Between the Twins


Julia was happy to be going to a different school from Isabella, because although they were identical, people always seemed to pay more attention to Isabella. Perhaps it was the extra sparkle her smile had, or the confidence that Julia lacked, but no matter what, Isabella was captivating.

Not to say that Julia wasn’t beautiful, but she had the learned insecurity of a lifetime of being overshadowed by her sister. Julia loved Isabella, though– everyone did. Julia went to school on the East Coast, and her summer started 2 weeks after Isabella’s, who went to school in southern California. By the time Julia got home, she knew would be filled with stories to tell. During her flight home, she tried to imagine all the fun her sister had been having.

Julia wasn’t disappointed. As soon as her taxi dropped her off and Julia stepped through the front door, Isabella came bounding down the stairs and threw her arms around her sister. “I’ve missed you!”, Isabella said, as she flipped her wavy blonde hair over her newly tanned shoulders, “I have a million things to tell you.” “Of course you do! Can they wait, though, until I’ve rested, and made a few of my own stories?”

Matt, a 27 year old businessman, was new to the neighborhood, but he had already made quite an impression on Isabella. He was a ruthless businessman, but it usually only took a well-directed smile for things to go his way. Between his handsome smile, his light brown hair, his toned arms, and his light tan, Isabella had noticed him at once.

He had had his eye on Isabella for a few weeks, ever since she got back from college. They’d had a few encounters, flirtatious run-ins that made him want to touch every part of her 19 year old body, from her toned calves to her perky tits. She seemed interested in him, too. “I wonder how the college boys are treating her,” he mused to himself.

Matt was drinking a beer on his porch one afternoon, having gotten off work early, when he heard a car door slam. He looked up just in time to see the body he had just been thinking about start to walk away from the car. He’d recognize that ass anywhere, round and sweet, with the very bottom peeking out of her tiny shorts. He thought she looked a little different, though.

“Hey, Isabella!” he called, hastening across the street to intercept her, “where did your tan go?” She started, looking up at him with her big eyes. “I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met,” she said, “I’m Julia, Isabella’s twin sister.” Matt managed to keep a straight face, and said “God I’m an ass, I’m sorry. I’m sure people do that to you all the time.” She smiled up at him and shrugged. “Pretty frequently, I guess. It’s a little easier now that we go to different schools.”

Matt noticed that she perked up when she said that, and she blushed a little bit when he instinctively looked her up and down. When he smiled at her, she felt the urge rip his shirt off, just to see if his body was as attractive as his smile. Her moment of confidence ended, though, and her eyes flicked down again when they heard: “Julia? Matt? About time you guys meet!” Isabella was coming down the driveway, stopping only when she was next to Julia. She threw her arm around her.

As they made small talk, how nice the weather was, how the end of school was for Julia, Matt appraised them side by side. Other than the tan Isabella had gotten in California, they were identical. Isabella seemed much more comfortable in her body, though– it seemed that every move she had was calculated to tease whoever was watching her. He knew what she would be like if he got her naked, and how easy it would be to get her there, but he was intrigued by Julia. He wondered if he could get her clothes off as easily.

“Matt?” He snapped back into reality just in time to wave goodbye, as the girls ran back to the house to greet their Dad, who had just arrived home.

Matt went back into his house. He couldn’t believe that that there could be twins that were that gorgeous. He had wanted to fuck Isabella for weeks now, but he could not take his mind off Julia. He liked how pale she was, and he couldn’t get his mind off the way her eyes dropped down when her sister came out. He was sure that fucking either one of them would be great, but that wasn’t enough– he wanted both of them. He wanted them both on top of him, under him, naked side by side as he touched every part of their 19 year old bodies. He was sure he could.

The twins were lucky enough that they didn’t have to work over the summer. Both of their parents worked, and they easily made enough money to let the girls take the summer off. Matt was grateful, too, because he knew that he would never get them to come over if their parents were constantly looking out for them. It was a slow game, but over the next few weeks, Matt saw them separately and together again and again. When he had Isabella alone, he built up her ego, playing into her narcissistic tendencies. He subtly mentioned that she had a special glow, that not even her sister had. Within a month, she was Casibom practically eating out of his hand. When he was talking to just Julia, he was more cautious– he knew that Isabella would have to be the one to get Julia to do it. He didn’t want to spook Julia, so he just tried to make her feel at ease with him. Neither knew how much time the other twin was spending with him.

In the end of August, Matt decided to use his vacation time to finally get the twins in bed. He invited Isabella over on Monday afternoon. It was almost 90 degrees outside, and Isabella came over wearing a white tank top, just thin enough that he could make out her bra through it, with the tightest, shortest jean shorts he had ever seen. He smirked inwardly.

They went inside, and had been on the couch for less than 5 minutes before Isabella started kissing him. She was a great kisser– hot, hard kisses, with just enough tongue. He returned them for a minute of two, then lightly pushed her off. “What’s wrong?” she asked, confused. He could see that nobody had ever told her to stop. “Well, Isabella, you know I think you’re wonderful, and I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful girl.” “Then what’s the problem?” she asked. “Well,” Matt said, “I think that Julia has a crush on me, and I would feel terrible doing that to her.” Isabella giggled “you’re worried about Julia?” “I wouldn’t feel comfortable being with you, when I can see how interested in me she is. Trust me, Isabella, I would do anything to get you naked, but I want to be fair to Julia.” He could almost see the gears turning in Isabella’s head. Her own ego made her sure that having Julia there wasn’t going to make Matt less attracted to her. “Why not ask her to come over?” Isabella thought. “I want him, and he wants me, and Julia and I have seen each other naked plenty of times.”

“Well,” Isabella said, “what if we were both here? Then you’d be able to have me, and Julia wouldn’t feel too left out, because at least she’d be here.” Matt had to stop himself from celebrating just yet, because there was no guarantee that Julia would agree. He acted surprised at the suggestion, but then suggested that Isabella go ask Julia. “I’ll stay here,” he said, “and you can bring her over if she’s interested.”

Isabella practically sprinted home. She found Julia in the backyard, and quickly told her what she had suggested to Matt. “What??” asked Julia. “Both of us? Isn’t that a little… weird?” “Come on, silly!” Isabella urged. “I know you have a crush on him, and we’ve seen each other naked a thousand times! It will be just like that!” Julia thought about it and, despite her initial surprise, realized that the mere thought of seeing Matt naked was making her wet. “Alright, fine,” she said, “I’ll come over.”

Matt peered out his window, and, after a few minutes was pleased to see both of the twins walking towards his house. He laughed when he saw they were wearing almost exactly the same outfit, only Julia was wearing a grey tank top. He put one arm around each of them when they walked through his door and said “Julia, I’m so glad you decided to join us. Shall we go upstairs?”

Once they got to his bedroom, Matt put a hand on each of their waists. He pulled Julia to him and kissed her, as he slid his hand down to Isabella’s perfect ass. Julia returned his kisses, hesitantly at first, then harder. He began alternating, kissing and touching them both, as both of the twins started to touch him. Having four hands on his body, four identical hands, was almost unbelievable. Their hands ran up and down his body, teasing his thighs, touching his stomach through his shirt. He ripped off his shirt, and then started exploring their bodies in earnest. He kissed each twin again, then pushed them backwards and told them “Take off your shirts.” They complied, Isabella looking as seductive as possible, while Julia simply stripped. He pushed them back so they were sitting on his bed.

Isabella was wearing a red lace bra, while Julia wasn’t wearing one. Matt couldn’t help himself– he knelt down in front of Julia, kissing and biting her stomach and the bottom of her breasts, teasing around her nipples with his tongue. Julia’s breasts were bigger than they looked in her shirt, at least 36C, and more than enough to require a hand each. He quickly realized that he had gotten lost in Julia’s body, but he didn’t want to forget about Isabella. He looked up at her and, while keeping one hand massaging Julia’s inner thigh, kissed up Isabella’s stomach and unhooked her bra in the back. It practically sprang off her breasts.

While he continued kissing Isabella, his hand had been working its way to the bottom of Julia’s tiny shorts. She spread her legs wide, and he pushed a finger inside her shorts. He touched her clit almost without trying, and she gasped with pleasure. Slowly, he circled his finger around her clit, teasing her. She moaned softly and moved her hips to try to get him to stop teasing her. Instead, he slipped his hand out of her shorts and backed away a little ways. Casibom Giriş

“Stand up,” he said, and they complied again. He used one hand to unbutton each of their jean shorts, and slid them down. He almost laughed out loud– they were wearing the same lacy red underwear. Isabella looked hot, of course, but the pale skin of Julia looked so tantalizing under the panties that he almost forgot to look at Isabella.

At the same time, the twins reached for his belt. Isabella undid the buckle, while Julia moved her hand down to his zipper. They pulled his pants and boxers down together, moving to their knees as the did so. Then, at the same time, they gasped at his cock.

Neither of the twins had ever seen anything like it. Both of them immediately thought back to all of the cocks they had ever seen (which, for Isabella, took a lot longer), the college boys who had fucked them. None of them came close to what they were looking at. Matt’s cock was at least 9 inches long, and thick. Simultaneously, they moved their heads towards his cock.

Julia got there half a second before Isabella did, so her beautiful mouth was the first to open wide, trying to accommodate his cock. She wrapped her lips around it and began to work her way down the shaft. Isabella, meanwhile, was playing with his balls and licking the length of shaft that Julia couldn’t reach. He stood there, and just watched these gorgeous twins suck him for all he was worth. They began switching off, sucking his dick and sucking his balls, and he noticed that, despite Isabella’s confidence, Julia was actually much better at sucking dick.

Not that he was complaining when Isabella sucked him off, though. She had a great mouth, and she knew how to use it. She couldn’t go very deep, though– not on her own, anyway. He grabbed the back of her head and started pushing himself further into her mouth, almost to her throat. She looked up at him, eyes wide, then gagged. He released her, and she backed up momentarily to catch her breath.

Julia replaced her almost immediately and, almost without trying, expertly deepthroated him. She had almost his entire shaft in her mouth and was looking up and him so innocently he almost laughed.

Although they were both great cocksuckers, after 10 minutes he couldn’t stand not touching them anymore. He pulled them to their feet, watching their breasts bounce slightly. He smirked, and pinched one of each of their nipples. They both gasped, but neither protested. He slid his hands down their bodies, grabbing their hips, then reaching around to their perfect asses. He gripped them firmly and pulled them tight into him. Although standing, he essentially had each girl straddling one of his legs, his cock nestled between Julia and Isabella’s hips.

He tipped them off balance, and they fell in unison onto his bed. He surveyed them, laying, legs together, on his spacious bed. They were so sexy that he almost ripped off their panties; he slowed down enough to place a hand on each of their stomachs. His touch was firm as he ran his hands down their stomachs, but soft as he grazed the lacy tops of their panties. Very suddenly, he pulled both pairs off.

There they were, naked in front of him, looking up at him in anticipation with their identical wide eyes. The twins spread their legs in unison, and they had the most beautiful pussies, with a small patch of light blonde hair on each. He climbed on the bed and began touching their clits. They moaned in unison, and he fell on top of them, biting their nipples. Their hands reached down and touched his cock, moving over each other in their eagerness to touch him. He circled their clits a few times then, without warning, stuck his middle fingers into their pussies.

The twins moaned loudly and arched their backs. Matt noticed, with a finger in each girl, that Julia’s pussy felt a lot tighter than Isabella’s. He made a mental note of that, then returned to finger fucking them.

Julia and Isabella were in heaven. Not only did he have a massive dick, but his fingers were so talented. As he slowly slid his fingers out of their pussies simultaneously, both girls moaned in ecstasy on the bed.

Neither twin had looked at the other yet, preferring to pretend they were alone with him. It was easy for Isabella, who was still confident that Julia was there as a pity-fuck. Julia almost believed that too, so she jumped when she felt his lips touch her pussy, and she opened her eyes to look down at him. He slid his finger out of her pussy and put it in front of his lips, motioning for her to keep quiet. Since Isabella’s eyes were still closed, she thought they were getting the same treatment¬¬– just fingers. Matt began to concentrate more on Julia’s beautiful pussy, sliding his finger in and out of her while licking her clit, only absentmindedly finger-fucking Isabella.

Julia’s pussy smelled so sweet and tasted so good, and all Matt wanted was to feel her lips around his cock once more. He pulled his finger out of Isabella, lay Casibom Yeni Giriş on his back, grabbed Julia, and flipped her over, so that her pussy was right on top of his face, and her mouth was by his dick. Almost instinctively, she started sucking.

Isabella was confused– in less than 5 seconds, she had gone from participant to observer. Internally, Isabella pouted. For the first time in living memory, her sister was getting more attention than her! “It will be easy for me to get his attention back,” Isabella thought. She slid over to him on the bed, pushing her beautiful tits together as she did. In her sultriest voice, the one that made the college men drop whatever they were doing for her, she said “Where do you want me?” Matt hardly paused from licking Julia’s pussy to say “on my balls.” Isabella, so used to be the favored one, was confused. Matt was paying more attention to Julia! Isabella hesitated, but she didn’t want to be left out, so she moved down to his balls.

Her face was right next to her sister’s, who was taking as much of Matt as she could in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down. Julia was moaning on Matt’s cock, taking all of it in her throat while Matt licked her clit and fucked her with his fingers. She was so tight he almost couldn’t get two fingers in, and he couldn’t wait to try his dick. Julia had never felt so empowered– for once, somebody was paying more attention to her than her sister! Here she was, sucking his massive cock, while Isabella was trying desperately to get his attention by licking his balls. The thought of this, combined with Matt’s persistent tongue, made her shudder with orgasm.

Matt pulled his fingers out of her, and gently rolled her off of him. He surveyed them once again. “How many guys have you girls fucked?” he asked. “Eleven,” Isabella replied smugly, while Julia once again looked shy and said “only one.” The thought of being the second dick in Julia’s pussy was almost too much for him to handle. He didn’t want to wait, but he knew that once he was inside her, he wouldn’t want to go back to Isabella. So, he would have to take Isabella first.

Isabella looked even more smug as Matt pulled her towards him, thinking that he’d finally gotten his priorities straight. He flipped her over so she was on her stomach, so that he could look at her ass while he fucked her. Without warning, he plunged his cock into her. She arched her back and screamed, at first in pained surprise, then in pleasure, as she took every inch of him. He grabbed her hips and drilled her, not slowing his pace or going easy on her. He figured that she had been with so many men, she didn’t need any special treatment. Meanwhile, he pulled Julia over and started touching her clit again, all the while fucking Isabella. Julia was still sensitive from her last orgasm, and came in moments; this time, her eyes were wide open and fixed on him. He knew he had to have her.

He pushed Isabella off him mid-thrust and pulled Julia close to him. He gently lay her down on her back and spread her legs. “I’m warning you, I feel bigger when I’m inside you than it looks like I will.” Julia looked concerned, but at that point Matt no longer cared. His dick was still plenty lubed from Isabella, but Julia was so wet it wouldn’t have mattered. Still, the idea of their juices mingling, on his cock, thrilled Matt. He put the tip of his cock right against her pussy– it resisted, just a little. Even from the outside, she was tight! Slowly, he dipped his head into her pussy. Then, slowly, so that she could feel every inch of him, he began to enter her.

It was not easy– she was tighter than he could have hoped. “Relax,” he told her, “it will make this easier.” She was gasping, and he was only halfway in. He had known, since the moment he laid eyes on her, that he wanted to fuck her, and here she was, tight and wet and naked and gorgeous.

He suddenly realized that Isabella was still there. “Come here,” Matt instructed her. She obliged and waited expectantly. “I want you to touch yourself until I am ready for you again.” She began to touch herself, looking seductively at him the whole time.

Now that Isabella was taken care of, he re-focused on Julia. He realized that his dick wasn’t going to go all the way in the easy way– it was time for the hard way. He pulled out, and Julia seemed disappointed and relieved. He had half a moment to smirk inwardly, before he lined up his cock with her pussy, grabbed her hips, and shoved his entire cock into her tight shaft.

She screamed, and arched so far off the bed she was hardly touching it anymore. He had no mercy, however, and continued with long, deep strokes to fuck her. She was whimpering, but he felt her orgasm around his dick and knew that she was enjoying it. As she began to relax, she started to move her body in rhythm with his.

Isabella, although fingering herself, had yet to orgasm. She was so frustrated, and felt so left out, that she said “use me, Matt. Let me do something, anything.” Matt thought for half a second before saying “Come, lay on top of your sister¬– your face by her pussy.” She paused, but did as she was told, then looked up at him once more. As he fucked Julia, Matt looked down at her and said “What are you waiting for? Fucking lick her.”

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