Bird Watching


Bird WatchingGirl Meets World – Bird WatchingIt was a beautiful spring day on a Saturday in New York City. The sun was shining bright, the weather was a warm 64 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It was a day that everybody would go out riding bikes, taking a nice walk in the park and having a picnic with their loved one. Farkle and Maya were spending the day together bird watching in Central Park.The duo was both under a tree, Farkle was staring into his father’s binoculars while Maya was lying on checked blue and red blanket barefoot and reading a teen magazine while eating a red apple.”Maya, you’re supposed to helping me out with this assignment.” Farkle said as he looks for a red cardinal.”You got it all under control here, Farkle. I’m busy looking at some great fashion tips. Maybe Shawn could take me to Hurricane so I could buy more clothes.” Maya said while reading her magazine.”I do not want to fail Mr McCarthy’s assignment. You’re my partner and I want you to help me out right now.” Farkle said.”You want me to help?” Maya asked.”Yes, I want you to help, you lazy blonde.” Farkle said.”You call me a lazy blonde one more time and I have no choice but to yank those binoculars off of you and shove them up your…” Maya threatened Farkle as he gave his crush the binoculars.Maya smiled at Farkle and looks into the binoculars while Farkle watched her.‘God, she’s so beautiful.’ Farkle thought.The brunette boy watched as Maya’s slender legs swing back and forth. Farkle studied every curve of her body and began to have dirty thoughts about Maya. He wanted to fuck her hard on the blanket. He wanted to use different sexual positions on Maya that she would be extremely turned on and wanting to feel her sexy feet rubbing up and down on his cock. All these sexual thoughts were running through his mind.”What are you looking at?” Maya asked while putting down the binoculars.”Huh, what? I wasn’t looking at anything.” Farkle said.”Don’t act all innocent with me, Minkus. I want to know what you were staring at. Were you checking me out?” Maya asked.”I was not checking you out. If I was checking you out, I wouldn’t be babbling incoherently. Isn’t it a beautiful day? I’m glad that we’re partners. What about you? I want you.” Farkle said.Maya almost chokes on her apple after she heard Farkle say the last part. “What did you just say?” Maya asked as Farkle sits down next to her.”I want you, Maya. With us being paired up as partners, I wanted to be closer to you than ever. And checking you out, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you look. Maya, I love you.” Farkle said.Maya’s eyes began to water and felt her heart beating fast. She never knew that Farkle has cared about her for a very long time.”What’s wrong? Did I make you cry? I made you cry. Oh, my god. Please don’t kill me Maya. I’m sorry that I made you cry. Are you upset?””No, I’m not upset.” Maya said.”Then why are you crying?” Farkle asked.”Because, no one’s ever cared enough to say that to me,” Maya said.Farkle pulled out a handkerchief from out of his pocket and wiped the tears from off of her face. The young genius stared into the blonde’s beautiful blue eyes and slowly leans in and pressed his lips against hers. Maya closes her eyes as she enjoys the feeling of Farkle’s lips against her own. Farkle ends the kiss and rests his head güvenilir bahis on Maya’s forehead as Maya grins at him, locking her eyes with his.”Wow.” Maya whispered.”I know.” Farkle said softly.”You just kissed me.” Maya said.”I know.” Farkle said. “What do you think of it?””It was… it was… it felt amazing.” Maya said as her eyes trailed down to his lips. “Do you think that we could… you know.””Think we could do what?” Farkle asked while he lightly touches Maya’s leg.”Think we could do more?” Maya asked shyly as she made her decision to take the next step with Farkle.”So, you like the kiss and you wanted to do more with Farkle.” Said Farkle with a grin on his face as Maya tries to lift off his shirt. “Hey, remember back in Ms. Kossal’s art class where you drew me in a bird’s nest?””Yeah. It’s a work of surrealism.” Maya said. “And you just need to be protected.””You love me.” Farkle smiles at Maya.”Oh, shut up.” Maya said as leaned back and pressed her lips against Farkle’s. “You know, we’re under the tree and it’s just us.””Are you trying to tell me that you want to have sex under the tree? Maya, people will catch us. Are you sure you want to do this?” Farkle asked.”At least they’ll be getting a hot show to watch. Besides, it’s really kinky to be watched while having sex in public.” Maya said as she leans in and kisses Farkle.Maya blushes and smiles at Farkle as the duo continue to make out on the blanket. Maya straddles Farkle’s lap while she rests her hands on Farkle’s chest and deepens the kiss, making her moan into the kiss. Farkle licks Maya’s bottom lip, begging for entrance. Maya allows Farkle to slip his tongue inside her mouth. Soon, Maya and Farkle’s tongues engage in a battle for domination while Farkle moves his hand up to Maya’s breasts and squeezes it roughly, letting Maya know that he was going to be in charge of the lovemaking.After breaking the kiss, Farkle reaches the behind the back of Maya’s black and white dress and pulls her zipper down. Farkle starts to remove Maya’s dress, leaving her in her white silk bra and matching panties.”Whoa. Maya, you look beautiful.” Farkle said while he stares at Maya’s half-naked body.”Thank you, Farkle.” Maya said.The blonde angel removes Farkle’s red button down that was unbuttoned, Leaving him in his yellow t-shirt and burgundy turtleneck. Farkle leans down and kisses Maya and leaves a trail of kisses down her neck while he unhooks her bra. Farkle continues to lick and kiss on Maya’s neck while removing her bra. Maya’s medium-sized breasts were exposed for Farkle. The brunette genius kisses down to her breasts and starts licking her nipples.”Farkle.” Maya moans.Farkle licks around Maya’s nipple while using his hand to play with her other breast and pinch her nipple hard and rolling it in between his fingers. Maya continues to moan in delight from the feeling of Farkle using his tongue and fingers on her breasts. She began to feel her panties getting extremely wet from his touch, she was wanting to get fucked harder by him. Farkle stops playing with Maya’s nipples and starts to lick down her stomach and licks around her belly button until his tongue reaches down to her panties. Before he starts to eat her out, Farkle removes his shirt and his turtleneck.The young genius starts worshipping the blonde’s long legs, with one türkçe bahis hand moving up and down on one leg while he licks the other. Maya continues to moan as Farkle kisses her foot. Farkle brings his mouth closer Maya’s foot and began licking her pretty toes. Maya moans softly from the feeling of Farkle sucking on her toes.”You like that?” Farkle asked.”I love it.” Maya giggles as she felt Farkle’s tongue kicking the bottom of Maya’s foot.After worshipping her feet, Farkle hungrily rips off Maya’s panties and licks at the giant wet spot to get a little taste.”Time for me to taste you.” Farkle grins at Maya as he leans down in between her legs and stuck his tongue out and licks around her wet pussy lips to tease her for a bit. Maya releases a sexy groan from her throat and licked her soft pink glossy lips. Farkle’s tongue ran up and down against Maya’s wet slit while playing with her breasts for a couple of minutes.”God, yes! Farkle.” Maya moans as her partner continues to lap at her pussy.Farkle spits on Maya’s pussy and rubs it with his fingers. Maya cooed as she felt Farkle massaging her clit for a bit. Using his fingers to spread her thin pink pussy lips open, Farkle sticks his tongue out and plunges his tongue in and out of Maya’s hole. Maya held her legs up in the air and her toes begin to curl as Farkle kept tongue-fucking her. Maya continues to breathe heavily as her walls begin to clench tightly and her juices slowly poured out of her cunt and landed onto Farkle’s tongue.”FARKLE, I’M GONNA CUM!” Maya screams as Farkle slowly tongue fucks her pussy.Farkle felt a stream of liquid spraying into his mouth, which he happily licked up. Farkle watched as Maya pants heavily and recovers from her intense orgasm and brought himself back up to her lips to kiss her.”You taste pretty good, Maya.” Farkle said as he continues to kiss her.”Mmm, I do.” Maya smirks and kisses him again until she breaks the kiss. “Now, it’s my turn.”Maya removes Farkle’s yellow t-shirt and turtleneck in one quick motion and removes his shoes, socks and khaki jeans, leaving him in his blue green briefs. Maya begins to place some soft kisses on Farkle’s chest and sucking on his smooth skin. Farkle begins to moan softly from the feeling of Maya sucking on his erect pink buds while she moves her hand down and starts cupping his crotch. Maya squeezes the brainiac’s balls and strokes his cock hard as Farkle squirmed underneath her. His cock started pulsing in his briefs as Maya continues to massage his balls. The blonde teen notices his pre-cum leaking through his briefs; she wanted to take him in his mouth right away. Maya removes Farkle’s briefs and began licking the tip of his seven-and-a-half-inch cock.”Maya…oh god….” Farkle moaned from the feeling of Maya’s tongue running up and down on the length of his cock.The blonde moves her tongue down to the brainiac’s balls and starts lapping at it. Farkle continues to moan loudly from feeling Maya licking and sucking on his balls. After concentrating on his balls, Maya engulfs Farkle’s shaft in her mouth and bobs her head up and down. Farkle gazes into Maya’s blue eyes and runs his fingers through her straightened blonde locks. The blonde uses her tongue to twist around and tease the brainiac’s cock for a couple more minutes before she does something that caught güvenilir bahis siteleri him by surprise. Maya starts to lick Farkle’s ass for a bit. Farkle’s eye’s grew big from the shock of feeling Maya’s tongue licking around his tight hole. Maya spits on Farkle’s ass and uses her middle finger to tease it for a bit slowly slips her finger inside to finger him.”Oh, god…I love that.” Farkle moans.”Good.” Maya grins seductively at him.Maya continues to finger Farkle while he wraps his hand around his cock to stroke himself for a bit. Maya watched the pleasurable expressions on Farkle’s face as she continues to finger him hard while he plays with his cock. She’s dying to see him shoot his hot white cum all over his stomach and hand and watch it drip all over the blanket. Farkle gently grabs Maya’s wrist and stops her from fingering him.”What is it?” Maya asked looking confused.”Nothing’s wrong. I want to lick your pussy again while you suck on my cock.” Farkle said.Maya pushes Farkle back down on the blanket and climbs on top of Farkle as the both get into a 69 position. With her dripping wet pussy facing him and his fully erect cock touches her lips. The duo begins their oral assault on each other: Farkle eating out Maya while fingering her with his index and middle finger while Maya deep-throats his cock. Farkle loved hearing the lovely slurping sounds from Maya. It was an amazing turn-on for him. After the two-stop pleasuring each other, Maya lies down on her back and spreads her legs wide for Farkle as he lines up in front of her entrance and slips his cock inside her nice and slow. Maya starts to wince in pain as Farkle continues to push himself inside her.”Oh, fuck!” Maya closes her eyes tightly and grits her teeth to go through the pain.After the pain subsides, Maya begins to feel some pleasure as Farkle thrusts in and out of her and swollen opening,”Harder, Farkle.” Maya groans as Farkle thrusts harder and deeper inside her dripping wet hole.Maya gently grips Farkle’s butt go guide him inside her. Maya moans passionately and fondles her breasts at the same time. Farkle breathes heavily while he fucks Maya harder, deeper and faster into her love tunnel. The attractive brainiac leans down to kiss Maya roughly. After fucking her in the missionary position, Farkle lifts Maya up as she wraps her slender smooth legs around his waist and pins her against the tree. Farkle grabs Maya’s ankle and begins to fuck her hard against the tree. The duo gaze into each other’s eyes and moaned together at the same time. Maya continues to feel Farkle’s balls slapping against her ass and her pussy and her inner vaginal wall clench tightly around Farkle’s cock while his cock begins to twitch inside her and his balls were starting to churn, they were both ready to cum.”Oh, my god. Farkle. This feels so good. Keep fucking my pussy harder.” Maya moans.”You’re so tight and wet, Maya. Do you want to cum together, baby?” Farkle asked while pounding Maya hard.”Let’s cum together.” Maya moans. ” AHH, FARKLE! I’M CUMMING!””Unh… oh, my god. Maya. Ohhh!” Farkle releases a loud moan as him and Maya both cum together.Farkle releases his creamy white load inside Maya while he gives her one last thrust. After filling Maya’s insides with his cum, Farkle pulls out of her and kisses her as they both got dressed quickly before somebody catches them.”That was pretty hot. We should do bird watching more often.” Farkle said.”Yeah. We should.” Maya smiles at Farkle. “Next time, it’ll be at your place.””Deal.” Farkle kisses Maya on her cheek.THE END

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