Big Brother


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Night fell at the house and I soon found myself preparing for bed. Looking in the mirror and brushing my hair, I was excited that tomorrow was Friday, the last day of school for the week! My parents had left early this morning, going away until that following Tuesday for their anniversary. I’m surprised that I didn’t skip class this morning, even with my big brother playing back-up father for the time being. Speaking of whom, he had just walked into my room. I greeted him with a sweet smile.

“Hey Brandon…what’s up?” I said. When he gave me a curious smile, that’s when I remembered; I was wearing a transparent lace robe with just my silky undergarments beneath them. Giving him a little show, I remained still, making no moves to cover up. This made him somewhat uncomfortable, looking down to the ground. Momentarily, I gave him a long look, loving that he was topless with some track pants on. He was about 6’5″ and a very tall drink of water; I couldn’t help that I was thirsty.

“I’ll be dropping you off at school tomorrow. When does your class start?” he asked, looking at me again.

I leaned onto the dresser, feeling a breeze on my chest. “Ten o’clock.” It seemed as though he was trying to look, but instead turned around, and that made me smile inside.

“Okay. Well, I’ll see you in the morning.” He said. Just when he was about to leave, I called out to him. I couldn’t contain a coherent thought as I walked forward, nearly losing my mind at the sight of his half-naked body and all of those muscles as he turned back to me…

“Yes, sis?” he inquired. I gave him a tight hug, pressing my chest against his, my heart pounding, my body tingling, my nipples hard. I heard him take in a breath as he wrapped his arms around me, his hand caressing my back. Feeling his muscles tighten and hearing his breaths deepen, I looked up into his chocolate brown eyes, quickly resisting the urge to kiss his juicy lips. I almost came standing there, realizing that Brandon was not only my big brother, but he was a man. His chiseled facial features sharpened, his jaw taut and his nostrils flared.

“Thanks for taking care of me while Mom and Dad are gone. I appreciate it.” I said. His eyes softened, perhaps in awe that I looked up to him and admired him so much. I really wanted to reach up and caress the rough facial hair that I had grown to adore so much, but I suppressed my needs once more.

“I’m supposed to take care and look out for you. I wouldn’t be your big brother if I didn’t.” he said, hugging me tighter. I smiled.

“That’s true. You are an amazing brother. I love you.” I said, the sincerity flowing from my lips. He leaned down, kissing my forehead, nearly causing my knees to go weak.

“I love you too. Goodnight.” He said, letting me go. I watched him walk off, closing my door behind him. I walked over to the bed, fell back on the pillows, and sighed.

He’d grown up so fast. Back when I was nine years old my mother had long been unable to Casibom conceive, tying her tubes after she had me, and she wanted to adopt. Skipping right through the young children, she adopted Brandon when he was eleven. At first, he was shy, but we soon began to fight like children should. I could remember fighting about sharing toys and how we would never be able to watch what either wanted to watch on TV. Sometimes we would roll around on the grass in the backyard, or even play house. Everything changed when we became teenagers.

In high school, Brandon had always dreamed of playing football, so he tried out. He got onto the Varsity team at the beginning of his junior year, becoming an athlete. He also became the talk of my classes, all the freshman girls asking me things about him. I smiled, watching him swoon the ladies with his deep toned voice and athletic body. I was not only proud, but also secretly attracted because I knew deep down that living with him would always get me that upper hand. As time went on, I finally began to develop those strong womanly features. Besides having long brown hair and gray eyes, I loved my pouty lips and button nose. I quickly developed breasts that were too big for a B cup but not big enough for a C, loving them nonetheless. I was also an athlete sprinter on the track team, giving me my awesome toned stomach, butt and long, killer legs.

Up until the time he graduated, I would write tons of diary entries about him, wondering if he thought about me. I was glad that he wasn’t going far for college, being able to stay at home and commute to campus like he’d actually wanted to do. He wouldn’t be far from me, and I liked that. But it was when I became a senior in high school that I confirmed he had eyes for me.

When I turned seventeen, I would go out and lay by the pool in my bikini. He would come around a lot, despite his college demands, pretending to be saying something interesting to just get a chance to look at me. I’d caught him with tented shorts plenty of times as he ran off, trying to hide it. I secretly wondered what his cock would feel like in my hand…or even better, what it would feel like to have sex with him.

Through the course of high school I’d had a few boyfriends…our relationships inevitably unsuccessful every time. I’d even lost my virginity, but those guys were jerks. And when I’d come home crying, from an argument or a break-up, Brandon would always be there, holding me in his arms. Sometimes, he would be hard while he was holding me. I wondered if those kinds of situations began his fantasies about me…

And of course, I’d had plenty of fantasies about him too. At times, I’d wish I could go back and not have lost my virginity, so I could give it to someone as deserving as Brandon. But knowing the impossible, I dreamed on, having sex with him in almost any kind of fantasy situation. His big hands would caress all over my body, his lips searing trails down my heated skin. And since Brandon had just walked off, I’d instantly gotten horny thinking about him again!

After an hour Casibom Giriş or so of trying to fight off my dreams and get to sleep, this had failed. I was too turned on, my pussy aching and pulsing in need. My head tossed back and forth on the pillow, my hands clutched into my bed sheets as I softly moaned. I could feel a sheen layer of sweat all over my skin, my nipples stone hard. I took off my bra and panties, slipping the robe on and deciding to take a walk around the house to cool off.

Padding through the hallways with a glass of water in hand, I wasn’t making much progress with cooling off. Figuring that a shower would be in order if the pulsing didn’t stop, I paused when I heard noises. Hearing them going towards the bedrooms, I followed, hearing the sounds coming from Brandon’s room. Those noises turned out to be moans. Hoping he wasn’t hurt I approached his room, finding that the door was cracked open a bit. Peering in, what I saw would definitely not cool me down.

“Oh my god….” I whispered. I noticed that his face showed that he was asleep, but his body was not. He was naked, his erection straight up, his hips involuntarily thrusting into the air. His muscles were tight and slick with sweat, making me lick my lips. I could see a small string of pre-cum leaking from his cock to his belly, making me want to taste. Feeling that thumping intensify even more badly than it had earlier, I licked my lips again. Every deep groan was more invitation to join him, the sound shooting through my ears and straight to my pelvis. I’ll be damned if I chose to walk away now.

Setting my glass on the floor, I crept inside. Closing the door behind me, I silently thanked the heavens for his carpeted bedroom floor as I stepped over to the foot of his bed. Perched over the mattress, I savored the image. There it was, eight inches of pure, hard manhood waiting for the ultimate advantage to be taken. I took off my robe and inched onto his bed. Closer and closer I got onto the plush mattress until finally, my lips were very close to his rigid shaft. Placing my hands on either side of him and keeping my knees in close as not to disturb him, I took my chance…

I took the dive, lashing my tongue up his hot skin, tasting the pre-cum on his abs. Biting my lip to stop myself from moaning, I wanted to taste more. Not getting a response from him just yet, I let my tongue dance up his shaft. I slid my mouth down around his width. Tasting more of him, I gently whimpered in lust and continued. He must’ve been knocked out, moaning but not awakening to stop me yet. The strange thing was that his fingers started to weave through my hair, his hips still thrusting. I went too deep and took too much of his big cock in my mouth, choking a little. At that moment, I gasped as I felt his hands grasp me and pull me up on top of him, our bodies pressed chest to chest. He got on top of me and looked into my eyes with a bit of an angered face.

“Alix? What are you doing here?” he asked, looking at my naked body. I felt his still hard cock resting between my pussy lips, Casibom Yeni Giriş teasing my aroused clit. I made a bold move, wrapping my legs around him and giving him an innocent look.

“I was just helping you. I know you liked what I was doing…you still do.” I replied, shifting against him. His eyes closed for a bit, his jaw tightening, groaning to our contact.

“Look, I think it’s time for you to go back to bed.” He said, trying to get up, but I grabbed his broad shoulders.

“No! I have waited too long for this. I want you right now. Either slam that big cock in my pussy or you lay down and I’ll do it. Fuck me, Brandon.” I demanded, rubbing his chest, the words shaking from my lips. And that is when I noticed that something in him snapped. He leaned down and kissed me, biting my bottom lip and sucking on it. With him being a little taller, I tilted my head back a little to enjoy his tongue entering my mouth. When my tongue joined his, his cock plunged inside of me, drawing out a sharp cry from my mouth. He growled, slamming harder, kissing and licking all over my neck. I was in a permanent state of elation, my fingers clamping in his back, my moans increasing in volume. I never had a dick so big fucking me, so I was enjoying myself.

“Oh yes, just like that Brandon, mmm…” I moaned as he endlessly thrust deep into my pussy. He then kneeled, pulling my legs up and holding them, continuing to make me feel good. I would always remember the sound of our skin smacking together as he fucked me so hard that I could barely contain myself. Placing my legs on his shoulder he leaned down, pushing nice and deep again. I looked into his eyes and I saw this animalistic side of him, his pupils a bit lighter.

“You like that?”

“Yes…oh yeah…” I replied and he kissed me, better than any man had ever done. I started quivering, knowing that I was going to come soon. He sensed that and moved to lie down, placing me on top of him. Settling down on him fully, I threw my head back, finding that spot and riding it out, my hips moving up and down fast. Looking down at him, it was very sexy to see him sweat and hear him groan because of me. He reached up and grabbed my breasts, playing with them and making me softly giggle. But down below was a different story.

“Brandon, I’m gonna come!” I whined and moaned. He grabbed my hips and slammed me right into the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt. I ran my fingers through my hair, hopefully not screaming too loud as I squeezed and pulsed around his huge dick. I quickly regained composure, bouncing up and down like I was riding a horse.

“Come baby, come deep inside me…” I moaned, having another orgasm shoot through me. He sighed, yelling in release, holding my hips still and pumping his hot load in my pussy. It was really fucking hot to watch and feel him come inside me, a grin across my lips as I recorded this in my mental memory. I leaned down, caressing his chest and kissed his neck. Looking into his eyes, I gave him a soft kiss before getting off of him; I felt that I should tease.

“Nighty night.” I said, throwing on my robe and leaving his room. I headed back to my bedroom and slightly closed the door, lying in bed under the covers.

It didn’t take long, but I felt those covers come up off of my body soon after drifting off…

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