Subject: Ben Storm Chapter 22 gay/adult-youth Ben Storm �St. Willie Your author lives in a land where many languages are used, the words and phrases are slightly different in this non-ageist, fictional tale of men and boys. I ask your patience with the English as you enjoy a story about innocence and love facing the machinations of greed. Your patience is requested along with an email containing your comments. [email protected] Forwarding a donation to Nifty is more than acceptable as fty/donate.html xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Loneliness, a relatively easy term to describe but yet one of the worst feelings to live with. Show me a man, women or child that have not experience that feeling and I will show you a lair. For most it a short term feeling but for some its a feeling that they need to live by for days, weeks, months or even years. A feeling that makes you feel pain deep inside of you that drives you to tears silently at night with your face burred in your pillow, that makes you live life as a robot day in and day out. One can be surrounded by millions, but without one loving you for who you are, the feeling of loneliness creeps like a thief in the night and hitting you over the head with a 4-pound hammer. CHAPTER 22 “Dad step back!” Steve shouted as he jumped up to run to the door. “He is dangerous!” The boys jumped from the bed, Ben grabbing Jesse as he did so, making sure the bed was between them and the door. “No sir,” The commissioner said, “I am here to warn you that Pete is at large and you all are in great danger.” He was met with stares from everyone in the room. The boy’s eyes just peeping from behind the bed. “What you mean?” Steve asked. “Sorry, can I come in?” Said the commissioner, “Kind of sensitive material to talk of it outside a motel room.” He did not wait and invited himself in to the room, closing the door behind him. “What you mean great danger?” Steve asked again clearly very suspicious. “He escaped custody this morning, hitting me over the head.” The commissioner explained, “I have been trying to find him and you. Hell, it was hard but when Jack used his credit card for these rooms, we knew where you were at. I followed a few leads but still can’t find him.” “But the major phoned to tell us that you helped him to escape and that you were on the run as well.” Steve asked. He was unsure what to make of this all. The boys still peeked their eyes over the bed. “Yes, he did. I asked him to.” The man answered looking at Steve, “We could not trust anyone, and we knew that Vincent or Cody would pay me off to help him escape. See we didn’t want anyone knowing we were after Pete.” “Where is Pete now?” William stood up from behind the bed, “And for the record, my name is William Root.” “That I will ask you.” The man looked at the naked boy, “Steve he might be quiet and all, but he and Pete are two peas in a pod.” “No, they ain’t!” Steve walked over to William, standing next to him, the rest of the boys stood up as well. “He made sure that Pete was taken out of equation. He pushed Pete over the edge of the cliff to save Ben and Harry.” “What are you saying?” The commissioner was confused, and Steve saw it. “Is Pete dead?” “Not what I am saying at all.” Steve grinned, “William say he is a good swimmer, but he had a 75 meter dive onto sharp rocks first.” “Well that changes everything.” The man said and dialed a number on his phone, “You can come in now, Pete Stewart is no longer with us.” “What’s going on now?” Jo asked. “Boys get dressed please; we have company.” The boys did as they were told. Steve and Jo looked at each other. Jack moved over to the boys, sitting on the bed, they did not need to wait long before the major joined them in the room “Evening guys.” The Major said while entering the room and everyone greeted him back. “They say Pete is fish food…” The commissioner said. “Is that so?” The major asked while sitting down next to the boys. “Please tell me everything -” Steve told the whole story, from how Vincent left them till up to the point till how William pushed Pete over the edge. The major listen closely and just so often he looked at William, feeling a bit guilty that he did not trust the boy. When Steve finished the major looked over to William. “You did a great thing tonight son.” The major started, “Pete was a great threat to you and everyone he came in contact with. But I can promise you this, your father would have been plenty proud in you today.” “Do you know my father?” William asked. “Yes, I knew him.” The major started, “He looked very much like you and trapped in Pete’s claws. He had a heart of gold and was not afraid to share his love to anyone. We all wondered what happened to him. When Pete’s signed statement was given to me, we knew what happened to him. I promise you tonight, we will dig him up along with your mom and give them a burial what they deserve, what your family deserves. We are opening a home as well for all the kids we saved from Pete, John and Master’s whore houses and we will name it the William Root Home for Children. “But you guys did enjoy those houses as well?” Ben said. “Yes, we did, but never did we know what they did to the kids after we left.” The major stated. “But we will never fall for such a trap again. You boys are safe now and in good hands. On that note I must leave now, great that you all are safe. Steve and Jo, please respect our agreement and I believe you have business to take care of in the morning. Please do so as quick as possible, one never knows with Vincent still having the power of trustee till you signed.” “How do you know about it?” Steve asked, “He only told us a few hours ago.” “My friend, there is nothing we do not know.” The major grinned, “Oh, and William’s papers need to be done in the morning as well.” With that he left together with the Commissioner. uşak escort Steve looked at Ben and then to his father. “You see, Ben why we do not trust politicians, soon you ask a question that they know they guilty of, they disappear.” Steve pointed out the obvious. A knock at the door again. “Fuck who is it now? Can’t this night ever end?” Steve said opening the door. He stood back in surprise. “Hello Steve.” Andrew Grant greeted with Carl in his arms and Rick standing wide eyes next to them. “How did you know where to find us?” Steve was clearly blown away, inviting the new guest in “Why are you here?” “I texted them.” William said. “Why William?” Steve asked looking at the boy. “I don’t know. Just did.” William answered. “Steve, let me try and answer that question.” Jack said, “I think William got a bit jealous over every one of his friends being part of a family, and he was left stranded. We did everything but forgot on how the boy must feel, remember that even though Pete was a shit head, he was still the boy’s father. William felt left out and lonely.” “Something like that” William answered. “I am so, so sorry William.” Steve felt the guilt growing in him “I had so many things to think about and keeping all of you safe. I just did not think.” “That’s cool.” William said walking over to Rick and Andrew, “It’s over now and we can get on with our new lives.” “Thanks buddy.” Steve said, “Look at my rudeness, Andrew please sit down.” “William send us a text to come and fetch him.” Andrew sat down at the table, “When we finally saw the text and we tried calling him, he did not answer and we thought that he is in trouble so here we are.” “Thank you for coming.” William answered. They spend a good half hour talking on today’s events and Andrew sat there open-mouthed as he listened. Things like this only happens in the movies. It’s when they talked about William’s custodial papers that needed to be filled in still, did Andrew grew still. “Steve can I talk to you privately?” Andrew asked. “Yea anytime.” Steve answered, “Boys why don’t you bring the mattresses from next door, we will all sleep in this room tonight.” “I will oversee that.” Jack said. “Thanks, Dad” Steve said while he lead Andrew to the pool area. He could have gone in the room next door, but he wanted to see what is coming their way. The pool area was empty and Steve had a clear view of the rooms and parking area. “What’s up Andrew?” Steve asked sitting down at a wooden picnic table next to the pool “Is it something about William?” “Yes and no…” Andrew started, “I just don’t know where to start.” “Let’s start from the night I dropped Carl off,” Steve was burning to ask that question.” “That night, the night I tasted the forbidden fruit.” Andrew’s face turn red as he blushed, “The night I have given in to the way of the flesh.” “Yea, that night,” Steve said with a slight grin on his face, “Please forgive me because I have sinned,” Andrew started a short prayer before continuing , “I don’t know how it happened, or when it happened, but I started looking at my sons in a way only meant for my wife. I have fought many a nights with myself when I wasted my seed on the ground, thinking of my sons, Rick and that dildo was just plain driving me over the edge with lust. Then I met you and you told me to spent time with the boy, and I was afraid, I was afraid that I will give in to my lust when we were alone.” “I did not say have sex with him.” Steve felt if Andrew was blaming him, “I said to spent time with him, guide him, be a father to him, not fuck him.” “No, no that is not what I meant brother Steve.” Andrew could see that Steve took it up wrongly, “It was me that was at fault here, not you. I only said that after I spoke to you that I struggled more with myself than ever before. He is my son and I have this huge lust for him, a lust that I thought was killing me from the inside.” “Okay, understood.” Steve did not much like pastors who is hiding behind the cloth, but to hear one speaking out was eye opener. “I spent most of the day praying for guidance.” Andrew looked scared but he continued, “Then the time came. Rick and I were alone, very awkward in the beginning, till we started talking. He told me about the dildo and why he used it, then about Cody, sorry William I mean. I listened to him and could see that he is happy, he felt happy talking on who and what he was and I was proud of him. I did not care if my son was gay, he was happy and that is all any parent wants for his child.” “I figured he will tell you that he is gay, but how did you end up with… well, you know.” Steve asked still looking for an answer. “I brought my kids up with the bible in hand.” Andrew started again, “So when Rick told me to read about David And Jonathan I was puzzled to say the least. Then I read it out loud and I realized that God excepted love between men. Rick pointed out that David was only a boy at the time and Jonathan was much older, a general in his father’s, King Saul, army. David was the chosen one to be King after Saul. I took that is a sign, a sign that God still loved us even if we have relationships other than with a woman.” “Ah, I see,” Steve started liking Andrew a bit more, “But how did you and Rick end up with you banging away on him?” “You make is sound ugly.” Andrew looked down at the wooden table. “Rick and I talked openly about sex for the first time ever. I was not going to tell him about how my flesh was failing me as he is my son. I asked him if there is anything I can help him with, and he said yes. I must teach him how to shave. It was an odd question to ask as he was still months or maybe years away from shaving his chin. Rick then showed me where he wanted to be shaved, his pubic hair. I knew I could not back away now as we were having a special moment together, a real father and son moment. So, I brought the shaver, van escort hot water and some shaving cream, told Rick to get undressed and lay on the bed with a towel underneath him.” “Wow, and then -” Steve started to adjust his growing manhood under the table. “Please do not judge me.” Andrew started again. “But when I started handling his member and Rick started growing in my hands, my own lust took over. I masturbated him very slowly and when I realized what I was doing, I pulled my hand away as fast as I could. Rick grabbed my hand and placed it back on his hard member saying that he wanted it, he dreamed of having me in such a way. I lost control of myself and masturbated him again, and just before he climaxed he stopped. Rick undressed me and masturbated me before giving me some head. I was beyond myself with lust and pleasure and when he turned and begged me to take him from behind, I just did it. I will be honest and say that was the best sex I had since I got married.” “So, it was your first time?” Steve was leaking. “I mean you never touched a boy in that way before?” “Last I touched a boy when I was about the same age as Rick, maybe a year or two older.” Andrew stated, “Yes, it was the first time with my son and fuck did I feel guilty. I spend hours praying and asking forgiveness.” “But you ended up with William in the shower.” Steve thought the man did not know he knew “We phoned and William and you were in the shower.” “Told William that you all will think that.” Andrew started again, “When William arrived all hell was breaking lose as to say, Carl called us evil and wanted to know why there was milk on his brother, tasting it and complaining that it was rotten milk. I did not know what to do or to say and it was William that came to my aid. He sent me off to the bathroom and told Carl it was after burn cream that needed to be rubbed in still. He asked Carl to bring him a towel while he was rubbing in the so-called cream. I spend hours in that shower and William came in and comforted me. I was nude and he was dressed, but he was talking to me, nothing else. He explained that sex is the ultimate way to tell someone just how much we love them, and you know what, he is right. I preach about love and forgiveness every day of my life and I need to start following my own preaching. Love is pure, even the love between a father and a son or a man and a boy. If God did not want gay people or men loving boys, why then did he make us then in this way? We surely did not make ourselves in this way.” “That is true, love is love. And you know it’s not only men that likes boys, women love them as well, same as men loving girls, even women love girls. We may never judge.” Steve pointed out some facts, “So you and William never did anything?” “William and I never did anything. It was close, though.” Andrew grinned, “When Rick went to shower and William joined him, I just knew what they were doing, well we could hear what they were doing. I received a call from my wife during that time as well, she left me for a younger pastor and they were on their way to the Amazon for some missionary mission as they call it. Strange how relieved I felt after that call. Do not get me wrong, I loved her but it became a hell on earth just to be with her. When the two where finished in the bathroom and they joined Carl and me in the lounge area, I decided to tell the boys while Rick has a friend to comfort him. Little was my surprise when both my kids where happy in a way that she is not coming home again. Carl was a bit upset but he was happy as well. Think when the time comes, they will miss her.” “So, you knew she wanted out?” Steve asked, “And what you mean when you said it was close or you and William would have had sex.” “I knew there was a reason why she wanted to be dropped at the airport after the doctor’s visit, she said her sister will pick her up there even if the sister only lived 20 minutes away. Yes, I knew and I did not want to stop her.” Andrew looked at the pool, “Yea, it was so close, if it wasn’t for Carl, we would have done it. See when Carl realized that she will not come back, he decided that he can be evil now and the clothes went flying faster than Carl eating a sweet. I wanted to stopped him but Rick said no, let’s all be evil and his clothes went flying as well. In a form it was their way to retaliate and for once I joined in, William as well. We spend the rest of the night till after sunrise just talking. William told us about who he really is and why, told us on what you and Ben was really doing in the city and I could not believe the amount of abuse poor Ben had to endure at the hands of his mother and father. Basically, he told us everything, from John to Ben’s twin, with all the evil people in between. I comforted him and yea, the closeness of our bodies did heat up the blood.” “Interesting.” Steve remarked, “I mean it’s really interesting that he told you everything and nothing to us. All the information we needed was locked inside him and he chose you to open up to.” “That boy was torn between Ben and Pete.” Andrew stated, “He so wanted to help you and Ben, but he feared for his life Steve, you must understand that, plus he loved Pete and will always, he is his father so to speak. I wish you could have seen how the weight lifted from him when he spoke about all the secrets he kept locked away deep inside himself. Did you know that when he was punished, he was made to stand in the nude on top of his parents grave in the backyard of that man or when he refused to be with Masters, because he was to violent, he was drugged so he knew nothing, just waking up with bruises and struggled to walk. That child has been through hell, but yet he still loved and feared that man.” “Fuck. Sorry pastor for the french.” Steve could not believe that William had to endure such things and that he confined in this man, yalova escort a pastor he hardly knew. “He told you everything, things that I think Ben doesn’t even know about. You surely made a big impact on him.” “Yes, and that brings us to why I asked to speak to you.” Andrew looked Steve in the eyes. “I know I am not up for the award of father of the year, fuck, I had sex with my own son and it will happen again. But I fell in love with William, not because of his body or any sexual desires, I fell in love with the idea that I want to be his father. I want to raise him along with my other kids as a family where love will be at the order of the day. Before you answer, I know you think it’s because I lust for him and yes if he lives with me, we will most likely have sex, but that is not the reason why I want to adopt him.” “I understand and Andrew. It’s his choice to make, I want him so does Jo and my dad, but in the end it’s his choice.” Steve could see that Andrew struggled with the idea that he might think it was just for sex. “I will be honest with you, the incest you and your son are having is a great turn on from me, I love father and son sex. Ben is my son and my lover, his brothers are my sons as well and I know the changes are good that we will end up having sex. As long as your intentions are pure, I will support you. Furthermore, no matter what he decides to do, I still want to be friends with you all.” “Thank you for understanding and yes, friends we will be. We rather like you and I know my son really likes you.” Andrew said standing up. “Before we go, there is one thing I must tell you.” Steve stood up as well, “Rick and I had sex that morning.” Steve was testing the waters. “I know, he told me.” Andrew gave Steve his hand, “Next time at least invite me, it is a great turn on for me, the idea of watching my son with a other man that loves him as well.” With that the two men went back to the room. To their surprise everyone was asleep, the long trauma-filled day got the better of them. Jack and Harry on the single bed, Ben and Jesse with Carl between them on the main bed, Jo alone on the single bed mattress on the floor and Rick on the double bed mattress on the floor. Where was William? They started looking imitatively and found him in the bathroom, sitting on the floor. “What’s wrong William?” Steve asked with Andrew standing next to him. “I must choose and I don’t know how.” William said “How must I chose between you, Jo and Jack” ‘ “What does your heart say?” Andrew said while sitting down on the floor next to him, “Do what your heart tells you.” “I want to live with Steve and Jack. They love me and I love them. Jo will just be for his body and huge cock. Sorry, I know it’s wrong but yes it’s the truth.” William said looking at Andrew. “Why do I feel there is a but in there?” Steve asked now sitting down as well. “I have fallen in love with another family, but I do not know if they will have me.” William looked from Steve to Andrew and back to Steve, “Sorry, Steve, please do not think badly of me now, I love you and Jack and I know that you will love me back. But this other family is everything I have ever dreamed of, I really, really love them.” “I am happy William.” Steve said, “I am happy because if they make you happy, there can be nothing wrong with that. Jack feels the same way. Why don’t you ask this other family?” “I am scared that they will say no.” William looked Andrew in the eyes, “I have done so many wrong things in my life, from betraying my best friend to sleeping with anyone I wanted to, even his own son. How can expect that he will say yes?” “Maybe that man don’t care about your past.” Andrew eyes started filing with tears as he spoke. “Maybe that man wants you to be part of his family, maybe he wants to call you son and raise you. Maybe you must ask.” “Will you?” William asked with tears in his eyes as well. “You must ask for yourself, I can’t ask on your behalf.” Andrew thoughts was slow and did not realize what the boy asked. “Will you have me, please?” William looked at him and Andrew swept the boy from the ground, holding him tightly against his chest. “Yes, I so want you William.” Andrew cried while saying those words that will change William’s life forever. “I welcome you to our family.” There was a soft sobbing from just behind them in the door. “That is just so beautiful.” Jack said wiping tears from his own eyes, “And I know that you will be happy.” With that Jack turned around and got back in bed. Steve told Andrew that the paperwork needs to be signed in the morning before they leave and further information of William and his estate needed to be shared as well, but all of that in the morning. He was too tired and emotionally spent after this day where Ben and William were set free. William got in bed with Andrew and Rick and Steve joined the 3 boys in his bed. It was in now time they were all in dreamland, no more troubles for now. It was at about 3 am that Ben woke up, feeling his climax building up in him, he was not having a wet dream as it still was building up and he had the urge to moan, but if he dared, he will wake up everyone around him. He looked over to where his twin was sleeping, but he was not there nor was Jack. Just an empty bed. He shot his load in the undies he was wearing, and he smiled, giving the empty bed one more look before closing his eyes. He heard as his brother and dad came in the room again, but said and did nothing. Just smiled. Steve woke at 5 am with the sound of birds chirping outside, he went to relieve himself in the bathroom. He decided that he rather go get some coffee at the front office where a coffee maker stood. He pulled on a shirt and his sneakers and closed the door again behind him. He stood outside, drinking his coffee, reliving yesterday. So much has happened and he was glad it was all over. On his way back to the room he spotted a familiar car in the parking lot. He walked closer and indeed it was the car he thought it to be. A red Jeep. To Be Continued. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, good or bad to ail Thank you V. You know why.

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