NOTE: This is a story about the process of being turned toward gay sex. There is no actual gay sex in this chapter, though there are themes of it and I think anyone interested in gay sex, domination, feminization will enjoy it. If you just want to jump to man on man action that will likely start in chapter three or four.


My best friend Shannon was a knockout. She was a personal trainer with tight abs, muscular thighs, a c-cup, and the worlds most perfect ass. When she walked by men and women alike stared and anyone who didn’t want to dive face first into her round perfect ass was an absolute fool. In short, I wanted to fuck her more than I had ever wanted to fuck anybody I had ever met, and pretty much everybody else who knew her felt the same way. My main problem was that my fit slim stature did not conform to the giant god bodied alpha men she went for. Of course, my second problem was that she always wanted a gay best friend and constantly tried to talk me into becoming just that.

When we would work out together she would point out guys who she thought I should pursue, always jokingly but with an air of half truth to it. What I had never confessed to her was that I did, on occasion, have those kinds of fantasies and had even brought myself so far as to stroke another mans cock on one occasion. Truthfully, the idea that she wanted me to be gay had become a huge turn on and I would often masturbate to the idea of her forcing me to be gay. Forced bi porn was increasingly my go to and my biggest fantasy was to have a man in my ass while I was in hers.

As we left the gym and she closed up, she was the head trainer and had keys, one day I caught myself staring at man in the parking lot. I was lost in a day dream of the notion of having him put me on my back and take my ass with my legs spread like a slut while Shannon rode my cock all out in the middle of the parking lot on the hood of his car.

“You should totally suck his penis” Shannon suddenly broke in giggling.

“I’m not gay woman!” I quickly retorted, hoping my semi erect cock wasn’t giving me away.

“First of all! You know you want to be my gay best friend. And even if you don’t you know I always get what I want.” She stated this matter of factly while giving me her most powerful fuck me eyes. She then performed a slow, highly sexual turn “Look at me sweety. Have you seen my ass?!” she the gave her own ass a hard loud slap. “Go ahead babe give it a squeeze!” she didn’t have to ask twice before my hand gripped her supple firm and genuinely perfect ass.

“God damn!” I shouted as she finished her spin and laughed.

“SEE! I told you to grab my ass and you did it. What makes you think fagging out is going to be any different!” in hindsight she was entirely aware that her ass was the best tool in the world to get a cock in my mouth, but in that Avrupa Yakası Escort moment I was genuinely unaware.

We grabbed dinner and I got a little drunk before going back to her place where I got incredibly high. As we sat in a cloud of weed smoke she returned to her favorite subject, my impending gayness.

“How do you really know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried? I mean at least jerk another guy off before you reject the idea of becoming a faggot for me” she had made this argument many times and I had never revealed that I had in fact tried it before, but I had never been this high before either.

“I did try it” I responded through a cloud of weed induced haze.

“Wait what?” she replied confused.

Still out of my senses I responded, “I jerked another guy off one time, it was alright”. With that Shannon whipped herself off the floor and straddled me with wild intensity.

“Oh my god you’re not joking! Oh my fucking god! Yes! You fagged out for me didn’t you!?!?!” she stared deeply into my eyes at this revelation and I was jolted out of my stupor and genuinely regretful for what I had just done.

“No… no I was just joking” I tried to walk my secret back to its closet, but it was too late.

Shannon sat atop me for what seemed an eternity before leaning in toward my face and saying “Yes you did. You wrapped your hands around another mans cock and stroked it. He moaned and you kept going until he exploded. You did that for me didn’t you? You knew I wanted you to be my slutty little faggot and you made a man cum for me, didn’t you” she was less than an inch from my face and grinding her pussy into what was now my rock-hard cock. I had never been this turned on before.

“Yes.” I could barely say it. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire and I wanted to cum. I could barely let the word escape my lips but once it had everything changed forever.

Shannon leaned in and stuck her tongue in my mouth as she took my hands and placed them firmly on her ass. She then broke our kiss and screamed “YYYYEEEESSSS!!!! I HAVE A GAY BEST FRIEND!!!”

At this point I was grinding my cock into her crotch and praying we were about to fuck.

“AWW baby! You want to fuck me soooo bad right now don’t you?!” she said in a teasing but sincere manner.

“FUCK YES!” this was a much more serious response than I had to her previous question.

Shannon slid her leggings down a bit and then place my hands directly onto her bare ass before leaning in for a second passionate kiss while gyrating her ass so that her pussy rubbed hard against my cock. “Baby, you’re a faggot. You’re my faggot and now that you’ve tried cock I’m going to teach you how to be a cock sucking bitch with your face on the ground and your ass in the air. I will probably never let you have that Escort Bayan ass that we both know you’ve always wanted. You may get to eat it, but you’ll probably never get to fuck it. But if you do what I want, and you know everybody always does, I promise I’ll make you cum harder than you ever have before”. She had owned me for a long time and was just now letting me know.

All I could do was squeeze her ass and grind my cock into her. I wanted everything she was saying, I had never been this turned on. But I wanted her ass too. I wanted to be face down ass up with a mas hands on my hips as he takes what’s his, but just as badly I wanted her to surrender to me.

She kept her mouth centimeters from mine and rode my thrusting hips like a horse “Say it” she almost hissed, she was as turned on as me. “Say yes. Say I fucking own you. I own these lips, I own your virgin ass, and I own that cock you so badly want to stick in me! Say I own you and you’re going to do everything I want! Say YES!” she assaulted me with her words, I was defenseless and she knew it. With each thrust upward she owned me more. We both wanted all of this, and we knew she would get everything she wanted even if I wouldn’t.

I lifted her entire body off the ground and roared “YES!!”, she took my momentum and rose to her feet. She stared at me as I must have looked disappointed. She stood there with her incredible ass hanging out giving me her fuck me eyes and a dominatrix smile. She seductively kicked off her shoes before turning around and slowly removing her leggings entirely while making sure to look back at her prey. She then removed her thong and stood before me with her lower half completely nude. It was my dream come true.

From a few feet away she lowered herself to all four and crawled toward me as she rocked her ass back and forth. As she came up between my legs she grabbed my shorts and took them and my underwear in one hard yank.

Her hand went to my balls and massaged them with the knowing confidence of an experienced slut. As she made her way between my legs first her hand traversed my balls and then up my shaft. She followed this with her tongue which started in my asshole and ended when she flicked just beneath the very tip of my diamond hard dick. Then she at on my legs with her pussy just below my balls while she teased my cock.

She then returned my hands to her ass and stared seductively into my soul. “Look how close you are. Your cock is almost touching my soft pussy. I know you want me, and you know what I want. So promise me right now I’ll get what I want. I want these lips wrapped around a cock” with that she sensually put two fingers in my mouth. She then took her wet fingers and slid them under my balls where she toyed my virgin ass before just barely sliding the tip of one in “And I want you bent over istanbul Escort taking a raging hard alpha cock up this ass like a good little bitch. Promise me that right now”.

I was ready and I knew it, and even if I wasn’t I wanted her too bad to say no “Yes. I’ll suck cock, I’ll let a man fuck me, and do whatever you want” I replied in sexual desperation.

Very cooly she responded “Men.”.

“What?” the drugged out confusion had led to sexual confusion and I had no idea what she meant.

“You’ll let men fuck you. Not A man, men, plural, at my discretion” the full scope of her intentions came into light. This wasn’t a one off fantasy of watching two men fuck, she had long term plans for my ass.

“YES! PLEASE! YES I”LL LET MEN FUCK ME! PLEASE LET ME FUCK YOU!” I exclaimed out of unbridled frustration.

She smiled and slid forward so her pussy had my cock pressing into my stomach “Oh baby, you’re my bitch. You made a man cum, you just agreed to let a man fuck you! I would never fuck a beta bitch fag boi sweety!” she declared as she began to grind her pussy on my cock. “I fuck men, you’re a faggot. The men who fuck me are going to rape your whore ass open and fill you with so much cum! They’ll gangbang you and when you’re filled with cock you’ll look over and watch as one of them fucks that ass your holding onto right now until he fills me full of cum. And you’ll be so happy when he does because it means you’ll get to eat my ass before he takes me AND you’ll get to eat it again to get his cum out!” She was declaring her own sexual fantasies now. She was grinding my cock not to make me cum but to make herself cum.

With that I couldn’t hold back and I screamed “I’m CUMMING!”.

Shannon then continued to grind me as she leaned back and coated a finger in her pussy juice before aggressively shoving it up my ass and yelling “FAGGGGOOOOOOTTTT!!!” and then cumming herself.

We both convulsed into one another and she collapsed forward onto my chest. We both laid there, sweaty, panting, exhausted. My hands were shaky but my death grip never left her ass knowing it may be the last time I had the chance. Shannon slowly sat up and looked at me with a bright post orgasm smile.

“WOW! Best. Orgasm. EVER!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah me too” I responded exhaustedly.

She then slowly stood up and removed her shirt to clean my cum from her before tossing it in my face and saying “Clean up bitch!” in a giggly voice.

By the time I removed the shirt from my eyes she was completely naked and had her had out stretched. As I rose she grabbed my cock and lead me up stairs “Let’s get cleaned up in the shower and you can tell me all the sexy details of this guy who I assume you let cum on your slutty face”.

With that we showered, she used her vibrator on herself as I recounted the tale of the man I had jerked off before forcing me to my knees to eat her ass just before she came. She then told me all her plans for me as she fingered my ass and played with my balls as I stroked. By the end of the shower she was fully in charge and I knew what was waiting for me was a very long line of cocks.

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