Bill returns

Bill returnsAs much as I loved my wife, i couldn’t be straight for her. I was born gay. Thats why, when i was fucked by her father last thanksgiving, I had hope that this wasn’t the end of my homosexual fantasies. I still woke up at night, horny as hell thinking about how legendary Bill had fucked me. I wouldn’t forget his words to me as we left that bathroom. “This isn’t the last time that’ll happen.” I had prayed to god he was rightMy wife loves the environment, and every chance she gets she takes trips to the Amazon to learn more about the environment. So she left, leaving me to a bottle of lotion and my personal laptop. I was in the middle of masturbating to gay porn the day after she left when the doorbell rang. konya escort I quickly pulled up my pants and walked to open the door. I opened the door to see Bill, my wife’s father, standing on my front step. “I heard Celia was gone for the week,” said Bill.”Uh, yeah, she went to see the Amazon….” I said, already getting hard at the thought of last Thanksgiving.”I think you know why I’m here. And this time, I brought equipment.” Bill said, grinning, and i noticed that there was a bulging bag at his feet.” And so i showed him in and led him to the bedroom. “Alright,” he said, “Lets get this started.” He opened up the bag and pulled out 4 ropes. He told me to take my clothes of and to lie down on the bed, and konya escort bayan once i had he took my arms and my feet and tied them to the headboard and the end of the bed. My cock was having spasms on my stomach, and I noticed that Bill was starting to get a giant bulge in his pants, which I knew was from his 9 inch dick. He then brought out a bandanna, rolled it up, and tied it around my mouth. I couldn’t say a thing. He then took out a black 10 inch dildo from his bag and teased my ass with it. I moaned with pleasure. He then, without applying any lube, shoved it straight up my ass. I screamed in delight, and he then started to suck my cock. I just lie there, moaning in pleasure, almost cumming inside escort konya Bill’s mouth. But he drew away from my dick and took out the giant dildo. He took of all of his clothes and put on a leather vest, and a leather mask. He then lay down right on top of me and stuck his cock straight into my asshole. I screamed and Bill started shoving it in and out. I loved it. He took out the bandanna and replaced it with the 10 inch dildo and made me suck it. He shoved it into all the way down into my mouth right as he came into my ass. I could feel the cum splashing inside of me, and Bill got up from the bed, took out the dildo from my mouth, covered it with the cum oozing out of my ass, and made me suck it dry. “My work here is done.” He said, satisfied. My ass was so sore, and it was still dripping from Bill’s cum. He untied me, but i did not get up, for i was still savoring the moment. “I’ll seeya round.” Bill said, and without another word left the house.

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