Black and White Ch. 03


Hey everyone! Back here with the third episode. This one took a lot of time to write, and it is a lengthy one. Just hope you all enjoy it.


Episode 3

In the Kingdom of Light, far away from the material plane, White opened his eyes awakening from a deep slumber. He was immediately surprised at the form of a woman angel bending over his body as he lay. Frigeria was still there? How long had she been there healing him?

The beautiful form of the raven haired angel turned her attention towards her Emperor. “Finally the white angel Witenhoem rises.” Her voice reverberated as the tinker of muted bells across the chamber in which White lay.

“Frigeria, how long have you been healing me?” White was slowly trying to raise himself and Frigeria helped him in the task. His colossal wings opened up as he sat upright. He still felt enervated, but all the pain had vanished. There was no longer a single bruise on his body.

“I have been healing you but two nights. The wounds of battle you possessed were of a draconian nature.”

“Yes,” White grunted as he sat himself upright. “I was led into a battle with a small child; the kind that was the son of the devil himself.”

Frigeria nodded her head in understanding. “So it was Pi that you fought. I reckoned as much when you appeared and collapsed onto your throne. My fear knew no bounds when I saw the injuries you bore and the icy shards embedded deep within you. Even your wings were torn and ragged. I almost thought that we had lost our ruler!”

White smiled at the worry expressed by the greatest healer in the Kingdom of Light. “Fear not Frigeria, it will take more than a chimerical creature to conquer me. I returned to you with wounds of a draconian nature you say, Pi did not return to the Kingdom of Void at all.”

“So he was defeated.” Frigeria took a deep breath absorbing the news.

“Defeated and destroyed.”

“And yet, the involvement of Pi suggests that the Empress herself is involved in this matter of the Alchemist.”

“Indeed it does, all the more reason for me to hasten and reach the Alchemist.”


In the Kingdom of Void also far away from the material plane, another angel albeit a dark one, was crouched in reverence under his ruler. The undersized ruler shook her head from side to side, her golden yellow tresses, which reached all the way to the ground, swaying as she did.

“He is not yet ready,” she stated. “The alchemist will not lend us the use of his powers in his current state.”

The doughty black angel lifted his gaze to meet the eyes of his mistress.

“And in fact,” the Empress continued, “It might be quite some time before the Alchemist will be prepared. You Arangyunus, will have to keep wooing him till he reaches that stage.”

Black nodded understandingly. This task was proving to be diabolically difficult. The dark Seraph had been putting in all his efforts for four continuous days and the mistress only stated that converting the Alchemist would take much more time. Black had been constantly endeavoring, and in the process had lost himself several times, lost his finesse and he was feeling like he was losing himself now. He felt as if the young boy was gradually pulling the ground from beneath him rather than the other way round.

But this was no time to founder, and certainly not the time to possess a weak mind. The most important task he had ever been bestowed was upon him, and he would have to complete it consummately.

“I understand,” The dark seraph finally whispered back.

“Slowly poison his mind. Seduce every pore of him. Completely overwhelm him with yourself. And when he is ready to do any task you ask of him, it is then that he will be ready.” Having lost her pet, the Empress was more determined than ever to thrall the Alchemist. The Alchemist would grant her the ability to extirpate all her enemies, and one in particular; one that would allow her to exact sweet revenge for the death of her pet, and revenge for a matter that went far deeper into time, one that very few knew of. White would suffer for his chicanery.

Black nodded once more accepting his orders.

“Empress, where is Pi. It had been some time since I have seen the chimera.” Black had never been fond of the fanciful creature himself but was used to its sessile presence with his mistress. It was strange that the past few times he had visited the Empress in the Kingdom of Void, there had been no signs of her pet.

The little lass steeled herself. She would not inform Arangyunus that her pet had been defeated. Annihilated by the hands of her adversary. Destroyed by White while her own guardian frolicked with the alchemist. Black would not know of this.

“I have sent him on a task to the dark glaciers of Void. I am afraid it will be some time before he returns.”

Black acknowledged the fact and raised himself. It was time to go back to the material plane. Time to return to the boy who was so infatuated with him but was still not ready to do as he desired. Back to the boy that güvenilir bahis he had been seducing. The same boy who now sometimes scared him.


Aiden was a little nervous while entering his class. He ran a hand through his hair for the umpteenth time. Aiden had gotten his hair styled for the first time in 21 years of his life. He had finally gathered the courage and reasoning to change his hair. He had gone from shaggy uncombed disheveled to sleek middle-parted hair. He was unsure whether of what others would think when they saw it. But he had liked it when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time. And now his fellow engineers were going to see it for the first time.

Aiden took a deep breath and entered the lecture hall through the front door. The crowd was boisterous as usual, as they would be when no lecturer had yet entered the class, and a few took notice of Aiden’s changed comport. Aiden looked across to where he normally sat on the last row with Dominic and Storm. Yup, they were there as usual, seemingly engrossed in some type of an argument. Aiden made his way towards them as someone commented how weird he looked in his new hairstyle.

Dominic had been the center of Aiden’s universe for more than two years, in fact ever since he had entered the university. According to Aiden, Dominic was a persevering, extremely good natured person who always tried to keep everyone around him happy. Dominic was smart when the situation demanded him to be, he was sincere and basically the embodiment of Aiden’s ideal. He studied hard, involved himself in a million college activities and organizations and was always busy. He was good looking with his West European aristocratic face and though Aiden knew that there were at least 3-4 other guys in class that looked better than Dominic, he would never place them in the same category. Dominic possessed an athletic built that gave the impression that he worked out and played a lot of sports. Aiden knew otherwise, the guy would not touch a sport if his life depended on it.

The other one of his close friends was Storm McDonald. True to his name, Storm could eat up a storm anytime he wanted. With his 6’4″ frame and weighing more than 290 pounds, Storm was everyone’s teddy bear. But Storm was hardly lazy and sluggish. He was energetic, hard-working and sincere, the kind Aiden always associated with. Storm, Dominic and Aiden always sat together on the last row and were called the beavers of the class because of their industrious natures.

Aiden came over to Dominic and Storm as the two looked up. Both got a puzzled expression on their faces seeing him.

“Hey, wadyou do to you hair? You look like a clown!”

“Thanx Randy.” Aiden sneered at the commentator feeling a little let down.

“Hey cool!” It was Dominic this time. “That style looks good on you!”

Aiden immediately felt a lot better. Dominic had said it looked good and that overwrote what everyone else had to say, well almost everyone. He still had to show Will his new hairdo.

Aiden settled in next to Dominic and Storm as the professor entered the class.

Dominic asked in hushed tones. “Where you been lately, I don’t see you at all nowadays?”

Aiden had been spending all his free time with Will who somehow always had time when Aiden had free time. In fact he was sure that he was going to have trouble staying awake in class owing to the overnight workouts he was having with Will.

Just then Aiden’s phone buzzed on silent mode. He looked at it to find a message from Will. ‘MISSING U. WANNA B WITH U’ it read. Aiden felt a surge of joy within him. He wanted to scream out loud and tell Dominic and everyone in the whole damn university that he was in love with the most amazing person on the planet. The hottest hunk with an awesome personality and heart. He wanted to tell Dominic about his sexuality, about being in love with him for so long and then meeting the most awesome person on the planet; Will. He somehow felt that Dominic would be happy for him. But Aiden knew he did not have the guts to blurt all that out.

“Just busy.” He whispered back.

Aiden adjusted himself and concentrated on the lecture being delivered ahead of him. Soon his eyelids became heavy and he started slumping down in his seat. Dominic nudged at him and finally started glaring at him after 3 attempts to wake Aiden up after which Aiden had promptly dozed off again. Between his nightly marathons with Will, his college lectures and the sports time he spent with his roommates, Aiden was having a hard time covering his shut-eye time needs.

“What the fuck are you so sleepy for?” Dominic burst out at him once the professor had left. “You know that was our HOD’s lecture and he saw you sleeping! You’re lucky our HOD is of such a great nature. He did not take any punitive measures against you!”

Aiden smiled back sheepishly and said sorry. He felt guilty for sleeping during class, the professor being amongst the only ones he actually liked. He would have to catch up on sleep somehow or he was going to be türkçe bahis in bad shape.

“Ok listen sleepyhead,” Dominic began, “We are assembling a robot for the upcoming TechFest. You interested in joining the team?”

Aiden knew he hardly had time these days, but it was Dominic asking.

“Yeah Sure! Who else is on the team?”

“Me, you and Mr. hyperactive here,” Storm interrupted, referring to Dominic as the hyperactive dude.

“So we are going to an electronics specialist who’ll give us pointers for a few days and help us get started. We’ll meet him for our first meeting tomorrow evening at 6.” Dominic already had everything planned out.

“At 6?” Aiden raised his eye brows and folded his arms across his chest. He realized his time with Will would be choked if the consultation were to materialize and occur everyday.

Dominic sat on top of their table and huffed. “Yeah, after college, at 6. Every day at 6 till the TechFest.”

Aiden immediately understood that the robotics deal was something time-consuming that he had involved himself in; something that would last quite a while. He wondered how he would keep his commitments and still meet up with Will daily. All he felt like doing right now was to get into bed with Will and spend the remainder of his life there.

“You guys coming to the cafeteria. I wanna grab a bite to eat.” It was Storm rubbing his tummy.

“Shit!” Aiden exclaimed. “I have to meet Tinka there. Almost forgot. She’ll kill me if I don’t reach there on time!”

The three headed towards the cafeteria, Aiden rushing them along. On reaching there he immediately left the other two and headed towards what was commonly referred to as the ‘Archi area’ by architecture students or ‘The big mess’ by others. A section of the cafeteria that was always bustling with architecture and interior designing related students. Tables overpiled with A3 sheets, 32 inch folders and .1 mm microtip pens. The Architecture students stubbornly refused to complete their work elsewhere, much to the chagrin of the mess in charge; he had given up on getting them to do their work elsewhere leaving hat sectin of the cafeteria a sight to behold on submission days.

Tinka was furiously inking sheets as Aiden hurried over to her. She had ‘commanded’ him to meet her and help her complete her work before the submission.

“You’re 7 minutes late!” she growled and then paused to take a better look at him. “Omigod! What did you do to your hair?!”

“Howzzit look?” Aiden beamed and waited for her response.

“Looks cool! How did you get it into you to… Oh so Will is having this influence on you?”

“No of course not. I was planning all along to…” Aiden paused to look at Tinka looking at him with a ‘yeah-rite’ look, tapping her foot on the ground. “Yes he is.” Aiden finally admitted sheepishly.

“It really suits you. You look all cute and all with that hairdo.”

“It better look good for the amount of time and money I put into it.” Aiden muttered. “That bloody hair dresser put some burning cream in my hair to straighten it and kept me there for 3 hours. Never had such a lengthy haircut in my life.”

“Ok, stop goofing around and grab those pencil colors. Start scribbling in these tiles in this manner.” Tinka pointed him towards the sheets that were overflowing from all sides of the table. “And be neat,” she added menacingly.

Aiden mock saluted her, “Yes Sir!” and hastily got down to coloring the floor in the weird mosaic pattern Tinka wanted it in.

“How come I am the only non-Archi student that has to do Archi work?” Aiden grumbled after 2 minutes of frantic penciling. All around were frenzied architecture students trying to complete their sheets,. He glanced at the patched he had colored and groaned as he saw the vast expanse left. This was going to be one hell of a task.

“Cause you are the only boy from the engineering side who bears some semblance to a person who can draw and color.” Tinka answered.

“So you get to be all your colleagues’ envy for having additional help from outside, and all I get is ink stains and pencil marks on myself?”

“You also get my brilliant company!” Tinka replied bend over her work still busy limning straight lines with her T-square.

“Yeah rite!”

“So did you collect your contacts from that eye-shop?” Tinka was referring to the contact lenses that Aiden had recently ordered.

“Nope. Will do it tomorrow. Have my first half free tomorrow,” Aiden replied finishing a green patch and looking satisfactorily at it. His mind immediately thought about how similar Will’s eyes were to the shade he was using.

“So new hairdo, getting rid of spectacles, getting contacts and that glow on your face. Will sure seems good for you.”

Aiden stopped coloring and placed his pencil on the sheet. He waited till Tinka looked up at him. “He’s perfect!” he stated triumphantly.

“He’s just too great, forget the fact he looks ultra-hot. He’s always so sweet and caring. And he always spends an enormous amount of time with güvenilir bahis siteleri me but still leaves me enough time to get all my academic work done.”

Tinka stopped her inking and stood upright smiling, waiting for Aiden to finish.

“And the sex rocks!” Aiden added.

“He is remarkable.” Tinka finally answered and took a deep breath before adding the next bit; “Isn’t he a bit too perfect?”

Aiden was taken aback. Was Tinka stating that Will was too good for him, way above his league? Was she saying he had hidden vices? He knew Tinka would be happy as long as he was happy. Maybe it was just her way of asking him if he was not telling her something. Aiden opened his mouth to answer when his cellphone buzzed in his pocket.

Aiden fished out the set from his pocket to find another message from Will. ‘MISS U LIKE CRAZY. U BETTER BE FREE IN THE EVENING.’

Aiden instantly forgot all of Tinka’s worries as he flashed his cellphone showed her the message and started thumbing his keypad to send Will a reply. Tinka smiled at an effervescent Aiden, hoping things turned out perfect between Will and Aiden.


White stood atop a building as the sun was setting. So he had finally found the Alchemist. He looked down to where he could see an unassuming lad dressed in blue jeans and an orange sweatshirt leaning against a wall, apparently waiting for someone. So this boy was the Alchemist. And he had finally found him. The moment had come. But now he no longer felt nervous at having to accost the Alchemist. It was because he was not going to.

Instead he was going to ask the Alchemist for help without the boy knowing he had done it. He would enter the boy’s mind and search for the answers to all his questions, searching through his beliefs. He would dive in and scour his mind and ultimately get the answer he was seeking; would the Alchemist lend the Kingdom of Light his powers or not. And it would take all of 5 seconds. He would have his answer and the alchemist would never catch a glimpse of him as well.

White braced himself and concentrated for plunging into the boys mind. The next instant, his mind was in. Zooming across the thoughts and desires, through beliefs and faiths, through secrets and sorrows, seeking only the answers to the questions he had in mind. Zig-zagging through the meandering reflections, the welter of labyrinthine thoughts. Seeking his answers through the kaleidoscopical human mind. And seconds later he exited forcefully, his consciousness back inside his own mind.

White had received his answer. The Alchemist had refused to help.


Aiden had arrived at the coffee shop he was supposed to meet Will at. Whenever he would plan to meet up at a certain time, Will would always already be there waiting for him. Being extremely punctual by nature himself, Aiden had admired this quality in Will but then felt guilty that he himself would be the one to arrive late. This time Aiden turned up earlier than the set time and was waiting for Will outside the coffee shop. The same coffee shop that they had been to on the first night they had met.

Aiden noticed the arrival of the black Lamborghini that signified Will’s entry. Yup, Will was there before time but Aiden had beaten him. He knew it would be a minute or so till Will parked his car and came up to him. He smiled with anticipation; he could barely wait to see his lover again.

Suddenly Aiden witnessed an excruciating strain. He felt dizzy as a million thoughts ran through his head. Aiden lost all control and staggered unsteadily bracing himself against the wall for support. And just as abruptly as it had started, the strain was gone. Aiden steadied himself wondering what the hell had happened.

“Ade, relax buddy what’s wrong?” It was Will who had come rushing to Aiden’s side as he had seen Aiden suddenly look dizzy and start swaying about.

“I… I don’t know.” Aiden finally managed to squeak out. He felt as if he had just spent 20 straight hours preparing for his Microprocessors exam. He wiped a trail of drool from his mouth with the back of his hand

“You Ok? What happened?” Aiden saw Will’s expression of care and worry and his uneasiness dissipated.

“Yup, perfectly fine!” Aiden smiled and straightened himself. He still felt a little mentally exhausted.

“Should I take you to my place or something?”

Aiden looked into Will’s eyes. Will had on a black leather jacket, a bit like the biker kind. His chest definition was visible through the thin white T-shirt he had on under. Aiden thought he looked ravishing. He could feel his hormones surging at the sight of Will. “One quick coffee and we’re outta here” he thought

“No, no. Just felt a little dizzy suddenly. It’s gone now; am fine now. Let’s just go and have some coffee”

“Your hairdo looks great.” Will suddenly chimed in. Aiden blushed. Will liked his hair makeover. The entire haircut investment was worth it now

Aiden grabbed Will’s hand and led him inside the coffee shop wondering what had transpired a few moments ago. He had no clue that a powerful Perpetual had entered his mind and had rummaged it to find answers to his many questions. He had no clue that he had in fact subconsciously denied lending his help to this Perpetual.

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