Best Laid PlansPart 3 – Chapter 5


After Jeanie’s departure, life for Ted and Pam returned to its normal pace. They continued to relive their memories of the movie star’s stay. Ted had enjoyed their time together with the Hollywood vixen but was happy to return to the life he knew with Pam.One afternoon when Ted was out of town, Pam took some time to earnestly consider their relationship. What did it mean, and where was it going? She wondered what it meant to her and to him. She knew without a doubt that no man had ever been more important to her, but she asked herself, “Do I love him?”The answer came to her, “I admire him. I think that he’s wonderful. I love the way he makes me feel. I want to have sex with him every minute possible.” But the thought, “I love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him,” did not come to her mind. The realization was a little jolting to her, but it was also an awakening. She sat staring at her computer monitor and whispered, “He has taught me everything. He has given me everything, but he’s not mine forever. No matter how much I love him, he can never be mine.”Pam answered a few emails that had come in, but her mind wasn’t really on them. Instead, her mind was on Ted and the future. She wished that he was here to press the button on her special panties and make her cum over and over again. She wanted to do anything other than think about reality and what was in the real world. Pam considered that she could stay right where she was and work for Ted until he retired.And then what? Work for his replacement? That wouldn’t do. There was no question about it.The light began to come in her mind. Ted had been training her from day one. He had always taken the time to explain everything to her and made her understand his decisions and why he was making them. In addition, he had always told her why upper management wouldn’t like his choices and why it didn’t matter. And always. Always. He was right. It had empowered her to know that she was working for and with the guy that made things happen. And the light dawned. The pathway was clear, and she knew what needed to happen.As the next few weeks passed. Their schedules didn’t change. They continued to spend their nights together when Ted was in town. Their sex continued to be beyond hot. There was never a morning that Pam woke up alone that she didn’t immediately begin fantasizing about Ted and yearning to have sex with him. When he was away, she went home from work to her apartment. There was never a day that she didn’t end up naked in bed and masturbate, thinking about what he would do to her if he was with her.But now she had a purpose that hadn’t been there before. She could not and would not share it with Ted while she savored every second with him, knowing that it would all end too soon.One of the things brazzers that she hid from Ted was her continuing correspondence with Jeanie. They traded email messages and texts as well. The two had become good friends.Jeanie had told Pam about her meeting with Stella, the photographer. Stella was happy to give Pam an audition shooting, but not immediately. Jeanie explained that Stella was in the middle of a hefty schedule. She was working with two different catalog companies and would be tied up for at least two months.”You’re going to get your audition, Pam,” Jeanie had said. “As soon as Stella can get a free afternoon, you’ll be on her schedule. So stay loose and ready. Your turn is coming.” Something else had opened up for Pam. One afternoon when Ted was away from the office, Pam took a trade magazine from his desk and thumbed through it. Looking at the section that offered job openings, she found an ad for a Marketing Manager for Wilson & Decker, her company’s chief rival, in Dallas, Texas. Reading the ad, Pam discovered that the position they wanted to fill was essentially the same as Ted’s job. “I could do that,” she thought.Two minutes later, Pam’s thoughts turned dark. “How could I ever presume to do Ted’s job? I am an assistant. I could never be the manager.”She had copied the employment ad and read it again and again. “I’ve been so well trained by Ted, I could do the job,” she thought. “I can’t stay in this position until Ted retires.”That night Ted had dinner with a client. Pam stayed home and began working on her resume. She determined that while waiting for her audition with Stella, she should be working on other possibilities. Pam remembered her stepfather warning her not to keep all of her eggs in one basket. She had no idea what he was saying at the time, but now she did. Her appointment with Stella could still be many months away. Even then, there was no guarantee that Stella would be interested in helping her into the modeling business.After two weeks of self-debate, Pam printed her resume, added a letter of introduction, and mailed it to Wilson & Decker. In conversation with Ted, she had learned the name of the person in Dallas who would probably decide on the new hire. Her letter was addressed to Hank Lawson in hopes that he might be interested in someone on the way up.Pam dropped her envelope in the mail at a nearby post office. She had determined it wouldn’t be a good idea to put it in the office mail pouch. You never knew who might go through the mail in her building.After her resume was mailed, Pam felt a sense of relief but held no high expectations of hearing back from them. Life would move on, and she would always be happy to spend most of her time with Ted.Another two weeks passed, and Ted and Pam’s relationship cuckold porno remained consistently hot and active. It seemed to her that the more time they spent together the better they got to know each other, the hotter their sex became. Maybe they had just begun to learn each other’s appetites, favored positions, and erogenous zones. Whatever the reasons, the newness never seemed to wear off their passion for each other. Pam was so involved with her relationship with Ted that she almost forgot about her application for a new job.From the start, Pam was sure that once she and Ted had become active lovers, she would become much less needy. She was convinced that the regular morning masturbation sessions would end for her, but they didn’t. She jokingly called herself a gluttonous slut because her thoughts often went straight between her legs. Brushing her breasts against something could make her panties wet, thinking of Ted sucking and teasing them.After giving it a lot of thought one night when Ted was out of town, Pam decided that the unrelenting fire between them was most likely because each of them wanted so badly to satisfy the other. Nothing made Ted happier than making her have such an intense orgasm that it left her dizzy. For her, it was making him so excited that he pulled her hair until it hurt just before exploding like a cannon as he bellowed like a bull.When she would sit and review everything going on with and around them, Pam wasn’t sure that she never wanted this to end. But, as always, she was a girl with a plan, and it was all going to work out very soon. It took another month, near the second anniversary of their first night together, when all of Pam’s plans came together. As had happened now for many months, Pam spent Wednesday night with Ted at his house. Their sex had been exceptional. Not that it wasn’t always, but this Wednesday night was better than average. Ted had brought her to two mind-bending, squirting orgasms that had left her unable to move. She had thought about changing her mind before saying, “Ted, my mother is coming to town on Friday. I want to take the day off if you don’t mind.””Sure, baby,” he replied, giving the matter no thought. “You take whatever time you need. How long will your mother be here?””I’m not certain,” Pam lied. “She’s having some work done on her home and will stay with me while that’s done.””That’s nice,” Ted replied, about to go to sleep, giving no thought to what she was saying.”Thanks, Ted,” she said as she rubbed her hand through the hair on his chest. “I hope you’ll come by my place on Friday afternoon to meet my mother and have a drink with us.”Those words took a full minute to sink into Ted’s mind. He was in a blissful calm until her words sank czech porno in, and he began to understand, “come by my place to meet my mother.” By the time his mind cleared, and he was ready to ask her questions, Pam had cuddled against him, pressing her bare back against his chest, and appeared to be asleep.”Meet my mother,” he thought again. “This could be a minefield to walk through,” he thought. But before his mind could calculate much more than the comfort of having her soft, beautiful, naked body pressed against him, Ted was lulled into sleep by dreams of soft breasts pressed into his mouth as his ears heard her moans and whimpers.Ted didn’t remember the conversation until Friday morning when he came into the office around 9:30 and noticed that Pam was not sitting at her desk as usual.”Damn,” he thought, “I forgot I gave her the day off.” He went into his office with a small black cloud over his head because he always looked forward to Fridays in the office. Every Friday for the past two years had been filled with a certain amount of tension. He and Pam attempted to show everyone how they were taking care of corporate business while they were trying their best to get out of the office as quickly as possible so that they could get home, get naked and fuck like a couple of wild beasts for a few days.For most of the day, Ted was a little depressed. Every Friday for the past two years had been a time of fun and anticipation for him. He and Pam had played games as they waited for the weekend they knew they would spend together. However, in the afternoon, he realized they would not be spending this weekend together if Pam’s mother stayed with her. Every weekend, even during Christmas, they had spent their time together, and now her mother was here, and that couldn’t happen.By 4:00 in the afternoon, Ted was in a deep depression. For the first time in almost two years, he would spend his weekend alone. “Pull yourself together,” he thought. “We’re talking about a weekend. You can spend a weekend alone!”As he was daydreaming, he told himself that there were programs on television that he wanted to see. This time of year, all kinds of sports programs would entertain him. While thinking about it, he went online and checked the ESPN website to see what sports would be covered over the weekend.Shortly before 5:00, his direct telephone line rang, and he answered, “This is Ted.””Hi, baby. Do you have time to talk?” he heard Pam say.”For you, I always have time,” he answered, happy to hear her voice.”Did you miss me today?” she asked.”Did I miss you?” Ted asked. “Is that a joke? But, of course, I missed you, and I’m guessing I will miss you more this weekend with your mother here. Can’t you send her home?”There was a long pause on the line before Pam said, “No. I can’t send her home, and I want you to meet her. I promise that you won’t be sorry, Ted. Can you get here by 6:30?”Ted grumbled to himself before he answered and said, “Sure. I’ll be there a little after 6:00. Do you have some scotch for me to drink?”

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