Best Friend’s Girl Part 1


“Shit!” I said quickly getting out of bed. I was late, well technically I was still early for work, but with all the other things I wanted to do today. I was running a bit late. Quickly springing out of bed I gathered my morning work out bag then headed for the shower. As usual it was locked. “Dammit Chris!” I yelled at my roommate. He was always holding up the bathroom for hours on end. “Sorry Martin,” I heard from behind the door. He was a good friend, well he was my best friend. Chris and I had been friends since before high school, that was well over ten years ago. But he was such a pretty boy. We had come to the big city together many years ago. We decided it was best if we stuck together, until one of us was ready to go it alone. What I didn’t know then, was that he would take up over two hours in the bathroom. “Nearly finished,” he said as the door opened. “Done.” His blonde hair spiked up with enough gel to make a male model jealous, he always wore skin tight clothes, which today was no different. “One of these day I am going to buy you a skirt!” I shouted down the hall. “Then he will be wearing mine,” a voice said from behind me. “Morning Roxy,” I said as I quickly launched myself into the bathroom before she could go in. I quickly got changed for the gym. Taking a quick glance into the mirror. I still looked the same as I did in high school, maybe a little heavier. 6′ 5″ black guy, I worked out on a daily basis so I was probably in the best shape of my life, really low body fat, shaved head, dark brown eyes. I was fine with the way I looked and opened the door. Roxy stood there with her arms folded and yawning. She was Chris’s girlfriend they had been dating for just under a year now. He had said she would only be staying with us, for a few weeks, but it was going on four months now. Not that I was complaining, she was eye candy and by eye candy I meant it. She had fire red hair, emerald green eyes, on a tight 5′ 6″ frame, long shapely legs and a nice ass, but her main attribute was her chest, they were huge, not just huge they were on the verge of humongous. On her tall but medium sized body they looked even larger. I knew exactly how big they were which didn’t help. One day one of her bra’s where just lying there. Sue me for looking! I had pretended not to look or take interest but as a boob guy it was very hard. When I saw the size there in black and white, 34H. I wasn’t surprised but it made trying not to look at her or them even harder. So I just pretended not to like her. “All yours,” I said without looking at her. “Thanks,” she yawned. Chris worked part time at some big time law firm in the mail room. He had been there for over a year now without the faint hint of being promoted or talk of getting a raise. I told him to look for something else or show more interest in his job. But as they say you can’t lead a cow to water or some shit like that. He always got ready early, even though he didn’t need to be at work for another two hours. So when I left he was still downstairs. I ventured out into the cold busy New York air. I ran the two miles to the gym. It was a good day but since I was running late I had decided to take it easy by doing some light weights, then more than my usual cardio. After being there for over an hour and a half, I decided to head back. When I stepped in I heard the two of them going at it in their room. I sighed. The walls in this place were paper thin, the bed squeaked like it was about to break. I could hear him moaning and groaning. God I hoped I didn’t sound like that, I got into the shower, quickly drying off and putting on my work clothes. I worked for an advertisement company, it wasn’t a big deal but it paid the bills, plus I liked it. This nice apartment in downtown New York wasn’t cheap, so whatever the two of them put in helped. Without them I would be just scraping by, I would have to think of getting another job. Pulling the tie up to my neck. I looked in the mirror – the monkey suit was complete. Coming ankara travesti out of the bathroom I could hear that the rodeo in their room was over, as it usually was, it was sad actually. One night I actually timed them. From start to finish it lasted just over three minutes. I knew it had started some of the loud arguments that they had, but that was none of my business. I went downstairs to eat breakfast and heard the shower going. Chris came down his hair still spiky. “Hey,” he said looking away as usual. He knew that I could hear. “I should invest in sound proofing this place,” I smiled. To which he laughed. “Yeah,” he said perking up. He looked at the time and quickly ran out the door grabbing his bike on the way. He usually biked it to work as it wasn’t that far from our apartment. I sat at the table, eating my breakfast. Roxy came downstairs. She wore a business suit, black dress that came down just above the knee’s and a white top, with a black blazer over it. Her hair was curly and down to her shoulders. “Hi,” she said. “Hey,” I replied. We did not talk much, we had a few conversations but it always had to do with Chris. “I’ve got a few interviews today, so hopefully one will pan out. Soon as I get enough I will be out of your hair,” she said bitterly while taking some orange juice out of the fridge. I took a deep breath. “Look,” I said. “Your not a bother, actually I don’t mind having you guys here,” I said honestly. “Then what the fuck is it then?” she said slamming the fridge door closed. “Because I am getting tired of walking around here on egg shells!” she was infuriated. There was that red head anger I heard so much about. “Nothing,” I replied. “I’m just not a people person.” I said with a shrug. I was actually being honest. “The two of you walk around here all cheery and that’s just not me.” She looked at me still furious. “That’s it?” she said throwing her hands in the air. “What the fuck, kind of lame excuse is that?” she asked. She was right of course, if someone had gave me that excuse I would say the same thing. We lived in a large apartment, while not large, but large for this part of New York. And people what people? Two of them. One of which was my best friend. “Tell you what,” I said looking at her in the eyes. Those emerald green eyes stared right back at me. Daring me to say something stupid. I smiled and took a deep breath. I had to attempt to calm her down before she exploded or turned into some red headed demon. “Tonight we will go out, all three of us and talk it out. Obviously something’s wrong and I will admit that it’s mostly me. Maybe Chris can come up with an answer, he knows me better than anybody,” I said to which there was signs of the storm passing. “Okay, but you better talk or… urghhh,” she said slamming the orange juice bottle on the table, it burst open, spilling it’s contents everywhere. She looked down at it. “I’ll get it,” I said. To which she grabbed a coat from the hallway then stormed out. Slamming the door behind her. I waited for a few seconds, for my erection to fall. That was a turn on for some reason. Maybe it was because,while she was standing there all I saw was her huge boobs swaying back and forth, her red hair tussling all over the place. As I gained composure I thought of other bullshit I could come up with tonight. I couldn’t tell them the truth which was that I was pretending to ignore her because secretly I wanted her. Chris had been my best friend for years. I couldn’t do that to him. “Fuck!” I screamed looking at the time. Now I was really late. When I got to the office all I could think about was Roxy and what I was going to tell her. I tried putting it out of my head but every time I tried it popped right back in. Like one of those annoying songs that won’t leave, no matter what you listen too. “Martin?” my co worker said. “What?” I replied. I hated him with a passion. You know that guy at work that pisses you off just for the sake of pissing you off, travesti ankara but he doesn’t know he is doing it. Yeah? Well that’s him. “Did you see that show last night?” he asked across the hall. “If I have to tell you one more time. I do not watch television,” I said. I really didn’t. There was two televisions in my apartment the one in my room which was not connected to the cable. I purely used it for my gaming system and the other one was in their room. Most of the television shows that ran on television these days had turned many people into fat slobs, that sit there and went into a coma for hours on end. Then they complained that they are fat, well guess what. If they got off the couch and did other things they wouldn’t be fat. There that’s my vent for the next few minutes. Anyway back to this asshole. “Oh yeah. Well anyway they have this show… Ouch!” he said as I threw a book at him. “Alright fine.” he surrendered. Now where was I? Oh yeah Roxy. What could I do? I mean she lived with me right? Couldn’t go the rest of how ever long we lived together just arguing? I mean I could just kick them both out. Chris and I had been through a lot, I am sure we would remain friends. Damn it. Why couldn’t she be ugly or something. The rest of the day dragged on. We had a meeting to which I was very surprised that an idea of mine was going to make it to the television. When we got out of the meeting my boss patted me on the back. “Congratulations,” he said. “Go downstairs and start throwing your idea at them so they can get started on it,” he ordered while walking away. Great! Downstairs that’s where I had started. In filming and development. You have any idea how many takes it takes to get a kid to sit still for 30 seconds to eat a bowl of cereal that taste like a cardboard box? No? Well I do. And it was A lot! Or a dog to chase its tail, they really don’t like chasing their tail. I figured that out after a month of being here. I hated every moment of filming, the director said this then changed their mind to that. “Martin what brings you down here?” Adrian asked. Talk of the stupid director. “Hey Adrian. I have this for you.” I said handing him the papers from the meeting. I sat down in his office which was full of past pictures and ornaments of old advertisements for everything. You name it, it was up there. “Whose the idiot that thought this bunch of bullshit up?” he said tossing the folder on the table. “This idiot,” I replied with a smile. “Seriously?” he asked his jaw dropped. “Yeah. Angel said to get started on it asap,” I said. I still get a few laughs from people when I tell them that my boss’s name is Angel. “He did?” he said picking up the folder. “So what did you have in mind?” he said looking over at me. We went into a long discussion about my idea, throwing ideas back and forth for what seemed like hours. Which was more than half the day. I left happy finally we had seen eye to eye. It wasn’t going to be one of those cheesy commercials or high tech, just a normal commercial. Too bad I will only see it at work but, this was my job. I left work satisfied and took the subway home. Forgetting all about what waited for me when I got there. It was already dark when I opened the door. The two of them sat all nice and prettied up. “Fuck!” I shouted in my head as I saw them stand up. I cursed myself for bringing up going out. All I wanted to do was lie down and play some PS4. “You forgot,” Chris said. Damn him for knowing me. “Yes and No. But I am not canceling. Give me a few to change and stuff,” I said holding my finger up at Roxy who was on the verge of transforming into the red devil. I went into my room grabbed some clothes, then went into the bathroom. I could already hear the she demon downstairs already exploding. Taking a quick shower I wondered where to go. Then I remembered there was this nice rock cafe down the road. I had heard about it from someone. It was in walking distance supposedly it served nice food, ankara travestiler had couches had local rock talent performing on the stage. Easy fifteen minute walk, probably forty five minutes inside another fifteen minutes back and voila. I smiled at myself for thinking about it. “Okay ready,” I said. As I made my way downstairs. “So where are we going?” she asked. There was a hint of sarcasm in there but I ignored it. “The new rock cafe down the street,” I replied to which both of them smiled. We had talked about going there, many times. “My treat,” I said opening the door. “Phones,” Chris said pointing to the small table by the door. Damn his rule. Anytime we went out, we left our phones at home. He absolutely hated when phones went off in the middle of eating. I put my phone on the table. I saw theirs were already there. It was a nice brisk walk down there. It took longer than frigging fifteen minutes though, more like just over an half hour. But we talked some more about Chris’s job heading nowhere and Roxy had a few interviews that went well. But all in all it was a nice walk. We entered the cafe which was a hole in the wall. There were sofa’s and couch’s spread all over the place with tables in front of them. A small stage was set up in the corner and a local band was setting up. “Take a seat anywhere,” a man with black hair, slightly Gothic looking. We sat in the corner and ordered some drinks and some light finger food. “So talk,” Roxy said. ‘Crap! Already? We just got here,’ I thought to myself. But it was the reason we where here. So it was best to get right to it. “Okay so the reason that I gave you earlier is kind of correct. Chris will tell you, I have never been a people person,” I began to say. “The worst is he actually got into arguments with his own mother, and still does,” Chris said nodding his head. “But it doesn’t mean that it’s a reasonable excuse for shunning you like I have,” I said. “Correct,” Chris chimed in. “So if we are going to live together, I will try and I mean that. I will try hard not to ignore you or pretend you don’t exist,” I said to her. ‘Now if you would hide those huge fucking tits of yours, it would help a lot more,’ I thought to myself She smiled which in the light, looked stunning she had light make up on, her hair was wet and curly. “Thank you, and I will try not to act all cheery,” she said and we shook on it. She sat back in the couch and took off her jacket. I had looked away at the stage then looked back at her.’Really!’ I said in my head loudly. ‘Did she have to wear that?’ I thought to myself. She wore a black sheer mesh top with a black bra underneath. You could see the bra or top or whatever it was underneath that almost none existent cover. With a black skirt to mid thigh, and thigh high boots. “Excuse me, that walk was a bit too long,” I said getting up. Heading for the boys room. I found a stall and slammed the door behind me. ‘Holy crap they were bigger than I thought. And those legs how I would love them wrapped around me.’ I thought to myself. “Calm down,” I said to myself out loud. “You can do this.” That image was burned into my head. And there was nothing that could get it out. Wish I had my phone right now. I could call someone, anyone for a pretend emergency right now. There was plenty of bars around here I could hide in for the rest of the night. But I couldn’t because of the stupid no phone rule! “Fuck!” I yelled to myself. “Hey Martin you alright in there?” Chris asked. “Yeah I am fine,” I said back to him. ‘Other than I want to fuck the living crap out of your girlfriend!’ I thought but did not say it. I knew it ruin our friendship. “Okay just wondering, the band started and the food is here,” he said. “Okay I will be right there,” I replied. “Man up!” I said to myself, shaking it off I stepped out of the bathroom. “Sorry,” I said to them as I sat back down, trying not to focus on her or them. The lights dimmed as the band started playing. They weren’t bad, not good but not terrible. I liked my rock a bit louder, a bit heavier but it was good. We drank and began to talk and with the lights dimmed I barely could make her outfit out. We got to talking and I told them about my job and my idea that might make it to the couch potato box.

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