Being Special


Hi, my name is Katie, I’m 18, I’m very plain to look at, which is ok because the good looking girls are pestered by the guys for sex, me, I’m overlooked which is good i don’t have time for boys i have more important things to do, you see Im special i have powers, i can control peoples minds. sort of its not that simple i more put thoughts into their heads. i can also manipulate their feelings and their senses. i can also change my form, in simple terms i can shape shift.
At school i act normal talk about shoes, shopping, boys, music, you know the stuff but i have no interest in any of that, i masturbated once and found it weird i have never had a boy friend. i am too busy i will become a super hero. But that’s not true, not anymore, it all changed.
Amy’s birthday party was coming up and i was helping to arrange the party, i still needed to socialize i still had friends and a life, its just that was never my main concern i told everyone i could get the alcohol, for me it would be easy. i just grew a bit and made my face look older like a collage student then just walked into the store and bought loads every one coming had chipped in a tenner for booze so i had loads. i bought beer and larger mainly for the guys and cider, apple and pear, for everyone with some vodka and some mixed alco pop things that looked nice.
i went back to Amy’s whose parents had agreed to go out for the weekend on the condition that there was no alcohol, we decided to ignore that and drink ourselves silly. i sat with Amy and we chatted until the rest of our group arrived about an hour before the party was about to start we set out all the drinks and put up balloons and set up the music we just finished as the doorbell rang. from that point on people were coming constantly, the music was loud and the alcohol flowing. i got into a shots contest with a Kiran, he was huge and could drink loads i was already pissed he thought he had already won his prize, a strip dance from me on the table, yeah told you i was pissed.we were on three shots each when i decided to cheat i delved into his brain and fiddled about a bit i upped his drunkenness to the limit of passing out and so when he downed his fourth in unison with me he slumped back in his chair paralytic. i jumped up with a delighted scream, stumbled and fell on top of Will a cute guy in my class, his hair was brown and swept over one eye. it was then i thought what the heck i delved into his mind and planted the suggestion of taking me upstairs to have sex, there was no resistance from his drunk and horny mind, i lowered both my own drunkenness and Wills to lower levels so that we could enjoy this as we stumbled upstairs and into Amy’s parents room i jumped onto the double bed and he joined me. once again i delved into his mind and increased his hornyness to about 10 times wat it had been, which was quite large anyway he was practically drooling now as i unbuttoned my shirt it took him about 5 seconds to take off his cloths showing his thin lightly muscled body and already erect penis. i lay down onto the bed and he jumped on top i delved into both of our minds and raised our hornyness excitement and pleasure to limits i had not experienced before. every thrust was like an orgasm we both moaned and screamed in pleasure, barely audible above the music. Will was cumming with every thrust as my pussy sent signals allover my body muscles contracted for no reason it was like my body was short curciting, and it felt so good. both our cum was spraying out onto the bed my pussy muscles played round his dick as i thrust back onto his pounding cock.the feeling was building more and more cum was running from our organs onto the bed until simultaneously we had what would have been our orgasm had we not been doing that for the past 5 minuets instead it was like nothing else, our bodies became one as we both felt our brains turn to mush and our whole bodies contract tighter and tighter pulling each other closer and closer until we couldn’t take any more pleasure we both flopped limply back to the bed our bodies empty and drained. nether of us could move for an hour afterward we just lay on the bed, he was still inside me until i got up i got dressed shocked at how intense it had been, i stumbled back downstairs and found the party still going i grabbed a drink and sat down, i needed to have a think.
I liked the sex, i liked it a lot, but it would be distracting, but what was i doing right now planning for the future, i could cut back on that and still have sex, i mean how much planning did i need to do.
in the end the decision was made for me, my dad got a new job, it was a big promotion he was going to be part of the head management but it meant moving. at first i was upset but began to realize this was and opportunity to reinvent myself, in the two days i had after moving before my first day the new school i made my breasts bigger my ass firmer my stomach flatter my face cuter, i was still recognizable as me just a more attractive version of me. i made my parents think the just hadn’t noticed the change.

On the first day i felt people staring at me, i was new and i was pretty bound to get first class geography was uneventful apart from having a cute teacher. but in maths i got bored and decided to have some fun the guy sitting next to me was very cute, he was quite thin long hair freckles and a slightly turned up nose, i liked him we chatted a bit and i learned his name was Alex, before i decided to really have some fun. i started by making him a little more horny, i was flattered by him already being turned on, but as i slowly increased his hornyness i could see him trying to hide it, he talked less, and fidgeted a bit he rearranged him self slightly to hide his growing boner but i pushed harder and i could see his erection growing he tried to hide it i had got him very very horny now, he was clutching at the desk with desire, then i put the thought into his head to go and jack off in the bathroom. straight away he put his hand up and asked to go to the bathroom, i then piped up “Errm id like to use the bathroom too, but i don’t know where they are do you mind if Alex takes me?” the teacher agreed and Alex still trying to hide his huge boner led me out of the classroom he dropped me off at the girls and practically ran across the corridor to the boys bathroom. As the door closed i headed over looked both ways before entering the room. Alex was standing in the middle of the room dick in hand pumping away he looked up sharply the looked suppressed at seeing me. i walked over to him and knelt down in front of him, i took his dick in my hands both wrapped around his shaft i pumped for a bit then removed one hand and took the end into my mouth i flicked my tongue over his bell end then pushed it in rubbing the bottom the shaft with my tongue still pumping with my other hand the other hand cupped his balls and i started Sex hikayeleri to face fuck him. i took my other hand away and finally took the whole dick into my mouth as he slipped down my neck i upped his pleasure about 5 times, he was groaning and moaning quite loudly now and ramming himself into my face until i broke off i didn’t want him to cum there, i had other plans i stood up and bent over the sink showing him my ass. he stepped forward still very horny and started to pound my new sweet ass, this was nothing like the pussy fuck i had received before his cock was so big it hurt as it pounded in it hurt so bad but felt so good as his shaft lubricated by my spit and his own pre-cum slid past the walls of my anus, his balls slapped into my pussy repeatedly and his hands found my boobs the orgasm build up inside me as i raised my own pleasure past any kind of limit untill i came explosively spraying him with pussy juices he didn’t stop his assault until he shot his load into my ass filling my up until i leaked his cum, we were both panting and it took us some time to gather ourselves “this isn’t happening again, a one time thing you hear. and no on else is to know. Ok?” i told Alex who was to tired to look disappointed, i sent him back to the class room while i actually went to the loo and the returned myself.

I settled in well its easy when your pretty.i had a group of friend very similar to my old group except this group also had boys in, we had four girls and three boys in our main group but we often hung round with a load more. but i still missed my friend from back in my old school which is why i decided to invite my four best friends, Amy, Jess, Alice and Lucy, up for the weekend to sleepover.
when the time came i was exited i hadn’t seen them for a month and they hadn’t seen the new me. when i opened the door their faces showed there surprise and as we went upstairs they were saying how much better i looked, i said it must just be the sun and the exercise. we sat in my room and watched telly while doing each others hair and nails while they interrogated me about my new school and i caught up on the gossip from my old school. when we settled into bed the talk turned to boys and we went round talking about who had made out with who etc, but when we got to Alice she was skittish and tried to get out of answering until she finally said “ok guys, i’m going to tell you a secret, but you cant tell anyone else” we all agreed “ok well, i’m a lesbian” we were all shocked and bombarded her with questions about when she realized, who she liked and so on. i then realized that this talk was turning me on, this shocked and exited me, i decided that i wanted to try some girl action for myself, i raised the girls hornyness up high, all of them were trying to hide it but asking more intimate questions, like what she would do with a girl, then i raised their desire, i could see Lucy touching herself under her sleeping bag, so did Alice who started to touch herself, thinking no one would notice, but the others who had all being concentrating on her did, no one said anything they all just started to touch themselves.until Lucy got up unzipped Alice’s sleeping bag and ran her hand down Alice’s chest and stomach onto her crotch, “i think i may be bi” she said “this really turned me on i couldn’t help myself” at that point the others all shamefacedly admitted they were horny themselves.
“ok, well lets do something to relive ourselves” i could tell they weren’t ready to fuck each other just yet but when i stripped down they all followed my lead, we sat in a circle, legs spread open rubbing our clits and running fingers along our slits, “ok now i think its time for a bit of mutual masturbation” i reached over to Amy who was sitting next to me and slid my hand into her pussy, she gasped and the others looked a bit shocked but they all reached over to the person next to them and fingered them. i raised their pleasure massively, the groans started, we were all moaning and groaning i think Jess was close to her orgasm.
“how about we taste each other, i dont know about you lot but i have been looking at Alice and practically drooling” Amy shocked me by suggesting this with no suggestion from me, this was going to be better than i thought it would be, and i thought it was going to be fantastic. we all nodded and i leaned down to Amy’s crotch as Amy swiveled to face Alice who was on the other side of her, the feeling of Jess’s tongue in my pussy was so much better than her finger, it was soft and silky and so flexible, the penetration was less but what she could reach felt soooooooo good, she then slipped it out of my slit and flicked my clit making me moan while she ran her tongue up and down the entrance to my pussy, i used my tongue to flick Amy’s clit, causing her to moan in pleasure, the moan ran round the circle, i then started to repeatedly flick Amy’s clit, her moans rose as she started to climax, she sent the action round the circle until Jess was flicking my clit repeatedly, our moans were loud and in unison, the feeling spreading from my pussy all over my body, the orgasm came upon me like a tidal wave just as i tripled everyone’s pleasure the feeling hit me and carried me away all my muscles contracted, the room was filled with moans and groans “OOOooOoooOoohhHHH GooooOoDDDddddDD, FuuuUUUuCCCKKkk yEEEEEEEEEEaaaaaaaaHHHHhh, Oh MMYYY GGooooOOdDddd, OOOOH OOOOOOOOOOh OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH aHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh aAAAAAAH mmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as we all cam, my face was covered in Amys cum, it tasted so nice as i felt my own juices flow into Lucy’s face, the pulsing aof the muscles in my pussy felt soo good it almost set me off again, but eventually the feeling died in us as we lay on the very sticky floor.
after we recovered, i sat up, “we could leave it at that or we could have some more fun” all the girls smiled looking at each other i took that to mean more, i took a strap on from the draw, it was a special one that had a bit on the back that slid into the wearers pussy, i pushed Alice onto the floor fixing the strap on on and directing Jess to straddle Alice’s face and Amy and Lucy to each or her hands, Alice got the picture and started to eat Jess and finger Amy and Lucy, i slid my new Dick into her the deep penetration making her gasp, the bit that slid into me was deep and wiggled with each thrust i decided to go all out with the pleasure and raised it so that any stimulation to our pussy’s gave us an orgasm, it was wonderful, as i kept thrusting into Alice the orgasms build onto each other the cum was spaying from my pussy i was so wrapped up i was payying no attention to the others, just focusing on the piece of plastic that filled my pussy, it rubbed the walls and then pressed against a spot that made me explode into a all out writing mess i was in so much pleasure the srap on fell out of Alice as i lay convulsing on the floor screaming with pure pleasure the cum was pouring out of me and kept doing so and i lay there incapable of moving, the other were all finishing with very big orgasms but none matched mine, i dint notice that they had decided to cum over me, they covered my face breast Sikiş hikayeleri stomach and legs in sticky Girl cum, they were scooping up myh own cum and mixing it with their on my now covered body, when i was covered in it they sat back to rest, Lucy too a a handful of cum from under me and rubbed it into her pussy as she softly masturbated as they watched me recover from my experience. when i felt that i could move again i was about to sit up when they all moved forwad they proceeded to lick the cum off my body, there four tongues were lapping up all the cum from my body the feel of them made me smile and moan, they touched all the sensitive places, Alice gave my breasts a lot of attention, sucking and drawing circles round my nipples with her tongue, occasionally nibbling my nipples, we fell asleep like that all of them on top of me, we were all shattered, we didn’t wake up till mid-day in a stick mess. they had to leave but they said they would practice a lot with each other and come back some other time so we could do this again.

After a while of hanging around with my new group of friends, having allowed myself to feel thing for people, not shutting them out as i had before, i realized i wanted more than just meaningless sex, but more than that i knew who i wanted to have that with, Adam on of the guys in my group, short black hair and a nice body, the most wonderful green eyes i had ever seen, i started to chat to him more, we got along so well, we argued playfully, he had a very dry sarcastic sense of humor which i found sexy. we went to the cinema as a group to see the Predators which the girls complained about but went anyway. i sat next to Adam the light when down for the start of the film and i could hear Adam in my head, his thoughts were not on the upcoming movie but on my legs protruding from my short skirt. this flattered me and i smiled broadly, “what r u grinning about all of a sudden” Adam asked
“oh, just exited about the movie that’s all” i grinned back
as the movie when on his thoughts never left me, he was thinking about ways to ask me out, i decided to make it easy for him when a scary bit came up in the film i wrapped my arms round him and nuzzled my head into his hoddie, he smelt so good, and according to his mind so did i. when the scary bit ended i stayed like this but turning my head toward the screen my head still on his shoulder, we stayed like this for quite a while then i turned to look him in the eyes, oh his wonderful eyes, he lent forward and kissed me, softly on the lips, then drew back scared he had just done something stupid, his mind was racing, i leaned forward and kissed him back. we held each other until the end of the film.
we had been dating a few weeks, i had held of sex for the good an actual relationship, but i was getting pent up now i needed sex like a drug, i needed my hit, but i wasn’t going to get it off Adam, i wasn’t going to use my powers on him like that, so i would have to get it some other way. i had an idea.
I had grabbed a night for myself claiming ‘woman problems’ no one pried any deeper. i changed my appearance to an attractive 19 year old and dolled myself up for a night out. i went to a nightclub in the center of town i walked in after flirting outrageously with the bouncer, in the club i sat at the bar and looked around at what was on offer, at a table off to the side i saw a group of my teachers, i saw my geography teacher in the group, he was very cute, he was young, short brown hair, he clearly worked-out and he had a very rugged face. i decided he was my target, i walk up letting him watch me work my way towards him, and he was watching, as i walked i rose his lust, hornyness, and his passion. i walked round behind him and put a hand on his shoulder, and lent over his shoulder, whispered in his ear “want to go back to your place” he practically jumped out his seat, he grabbed his coat and took me by the hand, we took a cab back to his house and went inside, we went to his bedroom, i slipped out of my coat, and sat on the bed, i noticed a best teacher mug on the bedside table i pointed to it “your a teacher are you?”
“yes, why?” he replied
“well why don’t we role-play a bit, im sure you have a lot of fantasy’s you are wishing would come true”
“well there is this one girl in my year 11 class, she is called Katie, she is a real looker, new, my god there has hardly been a night i haven’t jacked off over her since she arrived”
this took me by surprise i was very flattered. “well tonight i will be Katie” i changed back into my normal shape he gasped, i reached into his mind i made him think there was nothing odd about this and he would never tell anyone. then i pushed him down onto the bed and unzipped his trousers and unbuttoned his boxers his erection was huge, it was easily the biggest cock i had seen, i took it into my hand and started rubbing it, my other hand unbuttoned his shirt and ran along his hard abs. his hand unbuttoned my shirt and reached to my bra he carrest my breast softly and slid his hand onto my flat stomach and then down into my pants his hand glided to my pussy and rubbed it gently, i slipped out of my clothes and the returned to his impressive dick, it had a wide girth as well as an impressive length, i was going to give his cock a good blow job but he had other ideas.
“You have no idea how long i have waited for this” he grinned as he ripped of his clothes and pushed me back onto the bed, i had just enough time to raise our pleasure before he slid into me, i gasped, he was soooo big, it hurt, but felt soo good, he groaned “my god that feels sooooo good, how r u so good, its never felt this good before” i realized that before i had only had sex with virgins who had nothing to compare me to, he obviously did
“must just be the anticipation” i replied thrusting onto him to make him forget the question he did, he pounded his cock into me so hard,over and over, he was pressing tightly against the walls of my tight young pussy,i raised our pleasure until we were both cumming with every thrust, the cam was pouring out of us as we screamed in pleasure, my muscle hurt at the constant contraction but the explosions of pleasure in my head and crotch canceled all that out, my back was arched as my teacher ploughed his cock into me, cum dripping from the connection, he was holding onto my hips, pulling me onto his pulsating cock, the feel of the cum drilling into me was exhilarating and wonderful he lifted me so i had my legs wrapped round him, sitting on his cock as he bounced me up and down clearly enjoying the feel of my pussy muscles contracting repeatedly round his cock, my lips mashed against his as he slid his hand to my ass and inserted a finger into my anus, this sent a new wave of pleasure coursing through me as the muscle in my ass contracted around his finger, the feeling started growing and i knew i was in for a big one i held onto him tight as he continued to pound my pussy, the feeling grew and grew until, it let rip, i was moaning load uninterpretable Erotik hikaye words screaming and grunting, as i wrapped my arms round him and held on he continued thrusting onto me gently bringing me back down from the high gently , he sped up as he felt his high until he shot the biggest load of cum i had ever felt enter my pussy, is dick swelled up inside me and burst its load filling me up so much it hurt, we rode it together, and we fell onto the bed, he was still thrusting gently, finishing off his last load until we lay back totally satisfied. “i cant believe i finally fucked you, i have wanted you sice you arrived,Katie, you are the fittest pupil i have ever had, and i know we an never mention this again but if you ever, ever want to do this again i will drop everything to take you”
i grinned back at him “im sure we can do this again sometime”
i went over to Adams for the week end. we were going to hang out on our own without the others. we cuddled on the sofa watching Bruce Almighty on dvd, he was sat in the corner of the sofa and i was draped across the rest with my head on his shoulder and my arm round his back, when we got to the orgasm scene though i saw a lump at his crotch rising, he tried to shift to hide it but it didnt work. i looked up at him smiling “turn you on does it? hehe” i giggled, he smiled embarrassed at being caught. “its ok” i reassured him as i slid my hand down to rest on his bulge. i felt it jump at my touch. we stayed like that till the end of the film, every so often i rubbed his erection a little. his sister walked through the living room and told us to get a room. but then she left for a night out with her friends and we had the house to ourselves, i picked up the remote and turned on some soft porn Adam looked at me in surprise but i read his mind and picked out from his tumbling thoughts that he got the message, i got off the sofa and knelt in-front of him i unzipped his trousers and let his Dick jump out, it was average size, about 7 inches, that was fine for me and i ran my tongue up his shaft and swirled it around his bell end, i kept a circular motion going on his dick as he lent back into the sofa moaning i then brought my lips forward untill i had the very tip between my lips i gently sucked and then moved down running my lips down his whole length that just hit the back of my neck as i hit the ball sack with my lips, i wanted to go further for him as i ran my tongue up and down the base of his cock i pulled off then slid back on slowly i did this a few times and then pushed harder and swallowed and his tip slid down the back of my through i kept swallowing drawing him further and further in i was gagging but i kept going untill i had his balls in my mouth as well, i was running out of air but started sucking and massaging his balls and cock with my mouth covering them in spit then i had to take it out i pulled back quickly just as he was cumming, he had given no warning because he had been in too much pleasure laying on the sofa moaning and groaning as i worked on his cock. his cum hit me square in the face, into my mouth my eyes and onto my cheeks and chin, there was a lot of it and it just kept cumming i raised his pleasure more and he kept cumming i kept him in this state for about two minuets by which time he was exhausted and i was covered in his cum.
he sat up and looked at me, “Oh my god Katie, that was fantastic, but now i have to do something for you, but i’m getting a bit droopy now”
“we can soon change that” i replied
i stood up and stepped forward so i was standing over his drooping cock, i gridded down onto it rubbing it with my soft pussy lips, i delved into his mind and tippled is hornyness, gave him a boost of energy and increased his and my own pleasure, his dick sprang up and slipped into my waiting pussy and i gridded down onto him making his dick circle around inside me i brought my legs up and wrapped them round his body and bounced up and down on his cock, he thrusted back into me hard, and fast. i placed my hands on his shoulders and he placed his on my hip to help guide me back onto his cock i threw my head back and moaned in pleasure as his cock pounded my tight pussy, he lent forward and kissed me hard as i rode him, our tongues entwined and my tongue ran along his teeth i explored the shape of his mouth as he did mine until my climax rose i sped up slamming down onto his shaft and burying it deep inside my pussy as the feeling ripped through me an i felt my juices burst forth i subsided onto his cock that still pounded my pussy as he looked for his second climax i sat up and help him slamming back onto his ridged shaft, he was speeding up i could tell by his face he was close i whispered in his ear “you like that dont you, fuck my pussy hard, its gasping for your cum, fil my pussy, i want it sooooo bad” and with that his cock started to pulse inside me spewing out its warm juices into my already sopping pussy.
as we lay there catching our breaths the door flew open and Adam sister Nat came in crying she stopped when she saw up, still crying spluttering, and gasping in shock, she was a very attractive girl more attractive even than i was even after my modification, she never wore make up because she didn’t need it, i couldn’t help myself, i dipped into her mind and wiped out her sadness and raised her hornyness to max and then turned my attention to Adam and turned his hornyness up as well, as Nats tear dried up i motioned for her to step forward which she did, i put my hands on her hip and slid it up bringing up her tight top with it, she didnt resist as i slid it over her head and the took off her bra reviling her perfect breasts, i felt them for only a second before moving down and unzipping her trousers and sliding them down past her shapely legs, she stepped out of them, her flat shoes falling off in the process, i slid her pant off and was rewarded with the sight of her beautiful shaven pussy, i looked round and saw Adam jacking off looking at us, i motioned for him to stand up and guided Nat onto the sofa and opend her legs, then looked at Adam “do it, fuck your sister” he hardly hesitated he moved between her legs and inserted himself into her pussy, as he sped up her breast started to bounce in time with his thrusts, i was sat on the other side of the sofa furiously fingering my cunt i could see they were both enjoying the sex, i moved forward and lay on top of Nat so that Adams stomach hit my ass while my hands were on Nats wonderful smooth breasts and my lips gently touching hers then questing deeper as i lost myself to her, her lips were like velvet and her tongue silk the kiss was the most amazing i had ever had her mouth tasted of peppermint, my favorite taste ever. then under me i felt her tense her back arched under me and she let out a low moan, then i felt Adam pull out of her and star to enter my pussy, i smiled as i groped Nat and kissed her softly, loving the feeling of Adams cock ploughing into me while my front rubbed against Nats baby soft skin i soon climaxed with all the stimulation and we just lay there together. feeling good.
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