Being Turned Out By A Black Man


Being Turned Out By A Black ManI got sent up to county for six months on a d**g charge. I got put in a cell with a well built Black man. I could tell he was dangerous.He looked at me and said, “Top bunk White punk, up there now, you don’t do nothing in this cell unless I tell you you can.” I could tell you don’t talk back to a Black man like him.Latter when things were settled down, count was over and some to the lights were off he told me, “A bitch don’t sleep in no jumpsuit and to take it off.” He wasn’t interested in my comfort he had plan and needed me naked.I would have to call it ****. He took the blanket off the top bunk and wrapped it around me above the waste up, I couldn’t use my hands. Then he bent me over the lower bunk. I knew what was coming, I squirmed and resisted but he slapped my ass hard and forced a finger in my hole. I screamed, he pulled my head up by my hair with one hand, put a pillow in place underneath my head, slapped my face and pushed my head into the pillow so I wouldn’t almanbahis yeni giriş make too much noise. It really hurt, but I knew what was coming. What he was doing was getting my ass ready for his cock. He had to get it to open up enough so he could begin penetration. I found that if I was still it didn’t hurt as much, then he put two fingers in my ass, he pushed me into the pillow when I cried out. He started working my ass with two fingers, I felt it open a little.“Nice”, he said, “Yo know what’s up punk? Yo gonna be my bitch. That’s right, I gonna fuck yo ass, when I put my cock in your hole, you become my bitch. I don’t care if it hurts, bitch as got to do as she told, take care of the man, respect the cock. I can’t wait baby, this is gonna feel good, real good. I am going to shoot my load deep in yo ass. Bitch has got to know baby, bitch has got to know and my cock is gonna teach you to respect. Yo almost open enough baby, like the fingers, you like them? almanbahis giriş Now time for cock, big Black cock.”I was open just enough for him to start penetration, I could feel the head of his cock start to stretch my hole. He held my hips tight pulling me toward him and using all the force he needed to insert his cock in my ass. No lube, nothing, he was using his huge thick Black cock to let me know, show me who was in charge. When I started to scream and resist he held me tight with one hand around the waist, slapped my ass, slapped my face and pushed my head into the pillow forcing his cock all the way in. Don’t let anyone lie to you, you cannot take a big, hard, thick cock like his in your ass and think it won’t hurt. It is going to hurt the first time you fuck for a man, especially his size. When he couldn’t go any deeper he just held it there, let my head free so I could breath. I was crying.“It is OK baby, bitch like you has to learn, yo gonna like someday, just not almanbahis güvenilirmi yet. My cock feels good in your White boi pussy. Yo go ahead and cry baby, I gonna fuck you good. Gonna fuck your pussy baby, gonna fuck it good., make you understand.”, he said then began fucking me with long slow strokes. He made sounds of pleasure as he fucked.He didn’t mind me sobbing but when I screamed he would push my head back into the pillow. I could tell my ass was stretching, I wasn’t fighting it as much. It still hurt bad. Guys around us stated yelling shit, making catcalls, they knew what was going on. I could tell he wanted to finish, he didn’t want to get caught with all the noise to attract guards. He started fucking me hard and fast with maybe 4-5 inch stokes with his 9+ inch Black cock. I felt him tense and knew it would soon be over. He pulled me tight to him, drove the cock all the way in, shooting his load and making the sounds a man having an incredible orgasm makes.“That some good pussy bitch, good pussy. Yo my bitch now.” he said pulling out slowly. He made me clean his cock, told me to get in the top bunk but be ready, he might want a blow job in the middle of the night. I sobbed for a while, other inmates made catcalls and I went to sleep to wake up a prison bitch.

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