Birthday Surprise – Wife + 3 Other Asian Girls (re


Birthday Surprise – Wife + 3 Other Asian Girls (reThis is a repost of a great story that was deleted by another xhamster member. hope you guys enjoy it. I most certainly did.Another birthday. Mid-30s birthdays are no big deal. When my wife told me to meet her at the generic restaurant off the highway next to all the hotels for a special birthday dinner, I figured it was about par for the course. I suspected she had a coupon. I met her at 7 p.m. as she told me to. She was already waiting for me, wearing her work clothes, navy skirt, black stockings, white blouse, long black hair tied back. She had already ordered me a big glass of my favorite beer. I had one, then another one, and some good appetizers. Finally our table was ready. I was feeling tired. I wanted to get through dinner, go home, read a book, go to sleep. The table was a booth in the far corner of the restaurant with plates set for five. I looked at her and she shrugged. It was a Wednesday. Not that busy. By then it was just approaching 8. I saw another attractive Asian woman headed our way. I say “another” because my wife is Korean and hot as hell. I realized I recognized the other Asian girl. It was Y. the girl my wife used to work with. She was Chinese. She had long dark hair, big cock-sucking lips, big tits, nice legs, and she was over-the-top religious. A born again Christian the last I heard. But that had been about four years ago. She had been totally inexperienced and whenever I tried to flirt with her I embarrassed the hell out of her. And I kind of enjoyed it. Served her right, the little game-playing bitch. She once coyly demonstrated fellatio on a beer bottle and it was so hot I beat my cock raw for a week. She knew what she had done. Once she watched our pet goldfish while my wife and I went on vacation. My wife was too busy to pick it up when we got back so I went instead. She answered the door wearing nothing but a red silk robe. She acted like she hadn’t been expecting me but that was bullshit. I acted casual and she offered me a drink. She poured it for me and then went to lie down on the couch as I sipped it. I eyed her body hungrily as we chatted, acting like nothing was up, though I could see the outline of her nipples through the thin silk of her shirt. Like my wife she had on a white blouse, and the air conditioning was making her nipples stand out. I sat down next to her on the couch and we continued to talk. Fuck it, I thought, and put my hand on her leg, which she had stretched out to within an inch of my lap. She seemed to snap and twitched visibly, took the drink from my hand, gave me my goldfish and shooed me out of the apartment. Total cock tease. But that was in the past and we were friendly now. She even gave me a peck on the cheek as a greeting. She scooted into the booth on my right-hand side and grabbed a menu. As Y. was ordering food and drinks I saw two more Asian ladies heading my way. I have a severe Asian fetish. I can spot an attractive Asian woman from 30 yards away. And I thought I recognized these two also. It was my friend M. and her sister R. They were from Japan, twins but not identical. I got to know M. first as a pen pal and had taken turns escorting both of them around the U.S. on a couple of different occasions, first M. then R., then both of them together. I had been a perfect gentleman, though my dark side had urged me otherwise. They knew they had both been sarıyer escort extremely drunk, especially M, and vulnerable. I could have had both of them repeatedly in the state they allowed themselves to get in. Instead I always took them safely to their hotels, unm*****ed. M. was a sweetheart. If I hadn’t already been married to my wife I would have been tempted to marry M. She told me that she had only had a few disastrous encounters in her life, all with white guys, which she favored, and they had all used her and left. There was a moment one time in her visit when we almost . . . but it didn’t happen. And I had no idea what they were doing here in the U.S. M. lived in Tokyo and R. lived in Paris.We all ordered food. And frozen daiquiris. I don’t need to tell you what that does to petite Asian women. If they don’t pass out or throw up, they turn into giggly cum-whores. Soon they were laughing and talking and it got loud. I recall the waitress trying to get us to keep it down several times. Soon we were drinking shots of straight-up tequila. Somewhere around 11 p.m. they brought out the birthday cake and the whole restaurant sang to me. I felt like an idiot but I was drunk enough by then that I didn’t care. Also Y. was leaning on me and the sisters were in the bag, half slumped over the table but still enjoying themselves. By now I was checking out their bodies. I noticed they were all wearing the same outfit: navy skirt, white shirt, black stockings, heels. It was finally striking me as strange. I had obviously seen my wife’s legs and they always looked good in stockings. I had seen and even felt Y’s legs before, however briefly. I had only seen M. and R.’s legs briefly when we went in the water at the beach – typical Jap. girls they just rolled up their jeans and waded into the ocean up to their knees. I had always regretted not getting to see more. I was soaking this up.At midnight the restaurant was closing. We got the bill. My wife paid. At some point she suggested they all sing Happy Birthday again. I thought we would all be leaving after that. I wanted to know how M. and R. got here or where they would be staying but was too drunk by then to ask an intelligent question. Then as they were singing again my wife started unzipping my pants. I thought she was going to give me a birthday blowjob, then realized in my drunken haze it was impossible, there were other people around. Then I noticed Y. was helping her unzip my pants and her hand went over my wife’s on my cock. My head was spinning a bit trying to figure out if Y. had touched it, or if she was trying to, or just trying to cover it up. It felt like she was touching it though. And trying to. M. and R. looked and leaned over laughing and gazing at my cock as they sang. It was bizarre and confusing and hot.You know how it is when you’re too drunk? You follow anyone anywhere, just docile. I followed the group out of the restaurant, through the parking lot, to the hotel. I’m sure I asked where we were going and wondered why we were all going. The hotel room was a suite with a big main room and a king-sized bed. I made it to the couch and then lay down. There were Asian women bouncing around everywhere, talking, laughing. I wanted to stay awake and flirt with them, but I nodded off.When I awoke I was naked and laying on the floor in the main room. esenyurt escort Have you ever woken up to eight stockinged Asian girls’ legs touching your body? They were all four sitting around me on the floor, still wearing their outfits, though their shirts were undone. They were playing with my nipples, stroking my chest, looking at my cock and laughing. My wife was playing with it, though it was currently limp. I couldn’t figure out why. Too much alcohol. Y’s foot was poking at my face, rubbing against my collar bone and chest. I couldn’t come to grips with Y., M. and R. all seeing my cock all at once. Much later a hazy memory came back to me of all four of them with all eight of their legs on my chest, singing Happy Birthday yet again, as I took turns playing with their legs. At the end of the song I remember everyone clapping and all eight of their feet poking at my cock. What I remember clearly after that was: Y. sitting back, switching legs and then extending the heel of her shoe to touch my cock. Then R., who I barely knew at all, slid forward and spread her legs, her skirt sliding back, teasing me and giving me a glimpse of her panties as she ripped her hose open a little. My wife was between my open legs, her skirt above her hips, shoes off, between my legs, giving me a foot job, stroking my cock hard. Y.’s bare foot was now running up and down my thigh. Without warning I saw my cum shoot onto my wife’s stocking-ed leg. No! Too soon I tried to yell to myself. The tension left my body. One of the twins brought a hot cloth and wiped the cum off of my chest and off of my wife’s leg. I blacked out.I came to again. There was an empty plastic bottle of Jose Cuervo pre-mixed margarita propping up my head. My wife would tell me later that I was out for a good 40 minutes. During that time, she told me, they had all taken practice stroking and sucking on my cock, coaching each other, laughing, clapping, drinking margaritas, taking shots, and idly playing with my limp cock. When I woke up R. was between my legs and stroking my cock, coaxing it hard. Y. and M. were on either side of me, playing with my arms and stomach, their still-stocking-ed feet on my bare hips. I couldn’t find my wife anywhere. Did she leave? Was she mad? Then R. started sucking my cock and I lost all sense of concern. Soon after Y. joined in, curling her legs up under her. I reached out and stroked her legs. R. and Y. had their heads together taking turns on my cock as M. rubbed her foot on my chest, her legs spread, her skirt splayed back, pantyhose ripped, rubbing her pussy. I looked around again for my wife. Nowhere. M’s blouse was fully unbuttoned. I started to play with her tiny tits. I was still looking around. Where was she? No, I wouldn’t miss the chance. I stood up. R. was the easiest because I knew her the least and for all I knew she was a whore. I got her one leg up on the couch, the other supporting her. M. said something in Japanese and rolled a condom over my cock. Then it was in as I mounted R. from behind. Y. and M. knelled behind me, hands around my legs, their now naked breasts pushing into my flesh as they kissed the backs of my naked thighs as I started to pound R. R moaned with pleasure and having already cum once I was solid to bang her. She moaned until she came and then fell onto the couch. I pulled out and grabbed Y., throwing her onto the floor, avrupa yakası escort spread-eagled. Y. hesitated and her pussy clenched before I entered it, but she let me in, then wrapped her legs around me. R. slid over and began to kiss her left nipple as I fucked Y. Meanwhile M. followed suit, curled her body up to me and began kissing my nipple as I fucked Y. I blacked out. I am told that I fucked Y. nearly senseless as R. sucked her nipples and played with her titties. Y. had big tits for a Chinese girl, especially compared to my Korean wife’s A cups and the nearly non-existent Japanese titties of M. and R. I must have tapped out at 2 a.m. but apparently the party went on. R. was a total lesbian and Y. allowed it as far as while I was fucking her, and a little making out afterwards. M. told me all later. After Y. pushed her away R. went looking for my wife who was passed out this whole time in the bedroom of the suite. What actually went on there my wife will never say but I think R.’s tongue brought her to horniness and near cumming so much that her legs were wrapped around R’s head and R’s tongue deep inside her pussy before she ever figured it out and had to explain that she wasn’t into that. At that point R. and Y. reunited in the main room, both feeling a little unfulfilled.By then I had crawled to the bathroom and M. was there with me. She remembered when I stuck by her when she was drunk and helped her. She had been pretty passive the whole night. She told me my wife had brought them all in to help celebrate my birthday, had even paid the air fare for her and M. She was now wearing only the white blouse and panties, and her blouse was hanging wide open. I’m afraid I was no gentleman. I played with her legs and feet, rubbed my cock on them trying to get hard and get off. She obliged me for a while. Then I kissed her and played with her nipples. She was a good kisser. She began stroking my cock. She was good at that too. Finally I said, why don’t we get in the shower and you can give me head or maybe I can fuck you from behind? I would never have said that except I was drunk out of my mind on tequila.M. had a reply ready. She said: your wife told us, and we all agreed, no one gets off with you without another in the room. Oh.I took M. by the hand. By then we were both stark naked. A lot of time had passed, apparently. We went to the bedroom. By then R. had wandered off and found Y. I saw R. kneeling in front of the couch and Y’s legs wrapped around her back. In the bedroom my wife was snoring, sound asleep, buck naked, legs spread, face down on the bed. I pulled M. on top of her, also face down. That woke my wife up. I arranged them both until M’s pussy was directly above my wife’s, stacked like cord wood. Then I took turns dipping my cock into each of their pussies. I enjoyed savoring and comparing each of them, the wet Korean pussy, tight Japanese pussy, sometimes thrusting in one, pulling out, then sliding into the other. They were both clenching and yearning for my cock, a pile of lusting flesh that I controlled. My wife’s was the warmer and wetter of the two. M’s was tighter but twitchy and jumpy somehow. I realized she was a lot more inexperienced. I suspected she had had few other encounters other than from really dominating Japanese guys who just used her. Having already cum twice that night, by then I was a champion. I served them both slowly, easily, moving with their rhythms, making them move together in a pile of themselves as I fucked them. They both came, more than once. One glorious time, it was together as I fucked M. onto my wife and the motion served them both. Then came my dilemma – how to cum and where to put the cum. Well . . . what would you have done?

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