Best Friends With Benefits


Best Friends With BenefitsWe met at work. When I first saw her, I thought, typical hot girl stuck up bitch. She was clearly the best looking girl in the plant and she surely knew it. It was my first day, I was by no means up to her speed on the line. I was surprised how kind and patient she was with me. She was nice to everyone and as it turned out, has no idea how gorgeous she is. I found out that she lives just around the corner from me so I offered to drive her home. She was very grateful for the ride and felt a strong connection with me. We pulled up to her apartment building and she started pouring her heart out. Telling me her deepest secrets. We’ve been best friends ever since. We even got matching tattoos! Without knowing each other very long! Normally, I would be totally against such things. I didn’t have any tattoos and had always said, getting a name or a matching tattoo with someone is stupid. You never know if you’ll always like that person or not. I didn’t even hesitate with her. Because I knew, that even if we end up hating each other, she will always be the first girl I fell in love with. That, is something to remember!She’s very sweet and considerate. 5 years my junior, but wise beyond her years. She really is my best friend. She’s also gorgeous. Inner and outer beauty, that’s 100% beautiful, a rare find!. I can recognize a good looking girl but I have never been attracted to a girl. I watch her work. She wears the same uniform as everyone else but she’s the only one that makes it look hot. Wearing her top low, revealing her perky cleavage. She also rolls the top edge of her yoga pants, making the seam ride up between the cheeks of her bouncy ass. I watch her lean into bins. As she extends her arms, her shirt rises showing the small of her back and the top of her various coloured lace thongs. I catch myself fantasising about worshipping her perfect mocha body. After years of imagining, I decide to invite her for a few drinks and a sleep over. We’ve talked and joked about it enough that I’m pretty sure I just need to make the move. I’m finally gonna do it. I plan the perfect night full of all her favourite things. I bought her roses, made lasagna, set up a chocolate fondue fountain with fresh strawberries, and downloaded Suicide Squad and Some Like it Hot (she loves Harley Quinn and Marilyn Monroe). We’ve never partied just the two of us, but I know she “gets crazy” when she drinks tequila and does blow. That’s her favourite kind of party, so I made sure I have sinop escort lots of both on hand.It’s 6:00 when she gets to my place. We sit down and eat the lasagna while having the usual bestie banter about this and that. I give her the roses and tell her about the night I’ve planned for us. I put on the first movie and bust out a few lines. I pour out 4 shots and lay 4 lemons across the tops of the shot glasses. I tell her “Let’s do two in a row to get this bestie-fest started!”. We each put salt on both of our wrists, as to not have to stop in between shots to re-apply. We cheers and lick our own wrists for the first shot. For the second shot, I grab her wrist and lick the salt off her before taking my shot. She looks surprised and slightly aroused by it. I offer my wrist to her. She slowly licks the salt off my wrist and quickly takes her second shot. I motion for her to come in close, I breath on her neck whispering, “That got me a little wet!” I bashfully cover my face, giggle and say, “I think it’s time for another line!!”. This time she breaks it up, into perfectly even straight lines, with a meticulosity that suggests she’s more experienced with blow than she previously let on. She leans over the mirror and her silky black hair hangs in her way. I brush my hand along her cheek and hold her hair back from her face to help her insufflate some more of the pure columbian blow. I bought specifically to please her. I already have my hair tied up in a ponytail, I don’t need her help to do my line. Now, I’m wishing I wasn’t as prepared as I usually am for things. I take my line and pour a couple more shots. She picks up a shot glass and puts it in between my soft full breasts. I open my mouth to speak and she silences me with her delicate index finger on my lips “Shhhh, don’t move” she whispers. She licks my neck and sprinkles it with salt. Finally she places the lemon wedge in my mouth. I quiver with anticipation as she licks my neck again and buries her face in my tits to take her shot. She wraps her lips around the wedge. Pressing her tender lips against mine as she bites into it. I pull her hair to one side. I tilt her head while I lick and suck on her neck then sprinkle it with salt. I reach down and lightly graze my fingers between her small lips and across her tight wet pussy. “Just checking!” I say with a wink as I lick her neck again and take my shot. I take her hand, the mirror with the blow and guide her to my room. I remove my dress, şırnak escort revealing a hot pink lace, crotchless teddy. “Do you like this?” I ask her. She’s sitting on my bed watching me and making more lines. She bites her lip, nods and says, “for me, I’d like it more in black”. To which I replied,“I thought you might say that”. I open a drawer behind me and pull out an identical teddy in black. I pass it to her while saying “That’s why I bought this one too”. She stands up and starts undressing. I watch and do my line. It looks even better on her than I thought, if that’s even possible. She is gorgeous! With her perfectly fit body and her silky mocha skin. The kind of ass you can literally bounce quarters off, I know because I’ve tried. It’s so round and bouncy, I love it. I take her hand and gently guide her to the bed and lay her down. She nervously quivers as I run my hand slowly up her thigh. My hand gets to her soft wet pussy, and I kiss her. She puts her hand on the back of my head and fiercely kisses me back. I’m rubbing her clit with my fingers as she slides her hand to the top of my head and pushes me down. I look up at her beautiful white smile and graciously submit to her desires. I’ve never licked a pussy before, never had much interest. Until I saw hers, it’s the only one I’ve seen that’s has beautifully small lips like mine. I can’t wait to plunge my fingers into her tight wet hole. I start off slow, teasingly flicking her clit a couple times with my tongue. She hastily pulls my face tightly into her delightful snatch. I squeeze my tongue into her tiny hole and then suck on her clit. I put one finger inside her and she moans. I put another finger in and she moans louder. She pushes me over on my back and sits on my face. I lick her clit as fast as I can while putting a third finger in her narrow wet hole. She starts grinding my face, moaning louder and louder. She tastes good, her juices dripping all over my face. I put my pinky inside her. Once it too, is smothered in her cream. I softly circle around her asshole and push it inside her. “Ohhh my gaaaawd!” she screams, as she squirts right in my mouth. I swallow it “mmmmmm”, I softly moan, as she dismounts my face. She sits on my lap, leans in and gives me a soft loving kiss. Then immediately turns to prepare a few more lines. “We’ll need our energy, it’s your turn next”, she says with another wide smile. She snorts another line and proceeds to the living room to retrieve the tequila!She escort bayan comes back into the room and pours two shots “cheers!” we both say and take our shots. She orders me to do a line and I oblige. She continues to order me to lie down on my back. She scoops up a pile of blow on the razor we’ve been using to cut it. Then plops it on my chest between my breasts. She sits up tall and pulls her shiny black hair back into a ponytail. There’s something so sexy about a girl tying her hair back. She leans over me to do her line. When she’s done, she tosses the straw to the side and buries her face in my cleavage. She pulls back my teddy and takes my nipple in her mouth. ‘’Mmmmm, I’ve waited so long for this” I say. She covers my mouth with her delicate hand and tells me, “shhhhhh, let me try to please you as well as you pleased me”. I moan as I feel her tongue on my small clit. She licks it slow and soft with just the tip of her tongue, gradually picking up speed and pressure. I moan louder. I have her hair in one hand and my breast in the other. Squeezing my breast and my nipple. She reaches into the drawer of my bedside table. She knows that’s where I keep my favourite dildo. It’s perfect, 6 and a half inches, proportionately thick, with a curve up. It has a suction cup at the base, which is great for play alone or with others. Crouched between my legs, holding my dildo at the base. She looks at me and slowly puts the full length of it in her mouth. Even more slowly than it went in, she pulls it back out of her mouth. She tells me to lift my ass so she can slide a pillow under me. Then she dives right back into my pussy face first. I moan loudly as she licks my clit and slides my dildo deep inside me. I have so much built up anticipation for this night, years in the making. She licks my pussy better than any man ever has. Now fucking me hard with my favourite cock, while licking my pussy with such determination and passion. I can’t hold it any longer. My pussy gushes all over the dildo and her hand. For a moment, my thighs are squeezing her face so tight, I wonder if she can breath. When I finish cumming, my leg fall relaxed onto the bed. She’s still licking my overly sensitive clit. I pull her head away from my snatch by pulling her hair. I sit up and give her a soft kiss. “That was amazing!” I exclaim enthusiastically! We both lie back on the bed looking up at the ceiling. I suggest we put the second movie on in the bedroom. We didn’t watch any of the first one but we’ve seen them both so many times anyway that it didn’t much matter. I put on Some Like it Hot, we snuggled up on the bed and fell asleep watching it. This brings bestie sleepovers to a whole new level. The very best friends with the very best benefits.~ Kate Williams ~

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