Best Friends


A/N- Everyone in this story is over the age of eighteen. If any character holds a fraction of similarities it’s purely coincidental. Based off an encounter my friend told me about!

Huge thanks to Gentoxic for editing this story! Truly appreciate them.


The day is warm. Clear blue skies with white fluffy clouds dotted here and there. It’s a perfect day to just relax. The afternoon sun is bright and shining overhead, providing even more warmth to the duo outside. Eighteen year old Selena Gamble sits beside the pool with her feet dangling in the cool water. Her long light brown hair is twisted up into a signature messy bun.

Selena bobs her head to the song blaring out from the speakers positioned beside the pool. Large red sunglasses sit upon her pert nose while her skin soaks up rays of the afternoon sun. The other occupant swims laps up and down the length of the backyard pool. Back muscles rippling under the clear water. Tan skin, a beacon to Selena as she watches over her friend.

“Looks like it’s time,” Selena mumbles under her breath at the sound of the stopwatch timer going off. Kicking her legs up and out of the water, spraying it onto the grass off to the side, she stands from her spot in the shallow end. She walks toward the deep end, stopwatch in hand, and prepares to start the countdown. “Jesse you have twenty-five seconds left before time’s up!”

The tan mass doesn’t stop once, but continues on with their laps. “Fifteen seconds!” Selena shouts while leaning against the patio table. She twirls a loose strand of hair around her finger. Sparkly nails glittering in the sunlight. She breathes out a sigh as the time dwindles down. “Ten seconds!” then, “Five…four…three, come on Jesse! One…zero!” Selena makes as if to fire off a gun with her fingers towards the pool.

The tan form in the pool abruptly stops once they reach the deep end. Loud, fierce pants come from him as he hefts himself out from the water. Towel already in hand, Selena waves her outstretched arm at the wet and dripping body a few feet away. “Here. Hurry and dry off so we can eat lunch already!” Selena glances up momentarily from her cellphone to peer at the glistening wet body of her neighbor and best friend, Jesse Hayes.

Damn was he fine. A nice developed six pack of rock hard abs, smooth tan skin that felt hot to the touch. It still shocked Selena that Jesse was only a few months older than her, being eighteen also. His usual messy dark hair is slicked back away from his face so that water doesn’t drip into his eyes. Those eyes. An icy blue that left girls breathless with their wicked lustful light. And then his smile, the smile that stole her breath away every time he graced her with its glow.

Selena has to shake herself from her inner musings before she starts to drool. “Your water bottle is on the table, want a sandwich?” With one last shameless glance at the water cascading down his torso all the way down to the happy trail leading into his swim shorts, Selena can’t help but bite her bottom lip. He’s so damn sexy! What’s worse is that he knows it too.

The deep timbre of his voice stops Selena in her tracks as she starts to walk back inside her house. Jesse’s voice is deep and rich when it meets her ears, causing chills to race up her spine. “Sure, no tomato.”

She rolls her eyes behind her sunglasses. As if she would forget. “Yeah and no mustard either,” Selena turns and lowers her glasses a bit. Her gaze is filled with mirth as she eyes him over the rim of her shades, “I remember Jesse, I’ve been making you sandwiches since we were ten.”

He gives her a sheepish shrug before towel drying his hair. Selena has to forcibly turn away before she gets caught checking him out. It would be bad if Jesse knew what she thought of him. Which to be fair it only started this past year when he finally got contacts and began to wear clothes that actually fit him properly. Guess that’s what happens when you find a crush and want to impress them, because that’s exactly what Jesse did.

Inside the house, Selena scrambles together plain white bread and various sandwich meats. She remembers to cut the sandwiches in halves because Jesse gorukle escort bayan will pout if she doesn’t. She makes one for herself and two for him, after his swim practice he usually works up an appetite. Hovering about the kitchen, Selena doesn’t notice when a newly dried Jesse walks up behind her.

“That looks good,” When a slim, muscular arm comes around to sneak a half of turkey on wheat, Selena can’t help but jump in surprise.

“Jesse! I told you to stop scaring me like that!” Selena scolds and holds a hand against her rapidly beating heart. Not because he scared her, not at all. It’s the close proximity between them that has her heart racing. The smell of chlorine sticks to his suntanned skin, eyes alight with mischief as he cages Selena in with his arms.

“You know what else looks good?” Selena gives a sharp inhale at his words. Recently Jesse had become overly flirtatious. He said it was for practice for his crush, but whenever Selena asked about it, Jesse would shut down.

His heated gaze causes Selena’s bottom lip to quiver. “Wha-what looks good?” Her breaths start to come out as pants as she leans her body toward his. His body warmth radiating to hers.

Jesse plants his arms on either side of her. Sandwich long forgotten on the granite countertop. He drags his eyes slowly up and down, drinking in the sight of her. The way her plump DD breasts cling tightly to her bikini. Soft belly which he loves to plant kisses on when the two start a tickle fight. How small her shorts are, leaving nothing to the imagination, long tan legs that he wishes to wrap around his hips while plowing into her. If only Selena knew, if only she wasn’t so innocent to his advances.

His so called crush wasn’t over some random girl at school. His heart fluttering, toe curling, beautiful crush is Selena. His childhood friend that he used to take baths with as children. The girl he chased around with a sword while they played knights, before finally settling down for a round of dressup. Jesse was always understanding to Selena and her needs, never making her upset. Only recently did it dawn on him that the love he carried for her was more than just friendship. No it was true undivided love for the sexy vixen he grew up with.

“You. You look good.” You’d look even better with my cock in your mouth he wants to say. With that he leaves a stuttering Selena in the kitchen as he heads out the kitchen, down the hall, and toward the basement, sandwich in hand.

After his departure Selena relaxes. It’s short lived though when the his words finally settle in her mind. He’s toying with her! That’s it! She’s just practice for his secret crush. Red hot anger fills her veins as Selena finds herself slamming the fridge door closed. She stalks down the hall after Jesse. In a flurry of curses and stomps she walks down the stairs into the dimly lit basement.

The basement is more of a man cave than anything else. Couches, beanbags, and a large flatscreen TV on the wall furnish the area. Most of the lights are either dead or barely hanging on, providing just the right amount of light. Jesse sits on one the recliners, leaning back with a pair of sweatpants hugging his delectable hips. The TV is blaring a random sports game while his feet are propped and crossed at the ankles. His plate is halfway empty save for one last half of sandwich.

Selena sets her hands on her hips. Stalking up to his lax form she leans on one foot with her hip cocked to the side. All Jesse does is slow his chewing, stare at her for a second before glancing back at the TV. “Jesse Hayes,” her barefoot begins to tap on the carpeted floor. Still Jesse doesn’t lift his eyes up again from the TV. “You have three seconds to answer me before you regret it.”

Jesse slowly stretches before setting his plate on the short table to his right. He deliberately takes his time in sipping from his water bottle. The way his Adam’s apple bobs drives Selena crazy. She doesn’t know why but she finds it oh so sexy. Selena clenches her thighs together tightly, wanting to desperately be that water bottle.

Quick as a whip his arm slithers out and around her back. Jesse’s other nilüfer escort bayan hand grasps her wrists and tugs her forward. Selena comes crashing down across his lap before she can even blink. Loud laughter fills her ears as Jesse starts to guffaw at her. If Selena was angry a few seconds ago, now she’s furious!

His palm slides over her ass, softly teasing. His other hand ventures up her smooth back till he reaches the ties to her bikini. She shivers from his touch. “What will I regret?” Jesse decides to humor her. His fingers play with the cords wanting to untie them.

Selena fums not knowing what to do, let alone what’s going on. Why is Jesse acting so weird? Most importantly why was he just fondling her ass! “If you don’t move your hand that’s what!” she screeches while trying to scramble off him.

He rolls his eyes at her actions. Not wanting the game to end too shortly, Jesse decides it’s now or never. His hand gently squeezes her round bottom, palming the tightly stretched denim. “If I’m already going to be in trouble guess I can’t stop now.” He continues his ministrations with his fingers on the ties, officially untying the thin cords from their loose hold. The bikini slips from her shoulders and Selena gives a squeal. As if time slowed to a stop. The bikini tumbles onto her lap and Jesse’s eyes widen like oversized grapes.

“Jesse what are you doing!” Selena tries to sit up again. Helplessly clutching the thin material to her chest. Trying to save her last shred of dignity. Jesse leans back to situate himself against the leather recliner. Switching hands he grabs ahold of Selena’s wrists to pin her arms against her. He overlaps their legs so that she can’t move, finally settling her back against his chest. She sits upright against him, head in the crook of his neck, bikini falling onto the floor.

Breasts now on display, her nipples begin to harden from the cool air that hits them. Her heaving bosom is on for show as Jesse wrestles with her, and ultimately wins. Her wrists are bound in his large hand, while his other hand slowly creeps around her waist. “I’m doing what any man would do when they have a beautiful young woman dressed like this in front of them.” He plants a chaste kiss to her neck. Softly sucking on the skin.

His heated breath against her skin sends tingles straight down to her core. Her restraint is failing, conscience failing, mental walls crumbling. “Jess…stop messing around.” The nickname falls on deaf ears as Jesse runs his thumb along the underside of her right breast. Hand coming up to squeeze the soft orb.

Jesse begins to relentlessly suck on her neck. His teeth nip at the sensitive skin as he runs his tongue along the tender flesh. Fingers coming up to pinch and twist her pretty pink erect nipple. A sweet moan falls from Selena’s lips. She wriggles in his grasp, pushing her breast even more into his calloused hands. “Please…” Selena’s voice is husky as she begins to slowly move against him. Round ass rotating around on his lap.

Hips thrust up to meet her, a deep chuckle vibrates within his chest, “Please what?”

At this point Selena is so mixed up in the lust she feels that she doesn’t care anymore. Doesn’t care that this is her neighbor and best friend, all Selena wants is more friction against the hardness throbbing beneath her. “More,” she grinds down on his lap, choosing to throw her head back when a particularly quivering wave of ecstasy hits her. Jesse drops her bound wrists, in favor of groping the large round orbs that he longed to taste.

The two get lost in each other. Selena grinds down on his hard cock, shamefully still covered by his sweatpants. Wetness is literally seeping through the denim of her jean shorts. That’s how turned on Selena is right now. Hips colliding together, Jesse leans down again to suck at her tender neck. He leaves multiple nips here and there, loving the way her skin starts to turn a nice shade of red from how hard she’s blushing.

He leaves a particularly bruising hickey on her sweet spot, continuing to suck on it even after Selena shudders against him. He licks the red mark that will surely be purple by the bursa otele gelen escort bayan morning. “Turn around for me baby.” Instantly, if possible, his cock hardens even more at the pet name. Jesse helps to turn Selena around in his lap so that her legs straddle his hips. Sexes now hovering barely inches from one another, only covered by clothing.

DD breasts that were once haunting his dreams with their soft roundness and rosebud nipples are finally free to his roaming gaze. Jesse glances up to catch a peek at her face, only to see that Selena’s eyes are blown wide with lust. Half lidded eyes beg him for more, to go on and help her reach that delicious high. He plans on doing just that.

Soft lips wrap around her areola. Tongue stroking against the hardened nipple to send shocks through the trembling body above him. Selena plants her hands atop his shoulders, using them as a crutch. She throws her head back once his sinful mouth starts to leave numerous love bites on each breast. Switching between the two. Hands drift up into his thick hair, twisting the dark locks to bring his lips up and away from her heaving breasts.

The two teens lock eyes in the dark room, eyes almost glowing, it’s as if a match is struck. Suddenly Jesse leans up, crashing his lips to Selena’s. They clash together, fighting for dominance, tongues intertwining. His hand comes around to cup her cheek, drifting down to lightly choke her. Meanwhile his other hand slides along the curves and dips of her waist. Coming to rest on her hip. Selena in turn starts to moan into the kiss, loving the way he takes her.

Jesse already knows they can’t go all the way. Mainly because her parents will be home soon, but how he wishes to sink into her wet, tight heat. Watch as inch by inch of his hardness sinks into her. Feel the grip she has on his cock as she draws him back in to meet his thrusts evenly. Lost in his fantasy Jesse loses himself in Selena. Drops of pre-cum dripping from his lengthy member, wetting the fabric of the sweatpants. Thrusting up to meet her fast grinds and rotating hips, he growls, biting her lip, hard enough to cause it to bleed. Selena gasps in surprise but also melts against him. She wanted more, even more than what was happening now.

She wanted his thick, hard cock inside her, thrusting in and out of her tender love canal. Long heated strokes to sate her passions. His breath across her heated skin while she cries out his name. Legs wrapped tightly around his hips, or even propped up on his shoulders for even better access. With these thoughts, Selena loses the thin string holding her sane, plummeting down in the erotic haze around them.

Jesse’s tongue swirls inside her mouth, battling hers in a fierce tango. Moans and groans emit from them both while they share this passionate kiss. Hands roaming over fiery skin, memorizing the plains of smoothness. Selena rolls her hips roughly down, the shining light in the distance getting steadily closer, Jesse on the other hand is thrusting up like a madman. His grip on her is tight enough to leave bruises.

Her sweet moans fill the dimly lit basement as Selena rides him. Hands clinging to his shoulders, digging her fingers into his skin, raking her nails across. Nice red scratch marks are left behind. They rock against one another climbing the mountain higher and higher before suddenly falling. A wave crashes over Selena as her climax ultimately shatters through her entire body. The hard erection beneath her soaked thighs pulses as Jesse reaches his own release. He leans back imagining pumping her tight cavern full of his cum. Sinking her teeth down into his neck, Selena leaves kisses and nips. Glowing with pride at the purplish hickeys already forming.

In the afterglow of their climaxes, both Selena and Jesse sink into peaceful silence. Slick wetness coats the inside of Selena’s shorts, overflowing down her inner thighs. “That,” her breaths come out in shallow huffs, “was way better than sex.” Jesse chuckles in return, stroking her back softly.

“Sure hope so.” He plants a kiss to her head with a sigh. Softening erection still throbbing from such a powerful release. The feel of his own cum plastered against his thighs while it cools is enough for Jesse to want to move, at least to clean it up. Not right now though. Not with a beautiful goddess like Selena on his lap. Not wanting to leave the warmth that radiates off the other, the duo stay in place before finally going for round two in the shower. A long, hot shower.

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