Cum Dumpster

Subject: Being with Steve: Chapter 5 “Do you want to come back to my house?” Steve asked as we were approaching the main road from the restaurant. He extended his right hand from the gear shifter to my left thigh and rested it. “Umm… yeah, sure.” I responded. I was again nervous, wondering if I was about to experience any of the things Steve had outlined thus far. I took a deep breath and laid my left hand on his. Steve interlaced our fingers together, giving a tight squeeze to my seemingly childish hand in his. “Alright, great. Maybe we can watch a movie or something.” he added. The drive took only moments, his house visible from the restaurant hardly warranted a car ride at all. Pulling through the gate and into the circular driveway brought my imagination back from the fantasy of Steve pushing his dick in my mouth for the first time, with the understanding that it may actually happen today. The SUV shifted into park in front of the main entrance, causing the door locks to disengage. I pulled at the handle and climbed out, waiting for Steve to come around before heading to the front door. We entered the palatial home and went into the media room on the main floor. The couch was huge, the windows blacked out. In front of the couch was an 80 inch curved TV and an array of media equipment, sound bars, subwoofer, and Blurays. “Pick anything you’d like to watch, I’m gonna go change.” Steve said, throwing his keys and wallet on the table near the door. “There are drinks in the refrigerator, grab me a Diet, grab yourself whatever… no alcohol.” he said with a wink. There had to have been a hundred movies to choose from. I scanned through the mass of blue cases on the shelves lining the built in cabinet before selecting the first Harry Potter movie. Not at all knowing how to play movies on this system, I set the movie on the large couch and decided to go get the drinks and allow Steve to set up the movie. I grabbed two Diet Cokes and placed them both on the table nearest the couch. Looking around, I noticed an enclosed shelf opposite the movies. I pulled slightly on the door to the shelf, feeling a lock engage, keeping the contents a mystery. “Those movies may be a bit advanced for you right now…” Steve said, standing at the door. I moved away from the enclosure feeling like a kid who was caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Steve smirked, now dressed in athletic shorts and a v-neck tee shirt. I stepped over to the couch, my eyes not leaving his masculine body as a walked, and sat easily down on the left side of the couch, grabbing the movie and extending it out to him. “I wasn’t sure how to start it.” I said, trying to give an innocent, pouty look. Steve took the movie from me and inserted it into the player, then collected a few remotes. He turned the TV on with one, the player on with one, then using the third, turned all of the lights off leaving us enveloped in pitch blackness. The gentle light of the TV slightly illuminated the room, showing Steve’s silhouette moving toward me. I felt the couch sink in as he settled on a spot inches away from me. My heart began to race as his left arm extended out and pulled ataköy escort me in close to his body. “I’m sorry, we should have run by your place to get you some other clothes.” he said, noticing that I was wearing my clothes from lunch, shoes and all. “Here…” he moved down and pulled both of my feet out of my shoes, tossing them aside. “You need to get comfortable… you picked Harry Potter and you can’t watch just one.” I pulled my shirt from my pants, attempting to get comfortable in the clothes I was wearing. “If you want a change of clothes, let me know… I’m sure I can put something together for you.” he said with a teasing laugh, gently poking at my ribs in the process in an attempt to tickle me. “Okay, I’ll let you know…” I laughed. Steve pulled me in close again, pulling my head to rest on his chest as he slouched in deep on the couch. I was curled up next to him, my legs now on the couch and my arm resting on his stomach. His heartbeat was so smooth and rhythmic, moving significantly slower than the heart that was currently pounding in my chest. Steve wrapped his arm around me and rested his hand on my thigh, near my butt. The movie played for a little while, setting up the story I’d seen dozens of times. To be honest, I’d paid very little attention to the screen and spend most of the time absorbing the situation I was in. Never in my life did I think I would be curled up in a mans arms and be happy about it. I was brought out of my trance when Steve began to lightly move his left hand from my thigh to my butt, then back to my thigh again. He stroked gently back and fourth, each time spending just a bit longer on my butt, less on my thigh. I moved slightly, pushing a bit harder into Steve, allowing his hand a bit more freedom to explore my body. He took this as a signal and turned his head toward me. I remember my first kiss well. Jenny Sysmesky in the 4th grade, next to the slide, under the tree that caused an obstructed view from where the teachers would congregate. I remember the first “real” kiss I had from Sarah. I remember being the instigator of both, leading both girls in the moment, taking the kiss I wanted. This time, I wasn’t. Steve’s strong kiss caught me off guard. My lips nearly locked tight as I felt his tongue gently try and part them. I tried to relax slightly, accepting that this kiss was going to happen, and that no matter the nerves I felt at this moment, that this kiss was what I wanted. I slightly parted my lips and felt his tongue seize the moment. The passion in his kiss was so intense that I let out a moan without realizing it, causing a smile to form on Steve’s lips. “I think someone likes this…” he said pulling his face away from mine. “Umh.” was all I could manage, still overcome with emotion. Steve turned his attention to my neck, adjusting my head to the side to allow easier access, he began to lick and suck at the sensitive skin with vigorous movements. My breathing was quick and shallow, my eyes rolling back in my head, feelings of euphoria erupting all over me. I had never had anyone in my life make me feel like I felt merter escort in this moment. Horny wasn’t the right word for it, I don’t know the right word for it still… but it was amazing. Steve pulled away again, focused on removing my shirt. He pulled it quickly over my head, pausing to only undo the top few buttons. Launching my shirt over near my shoes, he pulled me into position straddling him over his lap. He pulled hard at the back of my shoulders, driving my chest toward his head and engulfed my right nipple into his mouth. He licked, sucked, and bit at my insanely sensitive nipple for what felt like an hour before turning his attention to the other. My head was thrown back in ecstasy and a felt sexual urges that I had never experienced before. Steve pawed at my butt as he ravaged my nipples, moving his fingers aggressively on the outside of my pants over my butt. After a moment, Steve stopped and pushed me gently away. The light of the movie, blocked mostly by my body, cast a soft glow on his face. I could see the passion in his eyes. I felt like his prey at that moment… Steve could have done absolutely anything he wanted and I wouldn’t have resisted. If he told me to wear panties, I would. If he told me to wear a diaper, I would. If he wanted me to use the dildo, I would. If he wanted to fuck me, I would. Steve gently pushed me into a laying position on the couch, my legs still overtop of him. “Baby, I’m going to give you two options, you need to choose carefully, okay?” he said, lightly pulling at my insanely sensitive nipple with one hand, and brushing over my painfully erect cock with the other. “Okay, daddy. What?” I said nearly breathless. “I told you that you were not allowed to masturbate at all, so I know you’ve probably been on edge for a while now. You’ve got the choice, right now, to get some relief.” he said, accelerating the motion over my crotch, nearly enough by itself to get me off. “Mmhmm…” I said, rolling my eyes back in my head riding the current wave of pleasure. “Daddy will get you off right now, but if I do, you’re going to agree to wear the chastity cage until I say otherwise.” he paused, “or you can skip the chastity cage, but you won’t get off. The cardinal rule still applies, so no masturbation either.” he said. Like I said earlier, I would have done anything he asked at that moment. The chastity cage seemed like an easy choice, seeing as I couldn’t get off with or without it by myself anyway. “I want to cum, daddy… please let me cum…” I panted, my eyes still closed. “That’s my good baby.” Steve said, pulling on a drawer near the side table and removing a small bottle of lube. He quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, raising my legs to pull them off. My boxer briefs followed close behind, leaving entirely naked on the couch, and in front of a man, for the first time since childhood. I audibly moaned as Steve wrapped his large, warm hand around my shaft. “It’s even littler than I thought it would be.” he teased as he began to stroke slowly up and down, his hands now slick with lubricant. It was all I had not to cum at the bahçeşehir escort first stroke. His large hands were applying the perfect amount of pressure. His left hand moved to cup and tease at my balls before slowly working down to and beginning to circle my hole. I had never experienced anything near my hole… the sensation became too much for me and I felt the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever experienced begin to build. My breathing became erratic as Steve picked up on the signals and began to move his hand faster, and placed a finger at the entrance to my butt. As he lightly pressed his finger in, I went over the edge and began to shoot wave after wave of cum onto Steve’s hand and my belly. My hole milking his finger, pushing me to levels of orgasm that I had never experienced before. As the spasms passed and my breathing calmed, Steve slowly and firmly gripped the base of my cock and pushed the residual cum up and out, at the same time removing his finger from my butt. I laid there in a paralyzing afterglow as Steve stood and walked out of the room, returning with a warm cloth after washing his hands. “I think my baby enjoyed that.” he said with a smile, seating himself back on the couch at my side. All I could do was take a deep breath and make the effort to smile, I was spent. I felt the warmness of the cloth begin to clean my butt, balls, and cock of the lube. The cloth on my cock caused me to spasm again, the sensitivity still too high to be touched. As he cleaned my groin of his handy work, I felt a finger lightly drag on my belly. I didn’t account for the cum that I had ejected onto my belly until I felt Steve’s finger enter my open mouth, rubbing the warm fluid on my lips and tongue. Instinctively I closed my mouth to keep out more intrusion, but Steve’s strong fingers forced in a bit further. The only thing I could taste at the moment was the soap he had recently used to wash his hands, but as he pulled his finger from my mouth, I could feel and begin to taste the deposit he had left behind. I seemed to take forever for my mind to rationalize that Steve had just fed me my own cum from his fingers. The repulsion nearly drove me to spit it out, but when I opened my eyes and met Steve’s gaze, he forcefully said “Swallow it, baby”. The taste of my cum definitely wasn’t something I enjoyed. The salty, bitter, almost acidic taste seemed to proliferate around my mouth, coating my tongue with a slippery sensation. I took a deep breath and forced my tongue from the front of my mouth to the back, and swallowed the small amount of collected cum. Steve looked on and smiled as he drew his finger across my belly again, and again deposited a finger coated in cum into my mouth. He continued this until the mass of the cum was gone, then wiped my belly with the now cool cloth. The taste still strong in my mouth, I sat up and took a drink of the soda sitting near on the table. “You did great, baby. I’m really proud of you!” Steve said gleefully, patting my naked leg and leaning in to kiss my forehead. “Thanks.” was all I could say, still somewhat shocked that I had just eaten my own cum off of the finger of a man. “Alright, well I’m going to go get your new little cage… you sit tight.” Steve said, beginning to move toward the door of the media room with a bounce in his step, leaving me naked on the couch, still exhausted from the intense orgasm, and still tasting cum, the soft drink doing nearly nothing to cover the taste.

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