did this because she cinsel bilgiler asked. I hope that this is OK with you as I want, to be honest with you all.” Molly replied, “May has had the hots for you for years. I see it in her eyes when she is close to you. Yes, we older women all have needs. I can never repay you for the way you changed myself and Claire’s lives. Jack, one thing has really changed for Claire and me. We both now get uncontrollable urges for your wonderful horse stallion cock. Also, you give us the best oral you could ever hope to get. Jack, your tongue is wonderful. Then to be fucked with your enormous cock. I think by four this afternoon May will be your sex slut just like myself and Claire. Don’t get me wrong Claire and I love this as I’m sure May will too.” “My advice to you is after lunch, or maybe even before it, give May the fuck of her life. May is wanting you to fuck her. Jack, you must be in control. When May experiences your wonderful cock and love making she will be your slut. This is the way you must treat her. You are going to have a lot of sluts in your life. You will make a lot of women happy. I have a couple of little presents for you. If I don’t hear from you by six this afternoon, I will deliver them personally ten minutes later. Then you can share May and me tonight. If you prefer to just have May then call me before six.” Jack answered, “You won’t hear from me so come at six for some Champagne. Bring some of your dildos and lube as I want to watch you fuck May. I need to get ready as May will be here soon.” Molly replied, “Thanks Jack, I was hoping you would say that. I am so happy that I shaved you last night. Your cock and balls looked wonderful this morning. I really enjoyed this morning. I will bring everything we will need. I will be there at six.” May was gripping the steering wheel of her Mercedes convertible. She was nervous. She was wearing a pink blouse with a black skirt. She had unbuttoned her blouse and was showing a lot of cleavage. She had often caught Jack looking at her very large breasts. She was so proud of them as they were still firm and didn’t sag at all. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet. She was hoping Jack had the Champagne ready as she pulled up in front of the apartment building. She took her suitcase from the boot of her car then walked and rang the doorbell for Jack. Jack answered saying he would come down and help with her luggage. May was inside the apartment block now standing beside the lift door. The door opened and Jack stepped out. May said, “Jack, I wish you all the best for your birthday.” May then stepped forward and kissed Jack on the lips. Jack’s lips parted and May’s tongue slid deep inside Jack’s mouth. Jack could feel the weight of May’s breasts against his chest. It felt so good. They were interrupted by a neighbour from the first floor coming down the stairs. Jack pressed the lift button and the lift doors opened. As Jack was lifting May’s suitcase the elderly lady, who Jack knew as Mrs Sinclair said, “Jack, tonight I’m dining in your wonderful restaurant with my new neighbour, who moved in three weeks ago as it’s her birthday today. I am so looking forward to this evening.” Jack replied, “Mrs Sinclair, I am having a night off and I am dining there as well tonight. I look forward to seeing you later.” Mrs Sinclair replied, “Jack, please call me Edith. You make me feel ninety years old when you call me Mrs Sinclair. Su, my new neighbour, she is a thirty-six-year-old widow. She invited me last week as I have helped her so much with her removal. I have bought a wonderful new outfit which if I can say so myself really enhances my appearance. I have invited Su in for drinks at seven. Would you like to join us Jack?” Jack answered, “Edith, I don’t know exactly how my day will go. If you give me your phone number then I’ll call you if we can manage it. If not we will see you in the Hotel restaurant.” Edith gave Jack her iPhone number and Jack gave Edith his smartphone number. May and Jack got into the lift where they kissed again. The kiss lasted until they got to the fourth floor. Jack put May’s suitcase into the Master Bedroom then got a bottle of Champagne and two glasses then they went into the lounge. Sitting on the sofa May said, “Jack, I am so nervous but those kisses helped. It is a very long time since I kissed a man like that.” Jack kissed May and his hand was exploring her very large breasts. May was responding to ever move Jack made. Jack took May’s hand and placed it on his hard cock. May squeezed his cock then unzipped his fly. She had Jack’s cock out in seconds. Soon they were both naked. May had a wonderful body. Her breasts and nipples were beautiful. Her waxed pussy looked amazing. May said, “That is the biggest cock I have ever seen. Please be gentle with me as it’s been a long time for me. Let’s play with each other and when we’re ready can I go on top?” Jack smiled then went down on May. Soon they were in the sixty-nine position. May had a big clit which Jack started to suck as he finger fucked her. Jack soon had four fingers inside her. May was gripping Jack’s fingers as he fingered her. May was taking three-quarters of his cock. Soon she was taking the full length. May was very good at it. She had a gentle but firm touch. May was very wet, Jack thought she had cum at least three times. He then put some of her cum on his thumb and he started to fist her hard. May was moaning with pleasure.” Jack then lay on the floor as May squatted on top of him. May was rubbing the tip of Jack’s cock against her clit. She then let half of his length slide inside her. May was good as she gripped Jack’s cock as she let more of it inside her. Soon she was taking the full length and riding Jack with a lot of force. She kept this going for twenty-five minutes then Jack exploded inside her. May came off Jack and said, “That was the best fuck of my life. I don’t know exactly how many times I have cum but it is a lot. My pussy has never had anything like that before. I am so happy that you phoned me this morning.” They then kissed. Jack looked at his watch then said, “It’s now cinsellik bilgileri five past two. I think we should order a carryout from the Italian restaurant and spend the afternoon in bed. They do a wonderful spaghetti dish with gammon and onions with a magnificent sauce. Would you like that darling?” May kissed Jack then said, “I would love that. I really enjoyed that session. I love how you treat a woman in bed. I like to be submissive. Would you like me to be your slut darling?” Jack smiled then phoned the restaurant and ordered two of the spaghetti dishes he had mentioned. He then topped up their glasses. He kissed May as he slid four fingers inside her. He moved his fingers around inside her then pulled his fingers out as he offered May two of his fingers which May licked clean. Jack then licked his other two fingers clean. Jack said, “Our cum tastes so sweet.” The meals arrived and Jack put on a dressing gown paid for the meals. May put them onto plates and they ate in the kitchen. May spoke a lot about Alex, her husband. It was obvious she hated him. May was a doctor but only did locum work for her friends who were doctors. She was a very wealthy woman as she and her sister had inherited their father’s enormous property portfolio. They both made a lot of money from this company. They also had a large war chest which allowed them to buy properties as they came on the market. Jack’s phone rang, it was Molly. She said, “Jack, I am sorry but my uncle has had a stroke. He is in the Royal Infirmary. You must excuse me tonight. I have packed a small bag with the things you asked me for. I will drop them off with the small presents I have for you in ten minutes. Is that OK with you?” Jack replied, “I’m so sorry to hear this. Yes please drop round in ten minutes. Is there anything I can do for you?” Jack then gave May a towelling bathrobe. He told her Molly was bringing a birthday present for him and she would be here in ten minutes. May put on the bathrobe and went into the Master Bedroom’s bathroom. She came back five minutes later looking stunning. Molly arrived and Jack brought her into the lounge where May was sitting. Molly wished Jack a happy birthday then kissed him. Jack offered her a glass of Champagne but Molly refused as she was driving. Molly then gave May a kiss and left. Jack had put the bag that Molly had brought into a wardrobe in his bedroom. He took some of the lube and put it in the drawer of his bedside table. He then rejoined May in the lounge. Jack’s phone beeped. He had a message from Edith which read: “Hi Jack, I am so excited about tonight. I really am looking forward to seeing you this evening. I have a problem as I have only two bottles of your Champagne in my fridge. If you do decide to come at seven could you bring some more Champagne which I will replace tomorrow after I’ve visited your wine shop?” “I have had quite a busy day. Su and I have taken pictures of what we will wear tonight. I hope you like my new outfit. I also hope you like Su’s outfit. She is a lovely girl. We both have very nice curves. We would both love it if you can join us at seven.” “Jack, who’s the beautiful looking lady you were with today? I’ve told Su about her and Su said she can come too for drinks.” “Thinking about you, Edith xxx” Jack looked at the pictures. Edith was showing a lot of cleavage. Su was too. Su was very sexy looking. Jack handed his smartphone to May. May read the message then said, “That is Su Thompson. She was the wife of one of Alex’s partners in his accountancy firm but he died a few years ago. Alex spent a lot of time with her husband. Jack, I think Alex is gay and he was having an affair with him when he was alive. Su is a wonderful woman. I have often wondered what happened to her. Jack, I have slept with Su. She’s wonderful in bed. Can I phone Edith now and invite them here at seven?” Jack replied, “Do that. Wish Su a Happy Birthday and tell her it’s my birthday too. Six forty-five would be better as I have my table booked for seven thirty.” May then phoned Edith. Next minute she was speaking to Su. It was obvious there was a strong bond between them. They were bouncing between different subjects on every second sentence. Jack soon understood that they would meet in the penthouse at six thirty. Jack kissed May and whispered, “If you are all dressing up tonight do you want me to wear a suit or just smart but casual?” May replied, “Smart but casual. The girls will be here at six-thirty. It is now five so we have an hour and a half. Do you want to have a shower now and I’ll join you in ten minutes? I have so much to catch up with Su. I think tonight will be a naughty night.” Jack kissed May then went for a shower after he had selected his clothes for this evening. He had a cashmere jacket with matching slacks and a Ralph Lauren shirt. He then went to shower. May joined him five minutes later. May was washing Jack and he was soon hard. He bent May over and went into her doggy style. As he rode her Jack was rubbing May’s clit. Jack came twenty minutes later. May had cum three times. May said, “I am not on the pill. I don’t want to start on it. If I become pregnant I’ll be so happy. I don’t give a fuck for Alex. I will bring our child up myself. Is that okay with you, darling?” They kissed then washed each other again. Jack was dressed first then went to tidy up the lounge as May dressed and put on her makeup. May came into the lounge at six twenty-five. She looked stunning. She was showing so much cleavage, it looked wonderful. May said, “I am not wearing any panties. Su and Edith will be the same. We will all share the same bed tonight. I haven’t been to bed with Edith but Su says that she is wonderful and enjoys everything.” Su and Edith arrived three minutes later. They both looked stunning. They were both showing lots of cleavage. Jack poured them all a glass of Champagne then wished Su a Happy Birthday. Su then raised her glass and wished Jack a Happy Birthday. Su and Edith then gave Jack a hug and a kiss. For the next hour a lot of flirting went on. Then they left for the hotel. The General Manager was on duty and led them cinsellik hakkında bilgiler to Jack’s table, which was positioned so Jack could see every table in the restaurant. They all ordered a starter and a main course. The GM was very good and had worked in the Hotel for thirty years. When Jack finished his main course he excused himself then went to the toilet and took a Viagra. He had a customer who was the Sales Manageress for the company that made them. She stayed in the Hotel for four days every month. Jack upgraded her to a Suite and she gave him boxes of Viagra. Then they left for the penthouse. Edith was a little tipsy, she was kissing Jack a lot. Jack was playing with her tits and they felt very firm with very hard nipples. In the lift, Jack felt her pussy. She was very wet. In the penthouse, it was agreed that they would all go to the Master Bedroom with Su and May spending time together. Jack would look after Edith first. They all stripped with Su and May on the sofa. Jack and Edith lay on the bed, kissing and cuddling. Edith had a wonderful body. Jack went down on her. Her clit was hard but not very big. Jack managed to start sucking it as he finger fucked her. Edith’s pussy felt wonderful. She had opened her legs wide and was pushing against Jack’s fingers as he fingered her. Edith was also gripping Jack’s fingers. Edith was sucking Jack’s cock. She was taking the full length of it. Jack could feel her tongue everywhere as she massaged Jack’s enormous testicles as she sucked him. Edith had cum a couple of times when she asked Jack to lay on the bed so she could go on top. They were kissing and touching when Edith whispered, “I haven’t had any cock for over twenty years. Please let me take control here and I’ll give you the best fuck I can. Next time will be better as then I can take all of your wonderful cock. It’s the biggest one that I have ever seen.” Jack liked Edith and the way she was conducting herself. Jack knew then that Edith would be one of his sluts. Jack was now realising that every woman, no matter what their age was, loved to be fucked. Edith was in wonderful condition. Jack thought that she must be in her sixties. Jack looked over at May and Su. They were kissing and fisting each other. Jack whispered to Edith, “Edi… do you mind if I call you Edi?” Edi was stroking Jack’s still hard cock then whispered back, “No one has ever called me Edi before, it’s always been Edith. I think Edith is far to formal. Imagine saying to me ‘cum for me Edith’ or ‘cum for me Edi’. Edi sounds so much better. Jack, please call me Edi.” Edi then kissed Jack. Jack had four fingers inside her wet pussy. He then slid his fist in. Edi spread her legs to take it all inside her. Edi whispered, “I love being fisted but your cock really fills my cunt or should I say your cunt. Jack, is it possible I could see you a couple of times a week? I really enjoyed the way you fucked me tonight. I would like you to ass fuck me. I have only done it with dildos, your cock would be the first cock that has ever been inside my ass. I have some lube in my flat that I can run down and get as I think May and Su will be busy for a while. Would you like me to go for it?” Jack took his fist out of Edi’s cunt. It was covered in thick cum and was glistening. Jack then adjusted Edi’s hips so he could finger her pussy and ass at the same time. With the hand he had been fisting her with, he easily slid three fingers into her ass. As he fingered her pussy and ass he soon was fisting both her holes and Edi was loving it. Jack put his cock into Edi’s mouth and she started to suck him. Jack cock was very hard. Jack took his fist out of her cunt and covered his cock with Edi’s cum then slid half of his cock inside her ass. Three thrusts later he had all his cock inside her. Jack then got into a rhythm and Edi was loving it. Jack was rubbing her clit as he ass fucked her. Jack whispered to Edi, “I want you to fist your cunt as I ass fuck you. I will rub your hard clit as I do it. How you work your cunt is how I will ass fuck you. If you are gentle, I will be gentle. If you are rough, I will be rough.” Edi shouted, “Jack, fuck me hard and rough. Your cock is fucking wonderful. Do you feel how wet my cunt is? I have lost count of how many times I have cum.” For the next fifteen minutes, Jack rode her hard. He kept repeating, “Edi, cum for me. Cum for me now, let me feel your cum Edi.” A minute later Edi took her hand out of her throbbing cunt, she said, “That was fucking wonderful, I have never had experienced sex like that in my life. Please stop as my head feels like it’s about to cave in.” Jack stopped then they kissed. May said, “That looked wonderful. Will you ass fuck Su and I?” Jack smiled then said, “No problem, who wants to be first?” May opted to go first. With Su fisting her Jack slid his cock inside May’s ass. She took the whole length. Edi was playing and sucking May’s tits. She then started to rub May’s clit. After fifteen minutes May came. They then started on Su. Su asked, “Jack, before you go up my ass could you go inside my pussy as I would love to feel how your magnificent cock feels like inside my pussy.” Jack did as he was instructed. He rode her for ten minutes and she came twice. Su was a wonderful gripper. She was gripping Jack’s cock very tightly. Jack then went into her ass. As with her pussy Su took the full length easily. May was fisting her and Edi was playing with her tits and stroking her clit. Ten minutes later Su came. She kissed Jack then said, “That was wonderful. I would really like to spend time with you.” May replied, “We will spend time together. Jack, would you mind if Su and I spent tonight in her flat as we have a lot to talk about. I will make breakfast. We have plenty of everything in the fridge. We will come tomorrow morning at nine. Is that okay with you?” Jack then kissed them both. They put on dressing gowns and left. Edi gave Jack a long kiss then said, “Jack, that was wonderful. I think May and Su have a lot to talk about. Both their husbands were gay and fucking each other. Su should never have married her husband. He fucked her twice before they married and three times after they married. Su was a Director of Sotheby’s, she ran their Ceramics department. Her husband was a big collector of Ceramics. The best thing for Su is her husband dying. She has all the money in the world but she wants a child.” “Jack, you are amazing, your cock is still hard. Do you enjoy fucking older women?” Jack replied, “Edi, I love fucking older women.

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