Bi 2nd Time in Vegas


After my last story about my oral adventures in Las Vegas, I really worried about what I had done and dreaded catching anything from the experience. I realized how stupid I was, but the Jim Beam and those hard ready cocks just got the best of me. I was drunk and high on alcohol, cocks, cum and the whole luscious evening. I really enjoyed myself and knew that enjoying cocks would always be part of my life, but maybe in a less risky way.

I still don’t like anything between my mouth and a hard warm cock, but maybe I could have the best of both worlds that of safe sex and that of lusty delicious fulfilling sex. I had to go back to Vegas and try something else. My thirst for cock is so fucking strong.

I finally got back there and began to plan an evening of oral sex with a twist. I laid down a few rules in my Craigslist Ad. First, I would not take a cock into my mouth. Second, I would not allow any fluid to enter my mouth from another man. You may ask, how can you give good head and follow these rules? My plan was to use my mouth to lick and suck up and down a hard hot cock, licking and sucking its length and the glans, but never let it penetrate my lips and being careful to keep away from the deadly slit where that sweet nectar comes from. I had a woman do that once and it was fucking incredible what she did without taking me into her mouth as much as I wanted to. I was going to give a man or several men the same treatment. I knew just what to do and how to drive a cock crazy. Then, only after a long time of teasing and stroking and licking and tight balls, would I let him spray his load all over my face, mouth closed of course and enjoy is climax as it dripped down my face and onto my chest. I would also give some lucky man a show and let him decide how and watch me eat my own sweet load. He’d see me with cum in my mouth, but just not his. If I were reversing roles I could easily go for this.

I put my ad together and posted it with some hot pics of my bod. I’m 48 and in good shape and know how to please a man. The add read:

Looking for the right D&D free straight, bi or gay guy to let me play with his cock, stroke it, lick it, rub it all over my face and then have you shoot your load on my face like a cheap slut.

Nothing goes in my mouth. Gotta be safe today.

Send stats and interest if you can adhere to the simple rules.

After posting my ad, I just sat naked watching some hot vids on my computer and started to answer the few responses I got. At first I was disappointed at how slow things started. I got so many more responses in my summer suck session. I guess no holds barred sucking and swallowing attracts more guys than my proposal this night with my rules. There had to be some guys interested. I answered some requests, but nothing of real interest. I was surprised, but shouldn’t have canlı bahis şirketleri been. I decided to repost my ad as follows:

“No bull married white male in good shape who loves to have guys come to my room and jerk off on my face and body. D&D free for you and for me. I’ll lick your cock, stroke it and let you cum on my face and body. Sorry, can’t swallow, but you know why. Nothing goes in my mouth, but you’ll enjoy what I do and what you can do. I want to have my body and face dripping with cum tonight.”

Send pic and stats. Must be cut and the bigger the better. We email then you get my room number.

Again, I waded through some emails and finally hooked a nice guy. We emailed back and forth several times until I was sure he was genuine and into my rules. He sent me a pic. Good cut nice hard cock and good body. After all, I’ve got to be attracted to someone if I’m going to give him this special treat. We set it up after even more emails and I gave him my room number. I was committed now. No backing out except maybe to just not answer the door, but I’d never do that. Did I mention that I had nothing to drink this night. I wanted to see If I could wrap my hands and lips around a hot hard cock and be straight up sober. I was drunk alright, but on cock and the moment. I created my own aphrodisiac.

It seemed like an eternity and he emailed me again to say he was showering and coming right over. I appreciated that. I honestly, got a little nervous now. In a few minutes a totally strange man was going to be at my hotel room door expecting to come in and have me give him something so private and intimate that I’d surely lose my wife and job if they found out. I was going to stand there or kneel before him naked with my raging hard on and get down to business making this guy beg to cum and shoot his sperm all over my face. Was I fucking nuts? No, I was fucking hard, aroused inside and out and perverted to the core. I wanted cock. I needed cock. I couldn’t fucking wait for him to get there. I paraded around the room naked just imagining what I was going to do. I turned the heat up to 85 so I’d be warm and we’d sweat. It felt good and I was ready.

I was just standing there watching a video of man to man sex when I heard a knock at the door. I almost didn’t answer it, but I was so fucking hot and this was the easiest sex around. I didn’t have to buy dinner, get to know anyone or wonder if they wanted my body. This man on the other side of the door was here for me to pull down his pants and lick, kiss and enjoy his cock. He wanted to cum on my face. How could I turn back now?

I opened the door and he was only a shadow with a baseball cap and a leather jacket about my height and weight. He liked that I was naked and walked in. We both knew what we wanted and I watched as he pulled off his coat and canlı kaçak iddaa threw it on the bed. I just stood there watching him as he turned around to face me and began to rub his crotch.

He said, “What’s going on?”

I just said, “I want to see your cock.”

He unzipped and pulled his pants down a little so I could see his bulge. It was nice and getting harder in from of me. I immediately walked over to him and grabbed his crotch and felt his cock through his briefs. It felt good and he put his hands on my shoulders pulling me close. I just manhandled his cock and relaxed.

I said, “I want to see that cock.”

He just began to take his shirt off and pull down his briefs. I got down on my knees and was face to face with his almost fully erect cock. I could feel the heat off of it and smell his meaty aroma. God Damn! I held his cock in my hands like it was a golden prize. It was a fleshy hard prize and it was mine. He just moaned his approval. I looked up at his body. It was nice and a good fit for me. I think he was easily 15 years younger than me. I looked at his cock in the darkened room and held it out from his body. I began to lick its length and taste him. I don’t think he really knew what to expect. I could have easily just deep throated him like a bobbing faggot, but not this time. I had to be careful and deliberate not letting him see me or sense that I was trying to figure out how to give him an hour long slow, sweet, caressing session.

As I licked his cock up and down, stopping at the glans, that sweet helmet, to suck some of it into my mouth from the side, he just seemed to really relax also and get into it. I held my lips against the side of his cock and sucked as I moved up and down. I held his balls and played with them. I complimented him on his cock and body and how much I wanted it. I was hard also and now felt as drunk as I had last summer. I buried my head against his crotch and grabbed his ass cheeks. They were firm and nice. As I continued licking and holding his cock, never stopping and moaning myself, we kind of moved over to the bed where he could sit down and let me really have some fun.

I really enjoyed this. It was different then before. I leaned over his cock and spit on it and began to fist him lightly at first. He felt so warm and firm and I looked up at him. He was on his elbows with his eyes closed and enjoying my movements. I told him how much I wanted him to spray his cum all over my face and to treat me like a cum slut because that’s what I was. I was his cum boy. Little did he know that he’d also get to see me eat my own cum this night. I sensed he was really getting hot and wanting to work his way up to a hard climax. As I fisted and kissed his penis, he let his body slip down off the bed so that he was sitting straddling my thighs as I held his cock canlı kaçak bahis with two hands and let him pump and thrust up between them. He hugged me as our bodies wrapped around his cock and my hands. He was really hot now and I was having the time of my life.

I asked if he was ready to cum and he said he was close. I just kept holding him allowing his hips to thrust up and down between my fingers. He could have cum right there, but I wanted the whole dirty slutty scene to play out as planned.

He said, “I’m ready to cum.”

He stood up and I moved back clasping my hands behind my back as if I’d been bound, still kneeling waiting for my master to shower my face with his sperm. I closed my eyes and my mouth and just moaned as I heard his fist move up and down on his slippery cock. I was so fucking drunk with lust and felt like I could pass out. He groaned and I felt his cock head touch my face as he did not want to have any sperm hit the floor, but rather to spray my waiting face. All at once I felt the first droplets of hot cum hit my forehead and nose. He yelped and more cum hit my cheeks and chin and lips. There were three or four good shots.

He just said, “Yeah, that’s good.”

When he finished cumming and fell back to the bed, I got up and wiped the cooling elixir off my face and went into the bathroom to clean up. There was a ton of sperm on my face and chest. It glowed in the dim light. I had almost forgotten about the dildo stuck to the edge of the tub that I’d used earlier to get in the mood. I came out of the bathroom as he lay on the bed and I asked him if he wanted to see me cum and eat it.

He just said, “Sure.”

I grabbed a glass from the desk and moved over to him holding the glass under my cock and began to pump my own shaft to a climax. He just seemed so relaxed watching me do this. I told him that I was going to cum in the glass and drink it in from of him. He just smiled. It really felt good as I felt my own orgasm growing. All at once, my own sperm shot out of my cock and into the glass. It felt so fucking good and he seemed to like seeing me cum. I get three or four good shots and a nice amount of sperm in the bottom of the glass.

I said to him, “I’ll bet you’ve never watched anyone eat their own cum have you?”

He said, “No.”

I held the glass to my mouth and dumped the white slimy load onto my tongue. I let him see the whole load in my mouth and then swallowed it. It tasted so good. I really wanted to have a dozen men fuck my mouth and fill my gut with cum, but only after a good vaccine is developed. Then I can suck off as many men as I want whenever I get the chance. For now, this is my new reality and fun.

He seemed to really enjoy seeing me eat my cum and then got up to get dressed. He gave me a big hug and wondered how long I’d be in town. It was only the night, but after he left I stayed in touch and we agreed to meet again. Only this time, I wanted him to bring a friend or two and have all of them spray my face.

Thanks for listening and remember: Safe Sex can be a lot of fun.

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