Behind the Rink


The party was clearly going to suck.

Have you ever tried to wrangle twenty 10 year old girls through an Ice Skating party?

A smelly ‘party room’ that doubled as a locker/changing room. Thirty pairs of skates, because half the girls got the wrong size the first time. Cardboard pizza. No booze.

My ex-wife and another mom decided it’d be an easy way to kill two birthdays with one party, and it sounded like a good idea, but when we arrived we discovered that it was half-price skate night. I had no idea that many people were interested in skating.

We finally fed the girls dinner, got their skates on, and got them onto the ice.

As soon as the last girl left, a new one entered. She was late (as usual), and I sat her down and started looking for skates her size.

Moments after she sat down her mom entered in a rush…


I had a crush on Trisha since our kids started Kindergarten together. She was tall and pretty, with auburn hair and an amazing chest. When I first heard the term MILF, this was exactly who came to mind.

She was pretty, but not a stunner. The thing that attracted me most was an intensity about her expressions. Whenever we spoke she would stare deeply into my eyes, in a way that was initially uncomfortable, but as I got to know her I began to look forward to that stare.

Every time I had ever seen her she was in the standard ‘dropping the kids off’ uniform. Sweats, pony tail, as little makeup as possible.

Tonight however she was well, hotter than a two dollar pistol. High heels that added several inches to her already tall frame, black nylons, a black mini skirt, and a tight black sweater that hugged her amazing curves perfectly.

I could feel my erection growing before she even spoke.

“I’m so sorry we’re late.” She said.

“The girls are just getting on the ice now.” I replied. I helped her daughter into ill fitting skates, tied them up and hurried her out to the ice where my ex-wife and the other moms were either watching the girls or skating with them.

Trisha and I were alone.

“You look, fantastic.” I said. “Going out tonight?”

That gaze fell upon me. This time it was paired with a subtle smile that said she knew how good she looked.

“Thank you, and yes my husband and I are going to a horrific company party after this.” Trisha said.

“Well it can’t be worse than this.” I said gesturing to the mess around me.

“Yes it can.” She replied with a smile.

We chatted as I packed up some of the gifts the girls had received.

“Where’s Jim?” I asked. Jim is Trisha’s husband.

“He’s already there. He’ll be three sheets by the time I get there I’m sure.” Trisha said.

I picked up the gifts and told Trisha I needed to bring them out to the car. She immediately grabbed a pile and offered to help.

We walked through the parking lot to my car and I told her that it was the Ice rink I learned to skate at when I was a kid, then later, where I played hockey as a teen. We loaded the car and started back.

“Do you still play hockey?” Trisha asked.

“No, I discovered girls.” I said. Trisha laughed.

“There were figure skaters practicing at the same time as the Hockey team. Before long we were skipping practice and making out behind the building.” I gestured to the building.

“What? Here?” Trisha asked.

“Yeah right back there behind the building there’s a great spot between the cooling towers for the ice.” I said.

Trish stopped walking. “Show me” she said.

“Really?” I asked “It’s pretty dirty back there, I don’t want you to mess up your clothes.”

“I don’t think we’ll be rolling in the dirt.” She said dryly.

I shrugged as coolly as I could. “OK.” I said.

We turned and walked towards the corner of the building. The familiar sound of the equipment running brought back a dozen memories of orhangazi escort sneaking back there with a girl, and that flood of excitement and desire filled me again.

As we got close I warned Trisha. “It’s pretty loud back there, I doubt you’ll be able to hear me very well.”

Trisha just smiled and continued on.

We stepped out from the light of the parking lot and into the semi darkness of the ’employee only’ area. There was only a dim lamp lighting the area and I picked my way carefully over the pipes running across the ground. I turned and offered my hand to Trisha. She took it and stepped after me.

Her hand was warm and slightly damp. Was she as excited as I was? I couldn’t be sure, but when she could have safely let go of my hand, she held it firm.

We stepped between the equipment which roared around us. I gestured to the area in a ‘this is it’ fashion.

Trisha smiled and looked around. Still holding my hand she spun in a dance-like move that left her standing in front of me, facing away, with my arm wrapped around her. She was very close to me. I could smell her hair and her perfume. My cock raged against my jeans and I stood listening to the equipment as Trish looked up at the stars.

I reflexively pulled her against me. I felt her press back. Her high heels put her ass right at my crotch and she pressed those perfect curves against me.

My free hand found her hip and pulled her ass against me more firmly. There was no question we were going to explore each other… but how far was she going to take it?

Trisha let go of my hand and raised both her arms up and over her head. She reached back and clasped her fingers behind my neck. She hung heavily against me pushing her ass against my swollen cock.

With my hands on her hips I began to push back against her. Slowly dry humping that amazing ass. Trisha rested her head back, her eyes closed and gently biting her lower lip. I let my hands roam higher, following her curves up her sides to her amazing tits.

With her back arched, her perfect breasts stuck out much farther than normal. I was transfixed.

I slid my hands under her breasts and cupped them, feeling their weight through the bra and sweater she had on. The fabric imprisoned her nipples but I could see them strain against the fabric. Pretty points begging for attention.

I slid my hands up over her breasts, feeling the shape until I felt the points of her nipples in my palms. I pulled them towards me and crushed Trisha against me in a pornographic bear hug.

I released her tits and used my fingers to explore them. My fingers circled her breasts in a shrinking spiral. I could see and feel the rise and fall of her chest as I felt her up like we were school kids.

I reached down and tried to loosen her top by pulling it free of her skirt, but she stopped me. Without opening her eyes she shook her head ,’no’. As soon as I stopped pulling her top, she returned her hand to around my neck and began pushing back against my boner.

I brought a hand back to her breast squeezing firmly, which made her arch her back further.

I ran my free hand over her belly to the front of her skirt, and what lies beneath. I was pretty certain she wouldn’t let me go further since she stopped me from removing her top.

As my hand reached the front of her skirt I felt her bounce her ass against my groin, which was maddeningly sexy. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I wanted to take her right there on the dirty cement.

My fingers roamed over her pubic region, and down. I curled my fingers and cupped her pussy through her skirt and pulled her against me. I saw her mouth open in an O and I felt her grind deeper. I held her against me then released and pulled her against me again, each time more forcefully.

Trisha made small steps to spread her legs as wide as her skirt would nilüfer escort allow.

I reached lower and grabbed the front of her skirt and pulled upward. The skirt rolled up on itself and when it was trapped between her ass and my crotch she arched away from me allowing the skirt to turn itself inside out.

I couldn’t believe we were doing this. Here we were still (technically) fully clothed and I was having one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life.

I took no time to place my hand back where it was this time on her silken underwear. Trisha had gone back to her rhythmic grinding, and she was now biting her lower lip in an expression of wanton lust.

My fingers slid down over her underpants to where I found a hot wet streak soaking her panties. My fingers slid effortlessly over the silky underwear and I could trace the outlines of her labia, swollen hot and soaking wet. I reached further between her legs my fingers almost reaching her ass, then slid them forward tracing the line of her pussy lips to her clit.

When I touched that warm moist silk covered nubbin she froze. She stopped grinding and her mouth went agape. I gently ran my finger along it again and could see her take in a deep breath.

I wished the machines weren’t so loud, a woman breathing is intensely sexy and I was missing that.

I raised my hand up to the top of her panty and slid my fingers under them. Slowly slowly slowly I felt her pubic region and had yet to feel any hair… She was shaven clean.

This was a far cry from my ex-wife who made it a point to not shave… ever.

Where her wetness had reached her flesh my fingers slid in a sensual frictionless glide unlike anything I had ever felt before.

I noticed she was no longer pressing her ass into my crotch. As I slowly approached her pussy she rotated her hips forward, trying to give me better access. Her efforts were rewarded when my fingers ran over her pussy lips. Her heat was apparent and I traced large circles over her pussy lips.

She hung heavily against me, her stomach muscles tightening as she rocked her hips forward.

I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips and was greeted with pure body heat. I could feel her breath deep and steady. When I slid a finger inside her, the breath became immediately ragged.

There we stood. Trish hanging on me, as I felt her amazing tits with one hand and finger fucked her with the other.

My middle finger was deep inside her and I slowly began to work my ring finger into her too. She wriggled her hips until she was satisfied with where my fingers were, then she began to rock.

Her hips gyrated back and forth, sliding my fingers in and out, and my palm over her lips and her swollen clit. She rocked back and forth as she found her rhythm she began to increase the pace. It was a cycle that started with her pulling against my neck, then pressing her back into my chest, then her stomach muscles contracting then her hips rolling forward until she almost left the ground. Then her hips would change direction and drive down on my fingers.

She was getting a workout as she fucked my hand and her pace couldn’t last much longer.

She rocked and pulled and ground faster, and harder until her timing faltered. I squeezed her tit hard, and she drove down on my fingers.

Over the roar of the machines I heard her cry “Oh my fucking God!”

She switched her motion to quick frantic bouncing on my fingers and then she stopped, breathing heavily I could see she was riding an orgasm and I could feel her pussy contractions squeeze and release, squeeze and release against my fingers.

After what felt like minutes she released my neck and lowered her arms. She wriggled free of my hands turned and pulled her skirt down over her soaked panties and turned to face me.

She looked almost as though nothing had bursa türbanlı escort happened. There was a sheen of sweat and a glow that wasn’t there before, but she was back to her pretty and intense self.

She stepped close putting a hand on my hip, then she walked in a slow circle around until she was standing behind me.

Now she had her hands on my hips tracing running them back over my ass, then around to the front where my bulge was more than apparent.

Trisha ran her hand over my crotch squeezing me through my jeans, exploring the length and the hardness. It was an intense tease.

She unbuttoned my pants, bottom button first, leaving the top on done. Then she snaked her hand inside. Her hand was warm and strong as she found my cock. She carefully extracted my cock, then my balls from the jeans, I was glad I didn’t have a zipper..

Once free I could feel the blood rushing in engorging me to a hardness I hadn’t known in ages.

She started at the base and wrapped her fingers gently around me slowly stroking my length. I felt my hips rock forward in an attempt to fuck her.

She made a tight fist and forced it over the head of my cock. The tightness she created was mind blowing. Down and up slowly jacking me off.

As badly as I wanted to fuck her before, I now wished she would never stop what she was doing.

Down, up, down. up. Lingering at the tip squeezing, sometimes gently, sometimes firmly, which would cause my to inhale sharply. Then back down again, stopping at the base of my cock, and then running down and under my shaft where she would explore my balls, pulling at the sack then cupping and squeezing my balls, always returning to the shaft to fuck me with that expert hand.

Without warning she changed it up on me. She began to jack me harder.


I knew I wouldn’t last long, and she knew it too.

I felt my toes begin to curl, and my hands turn to fists. My hips shot forward to meet her, then pulled back, ready to shoot forward again.

My cock swelled and I felt the oncoming rush. She hugged me tightly from behind and watched as I erupted. Stream upon stream of cum; pearly white in the moonlight sprung from my engorged cock head. My knees went weak and I relied on her support as she jacked my steel hard dick. Wave upon wave of orgasmic ecstacy rushed over me. She continued pumping furiously until my load had been spent. She then stroked more slowly, careful of my sensitive member. She squeezed it, and kneaded it, creating a less intense but incredibly pleasurable sensation. When I had gone almost completely, soft she milked the tip of my cock catching the final drop on her fingertip. then she let me go.

I carefully pulled my cock back inside my jeans. When I looked up Trisha was raising the fingertip to her lips. She parted them seductively and pushed her tongue out between them. I wanted to kiss that mouth. I wanted to taste that tongue. I wanted to take her right there.

She placed her cum tipped finger on her tongue and dragged it slowly along it’s length to the tip.

Her tongue disappeared between those amazing lips and she smiled, that intense mischievous smile.

She then turned and picked her way over the pipes back to the parking lot.

I finished buttoning up and hurried to catch her. My ears were ringing from the drone of the machines and I was temporarily blinded by the bright parking lot lights.

By the time I got back into the rink, the girls were just coming off the ice. We helped them back into their shoes, sang happy birthday and prepared to leave.

I tried to get close to Trisha, but she was able to always keep someone between us. I quickly got the hint and let her be.

As the kids and parents filed out, she stopped and shook my hand still as warm as it was a few minutes before.

Trisha said “This was nice, we should do it again sometime.”

I fumbled “We don’t need a birthday party to get together.” Trisha smiled and left.

I felt my dick twitch in my pants, the thought of spending quality time with Trisha was going to fuel many a fantasy until I could see her again.

I guess this party didn’t suck after all.

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