Best Friends Turned Rivals


Cindy and Kelly had been friends for a long time. These 2 ladies were both sexy in their own unique way. Cindy stood taller than most girls and had long wavy blonde hair that fell to her middle back. Thanks to her passion for surfing and outdoor activity, Cindy had a nice smooth tanned skin along with a slim, toned body that any man would die for. She considered her long tanned legs to be her prized assets and would often wear short dresses and heels to lure men in. Cindy had a very flirty personality and was quite the promiscuous type when it came to nights out.

Kelly was also taller than the average gal and had dirty blonde hair that just touched the base of her neck. While Cindy had the skin of a beach babe, Kelly’s skin was fair and creamy. As opposed to Cindy’s homecoming queen looks, Kelly looked more like the beautiful girl next door. While Cindy had a fashion model type body, Kelly’s body was more thick, curvy and voluptuous. Out of the 2, Kelly was the more quiet type. Cindy and Kelly did almost everything together; they went shopping together, they went out to bars together, and they played sports together. But when it came to the guys neither girl would ever get in each other’s way.

Until they met me. When I first started hanging out with Cindy and Kelly they had both stated that we were all ‘just friends’. However, after a period of time I noticed both women had started subtly competing for my affection. When we went out for a weekend on the town Cindy would wear her shortest, tightest dresses to try and out-hot Kelly. But then Kelly would start wearing tight dresses with a shorter hemline. Kelly would sometimes put extra effort into her makeup for me but this would lead to Cindy putting on more makeup to look sexier. It was all smiles and giggles but I knew there was a fierce contest going on. Cindy and Kelly would never lose their cool; they would always brush their ‘competition’ off as playful fun. However, deep down I knew both women had set their sights on me and each time they took steps to get me in bed I could feel the jealousy between the 2.

It was just a typical Friday night and I waited in a restaurant for both girls. This was just one of those nights where the 3 of us would have dinner, go for a few drinks and then hang out at my place for the rest of the evening. Little did I know this night would be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I sat and waited at our table for the 2 ladies; it was not like them to be late and I started to worry. After a few minutes Cindy was the first to arrive and boy did she make my wait worth it. She had dressed up in a tight red mini dress; one of those dresses that made the person look like she was wrapped up in bandages. The dress was so tight you could see every curve of her boobs, ass and legs. I was treated to a first class ticket to the sexy legs show; the dress was so short you could not ignore those long tanned legs and black high heels that she wore. She had also done extra work with her makeup and hair.

I greeted Cindy nervously and she smiled, knowing she had succeeded in mesmerizing me. Cindy ordered drinks for both of us. I initially protested, wanting to wait for Kelly before we ordered anything but Cindy smiled and said “Kelly? I wouldn’t worry about her”. But just as our drinks arrived another familiar looking lady walked into the restaurant. I stood up to greet Kelly and stopped dead in my tracks; she too looked amazing.

Kelly looked very different from Cindy in her own sexy way. She wore a tight black dress which had a nice revealing opening around her cleavage area; a neat little design. The dress was classy and short and once I saw her legs my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Kelly had come wearing sheer black pantyhose under her dress. She wasn’t the type to wear pantyhose much but for tonight she made an exception and all of a sudden I wished she wore it more. It complimented her outfit nicely and made her legs look sexier; there was a nice contrast between her fair skin and the sheer black nylons which encased her legs. A thought also occurred in my mind as I ogled her nylon clad legs; out of the 2, Cindy always had the better legs (Kelly had gorgeous legs too but they couldn’t match Cindy’s in terms of length). Thus, it was possible Kelly decided to wear pantyhose tonight as she realized she could not compete with Cindy going bare legged. It was a clever strategy and it appeared to be working as I continued to gaze upon her. And to complete her outfit she wore a pair of black high heels that gave plenty of room to show off her nylon feet.

I seemed lost for words when I laid eyes upon Kelly. The girl next door in her appeared long gone. I glanced at Cindy and she was also staring; only that she was far from pleased. Kelly and I exchanged greetings and I complimented her outfit. She thanked me before saying hi to Cindy and she was met with a not-so-friendly greeting; Cindy did not smile once at her. As me and Kelly exchanged small talk, Kelly sat cross legged at an angle which allowed her nylon clad legs to still be on show. But then Cindy moved her chair İstanbul Escort round the table so she could sit closer to me. In doing so she butted into our conversation, brushing her long tanned legs against mine. She then crossed her legs in the same position as Kelly. A slight look of annoyance crossed Kelly’s face but she managed to blow it off like nothing.

All night the women competed for my affection in the most cattiness of ways. They would try to position themselves so I would stare at their cleavage or legs. Whenever one of them got too carried away in a conversation the other would interrupt her and start talking over her. Kelly and Cindy rarely made eye contact, but when they did they exchanged little smirks which meant “bring it bitch”. While we ate I felt a foot pressed up against my shin. I could feel the nylon on the foot and realized Kelly had slipped off one of her black high heels and was playing footsie with me. My erection started to stir when all of a sudden I felt another foot (this one without nylons) intercept Kelly’s and pushed it off my leg. Cindy had also slipped off one of her heels and had other ideas about Kelly teasing me with her nylon feet. I quickly cleared my throat and started another conversation with the 2 girls before things got too awkward.

We finished eating and paid our bill, and headed round to a bar that Cindy and Kelly both recommended. The bar played salsa music and both girls were keen to get their dance on. After enjoying a few cocktails at the bar a nice salsa tune started to play. To the shock of Kelly, Cindy immediately grabbed my wrist and led me to the dance floor. I was pretty tipsy at this point and decided to play along; after all, who wouldn’t want to dance with a blonde bombshell in a red mini dress? I took one of Cindy’s hands and wrapped my other arm around her waist and we began to glide around the dancefloor. I wasn’t a great dancer but did my best to keep up with Cindy. She was really putting the moves in; with every step we took she tried to draw my attention to her legs and breasts. I gave Cindy a playful twirl and we briefly separated. Cindy then started to do a sexy solo dance right before my eyes; I swear she could have burned the whole house down at this point.

Suddenly Kelly grabbed me by the wrist from behind and spun me around. The action with Cindy was so hot I had forgotten Kelly had been left to watch us on the side lines; now it was her turn to make her move. Without warning, Kelly seductively wrapped one of her nylon clad legs around my waist and drew herself in close. As we danced and left Cindy to bite the dust I could see a look of lust in Kelly’s eyes. The whole time we danced I was fixated on Kelly’s legs working their magic and the dancing got more x-rated by the second. I was so turned on I didn’t care if Cindy was watching; I pulled Kelly in close, looked deep into her eyes and leaned forward to kiss her. Kelly’s soft moist tongue briefly entered my mouth before it pulled out and I saw why; Cindy had grabbed Kelly’s wrist from behind and turned her around and she did not look one bit happy. Both girls began to argue and toss insults back and forth between each other. In the midst of their argument I heard Cindy labelling Kelly a slut for “stealing her man”, prompting a shove from Kelly. Cindy reeled back for a second and lunged out at Kelly, grabbing two handfuls of her dirty blonde hair. In the weeks building up to tonight both girls had been going at it discretely via psychological warfare. Tonight all the jealousy and frustration had culminated into both girls getting into a hairpulling catfight for the right to sleep with a man.

Both girls were now doing their own little wild dance and tons of nearby patrons were starting to stare at us. Cindy still had her hands in Kelly’s hair as Kelly desperately tried to fight back. As hot as the action looked, I decided to step in and break the 2 girls up. I didn’t want bar security to get involved or worse, someone calling the cops on them. Both girls were tightly pressed together and Cindy had coiled a leg around Kelly’s to try and trip her to the ground. I wrapped my arms around Cindy’s waist and hauled her off of Kelly. Kelly wasn’t finished yet and began to come forward but I stood between both girls with arms outstretched. For a guy who regularly lifts at the gym I found it quite difficult to separate both girls. The bouncers had finally seen the commotion and arrived but before anything could be done I quickly told them we were leaving.

We left the bar but I knew the evening was far from finished; I knew both girls were going to start fighting again. As turned on as I was from watching them fight, I wasn’t comfortable with them fighting in public. Thus, I got the 3 of us a cab and we went back to my place; somewhere private where both women could settle their score without the risk of getting in trouble. During the cab ride home not a single word was said but both girls exchanged glares and did not take their eyes off each other for a second. The moment we got back to mine Cindy and Kelly were Anadolu Yakası Escort keen to settle their score. I opened the door for both of them and both girls made a beeline for the living room. After I stepped into my apartment and turned around to shut and lock the door, Cindy had lunged at Kelly and the fight was on again! Both girls dug their nails into each other’s tresses, pulling their heads from side to side, their high heels clicking and clacking off the floor as they spun round and round.

I went to the living room to get a closer view of the action. At this point I couldn’t be more hard as my erection stuck up like a flagpole, threatening to tear out of my trousers any second. As both girls battled on their feet, Kelly lost her shoes while Cindy’s stayed on because they had straps to them. With her hands still in Kelly’s hair, Cindy drove forward until both girls were near the couch. Cindy quickly released a hand from Kelly’s locks and fired a slap across her cheeks, dazing her and sending her falling backwards onto the couch. Cindy bent over and followed up the attack by going back to the hair as Kelly responded in kind, her rear end on the couch. Kelly lashed out a leg which caught Cindy in the midsection, sending the blonde flying backwards onto her ass.

Both girls had only been catfighting for a few minutes but they were already panting. Cindy’s lovely dress was slightly torn near her cleavage area while Kelly’s dress had ridden up around her waist, exposing her delicious pantyhose legs. Both girls began to get to their feet again. Kelly had her arms outstretched, ready to tear out Cindy’s blonde locks. Cindy reached for one of Kelly’s black high heels that had fallen off, most likely to use as an improvised weapon. However, I had other ideas. “How about you both settle this by wrestling each other in my bed?” I suddenly asked. I knew it was only a matter of time before punches would be thrown and nails would be used as weapons. I generally loved a good catfight but too much blood was a turn off for me and I didn’t fancy bringing someone to the hospital after the fight. Thus, I wanted to keep the catfight going but I also needed to keep it under control. Both girls also seemed to share the same sentiments. “Good idea. I’m sure Cindy feels the same way because I’m ready to mess up that whore face of hers” snapped Kelly. “Bitch, you’re the one who needs to worry about getting their face messed up” Cindy replied, not backing down. “Doesn’t matter how we fight or where, I’m going to beat you anyway and show my man who the better girl is” said Kelly. “Oooh I’m so scared” Cindy cooed sarcastically.

Cindy dropped Kelly’s shoe and the 3 of us made our way to the bedroom. The girls threw the sheets and pillows off the bed so that nothing got in their way while they wrestled. I explained the rules to both girls as they continued to stare each other down. “You win by either pinfall or submission. No time limit.” I announced. There would be a 10 second count in order to score a pinfall. I took my shirt and trousers off and was standing butt naked in front of the 2 girls. “Winner gets to have me for the night” I said as both girls turned to my red hot erection. Kelly’s eyes were filled with lust as she gazed upon the prize and Cindy licked her lips as she stared at my 10 inch cock with approval.

Both girls removed their dresses as they needed complete freedom of movement while they wrestled. Unsurprisingly, neither girl was wearing a bra for the night. Cindy removed her sexy heels and was left in nothing but a skimpy black thong. She got on the mattress on her knees and did a sexy wiggle of her ass and boobs, teasing me with her tanned body. Kelly stood before me naked from the waist up. Her sheer black pantyhose covered her legs and ass and I saw she was wearing white cotton panties under her pantyhose. Since she was pretty pale, the dark pantyhose gave a nice contrast on her body. Before joining Cindy on the bed, Kelly hit a couple of sexy poses in front of me, making sure my eyes were glued onto her nylon legs and ass. I thought I was going to cum right there. The 2 girls would wrestle on the bed but afterwards only one of them would share the bed with me.

Both girls were on their knees on opposite sides of the bed while I stood by the side acting as both referee and spectator. Without warning, Cindy and Kelly charged each other in the centre of the bed, signalling the start of the wrestling match. Their hands met and both girls began jockeying for control over another. Bare breasts came together and nipples began their own territorial duel. The babes stretched their arms out to the side as they continued to interlock fingers. A look of determination crossed both their faces as they pressed their cheeks against one another. Kelly pushed hard and drove Cindy close towards the edge of the bed. Cindy saw what was happening and quickly let go of Kelly’s arms, rolling to the side and using Kelly’s momentum against her. Kelly had been pushing so hard that once Cindy had moved out of the way she fell face first onto Kartal Escort the bed. Cindy quickly pounced on Kelly’s back and grabbed a fistful of hair, pushing Kelly’s face into the mattress. Kelly bucked and thrashed, using her free hands to try and grab hold of Cindy’s perfect blonde locks. Cindy had other ideas; lifting up Kelly’s head by her hair, Cindy pulled at Kelly until she was on her knees. Without warning, 2 long sexy legs had wrapped themselves around Kelly’s waist. Switching gears, Cindy wrapped one arm around Kelly’s throat in a choke hold and continued pulling her hair with her free hand. She then fell backwards, her legs still wrapped around poor Kelly’s waist. She had gotten her into a scissor choke hold.

Submission was now possible. Kelly grunted, thrashed and bucked, trying to get Cindy to release the hold. Her nylon legs flailed wildly in the air as her hands desperately searched for Cindy’s blonde tresses, but to no avail. The more Kelly struggled, the more pressure Cindy applied on the hold. Kelly’s hands somehow managed to latch onto Cindy’s blonde locks and she began pulling hair like her life depended on it. This caused Cindy to abandon the arm around the neck, as she attempted to pry Kelly’s hands away. Without the chokehold, Cindy’s body scissors was less effective and this allowed Kelly to get back on her knees. Kelly backed up hard and both girls went flying backwards into the headboard. Cindy let out an agonizing scream as her lower back crashed into the headboard. Seizing the opportunity, Kelly grabbed Cindy’s hair and threw her down onto the bed, pouncing on her in a schoolgirl pin. Kelly had managed to pin both of Cindy’s arms above her head.

With both of Cindy’s shoulders down on the mattress, I began to count “1…2…3..4…”. Cindy quickly lifted a shoulder off the mattress and attempted to break the schoolgirl pin. The leggy blonde managed to free an arm but her opponent quickly secured the schoolgirl pin again. I resumed my counting but as soon as I got to 6, the leggy blonde managed to get her shoulder up and break the count. Kelly grunted in frustration and pinned her former friend yet again, this time she also began clawing and yanking at her beautiful blonde hair. “1…2…3…4…5…6…7…” Kelly looked to have this fight in the bag. “8…9…” suddenly Kelly was flung to one side; in one last desperate heave her blonde assailant had managed to buck her off of her. Cindy got back on her knees and went on the attack, throwing herself at her rival in nylons. Cindy dove on top of Kelly, but before she could pin her Kelly began flailing her legs in the air, causing Cindy to back off.

Kelly made it to her knees and both girls met in the centre of the bed again. Kelly attempted to go for the hair but Cindy swatted her hands away. Cindy swung out, attempting to catch Kelly off guard with a slap. Kelly ducked and threw herself head first at Cindy’s belly, stealing some wind from her blonde rival and tackling her onto her back. Two steel-cabled legs wrapped around Kelly’s waist and she soon found herself in a bad position. Kelly started to back up off of Cindy, trying to escape the scissors hold. Cindy had anticipated this and grabbed two handfuls of hair, bringing Kelly’s head down to her stomach level to trap her. Kelly writhed and bucked but the more she struggled, the more it hurt. In a desperate move, Kelly began tearing at Cindy’s black thong, finally ripping the entire garment after several tugs and leaving the blonde completely naked on the bed. But this only made Cindy angrier and she continued to apply the scissor hold with no remorse. Kelly went upstairs with her hands, finding a pair of tanned voluptuous breasts and sinking her claws into them with a vengeance. Cindy screeched in pain and released the scissors hold, rolling away and attempting to regroup and recover from the titty attack. Both girls got to their knees and Kelly went after Cindy’s breasts again, trying to use every ounce of strength to rip her tits out. Cindy countered, deflecting Kelly’s hands away and delivering a hard headbutt into Kelly’s forehead, stunning her.

Cindy lunged at Kelly and both girls instinctively found each other’s hair. The wrestling match had degenerated into an all-out catfight. Cindy and Kelly had seemed like such fun girls when I met them, but now they looked like two cheerleaders in a school locker room scrap. At this point both girls were sweaty messes, with all the perspiration coating their bodies it became near impossible to pin one another on the mattress. The hairpulling contest went back and forth; first Kelly took control, then Cindy, then Kelly again. Both girls must’ve seen stars as they rolled right into the headboard and smashed into it again. Kelly and Cindy were lying sideways, fighting woman to woman and Cindy’s back was pressed against the headboard. Seeing her trapped, Kelly went on the attack; clawing, biting, slapping, and pulling hair. Cindy responded by bending down and sinking her teeth into Kelly’s breast, leaving a huge red mark on her right nipple. Kelly screamed in agony and rolled away, clutching her breast. The catfight went back to both girls on their knees. Cindy fought like a tigress, dragging Kelly around the bed by her hair, mauling her tits, slapping, scratching. Then, mustering all her upper body strength, Cindy forced Kelly backwards onto her back.

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